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Battousai of the Teahouse
Akai Kitsune


Act I - Scene 10: All I Ask of You

(Aoiya Teahouse, 1881)


(On the roof of the teahouse, Kaoru and Sano suddenly climb up. Kaoru is nervous and watchful for anything that might lay in wait, and Sano looks exasperated.)

Why did you bring us here?

Kaoru *abruptly*:
Don't take me back there!

We should go back...

His eyes will find me there...

Sano *rolling his eyes*:
Aw, geez, don't say that-

Kaoru *whirling around, furious*:
You want a smack?!

Sano *wary*:
Don't even think it...

Kaoru *moving on again*:
And if he has to kill a thousand men -

Will you forget about this guy?

Battousai of the Tea-e-house will kill and kill again!


Kaoru: Uh... your line?

Sano: .... Tea-e-house?

Kaoru: SHUT UP!

Sano: Okay! Okay! There's no Battousai of the Teahouse!

My god, who is this man...

Sano *thinking to himself*:
My god, who is this guy...

... who hunts to kill?

... this "mask of death"? *snort*

Kaoru *shivering*:
I can't escape from him...

What's with this voice she hears...

Kaoru *despairing*:
... I never will!

... with every breath?

Both *together*:
And in this labyrinth
Where night is blind
Battousai of the Tea-e-house is here -

Inside my mind...

Sano *at the same time*:
Inside your mind... *turning to her* There IS no... what?

Kaoru *smirking*: Tea-e-house?

Sano: ......

Sano, I went there -
To his realm of unending night...
To a world where the daylight dissolves into darkness...
... darkness...

(Sano groans and buries his face in one hand, sitting down on the roof. Kaoru glares at him.)

Sano, I saw him!
Can I ever forget that sight?
Can I ever escape from that face...
So fierce and so scarred-!
He was hardly a friend
In that darkness...
... darkness...

(Kaoru stares out into the star-filled sky, trance-like. Sano looks up to watch her.)

But his words filled my spirit
With a strange, sweet song
In that night there was music in my mind...
And through music my soul began to soar!
And I heard as I'd never heard before...

Sano *standing up*:
What you heard was a dream
And nothing more!

Kaoru *her voice thoughtful*:
Yet in his eyes, all the sadness in the world...
Those golden eyes
That both threaten and adore...

Sano *moving towards her, eyes worried*:
Kaoru... oi, Kaoru...

Battousai *his voice a haunting echo of Sano's*:

Kaoru *startled*: What was that?

(A moment of silence passes, and Sano and Kaoru's eyes meet. Sano gulps, then puts his hands on her shoulders, turning her to face him.)

Don't you speak of darkness
Forget these stupid fears!
I'm here,
Nothing will hurt you
My words will... er... ca... um...

Kaoru: Warm? Calm?

Sano: .... yeah. That.

Kaoru: You're not very good at this, are you.

Sano: Shut up...

Battousai *sneezing quietly from his unknown hiding spot*: Can you guys speed it up a bit...? It's sort of dusty here...

Sano *bright red*:
Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tears
I'm here,
With you, beside you,
To guard you from that jerk below!

Kaoru *stepping on his foot*: Stick to the script, baka.

Sano *wincing*: Ouch!

Kaoru *taking hold of his hand, making him halt*:
Say you love me every waking moment...
Turn my head with talk of summertime...

Say you need me with you,
Now and always...
Promise me that all you say is true -
That's all I ask of you...

Sano: Demanding, aren't we?

Kaoru: SANO!

Sano: Yeah, yeah...

Let me be your shelter,
Let me be your light...
You're safe;
No one will find you
Your fears should be behind you -

All I want is freedom,
A world with no more night...
And you, always beside me,
To hold me and to hide me...

(She draws closer, hugging him tightly. Sano jumps and blushes madly.)

Sano *muttering*: Oh I am SO going to die for this...

Then say you'll share with me
One love, one lifetime...
Let me lead you from your solitude...

Say you need me with you,
Here, beside you...
Anywhere you go, let me go too -
That's all I ask of you...

Kaoru *happily*:
Say you'll share with me
One love, one lifetime...
Say the word, and I will follow you...

Share each day with me
Each night, each morning...

Say you love me -

Sano *interrupting*:
No - *adding hastily at her glare* I do!

Love me...
That's all I ask of you...

(They stand there, quiet for a long moment, until Kaoru finally pulls his face towards her and kisses him. When they pull away, both are bright red.)

Both *mumbling*:
Anywhere you go, let me go too...
Love me -
That's all I ask of you...

(They pull away, shy, as the mood alters once again. Sano stuffs his hands in his pockets, whistling softly to himself.)

Sano *muttering*: Who's the man, Sagara... who's the man...

Kaoru: What's that?

Sano: Nuthin'!

Kaoru *letting it fly*:
I must go -
They'll wonder where I am...
Wait for me, ne?

Sano: Jou-chan! I, um... *under his breath* ... love you, you know?

Kaoru *smiling knowingly*:
Order your fine horses
Be with them at the gate!

And soon, you'll be beside me!

You'll guard me and you'll guide me!

(They grasp each others' hands and hurry off the roof. After a long moment a section of the roof lifts and Battousai climbs up, settling himself in a sitting crouch at the very top. He sighs sadly, looking up at the stars.)

Battousai *in a whisper*:
I gave you new music...
Made your soul take wing...
And now, how you've repaid me,
Denied me and betrayed me...

He was bound to love you
When he heard you sing...

(His voice chokes.)

Kaoru... Kaoru...

Kaoru and Sano *in the distance, quietly*:
Say you'll share with me
One love, one lifetime...
Say the word, and I will follow you...

Share each day with me
Each night, each morning...

Battousai *standing up, fists clenched at his sides*:
You'll regret the day you did not do
All that Battousai asked of you!

(With a flash of his cloak, he disappears, following Kaoru and Sano down towards the main stage of the teahouse. After a few moments, the curtains part and Kaoru appears onstage wearing Megumi's costume. She looks nervously out at the audience, which waits impatiently for the continuation of the play. Before either the music or Kaoru can begin, the lantern above her flickers once again and suddenly falls, the elaborate decorations around it bursting into flames.)

Battousai *in a hurt, angry voice, shouting from above*:

(The lantern crashes at Kaoru's feet, breaking into hundreds of pieces as she watches in horror and fear.)




Well that didn't take long at all, ^_^;; *dodges tomatoes*

Sano's "No - I do!" comment is exactly what I thought Raoul said for the longest time, and it baffled me. Finally I read the Libretto, and found out he actually said "You know I do"... but by then I was thinking that Sano was more likely to see what buttons he could press to get Kaoru angry, ^_^ So I left it.

Cast List:

Christine: Kaoru
Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny: Sanosuke
Phantom: Battousai


Reviewer Responses:

LadyShiin: Well the main reason for the "yip" was Battousai's comment on Megumi being a fox, ^_^ If you've ever heard a fox bark, they're very "yippy" as I like to say.

Shadowfax: I should. I feel terrible, really I do. ^_^;; But my muse was on vacation from pretty much everything. I think I've finally beaten her into submission, so maybe now she'll work with me.

EEevee: It amuses me how you can say "poor Enishi" and "oh well" in the same sentence, :P However, you're exactly right... oh well!

EK: Well, the tanuki/fox reference was mostly to show that I can still alter stuff, ^_^;;

Mewberries: When I first read that Saitou's role hesitated before sending out the dancers, I couldn't resist. Saitou never waits around for something he knows might not happen, ^_^

Chiisuta: Yeah, I always sort of liked Enishi, even though he was a bit of a psycho. So that was a difficult part for me... however, it's just a parody, and it's supposed to be funny. So maybe he'll make a cameo or something. *smirk*

More coming soon!