Trade Federation Space

It seemed as if the destruction of the comet had been the solution almost everyone had been hoping. Shortly after the comet was destroyed reports came in, showing a drastic decrease in attacks by the aliens. There were a few reports of sightings but none as lethal as they had been earlier. The Senate Committee urged caution given that the aliens could continue to be a threat.

In the meantime there other issues to address.

"We have lost two ships in the attacks but these losses will not affect our operations, my lord." Nute Gunray reported to the image of his master.

"Good." Darth Sidious flashes a small grin that made Gunray nervous, pleasing the Sith Lord even more. "Now that matter is settled we will begin moving forward. Are you prepared?"

"Yes, my lord." Nute Gunray nodded.

"Then proceed." Sidious ordered and with that said, ended the call.

The invasion of Naboo was about to begin.


Skyriver Galaxy
Wild Space

Two large ships moved through space towards a strange reading their scanners had detected movement into their space and they were ordered to investigate.

Out of it came a giant ship, a black cube with strange green lights that slowly moved out of the hole as it closed up. They did not have to wait long as space in front of them exploded in a blast of light, resembling a tear. The ship had no engines, bridge, or anything that was regularly seen any of starship in the galaxy. They did not have to wait long as a massive cube colored ominous black and green approached them and they reacted by opening a channel on all known frequencies.

"Unidentified ship. Stand-down immediately. Do not attempt any form of resistance, or you will pay for your disobedience with pain. We are Iskalloni. Your ship is now our personal property. Repeat. Stand down immediately, make no attempts to resist, and we will not have to atomize your ships."

The response was immediate.

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. You culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

The now identified Iskalloni ships responded by opening fire, scorching the surface of the Borg cube and carving through the surface. The Borg ship retaliated with a tractor beam, capturing one Iskalloni ship and holding it as a cutting beam lashed out and cut off part of the ship. The capture ship continued to fight, not seeming at all hurt by the cube's cutting beam while the other Iskalloni vessel continued to fire, damaging the Borg ship. From an outside perspective it seemed the two opponents were almost even with the Borg ship damaging one Iskalloni ship and depleting the shields of the other while suffering heavy damage from the Iskalloni weapons fire.

However the Borg eventually won out by damaging the shields and beaming drones to assimilate the crew. What they did not expect were cybernetic humanoids similar to them but it was irrelevant. Two Borg drones appeared in the engineering and two more appeared on the bridge to access the Iskalloni systems. The Iskalloni responded by attacking, their cybernetic enhanced strength equal to the Borg drones and their blaster weaponry nearly disintegrated their enemies easily.

One Borg drone managed to inject its nanites into an Iskalloni to assimilate it but something in their bodies somehow adapted to the nanites and the Iskalloni's own nanites fought back against the Borg probes, absorbing the invading machines and gaining the knowledge embedded in them. The infected Iskalloni reprogrammed the Borg nanites inside it, used it to upgrade its internal weaponry as it walked over to the nearest console and injected the reprogrammed nanites into it, spreading across the entire ship's bio technological network, improving the turbolasers and allowing them to adapt to the Borg cube's shields. As the cube shuddered under the fire of the now upgraded Iskalloni ship the Collective analyzed the failed attempt to the assimilate the Iskalloni drone, discovering a type of mutagen inside the failed drone's body that allowed for biological adaptation to any known form of cybernetics that allowed the drone to overwrite the programming in the Borg nanites. Species 9948, the Iskalloni a dangerous threat to the Collective and had to be destroyed.

As this happened the Iskalloni the Borg had failed to assimilate began spreading its new found knowledge to the crew, upgrading them by injecting the re-programmed Borg nanites into them and giving them the knowledge of the Collective and their technology.

The knowledge that the Collective had accumulated in the Milky Way.

The thousands of species that the Collective assimilated and their technology over tens of thousands of years.

Knowledge of technology they never knew existed, ideas and theories they believed was possible that was beyond even their knowledge of cybernetics. The Borg had accumulated so much knowledge over their life span that it was almost overwhelming. Their technology even surpassed the Iskalloni's own cybernetic and bio technology to an extent that with they would never need to both with dealing with waste produced by their own bio technology ever again.

They learned so much in just a short amount of time but they were Iskalloni and they would adapt to anything, even a species similar to them.

"We are Iskalloni. Your ship is now our property. Stand down and we will not have to atomize your ship. Resistance is futile."

The upgraded turbolasers continued to damage the Borg cube while the deflector shields were upgraded to handle the Borg tractor beam and weapons, shifting frequencies to prevent the Borg from locking onto them. As this happened the other Iskalloni ship continued to fire, not taking the time to understand what happened to its brethren. All that mattered was the destruction of the intruder in Iskalloni space.

Everything else, including death, was irrelevant.

Adjusting its weapons the Borg cube fired its plasma beams on the unaltered Iskalloni ship, destroying it instantly but the upgrade ship remained a threat. Especially when it fired its upgraded weapons on the sector that caused a chain reaction from inside the cube. The ship moved back as the Borg cube exploded into a massive ball of green fire.

"Enemy destroyed. We will return to Iskadrell with our new knowledge. We will adapt this knowledge to our own to improve our culture and technology. None shall stand in our and any who try will be atomized. Resistance is futile."

The ship entered hyperspace, setting course for the Iskalloni home world with its new knowledge, forever altering the course of the species that had done what so few had ever done.

Fight off the Borg Collective.

When the Iskalloni went into hyperspace the Borg Sphere that had emerged just as the Cube was destroyed and quickly went to transwarp. Species 9948 had become a dangerous threat to the Collective and would need to be destroyed immediately. The Borg would not tolerate a species creating a collective of its own by stealing from them. They may try but all will answer to the Borg.

Resistance no matter how great was futile and no one would stop them.


Darth Sidious frowned as soon as he ended his discussion with the Viceroy. His senses were warning him of a great danger somewhere out in the galaxy. He had no doubt the Jedi and his mentor had sensed it and had to find out what it was immediately.

It could not be allowed to interfere with the Grand Plan.


Wild Space
Iskadrell System

The planet Iskadrell was largely isolated from the rest of the galaxy with only known hyperspace route leading to its system. That was fine for the inhabitants as the only time they ventured out into the galaxy was when they needed a new batch of slaves to handle the toxic waste produced by their bio-technology which they took and modified, turning them into Iskalloni much like the Borg did when they assimilated new drones into their Collective. Perhaps the similarity is the reason the Iskalloni had not only managed to fight off the Borg incursion into their space but become stronger because of it. It was this new threat that saw to the next stage of the Iskalloni as they begun taking the knowledge they gained from the Borg and used for their own.

Already they had solved the problem of the toxic waste created by their bio-technology, improved their life style with creations of new devices such as transporters and replicators. However with the knowledge of new technology came the knowledge of a new threat as the data collected on the Borg suggested they would not tolerate the Iskalloni gaining their knowledge. Therefore the Iskalloni concluded the Borg must be destroyed immediately. With that in mind the Iskalloni turned their attention to building ships and weapons that would destroy the Borg.

It would not be easy as the Iskalloni calculated that the Borg would adapt to their weapons, even if they were derived from the Collective it would not be easy.

The Iskalloni had gained new knowledge but it would take time to implement this new technology no matter how fast a pace they were going. The Iskalloni decided that to reorganize the slave raids they had conducted before, only they would be programming the slaves to fight the Borg, not at all different from how the Borg acquired new drones. The humans and the species they associated with were only useful as slaves anyways. The Iskalloni would reprogram them to be useful for once in their pathetic lives as they built up their mighty fleets and destroy the Borg.

In this galaxy and the next.

The Iskalloni Collective went to work, building ships from the ground up with the new advances the Iskalloni had gained from the Borg, building a fleet that would be powerful enough to sweep through the galaxy and eliminate any threat to their existence. The Iskalloni concentrated on utilizing their already converted slaves to continue building their ships with the help of Replicator units while preparing to create a wormhole that would lead into the Milky Way Galaxy where the Borg resided.

Both galaxies would belong to them.