"To Love the Dark"

By JessieHeart

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Chapter Eleven-



An hour passed, and Keiko was still sound asleep. Matjutsushi held her the entire time.

The survivors returned to the palace to find whatever was left. Besides the lookout wall, the property damage was not all that bad. The kingdom, where the battle was held, was another story entirely.

The escaped villagers and palace servants returned as well. The peasants found their homes in ruin. At least they were still alive.

Pharaoh Yami's critical injuries were soon discovered. He was carried into his chambers, and Matjutsushi was called in.

"He's alive," the magician said at last. "But soon... he won't be."

Anzu clasped onto his arm. (Keiko had been placed in a chair.) "Can't you do anything to save him? Please..."

Matjutsushi shook his head sadly. "His body is beyond repair."

"There must be something..." pleaded Anzu.

Matjutsushi thought. "I know a spell called 'Soul Release.' It has the power to remover or transfer spirits... But that would require a host body for Yami's soul."

Anzu looked away, face full of despair. She was thinking of herself and her fatherless son.

Yuugi was watching, seated in a corner. He saw Anzu's look and his heart shattered. Slowly, the boy stood up.

"I'll do it," he said boldly. "I'll share my body with the pharaoh."

Centuries later, Yuugi's reincarnated self would have to live with that decision. However, this was unknown to him, and he had no time to regret it.


"Mai, you're HEAVY!"

"Idiot. No one said you had to carry me."

Jounouchi carried Mai back to the castle, to where a makeshift medical wing had been arranged. People injured from the fighting were brought there.

A medic applied a better brace to Mai's leg while Katsuya stretched his tired arms.

"Girls are supposed to be dainty," he mumbled when the medic left.

"Says who?" asked Mai. She reached over and punched his arm. Jounouchi faked a serious injury, and sat down next to her on the hospital bed.

"You were really brave, you know."

Mai smiled and intertwined her fingers with his. She thought back to her own bowl of pink water, the child she and Jounouchi would have.

A girl appeared in the doorway. "Big brother?"

Jounouchi jumped up. "Shizuka!"

He ran over and wrapped his arms around his little sister. He kissed the top of her head.

"See? I told you you'd be alright," Katsuya said. Shizuka squeezed where she held him.

"I'm so glad you're still alive."

"You're the only family I have. I promised to come back for you."

"I knew you'd keep your promise," said Shizuka. Then she whispered in a teasing tone, "Being in love does that to you."

Jounouchi blushed, then chuckled. He led his sister over to the hospital bed.

"Shizuka," he introduced, taking a deep breath, "This, is Mai."


Keiko woke up in Matjutsushi's arms. They were in a silent, secluded room.

"Wha..." she stuttered. Her throat was dry, coated with sand. "What happened?"

"It's over. We won," answered Matjutsushi, "Or, rather, YOU won."

There was a long moment of silence. Keiko simply enjoyed the moment.

Matjutsushi spoke again. "You know, I am no longer your master. You're stronger than I am..."

Tears formed in Keiko's eyes. "Only because... they... Sei and Oliver-"

Matjutsushi stopped her. "Don't. They would want you to be sad like that. The teary face doesn't suit you."

"They're dead..." Keiko said breathlessly. The reality of it all seemed to be hitting her all at once.

"They'll be reborn," Matjutsushi assured. "We all will be. In a different place and time, we'll all come back. History repeats itself."

Keiko curled herself farther into his arms. He whispered into her ear, "And then, Keiko-Chan, we can fall in love, all over again."


Seto Kaiba glared at the Blue Eyes White Dragons.

"What HAPPENED?!" he demanded. "You three were SUPPOSED to be invincible. But you were defeated by an apprentice!"

The Blue Eyes with a missing eye growled. "It is possible to grow stronger when you have magic. The girl used a spell book to banish us."

Seto rolled his eyes. "Then get *back* there, and kill the pharaoh properly!"

The girl white dragon let out an exasperated roar. "You do not understand! We have been banished! If we were to cross the waters of the Nile, our lives would be snatched away instantly."

Kaiba raised his necklace, backing the dragon down. "NEVER use that tone with me, dragon." He warned. After a long moment, he spoke again. "Go. Go to land far from here and keep yourselves hidden. When the time comes that I am born again, find me. Then, we will finish this battle."

The dragons spread their wings and took flight. They flew to a place far from Egypt... a place called... Japan...


~ Three Months Later ~

The kingdom and palace had been rebuilt. As history had proven before, life goes on. It returned to its chaotic "normal" state.

After the Blue Eyes fiasco, Jounouchi had been promoted. He commanded his own legion of palace guards. He proposed to Mai the very night his promotion happened.

Honda and Miho had married a month after the battle, and Knight Katsuya Jounouchi and Sorceress Mai Kujaku a month after them. Mai announced her pregnancy the following week.

Shizuka's eyesight was restored just in time for the wedding, with a little magical help from the Dark Magician Girl. Shizuka got her greatest wish, to see her brother get married.

Yuugi became the pharaoh, under the respect demanded of Yami's vessel. He enjoyed every chance he got to torment Priest Kaiba. Although Yami could not fully emerge in Yuugi's body, the boy could hear Yami's thoughts and even lose full control of his actions from time to time. Matjutsushi claimed that it would not be long until the pharaoh would have complete control over the two minds, and would be able to appear at will.

Anzu forever treasured the last words Yami spoke to her. She waited patiently, faithfully, and lovingly for her pharaoh to return. Always for love. The love of her king and of their son.

Now, Keiko sat outside her cottage home. She wasn't too eager to go inside and taste whatever burnt food Matjutsushi had managed to cook up. Instead, she ran her fingers through the sand and reflected on everything that had happened like an elaborate dream.

"Keiko? Are you coming in?" Matjutsushi called from the doorway.

"In a minute!" she said, looking over her shoulder. God, she loved him. His purple hair, his kisses, his compelling eyes... Those eyes pierced her, even at this distance. Matjutsushi disappeared into the house.

Keiko sighed, watching the sunset that would cascade into a new tomorrow. She enjoyed the prefect moment, but all too quickly, it was gone.

Keiko dusted herself off and went into the cottage, where awaited her new family... and life.


To Love the Dark- ~OWARI~


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