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~Letty's POV~

Light streams in from the thinly curtained windows in my room. I try to block it out by putting a pillow over my head, but that doesn't keep me in slumber for long. The next thing to interrupt me is my mother yelling for me to get up.

"Niña! Te despiertas! La escuela empieza a las ocho y ahora son las siete y media!"

I jump out of bed at this. They get so mad if we're late for school. Hurriedly rooting through my closet for some shorts and a t-shirt, I throw my hair into a ponytail and grab my shoes and an eggo on the way out the door.

"Hasta luego, mama!" I call.

"Te amo, niña!" she answers.

I book it down the sidewalk, my backpack dragging me down. I'm out of breath by the time I get to school, but I make it into class just before the bell rings. Mia gives me a strange look and I try to mime oversleeping. She laughs and the teacher, Mrs. Anderson, glares at her. Mia quickly makes her face stony to match the rest of the class as she starts to speak. I don't really listen to what's going on, getting my cues from other students dragging out books. The morning passes quickly and lunch comes without getting caught spacing out. I never really eat lunch at school, because the cafeteria is so gross and I always go swinging instead. I've always done it. Whenever I went to a playground as a little little kid I would spend the whole time on the swings and fight other kids for them. There's nothing like the feeling of swinging. You can just let everything wrong in your life go as you soar. Nothing seems as bad when you're swinging.

Today the playground is deserted and the whole set of swings is abandoned. I sit on the closest one and just start to pump my legs, quickly gaining height. Letting everything that ever complicated my life go, I just think of the races this weekend. The track is always fun. That's when I feel like I belong the most. Tony alway acts like I'm someone special, like it matters if I'm there. That's nice, because my mom's never around. Now I know she loves me. She really does. But, she'd rather spend time with her friends than me. I guess I can understand that. She's still pretty young.

Mia comes outside and sits on the swing next to me. She keeps her swing fairly low, just rocking back and forth in a small inverted arc, her long hair blowing in her face. I slow down my swing to match her motion. She looks over and smiles.

"Why do you always come out here?" she asks.

"I dunno. It's fun." I answer truthfully.

"Yeah, but you come everyday. What's so amazing?"

"I....I don' know. It's my place to be alone, to chill out, daydream I guess."

"Oh. So are you coming to the races with us?"

"Yeah! You know I wouldn't miss it. I haven't asked ma yet, but she'll be fine with it. She most likely won't be around Saturday anyway, so it doesn't matter where I am."

"Cool. 'Cause it would suck if you didn't go. I mean, the races are fun, but hanging with Dom and Vince all day? Can't wait!" she laughs. I do to. The mental picture of Mia having to chill with those two lugs all day doesn't seem to fun.


~Dom's POV~

"Yo Vince!" I yell down the hall as I enter the school.

"Hey, Dom. What's up?" He turns around and raises a hand in response in the hall.

"Not much, man! It's too crowded here. I'll talk to you in shop!" I try to make myself heard over the din of all the kids. I go to my locker and get my books for the first couple of periods, knowing I won't actually open them. By the time shop rolls around, I've shoved my bag in a corner and haven't touched it. Today, all we're learning about is how to replace a fan belt. Vince and did that when we were ten years old, so we just stand around talking.

"So we're goin' to the track this weekend. Dad's racing."

"Cool man."

"He said you could come, if you want."

"Aww, man I wish I could. My dad's decided to go up to Carmel to try and win my mom back. He thinks if I'm with him, she'll consider it more. I tried to tell him she's got a boyfriend, but he just won't listen."

"That sucks. Now I'm gonna have to hang out with Mia and Letty all day."

"Yeah that does suck dude."

We grumble about our upcoming weekends for the rest of class. The bell doesn't ring soon enough, and then it's lunch. I go to my locker to grab a notebook before I head to the cafeteria.

"Hey Dom."

"Oh hey, Gabby." I answer the short pretty girl standing next to me. She's obviously liked me for a while. I don't remember why I haven't done anything about it.

"How's it going?" she stares up at me with honey eyes.

"Pretty good. How about you?"

"Oh not too bad. So what are you doing this weekend?"

"Just going to the races with my dad and sister and her friend. Vince was supposed to come, but he can't." I see an opportunity to hang with her this weekend. "You wouldn't be interested in going, would you?"

She had frowned when I mentioned the races, but now she was all smiles at the opportunity I presented. "Sure! I'd love to."

"Great, ok. So I'll call you about it tonight?"

"Yeah. Here, let me give you my number." She takes a pen from her bag and scrawls her number across the back of my hand in big bubbly numbers. "Can't wait." She calls over her shoulder as she bounces off to lunch.


~Letty's POV~

The races came soon. Ma had said I could go and I hadn't been to a race in a couple months so I was really excited. Tony said we could help in the pit and everything. Vince wasn't anywhere to be found, but Dom didn't seem worried. I wondered why, but would find out soon enough. We arrived at the track at about 9:00. Tony's race was at 12:00, so we had plenty of time to tune his car and walk around for a good while. At about 11:30, Dom wandered away from us and Mia and I went back to Tony who was putting the final adjustments on his car.

"Hey girls," he greeted us cheerfully.

"Hey dad." Mia chirped. "You ready?"

"Yes I am. Ready and raring to go!" he laughs lightly. "Where's Dominic?"

"I don't know. He disappeared about 15 minutes ago. Should we go find him?"

"Yeah, could you girls? Thanks."

We leave Tony and quickly scan the crowds looking for Dom. Soon Mia spots him. "He's over there. Wait. Who's that girl he's with?"

I look to where she's pointing and see a pretty girl about Dom's age holding his hand. I frown jealously. "I don't know. I didn't know he had a girlfriend right now."

"I never know which girl it is with Dom. It's better to just not keep track." She laughs.

I laugh as well, but it comes out very forced. We make our way over to the two, as she giggles and playfully slaps his shoulder at something he says. I roll my eyes in disgust.

"Hey Dom. Tony wants you to go sit down cuz the race is about to start." I spit at him.

"Ok. Oh, this is Gabby."

"Hi." She smiles and giggles. "So you're Mia, and you're....." She trails off.

"Letty." Mia finishes.

"Nice to meet you guys."

"Come on Gabby, let's go sit down." He slings his arm over her shoulder and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Oh, if looks could kill..........We all go and sit down to watch the race.

Mia sits on the end and I'm right next to Gabby, who's leaning on Dom's shoulder. Gag me! I'm sure she's perfectly nice, but boy do I hate that girl right now. The race begins and I try to block out the two sitting to my right. Tony's race goes by way too fast. He wins by a good margin and we run down to the pits with our special passes to congratulate him.

"Way to go Dad!" Dom yells.

"Awesome, Mr. T." I tell him.

He picks Mia up in one arm and me in the other and twirls us around. "My girls." he says. I love when he does that. It makes up for my dad being thousands of miles away. I only get the occasional letter, but they're all preserved in a shoebox in my room. I have every one of his letters. The day ends with a trip for ice cream and he then drops me off in the ever advancing twilight.

"Thanks for letting me tag along." I say gratefully.

"Anytime, Letty. You're a little Toretto, by everything but blood." I beam at him and then run inside. It had been a great day, despite that Gabby girl.
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