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OK, finally the last chapter. SO much shortness!


"Hey Devi," Nny said, picking up the phone.

"Hello," Devi mumbled, trying to talk on the phone and paint at the same time.

"So...I just called to make sure we're still going out at seven..." Nny said, his voice trailing off.

Devi brightened.

"Of course we are. Do you really think I'd miss a date with you, Noodle Boy?" Devi asked. Nny could tell she was joking, but he still grumbled. "Oh yeah. You don't like being called Noodle Boy. Sorry. How's Johnnypoo then?" Devi asked, chuckling.

"It's better than Noodle Boy," Nny said unconscientiously as he smashed Mr. Samsa under the toe of his left boot.

"So I'll see you at seven then," Devi said, unable to stop grinning her face off.

"Yeah," Nny said.

And then he hung up the phone and went to put a chicken in the garbage disposal.



Wow. That was the sappiest story I've even written. WOW, I have finished FOUR of my fics today. YAY!