A/N: I am aware the Cus is the oldest and strongest child of the Grand Priest, I'm not changing anything in my stories to accomodate that. She's the youngest in this canon, and I'm not changing it.

Piccolo lands in the stands, having just been knocked off the arena by Saonel, who himself was knocked off the arena. The first to get to him was not any of the fighters, but Cus.

"Piccolo, are you alright?" she asked, climbing down the stairs to Piccolo. Piccolo looked up at Cus, then smiled, raised his hand, then asked "Can you please help me up?" to which Cus, blushing slightly, nodded, and pulled Piccolo into a sitting position next to her. Piccolo turned to Whis and asked, "Is it OK if I talk to your sister?"

"Sure, she seems to need some comforting words right now" Whis replied. Cus then turned to face Piccolo, and said "I wanted to thank you for saving my life and for repairing my clothes" to which Piccolo replied with "No problem Cus, I, honestly, have no idea what to say, or do, but I want you to know that I care" to which Cus nodded. Piccolo then added "Tell me what I can do for you", and at this, Cus moved until she was face-to-face with Piccolo, and asked "Can you please hold me?" to which Piccolo nodded, and opened his arms, allowing Cus to enter his warm embrace. Cus sat on Piccolo's leg, then wrapped an arm around him, which Piccolo returned, then put her other hand on Piccolo's other shoulder, and finally, Cus put her face against Piccolo's shoulder.

Seeing a "mortal" holding his "baby" daughter annoyed Grand Priest, but Whis, noticing the look on Grand Priest's face, called "It's OK, he's a comfort figure and he's asexual", to which Grand Priest nodded, and refocused back on the Tournament of Power, although he maintained a sideways glance at Cus and Piccolo.

"Do you feel like talking?" Piccolo asked, to which Cus shook her head. Piccolo added "Understandable, you've been through a lot, especially for someone who's young like you"

"I'm way older than you Piccolo" Cus replied. Piccolo smiled and said "For an angel, you're young. That's what I'm referencing" to which Cus nodded, and added "Oh, OK". Cus and Piccolo remained silent, continuing to watch the Tournament, until Cus unexpectedly said "I should have said something to Rummshi about team strategy, we may have lasted longer if we had a strategy" to which Piccolo replied with "Don't beat yourself up over it Cus, our Universe's strategy lasted about 10 seconds" to which Cus replied with "Oh, OK" before she turned back to face the Tournament, Piccolo thinking to himself "She really shouldn't be here, not in the state she's in", as he continued to try and comfort her.

However, Piccolo's attempts to comfort Cus were suddenly shattered as Kale and Cabba, the last two fighters of Universe 6, were knocked off. Vados quickly yelled "WHIS" and Cus ran with Whis for Vados. Piccolo just watched on, horrified by this.

"I didn't believe them when they said that if Universe 6 got erased, Vados would be erased along with them" Piccolo said as he could only watch on as Vados vanished, and Cus broke down crying. Piccolo decided to walk over, this time just to provide a shoulder for Cus to cry on. When he arrived, Cus said "Sorry about running away earlier Piccolo". Piccolo kneeled down, and asked "Can I take her back please? I was trying to comfort her when this happened" to which Mojito nodded, and let go of Cus. She ran over to Piccolo, and buried her face in his chest, before Piccolo could hear renewed sobs. All Piccolo felt that he could do was to just hold her, and let her cry, all while repeating "Let it out Cus, let it all out" over and over again. He decided to carry her back to where they were originally, and found that she was surprisingly light, allowing him to easily carry her while she continued to weep into his shoulder.

Cus cried for several minutes, her face still buried into Piccolo's shoulder, with Piccolo just rubbing her back and repeating "Let it all out". Her sobs of despair were suddenly interrupted when Grand Priest decided to significantly shrink the size of the stands to bring everyone closer together. The upshot of this meaning that the Angel of Universe 8, Korn, was now sitting directly behind Piccolo and Cus, puzzling both Cus and Korn.

"Who are you?" both Cus and Korn asked each other. Cus quickly wiped her eyes with her sleeve, then Whis said "Cus, this is Korn, your big brother. Korn, this is your little sister, Cus. You two wouldn't have met, because Korn left to become the attendant of Universe 8 before you were born Cus"

"Oh, OK" Cus said, as she offered her hand to Korn, who shook it. Korn then asked, "You've made a friend", to which Piccolo turned to face Korn and said, "More like a shoulder to cry on, she's had an extremely rough Tournament to this point" to which Korn nodded, and added "I understand, I was just like you when I first became attendant Cus. I've gone through many God's of Destruction and Supreme Kais during my time, I've been rendered inactive more times than I can remember. Fortunately, I avoided what happened to the Angels of Universes 14 and 15 before they were destroyed"

"What happened?" Piccolo asked. Whis replied with "Weren't they the two who decided to basically abandon their Universes after they lost their God of Destruction and Supreme Kai, even after they were reactivated?" to which Korn nodded, and added "Yes, sadly, they didn't give a shit about their Universes. Thankfully they're no more, so we don't have to worry about them" Cus then laid back on Piccolo, and broke down crying again, saying to herself "I don't want to go like them", to which Whis said "I'll do what I can to help you avoid that fate" to which Cus nodded. Cus continued to cry into Piccolo's shirt until somebody from Universe 7 who had just been knocked off asked "Is it OK if I talk to your sister Whis?"

A/N 1: Who's just been knocked off from Universe 7 and now wants to talk to Cus? Find out in the NEXT CHAPTER!

A/N 2: Can a being who doesn't age past his prime be called a mortal?