Ok, listen up people making another the 100 but this time it is a Clarke and Lexa because it sounded fun. The difference from canon is that Clarke can shift. I read a shifting story with Clarke in it and I thought holy crap that's really cool and liked the idea so much that I am making my own version. If you do not like shifting stories, then do not read. I don't want to read any comments on how this is stupid. If you think it is keep it to yourself.

Chapter One

A very rare and hidden skill among the Griffin family was the ability to shift. Now, this shift allowed the person to change into an animal. This animal wasn't chosen by the member but was determined by their most dominant personality traits. The animals ranged from wolves, bears, jaguars, deer, hawks, and at one point one could change into a rabbit. Every once in awhile the member could change into something that had gone extinct, leading to that member being stronger, faster, and generally bigger than the other members. A member of the family at one point was a Dire wolf and it usually lead to that member leading the family into better times.

When the fall out of earth happened and the Griffin family began to live on the Ark a serum was invented that caused the animal to go dormant. This meant that the animalistic traits that carried over were suppressed as long as one continued to take the serum, and so the family continued to use it. The years passed and the only remaining members of the family were Jake Griffin and his daughter Clarke but he did not tell her about this ability because he himself did not shift till later in his life. The only one who knew about his ability was his wife Abby and only she was the one to know about the serum as she had the ability to replicate the original recipe. The serum itself was only needed about once every year but depending on how powerful of a shifter was born the shorter the time the drug worked. The serum for Jake lasted a little over a year only because the traits from his animal in his human body was not very dominant and was easily pushed into the back of his mind.

Jake shifted the for the first time when he was 21 into a bald eagle. The shift was caused when he was panicking because Abby had told him she was pregnant and like any reasonable man freaked out about it. His mother had explained that the shift was usually caused by extremely heightened emotions, also including physical stress such as near death from fatal wounds. She only skimmed over that topic because she herself wasn't exactly sure how shifting could save one from death. The last member to have shifted during such an ordeal was Anastasia who was the one who shifted into the Dire Wolf and lead the family from Greece before its downfall to the Romans. It is said that her animal was so large that it towered even the largest of war horses and that she herself was no match for any man. Anastasia was held in high regards to the family because many believed that she was blessed Artemis, Athena, Ares, and Hera.

When Jake discovered the problems in the air filtration system and made the video he knew he had to tell his daughter about their gift but the guards burst into their living quarters before he could tell her. The only thought Jake Griffin had before he was floated was that he hoped this wouldn't cause his daughter to shift because he knew it slightly possible that even at such a young age that any emotion powerful enough could start the shift.

She did not but when she was placed in solitary Abby gave her daughter the serum just in case she might shift while in the room. The one thing that Jake never explained to his wife was that you should never give the serum before the shift.

This is because it will guarantee the shift and unlike the easy shift in a flash of light it will long and drawn out. Each bone will shift and break causing extreme pain to the shifter and when they finally shift the first shift back to human will cause the same reaction but only in reverse. The only bright side to the entire thing is that as the serum makes its way out the body all the senses will rise allowing them to access them before their shift. The shifter will also grow taller, more muscular, faster, and a few of the animal traits will emerge. The shifter gaining many of their characteristics in their human form, more than one who has gone through the normal shift. The only hope the shifter had was if a near-death experience happens because they would only miss the pain of the first shift to their animal. Of course usually, a near-death experience causes an even greater shift, allowing what happened to Anastasia to come about.

When Clarke and the rest of the 100 were sent down if Clarke had not been given the serum she would have shifted. The only change in her body was a slight elongation of her teeth giving them a sharper edge. No one seemed to notice the change but her smile had become slighter more terrifying. Her smell did change and heightened only a little, allowing her to notice that every person had their own unique scent. When Jasper was taken Clarke had heard the creek of the tree branch and the whistle of the spear before she had seen it. She had then later been able to slightly follow the smell of Jasper's blood.

Clarke, of course, told no one of what was happening and the closest someone had gotten to figuring out that she was different was at night her eyes seemed to glow a light blue when the light caught them at the right angle and would sometimes turn into slits. The night she spent with Finn was terrible and only happened because of her heightened emotions, the next morning she was sickened with herself, especially when she learned who Raven was to the dark-haired boy in front of her because that is what he was. He was a boy and not a man for what he had done to Raven. The part of Clarke that she placed as what was causing the changes in her wanted to kill him for his betrayal. Her emotions causing an extreme stir in her body causing her to feel more on edge.

When Clarke tried to discuss peace with Anya she had smelled something on her. This smell had made her want to get closer and press her face into the side of her neck, she had no idea why she wanted to do it. Clarke knew that this was not Anya's actual scent, hers was more of a leather smell while this one smelled strongly of trees and the dirt. Racing back to the other side of the bridge with Finn a small part of her mind cried out wanting to find the owner of the scent on Anya.

The next closest shift was when she walked out of the dropship after burning the warriors but thankfully the arrival of the mountain men stopped the shift within her. If they had taken any longer to sedate her, her bones would have started to snap. Clarke had felt as the pain began to spread through her body before everything went black.

The sounds and smells that surrounded her when she awoke within the mountain were almost overwhelming at the beginning. She became the one singled out when they were testing blood, telling her that something about her blood tests was different then they should have been. Clarke put it down as whatever was causing her to feel and act the way she was. They had told her that her blood would also most likely be toxic to others and she should refrain from giving blood. Clarke didn't understand why they would know such a thing and the seed of mistrust formed.

The overwhelming smell of the blood had scared her at first and she was very confused when all of the people she met in the mountain had a second scent underlying their first. The second scent smelling wilder and not so much like a diseased person. Clarke didn't know how she knew what a sick person smelled like but she knew that all of the people from the mountain had it. She was sickened when she found out why. Her nails were slightly sharper then they used to be and when she had found the room full of grounders she had severely damaged her hands from how hard she had been clenching her fists. Somehow Clarke had been able to rip the metal door open on Anya's cage, the feral part of her mind was almost clouded in rage and disgust.

Escaping had been easy, she had easily survived the jump off the damn but the new smells and sounds that were all around her were too overpowering in the beginning giving Anya the extra advantage when they fought. Clarke had finally gotten the advantage and was able to bring her to her people.

I watched as Anya walked away from me, feeling proud of myself for what we had both accomplished and knowing that I had hopefully just saved my people. I could hear the faint voices in the wind and the barely whispered words of two grounders spotted. Then the fire of a rifle forced me to move as I sprinted to Anya as she was the only one of the two of us that was truly out in the open. I had just tackled her when I felt the bullet rip through my body. The blood spraying after hitting the vital organs in my chest.

I let out a cry of pain as my nerves fired into my body. I could hear the second firing of a rifle and the dirt next to us exploded. Then fire ripped through my body as I fell off to the side and my body began to spasm. A pain that I had only felt once before spreading through my body. My arms snapped and elongated as well as my legs and my mouth began to burn in a fiery pain as something pushed past my teeth. The sound of my clothing ripping filled the air as another shot filled the air. Anya gave out her own cry of pain as she was shot in the leg.

Then I stopped growing as I lay panting on my side. My whole body felt weird but right at the same time, as though a heavy weight had been removed and I was finally free. I could no longer feel the gunshot wound in my chest and instead my heart pounding steadily. When I opened my eyes, I could see for miles in the dark and I could hear many boots running toward our location. I forced myself up and when I looked down easily seeing that I large claws attached to light colored paws that seemed to darken the farther up the leg you went.

"Oh my god," I hear Anya whisper. My head snaps over to her as I release a low rumble in my throat from this new threat before shaking my head telling myself that we are hopefully allies now and that we needed to leave.

I slowly walk over and am relieved that walking like on four limbs is actually very easy. I turn back towards where the sounds of the guards are coming from and hear them telling that they have two grounders down and to bring back up just in case there are more coming. Knowing that they have a kill on sight active, only going off the assumption because they had fired and not asked questions first. I leaned my large head down and try to push Anya up. Giving an agitated huff at her when she only falls back to ground staring at me in shock.

I bare what I can tell are massive fangs at her as I grab the front of her jacket in my mouth and lift her up, easily lifting her off the ground. She lets out a small hiss of pain when she tries to put weight on her leg before looking back at me then at the area behind where I am guessing she can hear the guards coming. I finally stand to my full height and my body easily towered over the tall woman.

"I am getting on your back. I will tell you where to run to. I need a healer and considering your people did this I would like one of my fisa's to look at my wound."

She didn't even give me time to agree before she threw herself on top of me. When I did not move she kicked my sides slightly which forced me into action. I easily started running through the woods, jumping over logs and large rocks, making my own path through the trees.

It felt amazing and I couldn't stop the roar that escaped past my lips. The roar echoed through the trees easily scaring any wildlife nearby. I was able to hear the animals scurrying from their hiding spaces and birds fly away.

A squirrel sped past the path ahead and something within my mind took over. I ignored Anya's shouts and she was almost flung off my back as I raced after the small animal. My speed increasing to where it looked as though the trees were blurred as I passed them. I leaped forward as the squirrel jumped for the safety of tree in front of it. My massive jaws slammed down catching the bottom half of the squirrel as hot blood slid down my throat and my muzzle. The irony blood tasting delicious in my mouth and I wanted more.

"Clarke!" a voice shouted in my ear.

I continued to eat the last of the squirrel and sat down heavily causing the person to fall off my back and roll slightly. After licking my lips clean I began to then use my tongue to clean off the blood that had gotten on my claws.

I snarled at the person that hit me over the head with a stick only to realize that I was snarling at Anya when I went to snap at her. She was standing as tall as she could but I could see the fear in her eyes. I released a quiet whimper and laid down fully on the ground as I looked up at her. She lowered the large piece of wood and let it drop to the floor.

"What in the world just happened to you?"

Shaking my head back and forth, I just like her, had no idea what the hell that was or what the hell was going on, to begin with.

Anya shifted her weight further onto her left leg to relieve some of the stress her right was no doubt feeling at the moment. Crawling forward slowly I stopped next to her and made a huffing noise to let her know I was finally thinking straight and that she should get onto my back once more.

She dropped the stick and climbed once more onto my back and fisted her hands into the long fur that seemed to be around my neck. I slowly rose from the ground and began to walk in the direction we originally were. I kept a slight jog as we continued to run through the woods. The sun began to slowly rise and I could see in the distance a large tower that was raised high in the sky.

"Keep heading this direction we are close. I don't know what we are going to do about you though. Do you know how to turn back?"

I shake my head. I am slightly fucked because I know that I need to get back to my people but I have no idea how to even change back in the first place. This is not going to be easy.

"You can't meet the Commander the way you are. I hope you know that," her voice was heavily sarcastic. I made sure to jump slightly and land heavily jarring her slightly on my back, a large part of me enjoying how she almost fell off. I just released another huff of laughter and kept moving.

"I know where to place you until you shift back. It will large enough for you to stay in there but I am warning you it is a cell but I shall tell the Heda immediately so you won't stay in there long. Well as long as you change back of course."

I finally make it to what seems like a road and see that we came out near a sign that tells you that no weapons are allowed past that point.

"We are close. We shall be in the city soon," her voice seems cheerful, probably because she is gonna someone to look at her leg and see her second once more. I speed up slightly and stopped when we reached the entrance of the city.

"Keep going till you reach the bottom of the tower and turn right. We shall stop and get you in the cell before I go to a fisa. The guards will help me. I know it is not the most convenient thing but I do not think we could even get you in the lift, to begin with."

I just nod my head and begin walking once more. Many of the people stop and stare at Anya and I. I want to pretend that I don't look like a pack mule at this point but many people are pointing. Honestly, it would have been hard for people not to see me. Even now I still towered over the large warriors around us. I stopped and let her talk to the guards at one point, having no idea what they were saying due to the fact that they spoke in trigedasleng.

We finally reached a large grate and she told me to stop. I slowly lowered myself to the ground and someone helped her off my back. Two guards opened the gate and looking down and not seeing anyone I jumped down landing lightly on my paws as they seemed to almost absorb the impact.

When I straightened to my full height I was met with a pair of striking green eyes and the smell that I wanted to find the day I met Anya on the bridge. It was that moment that I was lost.

Ending it here. This is what I call my preface. Hoped you liked it.