A raven's caw echoes through the dark forest, waking N3X-S up. he stands up slowly, pain coursing through his body. He looks down and sees a message in the dirt. Look for the adventurer known as barry. In his pack, the crown he does carry. If this deed be not completed, by the witches hand you'll be defeated.As he reads this message aloud he sees a map and hurries to pick it up.

As he unrolls it, a town appears, named Adventuretown. "Adventuretown eh? sounds like someone wants this to be a minor area that only gets mentioned a few times, I guess I'm going there." Then N3X-S traveled out of the forest and headed towards Adventuretown...As Barry prepared his equipment he found his old trusty sword named the legendary hero's sword. "I'm sure something that sounds like that will be useful." he said sarcastically, putting it in his adventure pack. "Whelp, looks like it's time to leave Adventuretown!" he said as he left his home and life behind with the risk of never seeing it again...

N3X-S arrived at Adventuretown and immediately decided he hated it's stupid name so he killed everyone there and burned it to the ground. His map then radiated light and he checked it, seeing that there was another town nearby that had appeared as he mercilessly slaughtered the quest giving npc's. The place was called Devil's gloryhole.He decided to travel there next in search of Barry.

And thus Barry and N3X-S continued on their quests and the previous narrator was killed in the fire so we had to hire a new one. Damnit N3X-S that cost us another 25 dollars, you owe us!

"Oh shut up narrator I couldn't care less!"

Actually I get paid for this so no.