Chapter One: Another Dating Website

Author's Note: So, let me explain a few things.

In the past year, I lost my old email address and had it replaced. This meant I couldn't find a way to log onto my old account on . And believe me, I tried. The reason why this was so upsetting is because I had previously written a story called "Z-Harmony", which got a very strong response. Like, even I can't believe how much people fell in love with that story.

The response for "A New Dawn" hasn't been nearly as strong, and I've been looking for ways to boost my viewer count. But I finally realized that the only way to get people invested in my new story is to finally finish my old story.

So, here's how this is going to work. I'm going to repost the entire story on my new account. And I do mean the entire story, including the ending I never got around to writing. Then, hopefully I can get included on ZNN, that will bring viewers, and maybe that will finally bring an audience to A New Dawn.

I apologize if I sound bitter. I really don't hate this story, far from it. I had just gotten bored, and I dreaded going back to it for fear of disappointing a ridiculously large audience. But it's time to put that aside. It's time to go back to this story, and finally give it the ending it deserves.

One last thing - all the chapters of this story will be uploaded in a very short period of time, possibly by the end of the week.

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Let's do this.


(Thursday, April 7th)

Judy couldn't decide which was worse, parking duty or paperwork.

She had been working at the ZPD for a full month now, and in all that time, those were only two jobs she had been assigned to.

Parking duty let her go out into the city, but she was ridiculed every step of the way. Paperwork meant no harassment, but the work was incredibly dull. If Judy wanted to sit in a cubicle and do paperwork, she wouldn't have enrolled in police academy.

When she had first started on her job, she was incredibly upset that all of her hard training wasn't being put to any real use. She felt a little better after being told that it was common for new recruits to start off small. So, she tried to wait patiently until the day Chief Bogo would give her a real assignment.

Unfortunately, patience was not one of Judy Hopps' strong suits.

Judy gave a sigh of relief when her shift was over. She got up out of her chair, stretched her legs, and grabbed her stuff.

As she approached the front desk, she smiled when she saw Clawhauser. Judy hadn't been anticipating that her only real friend in the big city would come in the form of a much larger mammal, and a predator for that matter. But Judy found Clawhauser very easy to talk to, because he wasn't at all intimidating, unlike most of the other officers.

"I'm signing off for the day," Judy said.

Clawhauser looked up from his computer. "Oh hey, Judy." he said, "Have you heard about this new website?"

Judy raised an eyebrow. "You're gonna have to be more specific than that."

"It's called Z-Harmony," said Clawhauser. "I haven't been on it myself, but everybody's telling me about it. Apparently, it's a site where all sorts of different mammals can get together."

"You mean another dating site?"

"Yes, but this one's different," explained Clawhauser. "You know how interspecies couples are getting more and more common? Well, the idea is, they ask you personality questions, and then they get you talking with some other mammal without telling you what their species is."

"...Huh," said Judy. "Sounds interesting."

"I'm thinking about signing up for it," said Clawhauser. "Do you think I should?"

Judy shrugged. "It's not my place to tell other mammals what to do with their love life."

"Would you do it?"

The question caught Judy completely off guard. After a few moments, she shook her head. "Clawhauser, I'm much too busy with work right now to even think about settling down with someone," she stated firmly.

"Who said anything about settling down?" asked Clawhauser. "It's just dating. And I know you've been awful stressed lately, so..."

Judy sighed. "Well, if the movies are any indication, romance doesn't make your life any less stressful."

"Okay, okay," Clawhauser said, defeated. "I'm not gonna force you into something you don't wanna do. I just thought you've seemed kind of lonely, so... never mind."

And with that, he turned away, with his mood significantly lowered. Judy felt bad for him, but what could she do? But as she said goodbye and turned to leave the building, she realized that Clawhauser had been right about one thing.

She was kind of lonely.


Elsewhere in Zootopia, two foxes named Nick and Finnick were counting up all the cash they had made from their latest con.

"And there you go, that takes care of your percentage."

The smaller of the two frowned. I still don't think it's fair that you get most of the money, Nick. I do most of the work."

Nick gave a sly smile. "Yes, Finnick. You put a pacifier in your mouth and pretend to be my son. A five year old could do that. Literally."

"Eat me," said Finnick. "I can't believe I've been spending a good percentage of my adult life pretending to be a child."

Nick gestured to the cash he was holding. "Can't argue with results."

"Yeah, yeah," said Finnick. "Anyway, I gotta get going. I'm gonna be late."

Nick's ears perked up. "For what? Do you have a date with a new lady friend?"

"Sort of. I'm on this new site, Z-Harmony."

Nick held in a laugh. "So, the only way you could get girls to love you is online when they can't see your face."

"Shut your..." Finnick paused, then took a deep breath. "Actually, there might be some truth to that. See, the whole point of the site is that it uses your personality to pair you up with some other mammal, without telling you what species they are."

"Huh," said Nick. "This is the first I've heard of this site."

"Well, it's really popular," said Finnick. "I'm talking to this girl, Sophia. And I have no idea what kind of mammal she is, but more importantly, she doesn't know what kind of mammal I am. So, there are no preconceived notions or anything. We're just getting to know each other. And she's a real fun girl to talk to, and on top of all that, she likes me.

Nick had to admit, it sounded pretty sweet to him. But he had to follow it up by asking, "What happens when she finds out you're a pipsqueak."

Finnick's face immediately changed to a scowl. "You know, sometimes I wonder why I hang out with you."

Nick gestured towards the money. Finnick sighed.

"I gotta go," Finnick said, climbing into his van.

"Same time tomorrow?" asked Nick.


And as Nick watched his partner in crime drive off, he thought to himself that this 'Z-Harmony' thing sounded pretty interesting. But after a moment, he shook his head and walked away.

He wasn't interested in having a girlfriend anyway.