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IN MERSENIA (this is one of those fictional countries I was talking about...)

"Please, Rain! Please say you'll do it!"

Rain rolled her aquamarine eyes and turned away from the youthful blonde at her side, begging her. She ran a hand through her cinnamon brown hair before she spoke.

"Marie-Louise, why on earth would you want me to do this?"

"I don't want to have to face any more of my father's suitors! They're all the same! Stuck-up, arrogant snobs that only have half a brain in their thick, conceited heads. And from what I hear, this prince isn't any different. Please say you'll do it! It will be so much fun, don't you think? You can be princess for a while, wear fine dresses and eat rich foods, have a wonderful time aside from facing the prince, but you can avoid him; and I can have some freedom! Even if we don't switch places, you will still have to go with me as my companion, so why not have some fun? If we play our cards just right, no one will notice!"

"I will not be an accomplice in this childish act of mutiny! You don't understand the consequences! If anyone ever found out, we would both be punished. Your father would probably discharge me immediately and I would never see you again! What am I supposed to do with myself then?"

"Oh, Rain. You know my father better than that! You've grown up as family with me! You've been my handmaid since I was born. We've know each other so long that we're practically sisters. Even my father considers you as another daughter. He would never do anything that extreme to you!"

"I still say no. I-"

"Listen, Rain. We've been cooped up in this stuffy castle our entire lives! This is the first time we get to leave Mersenia! Our first chance at a real adventure! Don't you want to make it something memorable and worthwhile?"

"Even if I agreed, there is no way I could ever pass myself off as you! I don't even remotely look like you! Won't they be able to tell? And furthermore, I don't have the breeding that you do! I couldn't pull it off for more than ten minutes before they would see right through me." She shook her head emphatically. "No. This would not work."

Marie-Louise stomped her foot and grunted in a very unladylike manner.

"No one in Sauvilla has ever seen me before. The only major, noticeable difference is in our hair color, but father always insisted that I wear it in a bonnet or cover it with a veil whenever we were to go out to prevent my hair from getting messed up. Only you and some of my close friends have seen me with my hair down. I've never been allowed to attend dances and other social gatherings since I've only recently come of age to be able to do so, so it's not like many people know me personally. And as far as breeding goes, well, we have a short while until the trip and I can give you some pointers on certain things like dancing, riding, and eating. And you, in turn, can teach me. It will be so simple! So why don't you say yes?"

Tentatively, Rain sighed and fiddled with the chain of the only valuable she owned, a silver moon pendant with a sapphire raindrop containing the initials 'R.M.'. She nodded her head, conceding to Marie-Louise's proposition. "All right. But only because I can't fight your unyielding onslaught of pleas."

Marie-Louise jumped up and laughed in delight, elated by Rain's decision. "Oh, we're going to have the best time ever! I just have to contact my friends who might be at the parties to warn them. Oh, Rain! This will be a trip we will never forget!"

Rain smiled as she was hugged by Marie-Louise, the blonde's enthusiasm contagious. "Now you have me excited. Maybe this is just what we need. A break from our mundane lives. Something new and foreign."

"Right! Now let's get started. We really don't have much time until we leave. We are going to need every second to make it perfect."

With that, she dragged Rain off to change into their riding outfits and then off to the stables where they would begin Rain's first riding lesson.



"What do you mean? Princess Marie-Louise is coming HERE? To be courted by ME? Forgive my lapse of memory, father, but I don't remember asking to meet her."

The king sighed, looking at his irritated young son. "Princess Marie- Louise is just what we need to join our two kingdoms together. It will increase trade relations and boost our economy as well as many other benefits."

"You speak like this is a business contract! Sign your name at the bottom with a quick, indifferent swipe and move on to the next. Is that all you care about? What about me? What about what I want?"

"Don't be selfish! You are a prince and you must think and act for your people, not for your personal concerns. You were born into this position and with that come certain responsibilities."

The prince clenched his hands into fists, clearly annoyed. "Well, why me? Why not Kyoji? He is the first-born after all. He should be the first to marry."

"Mersenia's king specifically asked for you since you are closer to his daughter in age. I agreed to this since you have shown no favor towards any of the young ladies I have presented to you. At least Kyoji has courted some women and has options while you have none. And you know your mother loved Mersenia. She would have wanted Mersenia and Sauvilla to join together. At least give the princess half a chance, Domon."

Domon snorted and left the room angrily, the heels of his boots echoing irately in the halls. He was quickly followed by his best friend, George. "Why should I care about the Mersenian princess? She's just going to be like all the others, some giggling, dense, and spoiled little girl."

George, the ever moral and chivalrous knight, turned to reprimand Domon for his insulting language. "You should be proud to fulfill your duty as prince. A marriage to unite two prosperous countries will greatly help both nations. You will be regarded with high esteem, and honor your family. Besides, you shouldn't make such derogatory comments towards someone you haven't even met. You never know. This one could be different."

"I don't want to discuss this stupid princess anymore. She's already getting on my nerves. Let's go visit Argo. He should be back at his castle today."

He grabbed his red cape and headed to the stables. George sighed as he pulled on his own blue one. //He's so incorrigible. I wonder if he'll ever meet a woman to love.//

Domon and George mounted their horses, riding swiftly through the fields of emerald green grass towards the border between Sauvilla and Mersenia where Argo's castle was located.


Rain smoothed her riding habit as she prepared to mount the placid gray horse in front of her. She was going to wear her usual gray one, but Marie- Louise had insisted that she get used to wearing her clothing since her gowns were more elaborate and more complicated than Rain's simple ones. The habit she wore was a rich shade of teal made of sturdier material than others so that it would not tear as easily while riding. The lining of the dress and her belt hanging on her waist shimmered gold in the bright sunlight.

"Don't worry, sis. It's easy once you get on there."

Rain turned to look at Sai Sici, her friend who was also the stable boy. He was about sixteen or maybe even seventeen years old with a streak of boyish curiosity and always getting in trouble for something. Everyone knew he had it bad for the cute scullery maid, Cecil. Rain looked after him and she knew he could be trusted. He had agreed to help them in their scheme.

Rain swallowed nervously and placed a foot in the stirrup, lifting herself up onto the horse. She settled into side-saddle position with the help of Marie-Louise's pointers.

"Okay. So what do I do now?"

"Give him a tap with your reins."

Rain tapped the horse. He didn't move. She tried again, harder. Nothing.

"Here, let me try..." Sai Sici walked over towards Rain and smacked her horse on the rump, yelling as he did so. The docile horse, shocked out of its dream-like state, reared up. Rain screamed as she quickly swung out of side saddle position with a leg on each side of the horse and clung desperately, her eyes closed, to the horse's mane as it bolted off.

"Sai! What have you done?" Marie-Louise shouted as they both quickly mounted their own horses and followed after her.


"Domon! George! Hey, how are you?"

"Chibodee? Chibodee Crockett? What are you doing here?" asked Domon.

"Hey, is that anyway to greet an old friend? I decided to come and visit you here in Sauvilla. Argo offered to let me stay at his castle for a while."

Chibodee was the hedonistic Prince of Damosis, the country neighboring both Mersenia and Sauvilla. He was almost a perfect opposite of George in that he enjoyed women, drinking, and basically anything related to pleasure. Although he could be pompous and immoral at times, he was a strong fighter and loyal to those close to him. He visited Sauvilla every once in a while and knew Argo, George, and Domon well.

They were interrupted when the stoic Argo arrived. "Hello Domon, George."

"Hello Argo. Care to join us for a ride today?"

"Of course."

Argo and Chibodee mounted their own horses and the four men took off at a leisurely walk.

Chibodee initiated conversation easily. "So, Domon, what's this I hear about a Princess Marie-Louise that's visiting? Truth be told, she's the real reason I'm down here."

George looked at him in disgust. "Have you no honor?"

"Hey, the code of chivalry is for you knights. I don't ever remember taking it."

Before George could retaliate, a scream was heard. They turned their heads as they saw a woman on a run away horse pass right by them, heading for a stone wall.


Rain's grip began to loosen as she struggled to hold on and regain her composure. She gently opened one eye, then the other and looked ahead at the wall in front of them. She had no time to prepare herself for the jump and as the horse left the ground, she felt herself fall, awaiting her deadly fate.


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