Author's Note: I was playing Kingdom Hearts when I came up with the idea for this fic, for some reason I don't really know…anyway, it has a very unusual pairing, though it's nothing sick or perverted ^_^v Promise!

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Listen To Your Heart

Tifa let out a heavy sigh when she watched Cloud and Aeris march away, joking about various things and obviously having a lot of fun. Great. Just because she had been too shy and fearful to go and ask Cloud first, the little Cetra girl had been faster than her – and was now hanging out with the spike haired warrior. Silently, Tifa cursed the Gold Saucer's cable railway, after all, the damned thing was to blame for the fact that… "Damn you, stupid piece of @&/%$%$!" The angered yell of Cid Highwind, everyone's most famous pilot, tore Tifa out of her thoughts, and she looked from the balcony she had been standing on down into the hotel hall, where Cid was tormenting the Hotel's cigarette machine by kicking it vigorously. "Cid!" Tifa called down from her higher position, the pilot's actions amusing her so much that she completely forgot about Cloud and Aeris – for now. "Cid, stop! You want them to kick us out?" Cid looked up at her, giving her his trademark lopsided grin, before he got angry again and kicked the machine once more. "Stupid thing ate my @&%$/%§ gil!" the pilot then exclaimed. Tifa, in her mind already imaging how the hotel owner kicked Cid out, hurried down the stairs and came to a stop next to her smoking friend. "Come on, let me try." She offered. Cid nodded and stepped aside while Tifa started to shake the machine, until the pack that had been stuck inside fell down and Cid could take it out. "Thanks!" the pilot beamed, immediately ripping the package open and lightening one of the cigarettes. Tifa gave him a smile and replied: "Anytime, Cid. But you know, I think you really should stop…" she trailed off when she saw Cloud and Aeris walk by once more, neither of them paying any attention to her. Her face fell, and that caused Cid to look around in surprise. When he saw the Cetra and the warrior frolic around, he let out an inner sigh before he turned to look at the brunette fist fighter again. "Hey, don't let them ruin your mood." The pilot spoke, grinning at Tifa so broadly that the corners of his mouth almost paid a visit to his ears. "Why don't you forget them for now and go for a drink with old little me?" Tifa smiled at him and shook her head. "Thanks a lot, Cid, but I'm really not in the mood for that." "Aw, come on." Cid begged, giving her his best puppy dog eyes – the ones he always used to talk Shera into cooking for him. "I'll invite you. I owe you one for getting me the ciggys anyway." He now offered, finally making Tifa nod. "Okay, if you pay, I'll tag along." The brunette giggled while Cid gave her his lopsided grin once more. "That's typical for you women, at first you say no, but when the guy offers to pay, you agree." He then teased her. Tifa raised her fist threateningly, causing the pilot to gasp in mock horror and take a step back. "I'm sorry!" he cried out, nearly falling on his knees, "I'm sorry, please don't use your Water Kick on me!" Tifa laughed and shook her head. "I won't, don't worry. I'll save my energy to Water Kick Sephiroth's butt from here to next Sunday." Cid grinned and nodded. "That's what I call the right way of thinking. Now, shall we go, my Lady?" he then asked, offering his arm to the brunette. Tifa giggled, accepting the offer and taking the pilot's arm. Together, the two marched off, towards the Gold Saucer Bar.

Two hours and twenty drinks later, both Cid and Tifa were in a very good mood. "…and then, that guy came walking up to me and was all like, Hey baby, how do you like your eggs in the morning? I mean, that saying is so old that it has a beard!" Tifa exclaimed, causing the pilot to chuckle and nod. Tifa finished her last glass of coke rum and burped, causing Cid to raise both eyebrows. "And there all of you say that I have no manners." The pilot then murmured, earning a kick against his shin in reply. "Ow!" he yelped, holding his aching leg while grimacing at Tifa. "You're mean, I paid all your drinks, and in return you kick me?" the pilot complained. "Aww, I'm sorry." Tifa spoke, leaning down to look at Cid. "Want me to make it better?" Cid nodded, an odd warmth suddenly filling his heart when he looked at the brunette woman. Tifa looked up from his leg, into the pilot's blue eyes, surprised at the heat she suddenly felt. "It has to be the alcohol." The brunette thought to herself, shaking her head a little to get rid of the warmth. Cid coughed and lit another cigarette. "We should go back to the hotel now." The pilot suggested, taking a deep drag from his ciggy and blowing a cloud of smoke towards the ceiling. Tifa nodded, and they stood up, both swaying a little from the massive amounts of alcohol they had consumed. Tifa giggled and clung to Cid's arm for support, causing the pilot to put it around her waist. "Just to make sure that you don't fall." He chuckled, earning another giggle in reply. The two of them swayed back to the hotel and somehow made it up the stairs which led to their rooms without falling flat on their faces. On the small balcony, they stopped. "Thanks, Cid." Tifa spoke, smiling up at the taller man. "For paying your drinks? You're welcome." The pilot replied, throwing his cigarette out of the open window. "Not just for the drinks…for the great evening." The brunette replied, causing Cid to blush, something that she never would have expected to see…not in this life. "Aw, come on. No need to thank me. We're friends after all, right?" the pilot finally replied while his face slowly returned to it's normal colour. "Yeah." Tifa spoke, before making a vague gesture into the direction where her room laid. "I'll go to bed now, seeing that we have to get up tomorrow…good night, Cid." "Good night." Cid replied, smiling at the smaller woman, before he turned around and marched into his room, closing the door behind him. He let himself fall down into his bed, sighed and stared up at the ceiling. For some reason, the pilot couldn't forget Tifa's smile, the joy he had felt when he had been holding her during their walk back to the hotel…the warmth that had been filling him during the whole two hours he had spent with the joyful brunette. Letting out another sigh, Cid started to undress, thus wearing nothing more than his blue boxers when somebody knocked against his door. "Huh?" the pilot thought to himself, scratching the back of his head in confusion. Who would want to visit him at that time of the night? He slowly walked over and opened the door, only to find himself face to face with Tifa – who was crying her eyes out for some reason. "Tiff? What…" the blonde pilot started, but Tifa interrupted him: "They're together in her room. And they are…" It took Cid a while to realize – his mind was still clouded from the whisky he had drunk – but when he did, he had to keep himself from letting out a groan. To reach her room, Tifa had to walk past the one Aeris had rented, and she probably had heard some noises that had been impossible to interpret wrong. Tifa let out another sob, and Cid quickly stepped aside. "Come in", he quickly offered, completely forgetting about the fact that he was almost naked. Tifa accepted his offer, and the pilot closed the door again as soon as she had entered. "Wanna sit down?" he now asked, pointing towards his bed. Tifa nodded, and one minute later, the two sat side by side, Cid putting his arm around Tifa's shoulders to soothe her. "Hey, calm down. No man on this earth is worth your tears." The pilot spoke, his normally rough and grumpy voice full of unexpected gentleness. "Especially not him." Tifa looked at her friend, her eyes red and swollen from crying. "What do you mean, especially not him?" she finally asked while Cid stroke her back. "I mean that everyone of Avalanche knows that you're head over heels for him, and he's the only one who doesn't? Aw, come on, not even Cloud can be that dumb. He surely knows what you feel, but he doesn't care. All he wants is the Cetra girl, and it doesn't matter to him if he hurts you or anyone else." Cid shot back, obviously angered about Clouds behaviour. How could that spikey haired freak dare? How could he dare to practically make out with Aeris right in front of Tifa, when he knew what she felt for him? "You…you think that he knows?" Tifa now asked, her voice shaking. What if Cid was right? What if Cloud knew…and couldn't care less about her? "I'm sure he knows." Cid gently replied, in the same moment hating himself for hurting the brunette with his words. "Even I noticed, Tifa, and I'm not very sensitive." Tifa didn't reply anything, she just sat next to the pilot and stared down on her legs. "I don't know if I love him, not anymore." She finally spoke after almost fifteen minutes of silence. "I mean, I always thought that I did…but if you're right…and he's with Aeris, right this minute, so I'm only wasting my time, right?" At the last sentence, Tifa started to cry again, and Cid pulled her into a comforting embrace. "Tifa, stop crying." He whispered into her ear, showing a side of him that only very few people got to see. "He's not worth it…and you don't deserve this. You deserve someone who respects you, who would to anything to make you happy…someone who loves you…like I do." The last three words slipped Cid's mouth before he could stop himself, and in the next moment, he was terrified about what he had said. Tifa pulled back to look at him, her eyes clearly showing her surprise. "Like you do?" she then repeated, her voice shaking. "You…you…" "Yes." Cid replied, avoiding Tifa's eyes while he spoke. "Like I do." "He loves me?" Tifa thought to herself, looking at the pilot all the time. Then, realization came upon her, with the force of a sledgehammer. "He loves me." "Cid…come on, look at me." The brunette softly spoke, taking the pilots hand into hers. Slowly, Cid's blue eyes came up and met hers, and for the first time since they had met, his eyes showed fear. "Funny", Tifa thought to herself, "he never seemed fearful about Sephiroth or the monster's we've fought, but now he's scared." "If you want to leave now, it's okay." The pilot now spoke, his voice hoarse with emotion. "I don't want to." Tifa replied, her free hand reaching out and caressing the beardy cheeks of her friend. "What I want…is this." And with that, she leaned forward, until her lips met those of Cid in an at first soft, then more passionate kiss. They sank backwards until they laid on the bed, with Tifa on top of Cid, and when the lights went out, neither of them was wearing any clothes at all.

The next morning, the other member's of Avalanche were greeted with a very unexpected sight. All of them had known about the fact that Aeris and Cloud had spent the night together, but when Cid and Tifa came walking out of the same room, with Cid's arm around Tifa's waist, even Vincent gaped. "Okay", Yuffie finally spoke, after everyone had stared at the two for a while, "what is going on here?" "Not much", Tifa replied, a mischief glint in her eyes, "just two people who like each other…very much." Cid gave her a toothy grin, and she grinned back. Yuffie scampered over to the two and whispered into Tifa's ear: "He's fifteen years older than you. And you tell me that liking Vincent is odd?" Tifa blushed heavily and poked Yuffie's ribs, causing the young ninja to squeal and jump backwards. "You shut up!" the brunette commanded, just in time for Cloud and Aeris – who came walking down the stairs – to hear. "What's going on?" Cloud asked, totally clueless about the situation at first – until he saw that Cid held Tifa. "Huh?" both Cloud and Aeris blurted out, causing Yuffie to giggle. "They're together." The ninja declared as soon as she had gotten over her giggle fit, her voice clearly showing the joy she felt about the fact that she could rub it into Cloud's face. The warrior's face now fell, Yuffie gloating over it with glee. "Oh, really?" Aeris cried out, beaming so brightly that Cid seriously considered to put on some sunglasses. "That's great! I'm so happy for you, Tifa and Cid!" Both Tifa and Cid had to suppress the sudden urge to roll their eyes at the Cetra girls behaviour, while Yuffie just let out a small sigh. "Way to go, man!" Barrett threw in now, causing the new couple to look at him. "But if you hurt her, you'll get into some serious trouble with me, man!" the tall man now added, causing Tifa to chuckle and Cid to grin. "I won't hurt her." He then replied, looking down on the smaller Tifa while he spoke, his eyes suddenly full of love and warmth. "I never could." "Aww", Yuffie commented, causing Tifa and Cid to glare at her – and almost all of the others to let out a heavy sigh. All but Cloud, who was looking at Cid with a very odd expression in his blue eyes.