WARNING! This is long novel with about 23 chapters. It's very graphic in a few parts, and has pretty rough language. It's my first fan fiction and I'm extremely excited to have the pleasure of anyone reading it.

This novel is becoming a feature film made on Blender! Check it out on BlenderArtists .org (Search, 'Blender Feature Film: The Story of Ven')

This is the prequel and the sort of sequel to G-force. The story shows the history of Darwin's family from the beginnings and their side of the story. It's mostly a original story with original characters, but G-force is involved, trust me.. It won't seem like it, but keep reading..


The year is 2007, two years prior to the events of G-force, and the events of clusterstorm. In Los Angeles, there is a pet shop named Elia's Pet Shop. This is the same pet shop from the first film. This book requires you to know the plot of the first film as well as the characters involved.

Chapter 1: Four Young Pups

It's early Sunday morning and Elia's Pet Shop was closed. The pet shop was located in a plaza, on the corner of a normally busy intersection. Inside the pet shop, near the center of the store, was a terrarium housing guinea pigs. There was little to no light inside, except for the emergency light that is always on, shining on the tank above. Inside the tank, there were two guinea pigs. These pigs just had a litter of four young, and is trying to keep them warm.

"Give me some more bedding," said one guinea pig.

She is talking to the father, who is gathering bedding for her. The mother, "Elliot," was a short haired light brown, almost orange and white guinea pig. The color pattern in her fur was random, and it had a small shine. The father, "Marlen" was an abyssinian guinea pig. He had somewhat rough, long brown and white fur, and had a small mohawk on top of his head. The litter consisted of three boys and one girl. The girl was chocolate brown furred with a lighter brown belly. One male was like Marlen, having rough brown and white fur, as well as being very plump. The other two males were twins. One of the twins was noticeably smaller than the other, but both had short golden brown fur, as well as white fur from the belly that crowned towards their eyebrows.

"Finally... Look at them," said Marlen. Elliot didn't respond. "Are you okay, Elliot?"

"I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Anyone would be after that drama."

Elliot drew a small smile, "What should we name them?"

"I don't know. Three boys and a girl?"

"I was thinking Lillie for the girl."

Marlen perked up, "That fat one looked like me when I was young. I'll name him after my old owner, Hurley."


"Yeah, my owner always wore a shirt that said Hurley. So I thought, if I ever had kids, I would name them the same thing."

Elliot gave a confused, sideways look, then glanced back at the kids. "What about the twins?" She points to the smaller pup. "Why is that one so small? It looks weak and fragile."

"I think we found our runt," said Marlen. "Best not to name him."


"What? We have to face the reality. Look at him, he can barely move, nevermind have the strength to drink."

Elliot looks down. "Okay.. Well, what about the other one?"

"Hmm.." Marlen looked around for clues, Elliot soon did the same. Eventually Elliot saw a diagram comparing hamsters to guinea pigs.

Elliot proposed, "How about.. Ven?"

"Ven? Like a Venn diagram?"

"But spelled V, E, N. With only one n."

"That changes it how? asked Marlen."

"It makes it unique."

"...fair enough." Marlen pointed to the pups. "Okay. So Lillie, Hurley, and Ven." He then looked over towards the runt, "And him."

"We really should name him," said Elliot.

"We can worry about that later, get some rest."

"But it's-"

"Nope, rest first."

"Okay." The weather outdoors was getting stormy, and the wind started rattling the entry door. Elliot remarked, "Sounds like a storms coming through. I hope it doesn't wake the kids." Marlen agrees, then snuggles up with Elliot, prepared to rest. A couple hours pass...

A very short first chapter, but does introduce a few key characters.