Author: Jeff Baker (aka, Jeff-B, JA Baker, Sinister Dexter)
Pairing: Harper/Other
Rating: PG
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Disclaimers: It's not mine its Roddenberry's and Tribunes.
Summary: Sequel to Old friends: Mary returns, with shocking news for Harper.

Note: Ok, this is, if you haven't guessed from the title, is the sequel to my story 'Old Friends', and is set during series two, just after 'Ouroboros' (episode 212). With thanks to szhismine for Beta-reading it.

Friend's old and new, part 1: She's Back!

A swirling vortex of energy opened up, and the Starship Andromeda Ascendant exited slipstream and headed towards Infinity Atoll.

On command, Tyr shook his head, "Tell me again why we are wasting time here?" Dylan smiled, "We're here because Harper's been through a lot and needs time to relax." Andromeda's holographic Avatar appeared before them as Harper walked through the hatch, "Dylan, I've just picked up a ship in orbit of Infinity Atoll." Tyr glared at her, "So?" Andromeda smiled, "It's the Shoulder of Orion."

Harper blinked a few times, and then started jumping up and down, "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" Tyr looked at him like he was something you'd scrape off your shoe, "What are you so happy about?" Harper grabbed Tyr by the shoulders "Excuse me? That's the Shoulder of Orion: Mary's ship!" he turned to Andromeda, "Can you get me a shuttle ready to go over there please." Andromeda smiled, "They've already launched a shuttle of their own, and are asking for permission to dock."

Harper looked at Dylan, who nodded, "Permission granted." Harper span round again, "What hanger are they headed for?" Andromeda looked at him coyly, "What's it worth to you to know?" Harper stopped for a second, "I'll help you tweak your fire-control sensors like you asked." Andromeda smiled, "Hanger deck three." Harper bolted through the hatch, almost knocking Beka and Trance over. Beka looked after the fast disappearing engineer, and then back into command, "What's got him so excided?"  Tyr shook his head, "That manic woman he's been pining for all year's ship is in orbit, and they've sent over a shuttle."

Beka grinned, "I take it you mean that the Shoulder of Orion is in orbit of Infinity Atoll, and that Mary McCoy in on her way over, and Harper's run off to greet her." Dylan chuckled, "Tyr still has fond memory's of their last encounter." Andromeda blinked, then grinned, "I've just scanned the shuttle. Someone better go down to the hanger deck: Harper's in for a really big surprise." Intrigued, the rest of the crew followed her instructions.

Harper was hopping from foot to foot as the airlock cycled. Finally it opened, and he got the surprise of his life: Mary stood before him, a young baby in her arms. She smiled sweetly, "Hi Seamus, meet your son, Travis."