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Goku was about to go and try to help comfort Cus, however, Android 18 suddenly collapsed as the life link between her and Android 17 activated.

"Oh no" Cus said, shocked. Piccolo and Gohan could only watch on as Android 18 faded away, leaving Krillin inconsolable.

"I'll just do this very quickly, my best friend just lost his wife, so I want to help him" Goku said. Cus said "First, thanks for saving my life after my suicide attempt"

"No problem" Goku said. Cus then shook her head, and said, verging on breaking down again, "Android 18 was your best friend's wife?"

"Yeah, losing her is really hard for Krillin" Goku said. Cus laid back into Piccolo's arms and started silently crying into his shoulder again.

"This was what my suicide attempt was trying to stop, people dying because of the tournament" Cus said as Gohan and Piccolo struggled to console her.

"How were Android 17 and Android 18 life linked?" Piccolo asked, shaken by Android 18's death. Gohan replied "The only thing I can think of is that it was created by either Dr. Gero or Cell"

Cus continued to silently cry into Piccolo's shoulder, while Gohan continued to rub her back, until just after the timer ran out.

"The time ran out; this Tournament of Power has ended in a draw" Piccolo said. Gohan then added "Who has more knock off's? Vegeta or Jiren?" to which Piccolo replied "Vegeta has the most knock offs, so he gets the wish"

"That means" Cus said, wiping the tears from her eyes. Goku completed the sentence "Vados is coming back" and sure enough, Vados returned. Cus, overwhelmed by emotion, ran towards Vados, along with Whis. Smiling, Piccolo said "Vados is back, so at least something positive has happened to Cus in this tournament"

"You've grown rather attached to her, haven't you Piccolo" Gohan said. Piccolo turned to face Gohan and said "Saving someone from their own suicide attempt, fixing their clothes, and trying to provide comfort for them during such a trying time does that to a person"

While Cus is with Whis and Vados, Gohan and Piccolo see Saonel and Pirina approach them.

"Saonel, Pirina" Piccolo said. Saonel replied "When can we finish the fight we started in this tournament?"

"We can set it up anytime, just give the message to Vados and Whis and we'll organise a time" Piccolo replied. Saonel and Pirina nodded, then headed back to Universe 6.

At about the same time, Whis said "Cus, looks like your Universe is coming this way"

"I know, I think you should tell them what happened to me after they were erased" Cus said, her voice still trembling. Whis nodded, then asked "Can you take care of her until Gowasu and Rummshi know what's happened to her after they were erased?"

"Sure" Piccolo said. He then sat down on one of the steps, and Cus sat near him, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Will you go with Whis when he comes to check on me?" Cus asked, to which Piccolo smiled and said "Of course I will"

"Thanks" Cus said, before she hugged Piccolo.

At about this time, Goku finally appeared. Looking briefly at Piccolo, Goku said "Tien and Master Roshi are taking care of Krillin, and Caulifla's left with her Universe, so I'm free for a bit" to which Piccolo nodded.

Meanwhile, Rummshi was walking up to Whis, and seeing Piccolo holding her miffed him.

"Stay calm Rummshi, it's fine. I actually need to talk to you two, about what happened to Cus after you guys were erased" Whis said. Rummshi replied with "Why are those mortals from your Universe holding Cus?" to which Whis replied "You will understand once I've told you what has happened"

"Hmph" Rummshi said, but he finally relented.

As Whis and Rummshi left, and Gohan went to talk to Obuni, Goku said to Cus "You've been through an unimaginable amount of hardship, and I have nothing but sympathy for you. Remember, Piccolo and Gohan are just a call to Whis away"

"I will keep that in mind" Cus replied. Goku then put a hand on Cus' shoulder and said, "And don't be afraid to go seek help yourself if you're not coping, and especially if you're not getting the support from Rummshi and Gowasu", before Piccolo added "We're here for you, especially me" to which Cus nodded.

Goku and Piccolo both continued to try and comfort Cus, and they were soon re-joined by Gohan, but soon, Whis had explained everything that had happened to Cus after they were erased. These revelations horrified Rummshi and Gowasu.

"So, Piccolo's been trying to comfort her or something?" Rummshi asked, to which Whis nodded. Gowasu then said "OK, so we're really going to have to keep a close eye on her Rummshi, she's going to need all the support she can get", to which Rummshi nodded. Whis, Rummshi and Gowasu then walked back towards Cus, Goku, Gohan and Piccolo.

Once Rummshi and Gowasu walk up to Piccolo, Gohan, Goku and Cus, Rummshi asked "Are you ready to go Cus?" to which Cus slowly pulled herself up, and said, "I guess" and after she quickly hugged Piccolo, she slowly walked towards Universe 10, and they soon departed, leaving only Universe 7.

"Are you ready to go?" Whis asked, to which everybody nodded. They then left.

While Universe 7 is heading back towards their Universe, Gohan said to Goku "OK, I'm just going to say it. I don't think Piccolo's been this worried about anybody, not even me". Goku smiled and replied "Good luck getting him to admit it, but I think he's grown rather fond of Cus"

"I agree" Gohan replied, smiling at Piccolo, who looked almost comically serious as he stared out of the cube.