WARNING: If you haven't read the 'MisEdventures of RWBY and Ed Edd n Eddy', you will not get several of the jokes in this series of chibi sketches. There are characters and idem's that new viewers will not recognize and/or get the joke to if they haven't read the 'MisEdventures of RWBY and Ed Edd n Eddy'. Read at least a few chapter of that story before you read this one. If you haven't, you WILL BE CONFUSED. But if you have red the MisEdventures, on with the show.

A/N: This is sort of the MisEdventures version of a chibi show. With all the characters, Ed Edd n Eddy, RWBY, and the OC's showing up in the story as chibi characters with big heads and small bodies. Getting into much more comedic and cartoon mischief, much like RWBY Chibi. Honestly, most people watch RWBY Chibi in the first place for the animation and voices, not the predictable jokes. Bet if all this was animated like Chibi everyone in the world watch it, no matter how stupid it can get. Anyways, enjoy the show.

Ed's Dormroom:

In the Ed's dorm room, the Ed's gear up as Eddy puts his Swordfish behind his back, Double D puts his Magnifying Glass in his pocket. As Eddy and Ed were close to the door, Eddy looked over.

"Ed! We got a mission to go on! Stop counting your teeth and move it! Stupid!" Yelled Eddy.

"On my way, Buckos!" Said Ed on the other side of the room with his back turned to them, and him looking down at his watch, and typing at it.

As the watch then read...


Ed then smiled as he pulled out his mighty flipper and followed his friends.

"EDS- LET'S TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!" Said Ed as he ran through the door with Eddy as Double D followed behind.

"Wrong cartoon, Ed." Said Double D as the trio left.

A Dark Room:

"Ironwood, are you SURE this is necessary?" Asked Ozpin standing next to Ironwood in the dark room.

"Of course, Ozpin. We have been infiltrated! And we need to make sure if any of the students are in cahoots with the spies." Said Ironwood.

"I don't think any of the spies are owls." Said Ed as Ozpin and Ironwood looked over at him. As Ed was strapped to a chair with wires connected to his head and chest.

"No, Mister Ed. We're talking about SPIES! And we need to know if you know anything about them." Said Ironwood as all three of them looked over to a woman who was sitting at a table with a lie detector device in front of her.

"Okay, Mister Ed... Now we're going to run a few tests. This is a simple lie detector, I'm going to ask you a few yes and no questions. Do you understand?" Asked the woman.

"Yes." Said Ed.


The lie detector exploded.

In Beacon's Bathroom:

"Daniel Robitaille, Daniel Robitaille, Daniel..." But Jaune stopped turning the third time as he continued to look into the bathroom mirror.

"Jaune." Said Eddy as Jaune jumped in fear and jumped around with a scream.

"AAAAHHHH!" Only to see Eddy, Ed, Sun, and Ren standing there.

"You wimped out again, man!" Yelled Sun.

"Well, it wasn't my fault! I just... I just lost my trail of my train of thought! That's all!" Said Jaune.

"Eh, welcome to my world." Said Ed.

"Jaune, if your too much of a wimp to do it, then I'll do it." Said Eddy.

"Fine!" Said Jaune as he stepped away from the mirror and Eddy stood in front of it. Taking a deep breath, as he spoke the words into the mirror.

"And to think we could be talking about philosophies of ancient civilizations instead..." Said Ren.

"Daniel Robitaille, Daniel Robitaille, Daniel... Robitaille." Said Eddy.


Suddenly, Daniel pops out of nowhere with a surprised look. Carrying a skillet, wearing a chefs hat, wearing a kitchen robe that says 'Deadliest Cook', and was sprinkling paprika into the skillet.

Everyone looked over at Daniel in shock as Daniel looked back with a suprised look.

"GOSH DANGIT! CAN'T I HAVE ONE MOMENT OF PIECE AND HAVE SOME ME-TIME WITHOUT SOME FOOLS SAYING MY NAME THREE TIMES IN THE MIRROR AND POOFING ME AWAY!?" Yelled Daniel in anger as the group of boys screamed and ran as Daniel tossed his skillet at Eddy's head, knocking him out.

"YOU BETTER RUN!" Yelled Daniel as he thrusts his arms forward as a swarm of bees goes after the boys.

Baron Samedi's Class room:

In Baron Samedi's classroom, RWBY, JNPR, and the Ed's all sat and listened to Baron's lesson that consisted mostly of 'blah's'.

Ruby watched on with a bored expression and resting her head on her hand. Until Ruby's eyes widened as she looked down at her desk and pulled the top off, as she looked down at a handgun.

"What do you have in there, Miss Rose?" Asked Baron as Ruby looked up at Baron fearfully as he walked over to her.

"Well, Ruby... You better have enough to share with the whole class!" Said Baron as Ruby looked back up at him. Until she pulled the whole top up to reveal semi-automatics, shotguns, grenades, and many more dangerous weapons.

A moment later, everyone in the classroom (except Blake and Double D) had a gun as they started shooting at books that Baron would toss up into the air, only to be blown away by led.

"You MONSTERS!" Yelled Blake.


"This is my dream come true!" Said Ruby with a smile.

"Die TEXTBOOKS!" Yelled Yang.



Meanwhile, Ozpin was looking through the classroom door window and smiling, taking a sip of coffee.

"Ahh... He's making learning fun." Said Ozpin with a smile as the class was still committing book genocide.


Cinder Fall stood in the front of a classroom as Mercury, Emerald, Roman, and Neo were sitting there with bored expressions at desks. All the while on the front of the room, sitting on the desk was a cake with a stick of dynamite stuck in it.

Cinder facepalmed herself as she spoke. "Ugh... For the LAST TIME! This evil trick will annihilate all of our enemies!" Said Cinder, frustrated.

"Umm... So what? It's just a cake with a stick of dynamite in it! What type of moron would actually fall for that?" Asked Emerald. But as Cinder was about to reply, she and the rest of the group heard an evil laugh.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The mean team then looked over as they saw the door to the classroom opened to reveal Salty Sam, Baron O'BeefDip, Oxford Oceanica, and Jib standing there. With Salty Sam leading the group with his arms crossed.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Foolish Cinder! You really think that that's EVIL? HA! You don't know the meaning of the word!" Yelled Sam evilly as Cinder glared at him.

"Oh, would you look at that? It's Salty Sam, and he's so cute, tiny, and non-threatening." Said Cinder as she and her group laughed as Sam blew steam out of his nose, as he transformed into a fearsome anime figure with flames behind him.

"RAAAHHH! I AM NEITHER CUTE, TINY! NOR NON-THREATENING!" Yelled Sam angrily as he turned back into his usual chibi form, as Oceanica tapped him on the shoulder.

"But you ARE cute and tiny, my non-threatening friend." Said Oceanica with a smile as Sam grew an annoyed look.

"Hahahahaha! You!? You think your EVIL!? Hahahaha! Neo is the personification of ice cream! And she's STILL more threatening then you!" Said Roman standing up and pointing as Neo stood up, and held up a sign that read...

'I'm both deadly AND cute!'

"Yeah, well... My point still stands!" Said Sam as he and the rest of his group dash up and face down Cinder.

"Yeah? Really? My whole personality is smiling evilly! And laughing evilly! You know! Nothing like an actual human being!" Said Cinder.

"Yeah? But that's all you do! I've tried to kill RWBY and the Ed's DOZENS of times!" Replied Sam.

"Actually, she still has a team to back her-"

"SHUT UP, MERCURY!" Yelled Sam and Cinder in unison.

"Okay, I will shut up." Said Mercury as he steps back.

"You know what... That dynamite cake idea of your is stupid! And since you called me cute and non-threatening, I will show you what REAL evil is!" Said Salty Sam as Cinder laughed and walked several feet away.

"HA! You can't hurt me..." Said Cinder with a cocky smile as Sam shot her a cocky smile back.

"Hehehehehe... Alright, we'll see." Said Sam as he walked away.

Three Hours later in Cinder's dorm...

"AY DIOS MIO!" Yelled Cinder as she held shreded up pieces of paper in between her fingers.

"WHY!? WHY DIDN'T SHE TAKE MERCURY AND EMERALD INSTEAD!?" Yelled Cinder on the verge of crying.

Mercury and Emerald then dashed in as they saw Cinder on her knees with shreded up pieces of paper in her fingers as she looked over to a note that was taped to the wall, pointing at it with a scream.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Said Cinder pointing to the note, as Emerald walked over to the note and pulled it off the wall.

You made me look cute, tiny, and non-threatening... You want to see evil? Here it is! Now... Apologize to me or I will take more of your LOVED ONES!


"What is that stuff your crying about anyways?" Asked Mercury looking at the shredded paper under Cinder.

"My evil plans..." Said Cinder as she held the paper to her face. "... We had so much in common... Our paper thin personalities, our ideas to destroy and hurt the innocent... My precious babies... WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE EMERALD AND MERCURY INSTEAD!?"

Emerald and Mercury looked down at the sobbing Cinder with annoyed expressions.

The Ed's Dorm:

At night, Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury were all dressed in black as they were using suction cups to crawl across the ceiling. Being very sneaky.

"Umm... Cinder. Why are we doing this again?" Asked Emerald as Cinder turned back to her.

"It's called reconnaissance! Ugh... Didn't either of you read that book about military tactic I told you two to read?" Asked Cinder.

"Well... I used it to kill a spider." Said Mercury.

"You used it to kill a spider?" Asked Emerald looking back as Mercury.

"*Pff* I wish! I only got three of it's legs. It's still in our dorm. Planning and growing stronger." Said Mercury. But before anything else could happen, the light to the kitchen turned on as all three crouched down to the ceiling they were on as they remained silent.

Ed walked in as he walked over to the fridge and opened it up. Taking out a stack of wrapped cheese.

"Mmmm... 64 slices of American cheese..." Said Ed as he walked over to the table as he unwrapped them one by one and ate them. Counting down as he went along.



Several hours later, as the sun came up...



Said Ed as he ate the late piece of cheese. But sitting there and still looking sick as Eddy and Double D walked in.

"Ed! What are you doing up so late?" Asked Double D as Ed still sat there and appeared sick.

"Were you up all night eating cheese, Lumpy?" Asked Eddy.

"I think I'm blind..." Said Ed.


Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury fell from the ceiling and hit the floor.

Picking themselves back up, they looked over at the Ed's who just stared at them.

"Good day." Said Emerald as she, Emerald, and Mercury walked out. And the Ed's just watched them leave.


Day 1

On a beach, Ed, Double D, and Eddy laid by the shore. Exhausted as they crawled out of the water. They appeared weak as they crawled out of the water and breathed heavily.

"*Pant* *Pant*... Wa-ter!" Panted Eddy as he collapsed on the ground.

"H2O!" Begged Double D as he crawled over Eddy.

"Gravy!" Said Ed as he crawled along.

It wasn't until Eddy struggled to push himself up, reaching into Double D's pocket, and pullet out his pen and note pad. As he started to write.

'Day 1... Ed, Double D, and me are all stranded on this baron island... I stole Double D's waterproof notepad to write all this stuff in. We need to find a way to survive. Or we will die here...'

Day 7

'I told Ed and Double D to go get some fire wood to make a signal fire... They've been gone for a while. I stayed to look for rescue.'

Day 19

'I found a half eaten banana in the sand. But it only lasted us an hour.'

Day 22

'It was hard to choose which one of us we would eat first. Me and Ed chose Double D. But he said he was the only one of us who would actually have a future if we got off this island...'

Day 30

'Today, Ed found something called a Time-Crab... Double D said there was no such thing and said Ed was just going crazy from drinking the salt water.'

Day 31

'The Time-Crab worked and got Ed off the island... Leaving me and Double D alone.'

Day 35

'I wanted to eat Double D, but he just said he would swim out to sea and go get some fish. He was then killed by a group bloodthirsty dolphins and washed up back to shore.'

Day 37

'I already ate Double D, now there's nothing to eat but sand...'

Day 40

'There's no chance of survival... I'm finished... It's all over for me...'

Eddy then laid back on the beach, defeated. But... as the view of Eddy pans out, Ed and Double D could be seen lying next to Eddy as the scene pans out more. To see that the beach they were on was not a stranded island, but a populated beach next to a city.

Also seeing Team RWBY, Neptune, Sun, and JNPR standing over them and watching them.

"Umm... What exactly are they doing?" Asked Weiss looking down at them.

"I'll tell you what they did, they ATE my half eaten BANANA! It was still the five second rule!" Said Sun annoyed.

"Maybe they just got a heat stroke?" Suggested Ren.

"Nah, they're just overdramatic." Said Blake.

"Umm... shouldn't we help them?" Asked Ruby.

"No way, this is hilarious!" Said Yang looking down at the Ed's as she laughed.

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