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Chapter 1: Foundations of a Hero.

A large stature blonde haired man looked over a few reports on his desk. Dressed in a skin tight spandex red, blue and white suit that showed off his giant physique, he gave a groan.

"All Might sir, is something the matter?" The question was asked by an assuming looking young man with brown hair and a plain face.

"Not at all lad," the blonde man's voice was booming. "Just reviewing some recent reports."

All Might was Japan's number one Hero, in a world changed by the advent of [Quirks]. Naturally occurring powers which gave people the abilities only dreamed about in comic books. Two hundred years have passed since [Quirks] had come to be and now eighty percent on the populous had within them a special power.

All Might was known as the worlds strongest Hero, with might even other Nations acknowledge. Having held the top spot in the Hero Rankings since he first burst onto the scene, he was loved and respected the world over.

'Sometimes it's good to reminisce,' he sighed, right now he was dealing with something that had him worried, something he knew only he could deal with.

"Don't you think he looks like me?" a loud voice knocked him from his stupor.

Raising his head, the number one Hero's eye's fell on a man, he was wearing a greyish coloured kevlar suit with red gauntlet's and boots. Orange shoulder pads and an orange belt with a fireball shaped buckle added to the warm ascetic. The mask that All Might knew normally adorned the man's face was pulled off and was hanging like a hood at the back of his neck, revealing a young man in his early thirties, he had a scruffy three day growth across his chin and his black hair looked tangled and curly. In his hands was a phone he was currently foisting into someone's face.

"Backburn, what brings you to Roppongi from Shizuoka?" All Might asked the fire coloured man.

"All Might, just the man I wanted to see," the messy haired man grinned widely, bounding over to the number 1 Hero. "Got a new picture of my boy, wanna look?"

Not given All Might a chance, the phone was shoved in his face, however, he suddenly realised the reason for the man's presence.

"Got to info you wanted" he whispered quietly, All Might's eye's roaming over the phone page "Several disappearances, all high level Quirk Users... no Pro's though."

"There wouldn't be," All Might muttered back. "Thank you for doing this, I'm sorry to call you out."

"No problem," grinned Backburn. "By the way..."

Toying with his phone for a bit, Backburn brought up a photo, in it was a little boy with messy green hair with black undertones and freckles on his cheek, he was wearing a party hat and what looked like a child size replica of All Might's own Silver Age costume.

"His four now," grinned Backburn. "Ever since he discovered Heroes his been glued to them, your his favourite."

All Might's grin never faltered, though he was somewhat embarrassed he was also proud to inspire children.

"Makes me a little jealous," grumbled Backburn. "When I gave him card with me on it it said it was 'alright.'"

"Do not worry my friend," All Might spoke, clapping Backburn on the shoulder, almost causing the man to collapse. "I'm sure your son appreciates niche Hero's just as much."

"Did you just call me niche?" Backburn narrowed his eye at All Might's chuckling before sighing "I'm rank three damnit."

"Actually I think Best Jeanist surpassed you again," All Might held in a laugh at the look of dismay that crossed Backburn's face.

"Is it wrong I wanna punch Tsunagu in the face?" asked Backburn with a grumble.

"Hero's shouldn't be fighting amongst themselves," All Might waved a finger mock chidingly "Besides you've both been skipping over each other since you graduated together."

"An unfortunate truth, that's for sure," heaving a sigh, Backburn turned heal. "Anyway, better get back, see ya All Might."

"You too Backburn my friend, stay safe," All Might waved to his friend as he exited, before turning back to the reports. 'Seems like he's starting up.'


-3 YEARS PASS (2205)-

All Might wasn't sure what to think, it had been three years since the disappearances started, but for some reason all the trails were cold. His good friend Noamasa Tsukauchi, a detective in the Tokyo Police Force had turned up a whole lot of dead leads. Most likely it stemmed from the fact most of the missing people were thugs, lowlifes and ne'er-do-wells, the ones that weren't were just shoved to the side as runaways or something of the like. Noamasa had tried to reopen the cases but was rebuked by the Commissioner who regarded the whole thing a 'waste of time.'

'Sometimes, I can hardly understand how some can shrug off certain things as not important.' To All Might, every life was important, even the most heinous criminals should still be treated with human dignity.

While he wouldn't refute a Hero who had to kill in order to save, he wasn't fond of Hero's that cared little for the lives of their opponents, Heroes like Endeavour always never sat well with him.

"A necessary evil I suppose," All Might sighed. "Maybe I'm too old fashioned?"

Right now he was standing at one of the numerous doors in a multi story apartment complex in Atami. Backburn had some new information for him even though it was his day off and while All Might said he could wait until tomorrow, the fire Hero wouldn't have it and invited him over.

Knocking on the door, the black haired man answered, a smirk on his lips.

"Thanks for coming All Might," Backburn grinned, beckoning the large man in, he was wearing a simple red buttoned shirt and black coloured cargo pants.

"Thank you Backburn my friend, sorry for the intrusion." All Might gave a nod of thanks.

"Heh, call me Hisashe when I'm off duty, I sometimes start to think I legally changed my name to Backburn," Backburn chuckled.

Hisashe Midoriya was one of the rare one's, All Might thought offhandedly, following the man into what seemed to be the living room. He had a strong sense of justice and an iron moral code, but unlike most Hero's he was flexible, not caring about the Hero Ranking system (beyond his rivalry with Best Jeanist.) While he was a crowd pleasure (both with his Quirk and during fan events,) it was always secondary. He always had a focus on the lives that needed protecting (Oh course he does cause a little too much property damage because of that.)

He was brought out of his musings by a woman entering from another door. She was reasonably tall with a slim build. She had green haired tied in a loose ponytail, two bangs hanging either side of her face and was wearing a pink shirt over and white button up blouse with a blue skirt.

"Honey, who was at..." The woman, presumably Hisashe's wife Inko (lord knows the man talked about her just as much as his boy,) paused in her sentence, not quiet comprehending the site of Japan's number one Hero standing in her living room.

"Pardon the intrusion ma'am," All Might gave a bow too the silent and surprised woman.

"Ahh, Sweetheart, this is All Might," Hisashe introduced needlessly. "All Might this is my lovely wife Inko."

"A pleasure to meet you, your husband always talks about you and your boy." All Might didn't feel the need to add that Hisashe hardly could go a meeting without mentioning either of the two at least once, All Might didn't mind, but he tended to talk his interns ears off.

"Oh... the pleasure's all mine Mr All Might," shaking herself from her stupor, she return the bow, she then turned a questioning gaze to her husband. "You never said anything about having a guest today."

She wasn't angry or annoyed, just surprised that such a well known figure had shown up in he family's apartment.

"Yeah, sorry bout that, I had something for him and I wanted to give it to him today," Hisashe scratched the back of his head. "Anyway, where's Izuku? I wanted to surprise him."

Inko sighed, that was the real reason. Ever since she married Hisashe, she was always surprised (and fond) of how committed he was to just about everything. Having known him since middle-school she was always aware of how passionate he could be about things. Mitsuki, her best friend had always said that his drive boarded on insane, and of course it was forced into overdrive when she got pregnant with Izuku. She sent an apologetic look to All Might.

"Izuku's in his room," she sighed in exasperation.

When the man disappeared through the door that they had come through, All Might noticed Inko give him a soft smile, shaking her head.

"Sorry is my husband runs you ragged," she said apologetically.

"Think nothing of it, I find his earnest and forthright nature refreshing," All Might grinned, letting the woman know he meant what he said.

Inko was happy to here the Hero didn't have an issue with Hisashe's nature.

"Dad, what is it?" A voice came from the doorway Hisashe had exited, now said man was standing there pushing forward a young boy who was glancing quizzically at his father.

The boy took a moment to then look into the living room... and froze on the spot in a manner resembling his mother.

"A...A...All Might?" The boy slowly asked.

"Greetings young man, it is indeed I, All Might." Knowing he was the boy's favourite Hero, All Might decided to add a flourish to his introduction, placing his fisted hands on his waist and puffing out his chest.

The boy, Izuku Midoriya's action to seeing his Hero standing in his living room was somewhat understandable, he fainted.


The Midoriya family were very good people. That was the conclusion All Might was brought to as he left the family's home. He had already known Hisashe was one of the kindest men he knew so he had little doubts concerning his family.

Inko Midoriya was, to put it quiet simply, a marvellous woman. She was full of kindness and compassion, her eyes held a level of warmth that was amazing to behold. Though she was a little prone to panicking, as witness after Izuku fainted, the mother was on tether-hooks until the boy woke up. All Might even found himself drawn into old memories with the woman, memories involving an equally beautiful woman with jet black hair and a wide, almost ridiculous grin.

Izuku Midoriya was every bit his mother's son, while having the black hair of his father serving as his hairs undertones, Izuku had the same green hair as his mother and a similar personality to boot. He did however posses an excitable nature when it came to a certain subject, Heroes. It was then All Might was surprised with how keen and sharp the boys mind was, a level of intellectuality that one didn't find in those as young as Izuku, one could almost call it genius level analytical thinking. Eight books were filled to the brim with drawings, notes, analysis and strategies regarding any Pro Hero the boy had seen, All Might himself included (he also signed the book that had his picture and mini-bio in it.) All Might would have though his Quirk had something to do with his intelligence, but was surprised when Hisashe told him Izuku had inherited a [Fusion Quirk].

When Quirks manifested a lot of research went into determining the how's and whys. Right now when a person is born, what they get is divided into four categories; [No Quirk], or Quirkless, [Random Quirk], [Inherited Quirk] or [Fusion Quirk].

[No Quirk] or Quirkless speaks for itself, it means the individual joins the minority of the twenty percent of people in the world with no 'individuality'.

[Random Quirk] is where the individual acquires a Quirk that has no relation to the Quirks the parents or grandparents possess (though there is a scientific debate regarding that if you go back far enough in someone's genetic history, you might find an similar Quirk possessed by an ancestor somewhere down the line.)

[Inherited Quirk] means the individual gets a Quirk from one of their parents, this type is considered the most common.

[Fusion Quirk] is when an individual ends up with a Quirk that combines both parents Quirk's, this results in a multitude of various combinations that have been observed throughout the years and has no real defining 'way' the process works.

From what All Might understood in Izuku's case is that the boy had gained Hisashe's [Blast Burn] Quirk which mutated into Izuku being able to emit fire from anywhere on his body as well as Inko's [Attraction of Small Objects] Quirk which had mutated into a focused flame telepathy, allowing him to telepathically control the flames he creates. It was a staggering thought just how much potential Izuku had, both his [Quirk] and mind were something that All Might had no doubt would make an impact in the future. Izuku's [Quirk] aside, the boy had managed to calm down during All Might's visit (which turned out to be longer because Inko insisted he stay for dinner.) By the time he left, they had just about made him an honorary member of the family, it was something that warmed his heart, given he hadn't had that feeling since Nana...

"Of course, then there's that." A bitter thought indeed, the information Hisashe had for him wasn't the best kind, actually it was probably the worst kind he could get.

After twenty years he was back, twenty years of silence after he killed her and he was finally beginning to move again. After twenty years All For One had resurfaced, and All Might knew that in the next very short few years he will have to face him, to put an end, or be ended.


-2 YEARS PASS (2207)-

Two years had past, two years and All Might found himself somehow becoming close friends with the Midoriya's. Hisashe had kept helping him with the investigation into All For One and all of the various crimes All Might suspected him of. It was something that didn't sit well with the number one Hero, this was his business, it was something he had to take care of, but Hisashe wouldn't have any of that. While not having been told about anything to do with All For One, Hisashe had managed to realise the level of importance in what All Might was doing, and that was enough for him to continue helping, despite All Might's protests. All Might considered the situation and felt that All For One wouldn't go after Hisahse, being the number 4 Hero (he had reclaimed third spot four times within the past two years, only to loose it just a quick to Best Jeanist,) it made him a target All For One wouldn't go after because of the scrutiny it'll bring. He had only just recently started targeting low level Pro Hero's. With any luck, All Might felt he'd have all he required by the end of the year and he could finally have that confrontation.

Too bad nothing ever goes as planned.


It was raining, All Might didn't have anything against the rain. Unlike some who regarded rain as dreary and depressing, he never thought about rain in such a desolate manner. Sure he'd prefer days with a cloudless sky but rain was never anything bad. Today, however it was strangely fitting.

Staring, almost blankly at a wooden coffin, All Might felt a twinge in his side. It was raining that day too, the day that came far sooner then he thought. The day All For One struck. It was a brutal fight, one that All Might was surprised went overlooked. The fight went for many hours before All Might was finally able to put an end to it, finally strike down the man who took his mentor, but the cost was far, far too great. His insides were basically destroyed, no respiratory system to speak of, no stomach either, a disgusting, barely healed over purple scar made up fifty percent of left side of his torso. It had cut his ability to use his Quirk by a massive margin, a margin that would make being a Hero a great task. But that wasn't the worst of it, if it was, All Might could still rest easy knowing that All For One was dead. No the worst came from the fact he couldn't save a life, couldn't do the one fundamental thing a Hero should do above all else. All Might could not save Hisashe Midoriya. He watched as Inko cried heavily, holding onto Izuku who's red eyes were dry as he stared into the hole his father was being lowered into. He remembered the start of his fight, it was sudden and almost took an arm off, for a long hour the two had engaged in what could only be a fight for survival. Then All For One was struck by a fireball bigger then All Might himself. Hisashe, Backburn, made his entrance in a flurry of flames and suddenly, All Might dared to hope their time would get easier.

It didn't, no, the very opposite happened. All For One started fighting with more fervour, throwing kill-shot after kill-shot at the two top ten rank Hero's and eventually one hit. All Might wasn't sure what got him, all he knew is he was going in for a punch one second, then the next, shear pain. His entire left side felt indescribable as blood covered the surrounds of where he barley stood, it was a moment All For One capitalised on, he had rose an arm, his elbow going above his shoulder while holding his hand flat, before thrusting said appendage forward. The result was a piercing pressurised force of air, sharpened to a point, not unlike an arrow. All Might tried to move but the pain was too much. It was then a ball of concentrated fire landed between the air burst and All Might, countering the attack. As the ember's died, All Might had thought it the shield of fire had successfully deflected the air blast, but was horrified by what he saw.

In the centre of the mass of flames Hisashe stood, he had been the centre of the flames, fuelling it with more power from his [Blast Burn] Quirk but it hadn't been enough. The arrow of air had pieced through the flames and stuck true, piercing a hole through Hisashe's upper torso... where his heart was. All Might new right then beyond a shadow of a doubt his ally, his friend was dead, another person he cared for butchered by this monster, and that was the last clear thought he had. The only thing he was clear on, after waking up in a hospital, was the fact he disintegrated the top half of All For One's head into a fine bloody paste before dragging himself and Hisashe's body to a hospital. What he had done to All For One, how he got to the hospital, it was still too blurry to make out.

The precession was over, only he, Inko and Izuku remained. The rain had slowed a little as All Might approached the two.

"I am sorry," he spoke, falling to his knees. "It's my fault this happened."

He had shut his eyes in guilt, waiting for whatever words were to be said to him, he was surprised when soft hands lightly grasped each side of his face.

"Don't," a firm voice uttered, gently forcing his face up. "He wouldn't blame you for this, I don't blame you for this, don't blame yourself All Might."

Inko Midoriya's eyes were still tearful, but they were filled with a soft fire, a fire that amazed All Might. He internally chastised himself for underestimating this woman's resolve, she was strong, not in strength, but in heart.

It was downright scary how much she reminded him of Nana.


Inko couldn't say she was surprised. It had been six months since the death of her husband and time was making it tolerable, she could now understand what it meant that the pain never goes away. She counted he blessings she had her Izuku though, he was the reason she kept strong, because she needed to be strong for her son. It helped that All Might had made it a point to drop by occasionally, making sure they were fine. For all of his awkwardness when it came to personal interactions, Inko was heartened by the effort the man was making, though it did irk her a little that said man was still blaming himself for Hisashe. Something she was glad for was that Izuku's love for Hero's wasn't diminished by his father's death. She had worried that Izuku would begin to resent Hero's but instead, his admiration grew, as did his aspirations.

"So because he's still adamant about becoming a Hero you want him to become your successor." She wanted to believe the story was far-fetched, but the man sitting right in from of her had a pensive look. He was thin, almost skin and bones, with a haggard, gaunt, drawn face, pale, lifelessly coloured blonde hair fell messily about his had with two bangs going down his face, framing it. He was wearing a baggy white t-shirt with green cargo pants. For all intents and purposes, this should have been a stranger to her. Imagine her surprise was that sitting in the same spot, no more then five minutes ago was All Might. With this shocking 'true form' revelation also came a even more ludicrous story that his [Quirk] was not natural, it was given to him by a successor so that he could protect with it, and now he wants to pass said power onto her son?

"Indeed, Izuku has shown a remarkable amount of strength in the wake of this tragedy," All Might's voice was gravelly and deep, there were some inflections of his normal form's voice, but you'd have to know this form was All Might to make to connection. "I know I'm being selfish, I know that I don't have the right, but I cannot imagine a better successor to my power then Izuku."

Inko stared long at the man, she realised he had taken a big gamble. As close a friend as he was to her, this was something that could potentiality damage the status quo of the nation.

"Your power?" She asked softly. "Did it have anything to do with the man you fought?"

All Might was shocked, he hadn't expected her to make that conclusion, he was suddenly aware that some of Izuku's analytical thinking came from Inko.

"In a way yes," All Might relented. "He was the original reason [One for All] was passed down, in order to defeat him."

Inko let out a breath and nodded, it was taking all she had not to let tears flow. She now understood why it was All Might blamed himself for Hisashe's death, because he thought that his fight with that man was his alone and Hisashe was caught in the crossfire.

"You silly man," tears welled in the corner of her eyes and she gave a smile. "Hisashe would not have let you fight that man on your own, and you shouldn't have had to, no one should shoulder a burden like that by themselves," she breathed in a choppy breath and wiped her eyes, before fixing All Might with a fiery glance. "Yes," she whispered, nodding her head. "If... If Izuku agrees to have your power then yes, I will allow you to give it to him."

All Might was once again stunned by the woman before him, never had he seen such resolve in someone who was never (or intended to be) a Hero.

"You, you would have made a terrific Hero if you had became one," All Might muttered before bowing his head. "Thank you, and should young Izuku agree to becoming my successor I will do everything in my power to watch out for and guide him."

And so, with that one conversation, the foundation to the greatest Hero the world had ever known was laid.


-4 YEARS PASS (2213)-

It was the middle of March on a Saturday, the cool of Winter still hadn't quiet let go of the air. Izuku was walking along the streets of Tokyo. Wearing a white shirt under a green jacket with red accents and black pants, he had an All Might scarf tied around his neck. His mind was focused on what was going to happen in two short weeks. He had spent the last three years in a severe training regime, ever since his mentor All Might had asked him to become the successor to the power he held. Now that he thought about it, Izuku realised just how ridiculous the story was, a [Quirk] that could transfer from person to person, created for the purpose of taking on one man. Izuku had at the time declared happily he would take the [Quirk] All Might offered, and for a year done what the number 1 Hero had instructed him to do. The training was harsh, especially for a nine year old, but he persevered because of his goal, to become a Hero.

Originally he had always wanted to be a Hero and was ecstatic to find he had a powerful [Quirk]. He and his best friend, Katsuki Bakugo, had discovered their Quirks around the same time and his father bent the rules a little to allow them both to test out their Quirks. Izuku was fascinated by the fact his flames were harmless to him.

Then his father was killed in the line on duty. Izuku could remember thinking some horrible things at the time; 'Why couldn't a Hero save him,' 'Why couldn't All Might save him,' 'If he weren't a Hero he wouldn't have died.' Those and more had cycled through his head, then All Might bowed to his mother, he wasn't sure what she said to him, too engrossed in his own depression all he knew is that All Might took it upon himself to check on them from time to time, and after a while, Izuku's faith in Hero's was restored. His drive came back even greater then before and Izuku continued working toward his goal.

Then it all changed again with All Might's offer. Thinking about it now, he had to wonder if this offer was the worlds way of making it up to him for loosing his father, before quickly dismissing the thought. Fatalism never sat well with his analytical thinking, no, if anything All Might sticking around helped more then getting the gift of his power. The man's presence had helped he and his mother in more ways then one. Izuku chuckled thinking that even though All Might couldn't be a Hero for the Country in the same level of capacity he used to be, he was being a Hero with every visit he had to their doorstep.

Izuku had of course been given the power of [One For All]. It was about five months ago All Might had deemed him ready to at least inherit the power. Unsure on what his mentor meant, he soon found out when he first summoned the power of [One for All]. Pain on an unimaginable scale, his entire right arm from his shoulder to his hand was broken, no other word for it then the entire appendage was broken. He never thought a level of such pain existed. Though one positive came out of the event, he got to meet Recovery Girl. The fanboy in him believed that the pain was worth it, the rest of Izuku's mind didn't and ruthlessly squashed the fanboy to the side. Of course something that slipped his notice was the question of why was All Might able to call Recovery Girl over in the first place?

However, the thing that surprised him the most was the fact All Might had secured Izuku a recommendation into U.A. Normally one would have to take a test to prove one has what it takes to be a Hero in Training worthy of U.A, but occasionally if you have the right recommendation you could get in without doing the test. All Might had said he had been recording various workout sessions and had given the school a complete run-down on Izuku's skills. Though Izuku was sure that the whole ordeal had more credence behind All Might's personal recommendation and maybe even who his father was. So this weekend a week before all the other U.A hopefuls were going to take their tests, he was being sent to a specialised course, something All Might had said was for those on recommendations could prove themselves if they still felt the need.


"Pretty impressive right?" All Might, in muscle form, boomed from beside Izuku.

The two were standing in front of an affiliated Hero School where the test was going to take place, like the normal U.A Test, this one consisted of a written exam followed by a practical demonstration of their skills.

"I'm not sure about this." Confident as he was, Izuku still thought taking the normal exam would be better.

"Do not worry young Izuku, I know you'd rather take the regular test a week from now, but this test is designed to be special." In reality it wasn't too much different, when given a recommendation, quiet a few things could get you in to a Hero School. As loath as All Might wanted to believe, money was one way to secure a students place in most schools (U.A. at least ran the prospective students through a cursory test.) This particular test was done in a way that was similar to the actual U.A. Test, the major differences were that even though one could choose a school of their choice (should the meet the corresponding criteria) their failure holds more weight, not allowing them to take the test until next year for any school. Another difference is the calibre of Hero hopefuls. The U.A. Examination as well as all the other school's are opened to any and all who had the guts to try out, no one was turned away (especially this year considering the ban on Quirkless students entering a Hero School was lifted,) this however was a test with those of a different class, those who have been recommended in one way or another for this test, meaning the calibre of students was much higher and failure was much easier.

Giving a sigh, Izuku steeled himself before walking forward, he got about five steps before turning back to All Might.

"I'll pass," he said, a wide grin, not unlike All Mights own stretching across his lips and a fierce determination settling in his eyes, he threw his fist forward before retracting it. "You can count on it."

Turning heel, Izuku walked into the building, All Might grinned at the determination his pupil showed.

'Izuku my boy, I've no doubt,' the blonde hero thought before turning heel, he was offered a seat in the monitor box after all and he did want to see Izuku in his first proper practical test.


The Written Exam was along the lines Izuku had expected, that's not to say it was easy. He had a suspicion that the questions on this test were a little more well rounded and though provoking then the standard Written Exam. Regardless, Izuku passed, third out of the competing one hundred and twenty students. Of course Izuku was a little distracted by the fact Present Mic was running the show for the tests. The Written Exam had helped him with his inner fanboy, so that was good.


Izuku was now standing in a large group, standing in front of a risen platform, the number thirty on was on a white square attached to his shirt.

"Allllrriiight, now that the Written Exam is outta the way, it's time to move onto the Practical Exam" Present Mic announced, catching his attention from observing where they were. "The Practical portion will be jundged in groups of six, when your number's called, proceed to the Exam Site."

After being sorted into his group, Izuku looked around, his group consisted of a boy with four arms, a boy with short blonde hair, the front of it spiked forward, a really tall muscular boy with black hair in a crew-cut and finally, the only girl of the group. She was wearing a white shirt with a dark blue jacket and pants. Her hair was long, reaching to the middle of her back, tied in a loose ponytail, it was half silver on the right, while the left was a deep red. Her eyes were duel coloured as well, the left being turquoise while her right eye was grey. The skin around her left eye was also discoloured to an angry red.

"The format of the next Exam is a three Kilometre Marathon!" Present Mic swept his arms over a large electronic monitor, showing the course's layout. "However, this is a course you cannot hope to cross by simply running!" he grinned towards the gathered students. "You're to make free use of your [Quirks] and dash to the goal!"

"So that's our test," Izuku muttered, focusing on the monitor screen.

"Dun it jus get tha blood pumpin'," a loud voice spoke.

Izuku turned and rose an eyebrow at the large boy with the crew-cut.

"A' mean jus look at it, such a great stage ta prove how hot-blooded we are," he smirked turning to Izuku. "A stage fit for us ta make our dreams real, don'cha think?"

"Your right," Izuku nodded, a grin forming on his face. "Our first test to see if we're worthy of being Hero's."

"That's some nice fire in them eyes friend," the boy grinned, holding out a hand. "Names Inasa Yoarashi."

"Izuku Midoriya," Izuku grasped the boy's hand. "Pleasure meeting you Yoarashi."

"Ey' it's Inashi, we're already friends right Izuku," Inasa clapped Izuku over the back, seems he wasn't big on formalities, not that Izuku had a problem with that.

The six competitors were given their cue and made their way up to the starting line. Izuku wasn't sure what to expect so he began channelling [One for All] around his body.

At the moment start was yelled, it became apparent the the race belonged to one of three people, neck and neck were Inashi and the duel haired girl. Inashi's [Quirk] seemed to be able to create vortex's of wind allowing him to propel himself forward, a great boon in a marathon race like this. The girl on the other hand had control over ice creating sheets, slides and steps all in accordance to her needs, she also fashioned a pair of ice skates of her shoes, allowing her faster travel time on said ice. Izuku wasn't quiet as flexible as the two, [One For All] had a limit to how much he could pump out, he was keeping pace with the two, only a few measure's behind, but their [Quirks] were far more useful here.

That was until the final stretch, shutting [One For All] off, Izuku created two balls of flame. Concentrating hard, the flames flickered, darkening in colour before Izuku threw his arms back behind him. The instant his arms fully extended, the flames he created burst outwards, the kinetic force of the flames jarring him forward with a rocketing force. Just as the two front runners were about to reach the finish line, Izuku drew equal with them.

"Weeellll talk about a surprise, it's a three way photo finish," Present Mic bellowed over the loudspeaker. "Looks like forty-one pulls ahead by just a bit, numbers twenty-three and thirty-one are a tie for second place." What Present Mic didn't say, mostly because he was downright shocked, was the fact that the three had finished the course in a third of the average time.

"Hoowee, that was a close one there Izuku" Inashi grinned widely. "I came in first, but ya never no what's gonna happen." He clapped Izuku on the back again, causing Izuku to give a small smile.

He turned to face the girl he had tied with, only to find her appraising him, the look she gave him was something that unnerved him a bit, there was a bit of loathing but for the most part it was also grudging respect and a little curiosity.

"Ey' now, yer Endeavour's daughter aren'cha" Inashi spoke.

The girl didn't take her eyes off Izuku, all but brushing the tall boy off.

"Ummm, Izuku Midoriya" Izuku introduced himself, unsure of the girl's scrutiny.

After a few moments of silence, the girl's posture relaxed before she turned heel.

"Shoko... Shoko Todoroki." she uttered before walking away.

"Well, ain't she a charmer," Inashi muttered. "Not too much different to 'er dear ol' daddy."

Izuku wasn't sure why Inashi sounded angry about that, but then again he was all but ignored, totally. What was more on his mind was why she pair attention to him?

'Maybe it's because I use fire like her father?' Izuku felt that wasn't it.

Maybe there'll be a chance to find out later, all he knew is that he had passed, and that was something he was happy for.


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