A/N Set several months after Willow cast her will spell in "Something
Blue" What if when the gang had gone looking for her, she had not been
teleported by D'Hoffryn. But had in fact left Sunnydale to look for Oz,
leaving no clue of her whereabouts. In the meantime, Buffy and Spike have
moved in together in her mom's house. Giles after much protest has moved
into the spare room in the Summers home, so that Buffy and Spike can "take
care" of Him. Xander is travelling the world with Anya. They are both
searching for Willow, never being able to stay in one place long, due to
the constant attacks by demons.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss And Mutant Enemy Unfortunately!

Chapter 1

Buffy was having a delicious dream; it involved a gorgeous blonde vampire
and a can of whipped cream.

"Mmmmmm" She sighed in her sleep.

Spike lay in the bed watching his beautiful goddess as she slept. He felt
he could never get tired of looking at her, a dreamy smile played about her
lips. It almost seemed a shame to wake her, after all, it was a Saturday
morning, but "Shakespeare" Giles's seeing eye dog had been scratching at
their bedroom door for the last five minutes. Spike placed a hand on her
shoulder and gently shook her.

"Come on love," He said.

Buffy groaned and opened one eye. "What time is it?" She asked.

"Eight-thirty, sorry pet, but Shakespeare needs his walk and I don't feel
like cleaning up another "accident" this morning," he smiled.

"I was having a lovely dream too," Buffy said, regretfully.

Buffy scrambled up out of the bed and threw on the first thing she found.

"What was it about?" asked Spike.

"I am not telling! You have a big enough ego already!" She said, throwing a
pillow at him before exiting the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy bounded down the stairs, Giles was sitting in the front room. He was
reading his Braille books, a look of concentration on his face. He was so
engrossed, that he didn't hear her entrance until it was too late, and
Shakespeare jumped up on his lap. Knocking the book to the floor.

"Hi Giles" Buffy said, cheerfully.

She was glad he couldn't see the sadness etched on her face. Buffy looked
at her watcher, seeing him helpless like this everyday marred her and
Spike's happiness. Willow had a lot to answer for. Her will spell had split
up her happy band of friends.

Soon after they had realised Willow had really gone; Xander and Anya has
set off in search of her. Xander had to keep on the move any way as they
were being constantly attacked by demons. Last, they had heard from them,
Xander and Anya were in some remote part of China. The couple had phoned to
say that they had some good leads, but that had been several days ago.

"Morning Buffy" said Giles, in between having his face licked by his dog.
"Yes that will be quite enough Shakespeare". He said sternly.

Buffy went to the hall closet, and took out her leather jacket and the dog
"Sure you don't want to come with? It's a beautiful day out there," said
"No thanks, it looks the same inside as it does out to me," said Giles.
Buffy groaned inwardly at her thoughtlessness. She attached Shakespeare to
the leash, and went out into the early morning sunshine.

Her thoughts drifted off while she walked down her street. This past six
months with Spike were the happiest she could remember. Her friends had
kept telling her that what she felt was the result of some spell, it was
too perfect. So yeah, they had had their fair share of fights before
Spike's surprise proposal, but ever since she had said "yes", Spike had
been the perfect fiancé. Lost in her happy thoughts she walked straight in
to a solid object.

"Oof!" She said, and looked up at the thing blocking her path. Buffy's face
flushed red, as she saw that it was Riley.

He looked equally uncomfortable, "Um, oh Buffy," He stuttered.

"Hi Riley," Said Buffy, awkwardly and instantly looking at the ground.

After several seconds of heavy silence, which seemed to stretch out like a
millennia; Riley spoke.
"So how's life with hostile 17 then?" He asked.

Buffy's eyes flew up to his face. Her brows knitted together.

"Don't call him that, he has a name you know!" She snapped.

Riley bent his head towards her menacingly.

"One word from me in the right ear and this sick little charade of Mr & Mrs
will be over," He threatened.

Buffy's hands clenched at her sides as she fought the urge to punch that
smug little smile off his face.

"Jealousy does not become you Riley," She sneered.

Riley turned red with anger, stung by truth of her words. He grabbed a hold
of her arms, but soon realised his mistake as she knocked him to the ground
with little effort.

"If you know what is good for you, will say there," Buffy told him.

Shakespeare sniffed at Riley, who was struggling to get up again. Before
Buffy could restrain the dog, he cocked his leg and started to pee all over

She had to say one thing for Riley; his reactions were quick as he rolled
out of the way. Not quite quick enough though, thought Buffy, seeing the
spreading stain on the front of his jeans.

"Looks like you have had a bit of an accident, funny, coulda swore you were
house broken. Better get your self home before people start talking," She
smiled sweetly, at the enraged Riley.

"Come on Shakespeare" She said stroking the dog's head. They turned and
headed for home. "Good dog," She said quietly under her breath.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hi Buffy, nice walk darling?" Joyce asked.

"Great mom," grinned Buffy.

Buffy looked around the room. "No Spike yet?" She asked.

"Not yet honey, took him up a cup of blood about five minutes ago," Her mom

"Good, then he is still awake," She said.

Looking at the stairs a slow smile crossed Buffy's face.

"Do we have any spray cream, mom?" She asked.

Joyce frowned "I think there is some in the refrigerator,"

Buffy disappeared into the kitchen, re-emerging with a can in her hand.

"I think I will go back to bed for a while," She said advancing up the

Joyce turned to look at Giles "What do you think she needs the cream for?"
She asked him.

"I don't want to know," Shuddered Giles in horror.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy entered their bedroom. Spike sat up against the pillows watching the
TV, which he insisted they have in their room.
"Morning love, Nice walk?" Spike asked

"Yeah pretty good actually," She replied, sitting on the bed.

She took the remote out of his hand and turned off the TV.

"Hey! I was watching that" He protested.

Buffy took the can of cream from behind her back.

"Wouldn't you rather hear about that dream I had?" She asked seductively.
Spike licked his lips in anticipation.

"I am all ears," He leered.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Giles pressed a cushion either side of his head at the noises coming from
upstairs. Joyce sat next to him blushing fiery red.

"Um I think I need a coffee," She said getting up from the sofa, and
shutting herself in the kitchen.

Alone Giles sighed to himself. "I sometimes wish Willow had cursed my
hearing instead, it would solve a lot of problems,"