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On a Flat Landscape:

"Hey Sockhead! Is the camera rolling?" Asked Eddy as from the camera's POV, it raised up from the ground as it locked onto Eddy and Ed who were standing in the middle of a clear field.

"Action!" Said Double D as a big smile appeared on Eddy's face.

"Hey there and welcome everyone! Welcome to the Dork Chase- Wait! Wait!... Is that the name of the show? That's the dumbest name I ever-" But as Eddy was complaining and looking down at the script, they all heard the voice of Ruby.

"Umm, hey guys. What's up?" Ed, Double D, and Eddy all looked over at RWBY as they walked over to the Ed's. "Umm... What are you doing?"

"Oh, hi girls! We're just making a reality TV show that's gonna make a ton of money for us! And in it, we're gonna chase Wind Swirlies!" Said Ed as everyone shot Ed a confused look except for Eddy.

"Ed you idiot! That's not what they're called! They're called Wind Twirlies!" Yelled Eddy with a smile as Double D sighed behind the camera.

"What are you guys doing out here?" Asked Eddy.

"Community service. Because SOMEONE thought that robbing a bank and taking the term "setting the town on fire" to a literal sense was a good idea!" Yelled Weiss as she glared at Yang and Ruby as the two smiled nervously and shrugged their shoulders.

"Well, anyway, good luck with the show!" Said Ruby as RWBY walked away as the camera focused back on Eddy and Ed.

"Anyway! We were alerted that a tornado was gonna appear somewhere in this baron wasteland!" Said Eddy. "So that's why we're gonna chase them with the Dork Chasers van!"

Said Eddy as he gestured to an armor plated van that was next to Eddy and Ed.

"Eddy... where did you get a van like that?" Asked Double D in an accusing tone.

"Umm... Internet? Anyway, let's go!" Yelled Eddy as he, Ed, and Double D all jumped in the armored van as they drove away. Unknowingly accidentally leaving Eddy behind as he tumbled out of the open doors on the back as the van drove away.

"Hey! Wait!" Yelled Eddy as he ran after the van "Wait! Wait! Wait! No! No! No! No! You idiots! Stop the van! You left me behind!"

Later on, all three were driving around the landscape in the van with no sign of tornado nearby.

"Can we stop at a gas station so I can get a Butterfinger?" Asked Ed as he peaked his head in between the two seats Eddy and Double D were sitting in.

"Ed, I swear to Danny if you ask that stupid question AGAIN... I will punch you in the-" Eddy was interrupted.

"TORNADO!" Yelled Double D.

"Yeah! I'll punch you in the- wait, what?" Asked Eddy as he looked back to where he was driving as he and the other two Ed's saw a massive tornado form a few hundred feet away from them.

"Awesome! Just what we need! After this we'll be rich!" Said Eddy as he continued to drive closer to the tornado.

"Sockhead! Film this!" Said Eddy as Double D took out the camera and started video taping the tornado as the group got closer and closer.

"Umm... Eddy, your heading awfully close to it... perhaps it would be better if we didn't-" Double D was interrupted.

"What the heck are you talking about, Sockhead? We're driving STRAIGHT INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM!" Said Eddy as he drove faster.

"Wait! What!? Are you out of your mind!?" Yelled Double D.

"Cool! Now we'll be transported to the land of Oz!" Said Ed with a stupid smile.


"Your right, Double D... we shouldn't get into the eye of the storm like a bunch of suicidal maniacs..." Said Eddy as he and Ed got out of the van as Double D breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness..." Said Double D.

"We should throw Double D into the tornado!" Said Eddy.

"WHAT!?" Yelled Double D as Ed picked up the van.

"Ed! Throw it!" Said Eddy as Ed nodded his head and tossed the van still with Double D inside through the air and into the tornado.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Double D as he was tossed into the tornado, as the intense wind caught the van and it started spinning the van around and around.

"Hmm... We need more shots!" Said Eddy as he and Ed pulled out more a camera each.

"Alright, LUMPY! Run into the storm and get a good shot and I'll use this helicopter we conveniently have." Said Eddy gesturing to a helicopter suddenly standing nearby Eddy as Eddy got in the helicopter and started to fly into the storm.

"Okey-Doki Eddy!" Said Ed as he held up the camera and ran into the tornado.

"Okay, okay... I'm getting some good views from here!" Said Eddy as he was still in the helicopter, flying closer and closer into the tornado as he was filming everything.

"I'll report into Ed and Double D to see how their doing." Said Eddy as he pulled out his walkie talkie and spoke into it.

"Ed! How are ya doing in the tornado?" Asked Eddy.

"THE WIND SWIRLIE PULLED ME OFF THE GROUND! NOW I'M SWIRLING AROUND IN IT'S VORTEX!" Said Ed as Eddy gained a confused look for a moment before speaking again.

"Wait... you don't know the proper name of a tornado yet you know what a vortex is- You know what? Nevermind, just get some good shots in there lumpy, and try not to die!" Said Eddy as he switched the walkie talkie over to Double D.

"Double D! How's your progress?" Asked Eddy.


"Save the revenge speech for later! Do ya have any good shots?" Asked Eddy.

"I think I'm becoming delirious, Eddy... I think I see Cinder Fall from Beacon fly around on an old broom stick and a pointed hat..." Said Double D.

"Than film it! This show is gonna make us ric- Wait! What the-!?" Yelled Eddy as his helicopter began to get caught up in the storm and get sucked into the eye.

"WHAT THE DANNY!?" Yelled Eddy as he was sucked into the eye as he could see Double D still in the van and Ed holding a camera being spun around in the storm with him.

"Wait! No! I can't control the helicopter any more! I can't control it any- AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Eddy as the tornado spun Eddy's helicopter into the van Double D was in, and then both were flung into Ed who was caught up in the wind.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed all three of the Ed-Boy's as eventually the tornado spit them out as all the Ed's were flying through the air along with their vehicles.

Back with RWBY...

"Well, it took a while but I believe out community service is finally done!" Said Ruby as she and Weiss, Blake, and Yang were finally done picking up trash by the freeway.

"At last!" Said Blake.

"We're lucky we weren't sent to jail because of you ninnies!" Said Weiss as she glared at Ruby and Yang.

"Calm down, Ice Queen... I mean were all finished, right? It's not like more trash is gonna just fall right out of the sky." Said Yang as the four girls heard screaming.

"Do you hear something?" Asked Blake as she looked up with the rest of the girls to see a van, a chopper, and Ed all stuck together as they were falling from the sky.

"Oh Dust..." Said Ruby.


As the Ed's crashed, pieces of debry were scattered everywhere as all the members of RWBY and the Ed's were lying throughout the rubble.

"Ow..." Said Blake.

"I think I swallowed a bird." Said Ed.

"Ugh... Did we get a good shot?" Asked Eddy as he was dizzy.

"No Eddy, all we've achieved to do is break EVERYTHING... And have more trash for RWBY to pick up..." Said Double D rubbing his head.

"Wait, Ed! You said you swallowed a bird?" Asked Yang with a panicked tone.

"I think so." Replied Ed.

"Did the bird have red eyes and black feathers!?" Asked Ruby.

"Maybe, why?" Asked Ed, but right before he said anything. He let out a belch as a black bird flew out of Ed's mouth and instantly transformed into Qrow Branwen.

"Qrow! Thank goodness! Are you alright!?" Asked Ruby as Qrow was still covered in saliva, along with a mortified expression on his face.

"... I've seen things... Things that will be in my nightmares until the day I die!" Yelled Qrow.

"Sorry." Said Ed.

EEE Dorm Room:

Blake and Double D were hanging out on the couch both reading books, until Double D lowered his book and looked over at Blake.

"Umm... Blake? Do you have a moment?" Asked Double D.

"Sure, what's up?" Asked Blake as she lowered her book.

"We're... friends, right?" Asked Double D a bit nervously.

"Yeah, sure. Why do you ask?" Asked Blake.

"Because I believe we need to have... a talk." Said Double D as Blake looked over at Double D ans blushed.

"E-Excuse me?" Asked Blake blushing.

"You see, Blake, there is nothing wrong with... desires. It can be a wonderful thing. But only when everyone involved is a consenting adult." Said Double D as Blake's blush grew redder.

"Double D, I'm not sure I want to hear about a subject matter like that..." Said Blake.

"Exploring our own desires can lead to discover unexpected... "quirks". And of course, there is nothing shameful about that. As long as nobody is shocked or hurt in the process. And... that is we're the tricky part comes in. Sharing these fetishes of yours someone who hasn't expressly asked to know about them... Can lead to extraordinarily awkward situations. And yo-" Double D was cut-off.

"Double D! I'm begging you! Just get to the point!" Said Blake.

"I'm... I'm not interested in reading your literary fantasies, Blake. Especially the one's where I am involved. So can you please stop leaving them by my door?" Said Double D with an extreme blush looking away as Blake grew a shocked expression as she looked at Double D.

"Wait! What!?" But that's when it hit Blake like a ton of bricks. She remembered where she kept those "literary fantasies". Kept secret and locked up in her own desk... where strangely enough she saw Yang hang around there a lot...

Later on...

"I'LL TEAR OFF ALL YOU LIMBS AND BURY THEM IN EACH KINGDOM OF REMNANT!" Yelled Blake as she chased Yang who was running away from Blake for her life.



In a convention with stands and shadowy figures of people walking around, seven more people walk in wearing unusual looking costumes. Four girls and three boys.

"This is so stupid... to have the Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company be seen in a nerd convention wearing this silly outfit." Commented Weiss as she was wearing white leather pants, white long fingerless gloves, and a small top with a white cape behind it.

"Ahh... Come on Weiss! I love conventions like this! Hopefully I'll get my X-Ray and Vav comics signed!" Said Ruby as she was wearing a pink shirt, short jean pants, blue boots, blue gloves, pink sunglasses positioned above her eyes, and a large yellow rain coat.

"I don't know guys, I'd say this is pretty cool!" Said Yang at the end of the group with a really bad fake southern accent. Yang was wearing a skin tight green and yellow suit, a short sleeve small open jacket, and also had her hair dyed brown with a white streak down the middle.

Standing next to Yang, seemed to be a miserable looking Blake who was wearing a simple yellow and black body suit.

"Okay yeah, wearing yellow like this is pretty stupid." Said Eddy as he was in a yellow, blue, and black body suit with a mask consisting of two pointed black ear-like features around Eddy's head.

"Why am I covered in blue fur like this again, Ed?" Asked Double D as he was covered in head to toe in blue fur, except for his face.

"Because guys, when you go to a comic book convention you have to come dressed up like a superhero! Or an anime character." Said Ed who was wearing a red and yellow body suit with no pants, red boots, and was covered in head to toe in metallic paint.

"And why do I have to have this southern accent again, Ed? And why did I have to dye my hair?" Asked Yang as she gestured to her hair.

"Because Yang, we have to keep in character!" Said Ed with a bad attempt at a Russian accent.

"We came to this geek gathering just so we could look around!? I'm outta here!" Said Eddy as he began to walk away.

"Me too!" Said Weiss as she started to walk away.

"Don't forget me." Added Blake as she started to walk alongside them.

"Aww come on Blake! Ya gotta be KITTEN me!" Said Yang as everyone stop and Blake looked back at Yang for a second.

"Let's get out of here." Said Blake turning back as the three continued to walk.

"Wait, guys! We can't win the costume contest without you!" Said Ed as Eddy stopped and turned around.

"What? Costume contest!?" Asked Eddy as a smile started to appear on his face.

"Yup!" Said Ed as Eddy dashed up to him and jumped on him as he grabbed him by the collar.

"Really!? What do the winners get!?" Asked Eddy as his eyes turned into huge money signs

"500 Lien." Said Ed as Eddy's dollar signs turned into pure gold as he fell back to the ground due to the weight of the gold and a smile on his face.

"Does... that usually happen with Eddy?" Asked Ruby, pointing at Eddy.

"Nope, they're usually silver." Said Double D as Eddy popped back into the air and looked back at Blake and Weiss who stopped in their tracks.

"Guys!" Said Eddy as he instantly dashed behind them and started pushing them back into the main group. "What are you guys doing walkin' away!? We need ya to win the costume contest!"

"But this is so humiliating!" Whined Blake.

"No whining!" Yelled Eddy as he stood back next to Ed.

"And just look at us! We look like we came straight out of a comic book!" Said Eddy.

"Exactly!" Said Eddy as he held a comic book up to his face as he started to read from it.

"We have finally ASSEMBLED! With Edossus! Who can transform his organic structure into the strongest metal in the world! Beddast! Who even with his beastial animalistic form is still one of the smartest people in the world! Wolvereddyne! With bones covered by THE strongest metal in the world, uses his razor sharp claws to cut through his enemies like a hot knife though butter!" Commented Ed.

"Well... at least you still have your intelligence Eddward." Said Double D looking at his hairy palms.

"Meh, at least my guy has some sweet claws." Said Eddy.

"Our next garishly heroic gladiator is none other then Rubilee! Who can shoot firework like projectiles out of her finger tips! As she is followed by the Weiss Queen! Who is as cold as she is deadly, with none able to match her psychic power! With our beautiful southern belle from the south... Yogue! Who can absorb her enemies skills and powers just by her deadly touch! And last but not least..." Continued Ed as Blake was pinching the bridge of her nose, knowing what Ed's going to say next.

"Please don't say it..." Begged Blake.

"Come on Blake! You fit this character perfectly! Even better then our play with the wolf!" Said Ruby with a smile.

"No! I don't want to do this anymore! I wanna get off the ride!" Begged Blake.

"The fantastic... ShadowCat!" Said Ed as Blake groaned in embarrassment as she turned completely red.

"And together we are..." Said Ed as he dropped the comic and leaped into the air with his fist in the air as the name for the group appeared in bold above them.

"THE Z-MEN!" Said Ed.

"Z-Men?" Asked Double D.

"Well... X would've sound better, but it was already taken." Said Ed.

"And why does it have to be 'MEN' at the end of the name? The team mostly consists of girls!" Argued Weiss.

"Weiss is right, how about we change the name to... Eddy and friends?" Suggested Eddy with a smile.

"No way! I suggest we be Ruby and friends!" Said Ruby.

"You guys gotta use your superhero names!" Said Ed.

"Speaking of... What kind of superhero arrives to battle dressed like this?" Asked Weiss as she gestured to the outfit she was in.

"Okay, guys look..." Ed was about to speak again but was cut off by Yang.

"Hey guys, do ya know what time it is?" Asked Yang.

"Umm... 12:00." Said Double D looking at his watch.

"12:00!?" Asked Eddy and Ed in unison.

"OH NO! OUR WINNING SPOT IS LOST! SAY IT AN'T SO EDDY!" Yelled Ed as he ran off in a panic.

"ED YOU IDIOT! THE OTHER WAY!" Yelled Eddy he pointed in the opposite direction from where Ed ran.

"Umm... I'm confused." Said Ruby.

"WE'RE LATE TO THE CONTEST!" Yelled Eddy as he threw Double D over his shoulder and ran off.

"WELL WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!?" Asked Yang as she threw her whole team over her shoulder and ran in the same direction as Eddy went, with her southern accent back.

"WE GOTTA BE AS FAST AS A HOT BUG ON A SKILLET TO GET THERE IN TIME!" Said Yang in her southern accent as Weiss, Blake, and Ruby gained looks of confusion.

"What?" Asked the three of them in unison.

Later on...

"Yes! We finally made it to the costume competition!" Said Eddy with a big smile on his face as he and the rest of the "Z-Men" were standing on a stage with a crowd of shadow people looking at them.

"Yeah, but... why is Professor Oobleck out of everyone being the announcer of the winner?" Asked Blake as Oobleck walked on stage with a suit case full of Lien and a trophy in the other.

"Now, I shall announce the winner!" Said Oobleck as he held the trophy under his arm and pulled out a envelope with the winner in it. As Oobleck opened it up and pulled out the name of the group who won.

"And the winner is... The Mystery Bunch!" Announced Oobleck as the "Z-Men" all had shocked expressions as they were all in disbelief as the Mystery Bunch walked on stage.

"Like... thanks Professor, we couldn't have done it if we didn't work as a team!" Said Jaune as he took the trophy and suit case.

"Looks like we cracked the mystery of who the winner would be." Said Ren with his arms crossed.

"Indeed!" Said Pyrrha.

"I'm the smart one!" Said Nora as she adjusted her glasses.

"Bark! Bark!" Barked Zewi as Ruby glared at him.

"COME ON! First Scooby-Doo invaded Cartoon-Cartoon Fridays, and now even invaded this crossover fanfic!? Why!?" Yelled Eddy.

"Zewi! You traitor!" Growled Ruby as she pointed at the hound.

"Well... this stinks. Can it get any worse?" Asked Blake.

"You wanna see worse? Just look at us." Said Neptune as the Z-Men looked over to see Neptune and Sun as the Z-Men looked over to see Sun dressed in an orange gi and Neptune who was dressed in black pants, a white belt, oversized red sunglasses, a red cape, no shirt, and had a black katana in his right hand.

Xiao Long Household:

It was morning in the Xaio Long Household as Yang and Ruby sat on one end of the table eating their breakfast normally as Taiyang sat on the other side as he had an angry expression on his face.

"Yang, I would ask how it was last night when you invited your "friend" for a sleepover... BUT..." Said Taiyang as Yang and Ruby looked over to see Ed who was sitting next to Yang with a huge smile on his face and messed up hair. Yang looked at her dad and Ed with a nervous expression.

"But that expression on your big friend there tells me that SOMEBODY had a little too much "FUN" last night..." Said Taiyang gesturing to Ed who still had that huge smile on his face as Yang blushed profusely.

"Hehehehehe... No, it was just a fun dream I had..." Said Eddy as he still had that smile on his face as Taiyang's glare only intensified.

Yang looked back and forth between Ed and her dad as she stopped at her dad and spoke. "Please don't kill him, dad."

EEE Dorm:

"It's here!" Said Double D as he held a box in his hands and dropped it on his bed.

"Really!?" Asked Eddy as he and Ed dashed in as Eddy ripped open the package and dug through it.

"What'd ya get!? Is it cash!?" Asked Eddy as he continued to dig through Double D's package as Double D grabbed Eddy's legs and tried to pull him away.

"EDDY! THAT'S MY PACKAGE! THIS IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE! HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE MAD!?" Asked Double D as he lost his grip around Eddy's ankles and flew back to the ground.

"I'm not mad Double D! I am happy 24/7!" Said Ed as he dashed next to Eddy and tried to look at what was in the box

"Oh! Oh! What'd I get!? What'd I get!?" Asked Ed before Eddy stood back up and knocked Ed back as he held a pair of virtual reality headsets.

"Wait! What the-?! What are these stupid things?" As Eddy as he held two pairs of goggles in one hand and one pair in the other.

"Those "Stupid things" Eddy, are virtual reality headsets I brought off the internet." Said Double D as he handed Eddy and Ed a pair of the headsets.

"These headsets allow us to see... 'what-if' situations when we use them. Like if you or Ed were as smart as me, or if we were the most popular kids in the Cul-De-Sac, and allow us to experience it." Said Double D as Eddy's and Ed's mouths grew into huge smiles.

"LIKE IF I WAS A ZILLIONARE!? HOT DOG! HOOK ME UP!" Said Eddy as he, Double D, and Ed put on the goggles.

"But... Not just yet, Eddy. First I want to see what alternate paths would've happened if came to Remnant in... a different matter." Said Double D as he put the set of virtual reality headset on as he pressed a button on the side of his own headset before doing the same thing to Eddy and Ed.

Everything went black for the three Ed-Boys, until their visual reality goggles lit up as they looked around. They all appeared to be in the Beacon courtyard, but something was strange...

"Wait... were in Beacon's courtyard? I guess nothing really changed." Said Eddy.

"Yeah... I guess nothing changed." Said Ed.

"But hold on, Gentlemen... I believe we're... chained up?" Asked Double D as Ed and Eddy looked around to see that they were indeed chained up by a pair of poles each as their hands and legs were spread out, being chained to the poles.

"What the-!? What's going on here!?" Asked Eddy looking around.

"SILENCE!" Yelled the voice of Glynda as all the Ed-Boys looked over to see Glynda Goodwitch standing on a large bolder as she glared at the Ed's.

"Miss Goodwitch!? Good, maybe you can help us get out of these-" Double D was interrupted by Goodwitch again.

"I SAID SILENCE!" Yelled Goodwitch as all the Ed-Boys shut their mouths, as Glynda turned back to a crowd that consisted of almost every female the Ed's encountered while in Remnant.

"My fellow females, for trespassing on our world these aliens have been sentenced DEATH by SNU SNU!" Announced Goodwitch as the women clapped as the Ed's looked over at each other in confusion.

As the crowd continued to clap, Goodwitch held up her hand to stop the crowd's applause.

"The women shall be divided into three groups..." Said Goodwitch as she continued.

"The one known as 'Ed' will be Snu-Snued by the large women." Said Goodwitch as she gestured to a group of women that consisted of Yang, Winter, Pyrrha, Nora, Coco, Raven, Kali, Willow, Arslan, and Sienna.

"Wait... did you just call us FAT!?" Growled Yang as her eyes turned red.

"I never thought I'd be bonding with my daughter like this... oh well." Said Raven.

"This is totally inappropriate! We should go one at a time and take our time rather then just make it quick and meaningless." Said Winter.

"He who is known as 'Eddy' will be Snu-Snued by the petite women." Announced Goodwitch as she gestured to a group that consisted of Weiss, Ruby, May, Amber, Emerald, Neon, Octavia, Ceil, Neo, Velvet, and Dew.

"Wait... Petite?" Asked Ruby.

"Only if it means executing them, then fine." Said Weiss.

"And the one designated as... 'Edd', but is most known as 'Double D'... Being the most... ATTRACTIVE male..." Said Goodwitch as she started to gain a creepy smile as a drool started to run down her lip.

"Will be Snu-Snued by the most beautiful women in all of Remnant!" Said Goodwitch as she gestured to a group of women that consisted of Blake, Nebula, Reese, Melanie, Militia, Cinder, Vernal, Gwen, David Scarlet, and Penny.

"But I'm a DUDE!" Yelled Scarlet.

"Ohh... this will be fun." Said Cinder.

"Than the large women!" Announced Goodwitch.

"I would rather it not be a human... but, begers can't be choosers." Said Sienna.

"Hmm... I think I like the one with the sock on his head." Said Kali as she looked at Double D.

"Than the petite women!" Announced Goodwitch as Neo gave two thumbs up.

"This... probably won't be too bad." Said Emerald.

"I hope he can keep up!" Said Neon.

"Then the large women again." Said Goodwitch as Double D gained a look of complete terror.

"Meh... It's still meaningless, Ren is still the only boy in my life who will have my heart. But I'll still give those boys the time of their lives!" Said Nora.

The Ed's had mixed reactions, Eddy and Ed were quickly switching back and forth between smiling and looks of fear as Double D kept his expression of fear.

"Let us begin!" Said Goodwitch.

"Hey guys!" Said a voice from the real world as Ed, Edd, and Eddy all pulled off the virtual headsets as they looked around to see they were back in their old room.

"Umm... Are you guys okay?" Asked Ruby as the Ed's looked over to see RWBY were standing there.

"We just wanted to know if you wanted to see a movie with us." Said Yang as the Ed's looked at them silently, until Double D screamed in fear as he jumped out of the window.

"AAAAAAHHHH! I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Yelled Ed as he turned around and ran through the wall with the shape of his figure cartoonishly engraved into the wall.

"Umm... Care to tell us what that was about?" Asked Weiss as RWBY looked over at Eddy, all with confused looks.

"Umm... Nothing you guys need to worry about." Said Eddy as he picked up one of the virtual headsets again and started to walk past the girls, and over to the bathroom.

"Sorry guys, but I can't go with ya. I'm gonna be in the bathroom for a while. And don't bother me." Said Eddy as he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

RWBY just stood there awkwardly, as they all glanced over at one another and shrugged.

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