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~Letty's POV~

"Letty! Go away!" Dom shouts at me for the third time that morning, but I'm not going anywhere.

I stand defiantly, frowning, with my arms crossed and my foot tapping, as I wait for him or Vince to roll out from under the Taurus they're working on and tell me again. After waiting a few minutes, I sigh and speak. "Just let me help. I won't get in the way."

"You already are in the way, and no!" Dom slides out on the dolly and glares at me. "You're ten years old. What are you going to be able to help us with?" Vince laughs from beneath the vehicle.

"I can do just as much as you can! And if you won't let me, I can at least hand you wrenches!" I yell, desperately trying to be included. Dom laughs. Why am I always pushed away? "Oh please, Dominic. You know I know as much as you. You think because you're fourteen that you're so much wiser. Get a life!"

"I could say the same to you." Dom replies. My eyes flash as I walk up to him and give him a swift hard kick in the leg. He yelps and drops his wrench with a clatter. "Jesus, Letty! What'd you do that for?"

I stomp down the Toretto driveway, my fists balled at my sides. I'm so infuriated that I almost run into Mr. Toretto, Tony, who's coming out of his house. "Whoa there, little lady. Where you headed?"

"Home." I look at my feet.


"No reason," I mutter.

"They won't let you help?" He asks kindly, a hand on my shoulder. I shake my head. "Well, how 'bout if you help me?" He says it loudly enough for the guys to hear and I smile and nod.

"What's she gonna help with?" Dom yells. My face falls.

Tony ignores him and takes my hand, leading me to the shed at the back. "How 'bout we work on my car a little bit. You can show me all that knowledge you've got up in that head of yours." He ruffles my hair.

"You mean your charger?" I look at him, wide-eyed with excitement.

"Yes I do."

"But dad!" Dominic whines. You said you weren't working on that today. Let me help."

"I think you've helped enough things today. It's Letty's turn." I stand and childishly stick my tongue out at them and make a face.

"Aw, man!" Dom grumbles.

"Dude, chill. It's one day. What's so wrong with that? Vince asks him.

"She's gonna screw it all up."

"Dominic!" Tony shouts back at him. "You're fourteen. Stop acting like a five year old. You've had plenty of chances to work on this car, and will have plenty more. I don't know why you're so jealous."

With that remark, Dom rolls out from under the car, his face red with embarrassment. "I'm NOT jealous." He quickly hides himself from view under the chassis.

I turn back to the makings of a car in the shed. Tony hands me a wrench and we get to work. "Don't worry about them. They're just trying to be macho. One of these days, they'll realize you know just as much about cars as them, and then they'll put your talents to good use." Tony always makes me smile. I just wish Dominic would look at me.....any way besides a pest. Doesn't he know I'd do anything for him? I sigh audibly and Tony smiles up at me.

"One day, Chiquita. One day."

I blush furiously, hoping he doesn't know the real reason I'm sighing. A few hours later, I'm covered in grease from head to toe and standing in front of the fridge in the Toretto's kitchen. I grab a bottle of water and start chugging it as Dom enters and steps in front of me. He grabs the orange juice carton and starts to drink directly from it. I smile, thinking how he'll get in trouble if Tony finds him. A stomping of boots in the front hall startles Dom, and the carton slips, pouring juice down his chin. A laugh escapes my lips and he glares at me, making my face fall once again. I slip past him into the front hall, heading for the door. "I've got to go now, Mr. Toretto. Thanks for lettin' me help an' all."

"Come back any time Letty." He smiles.

Dom groans at this and I slip out the front door.

~Dom's POV~

"Why you gotta let her come over here all the time, Dad? She's such a pain."

"Dominic, I don't know why you let Letty turn you into such a baby. That girl worships you and you can't say a kind word to her, ever. Her home life isn't all sunshine and roses, you know, so it's better when she comes here."

"Dad, she just gets in the way. Why's she into cars anyway? Shouldn't she be playing with Mia and I don't know, playing dress-up or whatever girls do?"

"That's not your decision what she likes. If she likes cars, I don't see the harm in letting her help out. Besides, Dominic, if you took a minute to listen to her, or watch her work, you'd see she knows almost as much if not as much as you and Vince. She could be a useful tool for you guys." I groan at this and roll my eyes. He sighs and throws up his hands, shrugging. "Ok, don't take my advice, but you're making a mistake."
~Ok, there's the first chapter. I know it's kinda short but I just wanted to start it off before I had to go do some schoolwork. Tell me what you think."