"To Love the Dark"
By JessieHeart
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Chapter One-
It was not the Dark Magicians' plan to have Keiko show up on their doorstep. If any of them could have seen the trouble she'd cause… well, maybe they wouldn't have let her in.

Keiko was cheerful, green-eyed, blonde and just all-around perky. She was nineteen years old, and very pretty.

Keiko arrived at her destination on the morning of the new moon. She looked around cautiously at the small cottage. Surely such a place wasn't home of the Dark Magicians?
In the end, she knocked on the door anyway. Then she straightened her simple green dress, trying to look impressive.

The man who opened the door was as much a disappointment as the cottage. Keiko had expected a great wizard in long robes. What she saw was a serious-looking man in a plain black tunic. She noticed other features about him; long purple hair, tall, masculine. And most of all his deep violet eyes…

Keiko realized she was staring and bowed.

"I am looking for the home of the Magicians…" she said. Her voice was shaking.

"You've found them," the purple-haired man answered. He was deep-voiced and very straightforward. The girl tried not to shudder. He seemed to be appraising her. At last he beckoned Keiko inside.

The plain outside appearance of the cottage had been misleading, as the indoor was magnificent. Scents of herbs she could not recognize tingled at her nose. She saw books upon books stacked everywhere. Scrolls and strange symbols… potions and cauldrons… it was just as she had pictured.

The purple-haired man spoke with his back to her as they walked through a labyrinth of hallways.

"I am the Kura-i Matjutsushi," he said.

Keiko recognized his name as the Japanese words for 'Dark Magician.'

"Matt-jute-sue-she," the girl pronounced slowly. They came to a large wooden door, which Matjutsushi opened with a wave of his hand.

Two other magicians were in the room, the younger one with blonde hair and the older with white. The blonde spotted Keiko immediately and rushed over.

"Matju-San, who is this lovely sight?" he asked. He was obviously European; French, Keiko guessed. Her hypothesis was correct.

Matjutsushi rolled his eyes.

"This gaijin is Oliver," he introduced.

Oliver took Keiko's hand in his and kissed it. "Good morning, Miss…"

"Motosuwa. Keiko Motosuwa. I am Japanese on my father's side, but was raised in Egypt with my mother. I had hoped… if I was good enough, I mean, I wish to study magic…" Keiko trailed off, embarrassed.

Oliver smiled warmly. He seemed to do that a lot. "Of course you can. Only a person with magical talent could have found our home," Oliver turned to Matjutsushi. "We have not had an apprentice in three years, Matju-San. Not since your twenty-first birthday."

So he's twenty-four, thought Keiko. Only five years older than me…

Matjutushi bowed deeply. Apparently, he had Japanese background as well. "You'll have to excuse me. The Pharaoh requests my presence." He vanished with a small puff of lavender smoke.

Oliver pulled Keiko towards the door. "Shall I show you your room?"

Keiko looked hesitantly at the third Dark Magician. He had seemingly not noticed anyone's presence, but remained hunched over a book.

"Who is that?" she asked.

Oliver's smile softened. "I do not know his name. He is deaf and communicates rarely. He is the only one of us that can fly. We all call him 'Sei.'"


"Because that name was on a cereal box the day I met him!"

Keiko's surprised look made Oliver laugh out loud. "Don't be so serious, petite fleur!"

Keiko's room was small, as well as filled with paintings and charts. A dresser and bed were the only things that made it a bedroom. However, Keiko thought the whole thing was perfect.

She lay down on her bed and stretched out.

"I am going to like it here."

End of Chapter One


Kura-i Matjutsushi = Dark Magician

Gaijin = Foreigner

Petite Fleur = Little flower (Okay, I don't speak a WORD of French, so I had to go with an on-line translator to get that one. I know, I know... translators SUCK... so if you know French, please contact me... PLEASE...)