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Spoilers on Hao's identity. Written based on the anime only. I have not read the manga at all.


(.…bla bla….) Is thoughts

"….bla bla…." Is normal speech

{….bla bla….} Is notes/signs/etc.


**AU-ish** What if Hao and Yoh weren't separated since birth, but only 5 years after. But due to certain reasons, Yoh doesn't remember this.


Chapter 1

Shouts of laughter rang through the air as two brothers enjoyed themselves to a game of tag. The younger of the two, struggled to catch up with his brother. He ran as fast as he could and was soon gasping for air. He was just a few steps from his older brother when said brother stopped suddenly, and both of them fell rolling to the grassy floor of the open field.

"Ni-chan! You did that on purpose!" He shouted, pouting.

"Aah, gomen. I thought you were tired." A five-year-old Asakura Hao looked at his twin's furious face and laughed out.

"What's so funny?" Yoh said, still pouting.

"You are, otõto."


With that Yoh crossed his arms over his chest and turned away from his twin.

"Are you angry at me, otõto?" Hao asked, not realizing that there was a tinge of worry in his voice.

Yoh stayed silent, still facing away. Hao sat up waiting anxiously for a reply. Suddenly, Yoh flung himself at him and he fell again onto his back in surprise.

"Never, Ni-chan!" You said grinning that grin of his. He laughed cheerfully, hugging Hao tightly.

Hao smiled and hugged his twin back. He felt contented and happy in his embrace. Over a thousand years, there were only a few times he had felt this way. Yet he could find this kind of happiness every day he spent growing up with his brother. His innocent and gentle brother. He deserved a better world to grow up in. Not this filthy and conceited world. Hao will change that. He would build a better world. If not for himself, then for his twin's sake.

Yoh had fallen asleep on his chest. His head rose and fell to the rhythm of his breathing.

(I guess I made him run too hard. But then, it was important to his Shaman training.) Hao mused staring up at blue sky watching the white clouds roll by.


Hao's eyes widened in recognition. (No. It can't be.) He thought as he sat up quickly and stood defensively.

There they were. The Asakura clan. Surrounding them, a mere meters away.

Hao gritted his teeth angrily at the invasion of his peace. His eyes narrowed, furiously glaring at the invaders and his fists clenched tightly.

(This is not good. I've only mastered the basic powers of the Spirit of Fire with this body. I can't hold all of them off.) Hao thought regretfully.


"Do you think your worthless threats will work on me idiots?" Hao shouted angrily.

"Ni-chan, what's happening?" Yoh suddenly said reminding Hao of his presence.


Yoh looked shocked and scared. "Are they going to take me away?" He asked his brother in a quiet voice. Clamping his hands onto the cloak that Hao was wearing, Yoh added, "Are you going to let me go?"

"Do you want to go? I won't lie to you otõto. These people are your family. If you go with them you'll probably be safe and happy. If you stay with me, you might get hurt. People may hate you just because you're with me." Hao told him regretfully. It made his heart clench tightly.

Yoh looked at him with shocked, teary eyes.

"So, do you want to.."


"Yoh.." Hao was stunned. Then he smiled at the determined face of his twin. A face so similar to his own.

"You hear that Asakura! I will never give up my only brother!" Hao shouted triumphantly to the gathered clan.

The members of the clan whispered among themselves, puzzled. They knew Hao was not that foolish to think that he wasn't in danger. They had expected him to use Yoh as a bargaining tool for his freedom. It was what they had believed from the moment that Hao had taken Yoh when he was a mere baby; that Hao was using him.

Yet here he was, saying that he won't give him up. Nevertheless, the confused clan tried to forget this as the signal to attack was given and they charged towards the two brothers.

"Stay back Yoh." Hao said summoning the Spirit of Fire.

"Hai!" Yoh said backing away. But as he did, he tugged at Hao's cloak one last time and said calmly, "Ni-chan, don't worry. Everything will be okay."

Hao was surprised at his words. Then he grinned, "Aa. Everything will be okay."

With that, Hao entered the fight and gave it his all. But the battle was one-sided. There were simply too many of the clan to win over. Ten years from now he may have the power to do so, but at present it was almost impossible.

Hao staggered back, tired after the merciless attack on him. The Spirit of Fire had been dissipated after a few rounds of direct assault. He had almost exhausted all of his power. Still, a few of the clan lay defeated on the ground. It was not a total loss.

Hao winced in pain as he clutched his wounded shoulder. (I have no choice. Retreat now while I have the chance.)

Hao used all that remained of his power to summon the spirit again. Getting onto one of its hands, Hao commanded it to lower its other hand to where Yoh was.

"Yoh! Get on!"

Yoh managed to scramble onto the giant hand as the remaining members of the Asakura clan began to close in to prevent their escape.

Hao's heart sighed in relief when he saw his brother in his spirit's hand and he began to concentrate on orbing out of there.

The Spirit of Fire hung deep red against the blue sky as it began to blur. Just as it was about to disappear completely, Hao watched in horror as his 'father' shot a giant enchanted arrow towards the arm of the spirit holding Yoh, slicing it away from its body.

Hao could only look on helplessly as Yoh fell headfirst towards the ground. His twin hit his head on the ground and was immediately rendered unconscious.

"YOH!!!" Hao shouted out horrified.

Then, Asakura Hao shed uncontrollable tears for the first time in a thousand years as the Spirit of Fire and its master disappeared from sight. What he did not realize then, was that his beloved brother would not even remember him until years to come.



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