For Cirdan

There was a Kingdom by the Sea

In ages gone

And tales of might and woe aplenty

To weep upon

There was a timid child of nearly seven years

Standing before endless waters of moody grey

With twin stars in his eyes and a glint as if fey

As if a saddened laugh as if a joyful tear

And as a young tree grows with the wind in its leaves

The figure changes some with the passing of time

But the Sea remains dark and bleak and yet sublime

Before a youthful face beneath a restless breeze

Standing on the shore days after desolate days

He seeks to strain his eyes towards another beach

Of finer sand; a distant land beyond his reach

The light of which he cannot see throughout the haze!

A wreath of chiseled gold is a burdensome weight

Upon the brow of one born in shadowy lands

But wise grew the lordling that endured at the end

Of a long line of kings tangled in pride and fate

But to rule is the duty of kings; and he ruled

With reminiscences of legends in his heart

And many lonesome nights spent pouring over charts

Of olden origins and appeals never dulled

Yet many wars were fought in unsettling days through

And a mirrored shadow is no less strong than one

And a child wields a sword under a pallid sun –

Takes arms, and fights and falls for light he never knew –

Such was the fate of Ereinion

Of Kings the Scion

Whose sword was long and lance more keen

Than ever seen


Notes: This was written for Cirdan, because I know she likes Gil-Galad very much… I hope you enjoy. ^_~