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Homo Superior

Avengers vs X-Men: Part Four

*** Avengers Safe House ***

The pigtailed youth appeared a bit taken aback by the Iron Fist's tone and nodded slowly, although he narrowed his eyes at the mystical marital art Superhero.

"Yeah, that's a good translation for it," Ranma turned back to the senior members of the Avengers.

"Danny, you are familiar with what Mr. Saotome is talking about?" Captain America asked their resident martial arts expert.

Danny Rand, aka the Iron Fist, faced the other Avengers, a bit embarrassed. "It's a technique which allows you to use a person's energy against them. It was something I was supposed to learn, but failed..."

"Dost thou think that technique helped the young warrior subdue the Phoenix within?" The golden God of Thunder, Thor, asked curiously.

"Possibly," said Danny as he cupped his chin. "The thing you have to understand about us martial artists is that we run hot, even my Iron Fist runs hot. However, the Heaven Blast of the Dragon technique requires one very important step before you could use it. It required you to learn the Soul of Ice."

"And this Soul of Ice is..." Hawkeye was suddenly interested in this kung fu mumbo jumbo.

"It's a technique where the practitioner voids themselves of emotion completely. Instead of running hot, they produce cold chi," Danny elaborated as he showed both of his hands and infused them with his chi.

"Mixing their cold chi into their opponent's hot energies, they trigger the attack. In fact, the Soul of Ice is just a prerequisite for the attack itself."

"You were unable to learn this technique, Friend Rand?" Thor seemed very interested as a person who could also create storms of a similar nature.

"I was too hotheaded to learn it," Danny confessed bashfully. "But, I think I am beginning to understand now. If the Phoenix runs on nothing but emotion, Mr. Saotome's Soul of Ice could be voiding his emotions to cool himself both physically and mentally-"

"Then it has nothing to feed on, so it shuts down..." Tony injected eyes suddenly widen as he remembered the blue flicker and cold blast from Ranma's reappearance.

"Exactly," Danny nodded in satisfaction he then turned to Ranma and gave him a martial arts bow with his fist pressing against his palm in respect.

"You are quite the skilled one for one so young."

"Well of course," Ranma puffed out his chest. He always loved praise that acknowledged his skills. "I'm the best after all!"

"My masters in K'un-Lun would probably love to meet you if we ever get the chance," Danny smiled at the young warrior. He felt so old now with a young fighter of this caliber in the world.

"Ranma, would you be willing to teach the technique to Hope?" Captain America asked the pigtailed boy, who suddenly looked nervous.

"Errr… I… can't," Ranma looked away from the patriot and the rest of the Avengers.

"Why not?" Captain America inquired, but it was Hawkeye who spoke up first.

"Probably cause she can't do all that kung fu, you know, "be one with the universe" type of stuff."

"Well, that's not completely the reason why..." Ranma winced but, like Jean taught him, honesty was the best policy. "You see, I was TAUGHT the technique by a master not of my school. I can't just teach something of theirs without permission."

"Who do we have to get permission from?" Danny asked, understanding the boy's dilemma more than anyone else.

"Errr, you might not know her, but Cologne of the Amazons. I usually just call her Old Ghoul-? What?" Ranma was explaining until he saw the other Avengers giving him weird looks, even Danny Rand.

"You know Matriarch Ke Lun? Personally?" Danny Rand was the first to speak up. However, the boy looked back at him with new wariness in his stance.

"What did that dried-up Old Ghoul do now?" Ranma asked, sighing internally, but was surprised when he heard a laugh from Dr. Strange.

"Sorry, my young friend, but I have not ever heard anyone talk to her so disrespectfully and live to tell about it," Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth coughed into his hand and laughed a bit more.

"Wait, you guys know her?" Ranma was a bit surprised when he saw them grimace.

"She is a troublesome vixen," Thor sighed forlornly.

"Vixen? Cologne?" Ranma suddenly dry heaved, wanting to retch in front of the Avengers. "Seriously?"

"It appears young Saotome's experience with her is quite different from ours," Thor looked at the boy with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, but vixen?" Ranma could not even began to fathom it. Well no, that was not true. There was that one time he traveled back into the past.

"So… how do you guys know her? She piss you guys off too?"

The Avengers once more shared a look and grimaced.

"She is neither friend nor foe," Danny Rand answered truthfully. "She has appeared to be our ally at times, and other times she denies us help."

"That don't sound so ba-"

"She was also the one who taught Hydra, A.I.M and several of our more prominent enemies to fight, enemies that were taken for granted..." T'Challa growled darkly. He remembered Killmonger, and his nemesis' boost in skill that had nearly cost him everything.

"She's training bad guys now?!" Ranma was a bit surprised at that. He thought she wouldn't go that far.

"For a time, over four years ago now, but those improved villains always touted her as their shifu," Danny shifted his jaw around. Villains proficient in kung fu were tough on the superhero community at large.

Ranma blinked. Suddenly a lot of things made more sense during the incidents at the Sentinel factory and the attack on the school.

"And there were other times our paths crossed when we needed help of a magical nature," Dr. Strange cut in fondly.

"The woman is also skilled in the mystic arts."

"Yeah she is," Ranma agreed darkly. Her magic crap had made his life hell way back in the day. Still, there was the whole matter of training Hope.

"Well, if you guys are not on friendly terms with her, chances are she won't give permission. Not to mention finding her. Last I checked, her little restaurant closed down- what?"

In answer to this, Danny simply pointed out the window, Ranma followed along and found the skyline of New York. Then something caught his eye. He pressed his face against the glass in an effort to really believe what he was seeing.

"Cologne Corp?!" Ranma jaw dropped upon seeing the large sign on one of the taller buildings. It had a double 'C' logo, with one smaller "C" inside a larger "C".

"She has her hand in everything, and recruits very aggressively from the top colleges around the world. Not to mention the arms deals she has with the Chinese government and other foreign nations," Tony Stark spoke up in admiration.

"She also runs a very private military group that only gets hired out to big spenders. Nothing was ever really illegal, that I know of, but her success rate at protecting assets or delivering secret information cannot be matched by any other existing company. Not only that, she had zero Skrull infiltrations during their Secret Invasion, as none of the tech on her weapons was ever compromised. She even told Osborn to 'fuck off' when he was ruling for a while. That took balls."

"Still…Cologne?!" Ranma half-gaped at the large structure in the middle of the city.

"If she was ever your master, then you should count yourself fortunate," Danny Rand spoke up, but this time there was a hint of envy in his voice.

"But… but she used to run a ramen shop..." Ranma replied lamely, and for a moment it was as if he was back in that universe with the young Jean again.

"Yeah, right!" Tony began to laugh loudly, followed by some of the other Avengers in amusement. "Hey Steve, you can ever imagine a woman like that running a rinky-dink noddle shop?"

Steve himself chuckled at the absurd thought.

"W… W-..." Ranma was at a loss for words. What next? Happosai not being a pervert? He took a seat while still staring at the Amazon's building.

"Well, now that we know she trained you, I'll give her a call and let you ask her yourself," Tony gave the boy a weird look but shrugged.

"Friday, give Colo-"

"NOOOOO!" Ranma stood up and frantically looked around the room more than familiar with A.I Technology due to the X-Men own. "Friday, don't listen to a word he says! Cancel! Cancel!"

"First, Friday only listens to me," the billionaire playboy pointed out. "Secondly, what the hell?"

"If I've been dead for the past three years, chances are she doesn't know I'm still alive," Ranma answered in a strange tone, as he realized he was finally free from her.

"Which means if she finds out I'm still alive, forget about teaching Hope, she'd drag me back to be her Son-In-Law again! Nope. No more fiancee drama. No way!"

"Did you just say… Son-In-Law?" Tony stared at the boy, his eyes piercing. "Mr. Saotome, you have said too much, and yet at the same time, too little."

"W-whadda you mean?" Ranma saw Tony and Hawkeye giving him some sort of hateful look.

"You see, Saotome, as far as I know, Matriarch Cologne only has one direct heiress. That being Xian Pu, the number-one most sought after bachelorette in the business world. Now, you are telling me you were engaged to her?" Tony asked with deadly calm.

"You mean Shampoo?" Ranma blinked. "And what do you mean 'most sought after?' I mean, yeah, she's cute. But most sought after? Really?"

Wordlessly, Tony pointed to the big screen, where his A.I Friday showed a picture of Xain Pu that was on the cover of Forbes 500.

Ranma eyes slowly widened as he took in the image of Shampoo. The battlemace in the background hanging on the wall confirmed it, he recognized those anywhere. His first impression at a glance was that his ex-fiancee looked… very different. First, she was leaning against a professional work desk with a computer on top of it. The dumplings in her hair were gone, instead it was curled prettily. Some of it went over her shoulders while the rest flowed down her back. Her dress skirt was short, showing off long, perfectly smooth legs. Her blouse clearly outlined her generous assets, and there was hardly any makeup on her. She was holding that day's stock price and smiling seductively at the camera. And, he could be wrong, but it appeared she had gotten taller. Much taller.

"Hpmh!" Hope's voice broke the spell as she crossed her arms. "She ain't so great!"

Ranma turned to the redhead and then turned back to the picture. Two words came to his mind when he compared the two. Girl and Woman.

"So you do know her," Tony looked at Ranma, and suddenly wrapped his arm around the boy in a friendly manner. "Hey, since you don't want her, can you put in a good word for me?"

"Tony!" Captain America could surely admire the woman on the screen, but Tony was taking it too far.

"Show me Cologne," Ranma suddenly realized he needed to see with his own eyes who the Avengers were talking about. So with a beep later, Cologne's picture came up.

"Alright, fine, he can have Ms. Xian. How about you introduce me to her, Ranma?" Tony nudged the boy with a grin.

Ranma eyes once again was glued to the screen. He had seen this Cologne before, but she was from three hundred years in the past. There was no trace of the dried-up Old Ghoul anywhere. However, what gave her away was the staff she used to moved around on was in her hand. The Cologne in the picture was leaning with both of her hands over it in an imperial king pose. She was wearing a black pantsuit, which did nothing to hide her figure, her hair was tied into a tight bun, and she wore some sort of translucent glasses which looked more for style than function. In the background of the picture was the base floor of her building's entrance. The caption read: All Hail the New Empress of the World.

"So she was really the one that taught you the Heaven Blast of the Dragon?" Danny looked at the boy for confirmation.

"Y-Yeah," Ranma voice came out croaky. "T-that's her alright."

Tony was once again all smiles. "Well, since you know each other..."

"No, and I mean to both," Ranma stopped the billionaire from contacting the new business mogul. "I'm sorry, but talking to her will bring a lot more trouble on your heads, and you already have to deal with the Phoenix Four. You really don't want her as an added headache."

Captain America looked at the boy and noted his determined expression. If contacting their sometime ally/sometime enemy meant even more trouble, then he did not think the risk was worth it.

"Fine, we'll just have to do without."

"Sorry," Ranma felt like a heel, but honor dictated his actions still. Even if it no longer binded him so tightly. Now, if they had asked about the Umi-Sen-Ken then he, being the next head of the Saotome family, would have probably been okay with it.

"Hmm, well there is a way around it," Danny looked up at the disappointed leaders of the Avengers. "K'un-Lun does have a copy of the technique. Surely if I give that to Hope and Ranma, it shouldn't matter then?"

Ranma thought about it. If Hope knew the technique but just need help utilizing it well… that might be an acceptable loophole for him.

"Yeah, that could work."

"Great, while the boy does that, we need to play Rope-A-Dope with the X-Men so they won't find Hope," Captain America said before the group moved away, leaving the two teens together.

"So those were the hussies Ms. Akane was always talking about," Hope muttered as she glared at the Asian beauty on the screen.

Ranma heard her, but chose not to say anything. Instead, he suddenly realized that this was the third time he was teamed up with a redhead! Just what was it with him and redheads?

"So, wanna find something to eat, I'm starving," Ranma spoke up as he saw the Avengers started to busy themselves. They appeared to be packing up all essential items. Looks like they were moving locations.

"Yeah," Hope said, also looking at the hustle and bustle of the Avengers.

"Then if you would follow me this way, I will prepare something for you."

Ranma and Hope looked up at where the sound was coming from, but realized it was Tony's A.I, Friday. There were bars of light flashing in a direction, clearly the machine was leading the way. The moment they entered the kitchen, they saw the Scarlet Witch was already in there eating a light snack. Her jaw, which Ranma had broken, appeared to be fully healed.

'Probably used her magic,' Ranma guessed. The woman saw him and was a bit startled, but surprisingly enough, there was no hostility or fear in her eyes, just shame.

"Ranma," Hope nudged her pigtailed companion. "Don't you think you should apologize?"

"Mr. Saotome does not owe me an apology," the Scarlet Witch smiled kindly at the redheaded teen and looked to the boy. "And he never will. Instead, it is I who owe him one."

Ranma looked at the woman's face for any sign of the insanity he saw before.

"Ranma..." Hope nudged the boy, who was still staring at the woman.

"So… you're really not crazy anymore?" Ranma asked the woman bluntly and heard Hope gasp in shock.

"You really do have no tact!" Hope marveled at how the boy could be so callous. While the woman might not be crazy, she might have a relapse if it was brought up constantly. That was one of the reasons why the X-Men feared her and avoided any association with her.

However, the Scarlet Witch could only smile sadly. "I'm not, thanks to my sons, they redeemed me and brought me back. I know I do not deserve this second chance they granted me, but I will do my best to atone for everything."

Ranma, however, looked at the woman with dubious eyes. "You mean your sons were real? I thought they were fake and made up."

Wanda breath caught for a moment, but realized the boy did not really know her. So she sat at the counter while the Friday rolled out food made from Avengers' Tower cafeteria and told them her story while they ate. She told them of how she lost her two sons, the real ones, that they were taken from her by a villain. She told them how the Avengers erased her memories to prevent her from having a psychotic break, how it failed, and that in her anger and hatred for her loved ones, she attacked them with all the enemies they had ever encountered. She told the two teens how her brother, Quicksilver convinced her not to give up on her life, but instead give everyone what they wanted. And finally she told them how her true sons, who she thought had died, came to save her and redeemed her. She felt undeserving of their love, but was saved by it nonetheless. So now she was doing her best to be a good role-model, while at the same time atone for all she'd done.

Ranma was on his twelfth plate with Hope was on her second by the time the Scarlet Witch was finished. Hope looked a bit shocked by the confession, not having expected so many personal details involved, while Ranma just chewed on his filet mignon and considered the Witch in front of him.

"Why are ya sharing so much with complete strangers?" He pointed out, having listened to her story for any sense of falsehood. Besides a sadness that appeared to hang over her like a heavy cloud, it felt honest.

"Perhaps," Wanda looked down at her lap. "But, while I might not have taken your life, I did take away three years from you. That is something I cannot undo no matter how hard I try. With the depowered mutants I can actually give them their powers back, but you… no, I wounded you permanently. You deserve the truth, no matter how ashamed I am of it."

Hope stopped eating and looked at Ranma in a new light, finally understanding what it must have been like for the boy. Why the Scarlet Witch did not hold a grudge, nor the Avengers. Sure, they were angry when Ranma held her hostage, but afterward everyone understood. If what she said was correct, besides Ranma, all of the other teammates who died at her hand had been brought back with ease.

"So you can't send me back, huh," Ranma sighed, but knew better than to mess with time. He aced Professor Cable's class in Temporal Mechanics after all.

"I'm sorry," Wanda looked at the boy. Honestly, he reminded her so much of her sons when she had first seen them. Strong, proud, and unapologetic for doing what they did. When she returned to the Avengers, she had dug up any information about Ranma Saotome that she could. Natasha was nice enough to provide her his dossiers, she guessed the ex-assassin knew what it was like to have red on your ledger.

However, the relief she felt at no longer being a child-killer was gone when Ranma had returned. She did not mind him taking shots at her at Avengers Academy, she owed him too much. In a way, the X-Men were his family and friends, and the moment he woke up the Avengers appeared to be trying to tear it apart. She could understand his anger, his disbelief and denial that none of this was real, that perhaps it was created by her. That's why she offered him the only thing she could to sooth him.

Her life.

But he was a good boy, and made the hardest decision anyone could have to make. He let his killer go.

Ranma never took his eyes off the Scarlet Witch the entire time she was lost in thoughts, he searched her for the tiniest bit of wrongness, any hint of insanity. But there was none of that, just guilt and shame.

Hope looked at the boy, who had not turned his eyes from the Scarlet Witch for quite some time, but she knew better than to interrupt. However, the pigtailed boy let out a long sigh as he broke eye-contact with the Scarlet Witch and leaned back in the chair.

"What's done is done," Ranma sighed again. He was never getting his life back, but he would have to move forward. Jean would have wanted him to do as much. How he wished he had her counsel, now of all times.

"With the amount of times I kicked you when you were down and broke your jaw, consider us even."

The Scarlet Witch looked at the boy in shock before nodding in acceptance, but deep down, she realized that they would never be even. She decided then and there that she'd look out for him, whether he knew about it or not. She would always have his back.

She swore it.

"Wanda, we need you for the move," Steve Rogers' voice came in loud and clear through the speakers in the kitchen area.

"Looks like it's time to move," Wanda told the two, and noted the boy was now working on his fifteen plate. Just where did it all go?

"Where are we going?" Hope asked as she got up and pushed her plate into the disposal.

*** Wakanda – Three days later ***

Ranma dodged a left punch from Hope, then a right, weaved under a kick, and another kick. He had seen her fake-out from a mile away and yawned as he leaned away to stretch his back.

"Seriously Hope, are you even trying?" the pigtailed boy asked as he raised an eyebrow at the pretty redhead, who was breathing heavily.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hope roared as she tried everything that her teachers, Ms. Akane, Ms. Psylocke, Cyclops, and her Father had taught her about hand-to-hand.

"Now that's just sloppy. Here, let me help you fix it," Ranma tilted his body to the side to let Hope kick past him as he poked her leg to get her to straighten it out, causing the girl to stiffen and lose her balance a bit from the redistribution of her weight.

"Waaah!" Hope tried to regain her balance, but could not. However, before she could end up a crumbled mess, Ranma was already beside her, his hand on her back to support her as he used his other hand to straighten out her kick and pull it even higher. Ranma's hands were only on her for a couple of seconds at most before he was standing away from her again.

"There, now that looks like a proper high kick," Ranma nodded sagely as the girl collapsed to her knees, defeat easily seen in her shoulders. She'd completely given up.

"I hate you!" Hope growled at the boy who was only a year older than her. Even against Miss Akane she had never felt so outmatched. He also had no mutant ability she could copy, so there was no great equalizer for her.

"Good! Now you're sounding more like a proper fighter," Ranma grinned as he extended his hand to help the girl up.

Since the move to the African nation of Wakanda, there was little to do as the Avengers went out to battle the X-Men. The Avengers didn't want either of them along for some reason. Even now, Ranma couldn't understand the details of the reasoning why the two superhero teams fought. In a way, he thought it was stupid of both sides to keep on fighting like this. Surely they could have worked together. They SHOULD be working together.

Hope, having now regained her breath, grabbed the pigtailed boy's outstretch hand and hiked herself up. She then smirked deviously as she noticed Ranma was distracted. She tried to bend his arm to give herself leverage and then throw him over her shoulder, only...

"Tsk Tsk, good try though!" Ranma exclaimed cheerfully as he yanked at her arm while going over her shoulder, throwing her off-balance. He then tucked his legs in even as his back hit the ground and Hope rolled on top of him.

"And up you go!"

Hope was taken off-guard by the entire thing, and only realized that she might have messed up when she felt Ranma's feet on her stomach, pushing her up to slam into the metal ceiling.


With the wind knocked out of her, Hope could only fall listlessly back to the ground. Or she would have had a pair of arms not gently caught her in a bridal carry. Panting from exertion, she could only glare at the boy.

"A for effort," Ranma imitated his teachers as he dropped the girl unceremoniously, letting her butt hit the ground first.

"A-Aren't you suppose to be helping me learn the Soul of Ice?" Hope gingerly rubbed her behind as she got up. Her sports training outfit was now soaked with sweat while Ranma looked as pristine as when they started. That was so not fair!

"Sure, as soon as I can make heads or tails of it," Ranma replied as he noticed several of the Avengers coming back from whatever mission they had been on, the group including the Scarlet Witch.

"Hey, is Hawkeye missing?"

Hope turned her attention away from the boy and looked at the returning Avengers. Ranma was right, the purple archer was not with them. And she knew he was with Wanda's group before they left.

"Looks that way…" Hope agreed. She saw an angry Wanda Maximoff stomp away from the two leaders of the Avengers, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

"Wonder what happened there..."

"Judging by their expressions, they got their butts kicked," Ranma bluntly guessed. There was a hint of defeat in the way they carried themselves.

"You can go to her if you want, I'll try and figure out whatever Iron Fist gave me."

Hope looked at Ranma before she walked away, leaving the boy standing in their training area.

Ranma watched the girl go before he pulled out the technique that Danny Rand had given to him. It was supposed to be the technique for the Soul of Ice and, by extension, the Hiryuu Shoten Ha. But what he saw was not what Cologne had taught him. It had weird stuff on it, something about pressure points and an odd way of focusing.

Once more, Ranma mentally thanked the Old Ghoul for everything she did for him. Danny had never even heard of metal that could absorb chi.

'Just who are you, Ke Lun?'

Frustrated, Ranma sat down and studied the way it was taught on the scroll and tried to think of a way to disseminate it to a girl who was a total novice in understanding the spiritual side of the art. He wasn't done when he saw the Avengers walking away from their meeting with Hope in tow. The girl looked over to him and signaled that she'd tell him what had transpired later.

"Kid," Tony came over with the Iron Fist and one more bulky-looking man in tow. The man was dressed mostly black but showed a lot of his skin for some odd reason. His demeanor was also very stern a look that was directed at the pigtailed boy.

Ranma disliked him immediately.

"Yeah?" Ranma asked as he and the man sized each other up. Before he knew it, the man's arm whipped out faster than lighting to hit him. Ranma deflected immediately, but noticed the other incoming hand. He stepped back and struck the back of the man's hand hard to deflect that one, then he threw a quick punch back.

The man blocked, but Ranma had anticipated that as he leaned in and threw a fake high kick which, at the last moment, changed direction and went low, striking the man's thigh with force. The man grunted from the attack, but he did not cave as his fists blurred at Ranma.

All of this first exchange happened within seconds.

"What the- Danny, control your guy!" Tony Stark berated Iron Fist, who was merely observing the two martial artists as they probed each other's defenses. Truly, the boy Ranma was a prodigy to go toe-to-toe with Lei Kung, the Thunderer, the man who had trained over nine generations of Iron Fists.

Ranma had to admit, the man was skilled, very skilled from a technical standpoint, with considerable strength to back it up. However, Ranma was faster. And perhaps that was his saving grace, in terms of technique the man was extremely knowledgeable, whereas Ranma had problems even keeping up with the switch ups even as he did the same to counter. However, his speed was the great equalizer, and with his speed he would end it.


However, the moment his first barrage was to hit the man, the man's eyes glowed bright blue and a loud powerful thunderclap detonated, throwing him back into the wall with a heavy thud.

"Ugh!" Ranma dropped from the wall onto the ground, but got up quickly as the man found himself surrounded by Avengers. The thunderclap must have drawn them.

"Captain, this is Lei Kung, the Thunderer of K'un-Lun," Iron Fist interjected as he too looked over at Ranma.

"He is here to offer Hope a safe harbor to hide from X-Men. They would not be able to find her there."

"And what was all that about? Why was he fighting with Mr. Saotome?" Captain America asked, his shield still at the ready. Ranma could not help but feel a bit touched by the man's stance.

"The Iron Fist told me a boy was to teach Hope Summers the Heaven Blast of the Dragon, an ancient K'un-Lun technique. I wanted to verify if he even had the ability to teach anyone." The man known as Lei Kung answered in a straightforward manner.

"I see that the Iron Fist was correct in his assessment."

"It's not a big deal anyway," Ranma spoke up in defense of the man. "Martial artists do this all the time. Although usually they offer a challenge first."

Ranma gave the man a pointed look, who merely tipped his head a bit in acknowledgment.

"Besides, from what Dann-err Iron Fist told me, K'un-Lun was supposedly the birthplace of kung fu. I don't mind seeing if it true or not. No harm no foul."

With that, Captain America lowered his shield and the other Avengers relaxed. With a nod, the others returned to command center, no doubt with other missions to complete.

"I have just one question to ask," Tony spoke up, looking a bit hopeful. "Is the offer only for Hope and Ranma, or can we go as well?"

Before Lei Kung could answer, a Wakandian guardsman ran into the room and knelt before Black Panther. He was panting and appeared out of breath.

"My King! A wall of water-" the guard gulped in some more air. "-A wall of Water has risen up and surrounded the city!"

"Namor's here," Captain America face became set as he looked at Hope and Ranma. "You two go to K'un-Lun, now!"


That one single cry could be heard all the way down in their base.

"So seriously, does that offer extend to us as well?" Tony turned again to Lei Kung, demanding an answer. The man's nod made the suitless brilliant scientist exhale in relief.

"Alright, okay, I am gonna need hands to help me carry our stuff, because seriously, I need it all."

Tony waved his hand to indicate all of the heavy-looking equipment around them.

"The Avengers will go and hold him out of as long as possible, save as much equipment as you can," Captain America looked to the heavy hitters of the Avengers as they rushed to confront the Namor Phoenix.

"Hey, Hope, you go on ahead," Ranma told the redhead girl, who looked at him in surprise. "I'll help move the heavy stuff for Mr. Stark and meet you over there. Kay?"

Tony looked like he wanted to argue, but Ranma picked up one of larger boxes that must have weighed thirty tons with ease and pushed it thorough the tunnel Lei Kung made, and he was already on the next box. They didn't have to abandon anything at all.

"Go!" Tony told the girl, who was then dragged to the other side by Wolverine.

However, no sooner had Hope and Wolverine gone through than the structure they were in was ripped open effortlessly. The first thing that they noticed was sunlight filling the lab, however, it was the man in the air with a fiery aura that drew their attention. The man looked down imperiously at them, eyes looking over them as if they were gnats.

Ranma noticed the King of Atlantis' face began to form a scowl when he realized there was no sign of Hope Summers. The man eyed than fell upon him only to twist in distaste.

That pissed Ranma off.

For some reason, the pigtailed teen really did not like how the Sub-Mariner was looking at him, dismissing him like that. Even during his stay in Utopia the man was standoffish, a real prick. Now oddly enough, that made him angry.

"This ends today, Avengers!" Namor roared as primal cosmic energies gathered within his body. He would do what the other X-men were too weak to do. What Cyclops had failed to do.

"Submit before your king!"

Ranma instantly saw red as the Phoenix-powered mutant fired into the exposed base, even as Wanda, Dr. Strange and other Avengers formed shields to block the assault. As Namor attacked struck him, the pigtailed boy saw red.

Namor scoffed at the defenses the Avengers threw up, but suddenly felt a fluctuation in his very soul. The next thing he knew, he saw a fist close in on his lower jaw at incredible speed and send him out of Wakanda. Rather painfully, as his jaw was shattered like glass.

Ranma blinked as he suddenly found himself very high in the air, his red-tinted vision cleared and his moment of intensed anger tapered off.

"Mister Saotome?" Dr. Strange voice sounded like a whisper, yet Ranma heard it clearly. It was also very uncertain.

Looking down where he knew the Avengers would be, he saw all of them looking up at him, cautious and wariness in their eyes.

"What the-?"

Ranma instantly stopped as his voice, or rather his female voice sounded very weird. A quick look down confirmed that he was indeed in his girl form. However, his outfit was now very form-fitting teal color, but the inside lining was gold. He was able to tell as his cuffs were rolled back to expose it. Even his sandals were gold.

"The heck happened to me?!"

However, before Ranma could get an answer, a powerful roar from a certain Phoenix-empowered mutant was heard all throughout Wakanda.



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