During their travel to the Ancient Temple, the group constantly got faced with the countless showings of love Tifa and Cid performed for each other. Even during dinner, the two of them were flirting and holding hands most of the time, much to the annoyance of Yuffie. "Listen you two, I'm really happy for you and all that stuff, but slowly, I can't see that anymore." Both Cid and Tifa eyed the young ninja with their eyebrows raised, knowing that Yuffie didn't really mean it. Their attention got torn away from the ninja when Cloud spoke up, too. "I can't see that anymore either." Tifa and Cid looked at the blonde warrior with surprise written into their faces, and it turned into shock when Cloud stood up and snapped at the brunette: "Is that the way you want to make me love you? By sleeping with a guy who's fifteen years older than you?" "Cloud!" Red XIII cried out, jumping to his feet and staring at the blonde warrior in shock. Tifa slowly rose from her seat, her fists shaking, her face turning red with anger. "How can you dare to say such a thing!" Cid now yelled, standing up too. "Oh, come on." Cloud now scorned. "You don't really think that she's in love with you, do you, Cid? Enjoy the times you get to fuck her, but don't think that she loves you. She loves me, we all know that, right, guys?" Upon looking around, Cloud had to find out that all the other members of Avalanche – even Aeris and Vincent – were staring at him with anger in their eyes. "That's it." Tifa now pressed out between clenched teeth before she marched over to Cloud and – before anyone else knew what had happened – slapped him across the face so hard that his head got thrown to the side. "Bastard!" Tifa spat, while Cloud looked down on her with an expression that was hard to describe. And then, faster then lightening, the blonde warrior suddenly lashed out. His fist crashed into Tifa's stomach, so hard that the brunette was thrown backwards until she crashed against the table and fell to the floor where she laid curled up in a ball, holding her stomach and coughing. "Tifa!" Cid cried out, practically jumping over the desk and kneeling down next to his girlfriend. "Cloud, how could you?!" Aeris called out, staring at her boyfriend in shock and anger. "She hit me first!" Cloud shot back while Tifa managed to sit up with Cid's help. "Yeah, but not like that! She could kick your butt from here to next Sunday if she wanted to, and you know that." Yuffie threw in, her Shuriken already in hand – just in case. "In your dreams!" Cloud replied, still angered to no end. "I just want her to stop screwing that old pilot! He'll only make her sad, I know that!" "The only one who is making her sad here is you." Vincent softly spoke, causing the others to look at him in surprise. The black haired man hardly talked, and when he did, he mostly spoke in riddles, but now, his words were clear and could not be misunderstood. "You should stop thinking that she's head over heels for you. She used to be, but when she found out that you screw Aeris, her feelings vanished." Vincent now spoke on, looking at Cloud with cold eyes. "What do you know?" Cloud yelled at the dark man in anger before he turned on his heels and stomped out of the room. "You okay?" Cid now gently asked his girlfriend, who nodded, though still holding her stomach. "Yeah…can you take me to my room?" the brunette begged, Cid nodding in reply. "Of course. Come on." Gently, the pilot helped Tifa to get to her feet, and together they walked out of the dinner room, leaving the group behind.

"I can't believe he did that." Cid mumbled while he sat on Tifa's bed, stroking the lying girls stomach. "That bastard…" "I can't believe it either." Tifa replied, letting out a sigh. "It's so untypical for him, you know…" Cid shrugged and eyed his girlfriend, frowning. "You sure about that? I mean, okay, you know him a lot longer than I do, but…" Tifa looked at her boyfriend curiously. "But what?" she finally asked when Cid didn't show any signs that he wanted to finish his sentence. "Aw, I @%&§$&$ don't know." The pilot finally replied, letting out a sigh as soon as he had finished his sentence. "Let me think for a while…" Tifa stayed silent while Cid seemed deep in thought, until a small light bulb appeared over his head. "Yes! But you said yourself that he seems different from the time when you were kids." Tifa nodded, deep in thought again. "That's true. Though I never thought about it much…now that you mention it, it's true. It seems as if he changed a lot during his time in SOLDIER." Cid nodded, lightning another cigarette in the process and blowing a cloud of smoke up to the ceiling. "See? If he really changed that much, it is possible that he turned into a women beating asshole." Tifa let out another sigh and sat up to look at her partner. "Maybe…but it's the first time ever since we started to travel that he reacted like that. I mean, he never showed any signs of aggressiveness before tonight." "And you never showed any other feelings than friendship for anyone of us before tonight." Cid gently replied. "When he saw us together…I don't know…it seemed as if he suddenly realized that it's you whom he wants, not Aeris, and as if he couldn't take the fact that you're with me." Tifa snorted at that, causing Cid to chuckle, and replied: "Too bad for him. I surely won't give up what we have now just because Cloud came to the conclusion that he feels something for me." "Well, I hope that you won't do that!" Cid replied, looking at his girlfriend with puppy dog eyes. "It would break my @%&§$&§ heart, you know." Tifa giggled and gently patted Cid's shoulder. "Cid, that would've been a really beautiful love confession…if you'd left the swear word out." Cid scratched the back of his head, grinning sheepishly, which caused Tifa to giggle even more. The couples moment got interrupted when somebody knocked the door. "Yes? Cloud, if this is you, piss off." Tifa spoke, causing Cid to nearly roll around on the bed with laughter. "It's Yuffie!" the young ninja's voice came from the door. Tifa stood up, ignoring the still laughing Cid, and opened the door. "Hey Tiff. How…O_O what the heck's up with Cid?" Yuffie asked, her eyes nearly falling out at the sight of Cid laughing his arse off. "Not much", Tifa replied, giggling herself and stepping aside to let Yuffie in. "He just has some kind of laugh attack, I guess." Yuffie nodded, dumbstruck, and entered the room. Tifa closed the door as soon as the young ninja was in, and asked: "Anything special you want?" Yuffie shook her head and replied: "No. I just wanted to check on you, to see if you're okay." Tifa smiled at her and nodded. "Thanks. I'm fine, don't worry." Yuffie smiled back and shrugged. "Just to make sure that Mr. The-world-is-focused-on-me didn't hurt you." Tifa giggled at that – not very friendly – nickname for Cloud while Cid sat up again and lit another cigarette. "That name fits the @%$&§$ jerk." The pilot declared. Yuffie giggled and grinned, while Tifa finally got over her giggle fit and walked over to where Cid was sitting, letting herself fall into the pilots lap. He grunted and yelped: "Slow, slow, young Lady! Remember, I'm old and fragile!" "Yeah right." Tifa replied, while Yuffie got a mischief glint in her eyes. "Well, Cid, you are thirty-five after all…" "Hey!" Cid protested, glaring at the young ninja. Tifa was just about to say something evil when the door nearly shook in it's frame due to someone banging against it very hard from the outside. All three frowned before Yuffie opened the door. Cloud shoved her aside and stomped into the room, glaring at Cid in such an evil way that the pilot would have dropped dead if looks could kill. "What do you want?" Tifa asked coldly, still mad at Cloud; after all, that guy had dared to hit her! "We need to talk." The spikey haired warrior demanded, shooting another death glare towards Cid. "Alone." "Why you little…" Cid jumped up, already reaching for his spear, but Tifa's soft voice stopped him. "It's okay, Cid. Just wait outside, okay?" Cid hesitated for a moment, exchanging looks with Yuffie, then nodded. "Okay, if you want it that way…" the blonde pilot mumbled, leaving the room with the young ninja, also closing the door behind him. "So, what do want to talk about?" Tifa asked again while Cloud sat down on her bed. "I'm sorry for hitting you." He softly spoke. "I don't know what came over me…" "A little late to say that, don't you think?" the brunette fist-fighter replied, her anger clearly showing through her voice. "What were you thinking anyway? You can't just beat me just because you feel like it!" "I just want you to stop screwing Cid!" Cloud shot back, jumping up. "You are supposed to be with me!" "Oh, really? Then why are you screwing Aeris, if you don't mind me asking?" Tifa shouted. Outside, Cid and Yuffie both had their ears against the door, eavesdropping. "What a dick." Yuffie whispered, and Cid nodded, anger in his blue eyes. "To get your attention!" Cloud now yelled back, sounding like a five year old all of a sudden. "Well, it didn't work. And just in case you didn't notice, I'm with Cid." Tifa informed him, her voice as cold as eyes. The room stayed silent after that, and Cid just looked down on Yuffie with a frown when all of a sudden the door opened, causing both of them to fall into the room and landing on the carpet with an odd "Ooff" sound. Both Cloud and Tifa looked down on them, Tifa with a slightly amused face while Cloud seemed more annoyed. "Eavesdropping, huh?" he then asked. "Cid, you should stop behaving like a twenty-year-old and do things that are fitting your age." "Ramming my spear up your @%&%$% ass, for example?" Cid shot back, angered to no end. Cloud just snorted and stomped out of the room, while Yuffie and Tifa giggled at the grumpy pilot's statement.