Friends old and new, part 6: Parting is such sweet sorrow

Harper sighed, "Why is it we seem to spend so much of our time together saying either hello or goodbye?" Mary smiled slightly, "I know what you mean Seamus, but things are different this time, better: you know where I'm going to be, and I fully expect you to visit every chance you get. Who knows: maybe I'll get a chance to visit you from time to time." Harper smiled, leaning over to kiss Travis on the top of the head, "Hay, the two most important things in my universe are soon going to be on Mobius: I'll be there every chance I get, even if I have to hot-wire the Maru and go AWOL." Mary smiled slightly, "As much as I look forward to seeing you, being forced to hide you from a vengeful Beka Valentine is not top of my 'to do' list."

Orion stood to one side, talking to Rommie in a voice that was to low for even Mary's enhanced ears to pick up, "So, how goes things between you and captain Hunt? Any change?" Rommie looked at the deck, "If anything, things are worse: I almost told him when we where on the Magog World Ship, be he stopped me, saying we weren't going to die. I doubt he even has a clue as to what I was going to say. And it looks like he's found someone: Molly Noguchi. He was on the run from some Ogami mercenary's, and 'borrowed' her ship. She helped him escape, and well, they fell for each other. We dropped her of at the Mobius academy so she could learn to be a High Guard pilot. If we didn't have things to do, I'm sure Dylan would insist on escorting you there so he could see her again." Orion smiled slightly, "Well, as I'm going to be teaching there, I'm sure I could arrange some sort of accident: get her kicked out or something." Rommie smiled, "That's sweet, but I think Dylan would just offer her a place here if something like that happened. I think its time I moved on." Orion put his arm around her, "You'll find someone, some day."

Mark and Dylan walked over to where Orion and Rommie stood. Dylan smiled, "Looking forward to being a training ship?" Orion shrugged, "Well, it'll be nice to have a full crew again, but I like moving around, visiting different places. Being stuck in the general vicinity of Mobius all the time could get boring." Rommie punched him on the shoulder playfully, "Pull the other one! You transport ships are all the same: moaning and complaining about having to carry things all over the place while us warships have all the fun blowing stuff up." Orion laughed, "You know me all to well Andromeda, all to well. It's going to be interesting, and I like the idea of playing a big part in re-forming the High Guard. But then again, that's probably part of my programming." He leaned over and kissed Rommie on the top of the head, "Have fun." Out of the corner of her eye, Rommie saw Dylan's face tighten slightly, "Well" she thought to herself, "there's hope there yet." Orion winked at her as he walked towards the airlock, forcibly dragging Mary and Travis away from Harper as Beka held him back from following them.

Dylan turned and shook Mark's hand, "Well, good luck on Mobius Commander: I'm sure the academy will be all the better for having the four of you." Mark smiled, "I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing. Thank you for giving me this opportunity." Dylan smiled, "I trust Rommie, she trusts Orion, and he says you're one hell of an officer. I'll take their word for it." Mark saluted Dylan as the airlock closed.

Beka turned to Harper, "You going to be ok this time? You pined for her all year after she left the last time." Harper smiled slightly, "True, but now I know where they're going to be, and I know that we're going to be together again." He sighed, "I'm sad to see the two of them go, but I'm happy that they're going to be safe." They turned to see Tyr leaning against the wall. He looked hard at Harper, "Listen to me little man: despite what she may say, Mary is the closet thing I have to family in this universe, and if you ever do anything to hurt her, I will kill you. If I even see you look at another woman in a way that I feel as disrespectful to Mary, I will break your legs. You have been warned." With that, he turned and left. Beka shrugged, "The ever confusing enigma that is Tyr Anasazi. I doubt I will ever understand that man." She put her arm around Harpers shoulder as they walked back to command.

The End

I may, at some point (i.e. when I've finished everything else), write a third Harper/Mary story, but that depends on what happens on the show.