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Chapter 4: Hero Class 101

Shoko walked in through the front door of her house, normally at this time there wasn't anyone home. Fuyumi would still be at school and her brother's would be out on Hero duties (the same went for her father as well.) So she was mildly surprised to see someone in the courtyard.

Standing roughly five foot eleven, slightly shorter then Hyoto, Kaen Todoroki was sitting in a lotus position on top of a rock decoration overlooking their small koi pond. His hair was a fiery red and spiked up in a manner similar to a flame while the very tips of his hair were a snow white. He was still wearing his Hero Costume, a black shirt with a dark red coat with bright orange flames on the sleeves and tail and black cargo pants, his hands were covered in a maroon pair of gloves (though the black combat sandals that he normally wore were replaced by indoor slippers.) Around him were balls of white flame. His Quirk, while fundamentally being fire, had for some reason gained a different colour, making Kaen dub his Quirk [Will O Wisp.] Unlike Endeavour's [Hellfire] Kaen could not envelop his body in fire, so his Quirk was more like Pyrokinesis. It was because of these factors that Shoko was able to not see Endeavour's fire in her brother's.

The fireballs snuffed out as Kaen opened his eyes.

"You're back." He had a soft voice, much different from the laid back blasé tone of Hyoto as he reached to his side and picked up a pair of white rimmed rectangular glasses and slid them over his eyes.

"Early day," Shoko said simply, causing Kaen to raise an eyebrow.

"Well, I would steel yourself before those two get home," Kaen wore a small smile. "They will want to know everything you did today."

Shoko bit back a groan, Kaen was right, between Hyoto being a vocal pest and Fuyumi's ability to accidentally make anyone feel guilty (except their father) Shoko knew she would be grilled for information. She supposed this was Kaen's way to give her a moment to herself before she was forced to play twenty questions.

"What about him," she couldn't keep a growl from her voice.

"Called away to another meeting," Kaen said, this time narrowing his eyes. "Something's up, but they're keeping the Side Kicks out of it."

Now that got her attention, if it was a serious issue to call for the attention of the number two Hero then something must be going down.

"I... See," she finally spoke up, before nodding. "Thanks for telling me, I'll see you at dinner."

Though she wanted to skip, she knew that Hyoto would drag her to the dinner table if he had to. She headed off towards her room leaving her Pyrokinetic brother to his own thoughts.


It was late at night when Toshinori made it back to his apartment. He had declined Inko's offer of putting him up for the night saying that he had to get a few things completed for tomorrow.

He looked over a handful of printouts and rose an eyebrow.

'It still amazes me that Nezu forced me to write these up,' Toshinori thought ideally.

He had been expecting to have at least the first few lessons laid out for him, at least in broad terms because of being a new teacher and not used to a teaching position, but the diminutive Principle had stated that the first lesson a teacher at U.A teaches is special and thus should be created with that teacher's original flare. So after asking Nezu what exactly it was he was teaching the students, he face-palmed at Nezu's initial answer of 'How to be a Hero' before the rodent-like Hero eventually got around to telling him, in the broadest terms imaginable, what was expected of him to teach.

Placing the printouts in a suitcase and placing it by the door he began preparing to sleep.

'You guys won't have time to relax,' he thought, a grim smile coming to his skeletal visage. 'The real test will be tomorrow.'


Despite being the most premier Hero School in Japan, U.A doesn't just have their students focus on becoming Hero's. As such the morning lessons were the typical lessons that would be found in any school. English, History, Mathematics and a whole host of others were taught from nine in the morning until lunch by the various Pro's who were surprisingly well versed in their chosen vocation. Then after a heaping of lunch doled out by The Cooking Hero; Lunch Rush, they were then to have the lesson's that made Hero Schools stand out different from normal Schools, lessons on how to be a Hero.

"I... Am coming through the door like a normal person." All Might, ever the showmen, couldn't even enter a door without some flare. Izuku smirked, barely repressing a chuckle at his mentor's antics while Katsuki bit back a sarcastic quip.

The rest of the class however couldn't maintain their excitement at meeting All Might for the first time ever

"I can't believe it's really All Might," the lightning haired youth, Denki Kaminari grinned excitedly.

"So he really is a teacher, this year is gonna be totally awesome." The sharp tooth red head Eijiro Kirishima pumped his fist into the air.

"Hey look, he's wearing his Silver Age Costume." Next to Kirishima, the frog like girl, Tsuyu Asui poked a finger to her chin.

"I'm getting goosebumps, it's so retro," a boy with short blonde hair and narrow eyes, Mashirao Ojiro commented.

"Welcome students, to the most important class here at U.A, Hero one oh one," All Might announced at the front of the class. "Here you will be learning exactly what it takes to be a Hero, the basics of being a Pro and how to fight against Villains and other threats." The number one Hero said, his fisted hands on his hips in a standard Hero pose. "So without further more, let us get started shall we." here he held up a card that had 'battle' written on it, causing various reactions from the students.

"Alright, fight training," Katsuki grinned in a manic fashion while smashing a first into her palm, creating small crackles, an action that made Izuku groan.

"She's gonna go ballistic, I just know it," he muttered to himself.

"However, one of the most key elements to being a great Hero is of course..." he gave a minor pause as if drumming up tension. "Looking great of course." As he spoke four rows of racks opened at the up from the wall, twenty compartments each holding a silver numbered suitcase. "These were all designed specifically for you based on both your Quirk registration forms and the requests you sent in before school started."

This had an immediate effect on the students as they realised that what was in the cases were their Hero Costumes.

"All right then students, get yourselves suited up and meet at training ground Beta, time for your first combat test." All Might declared with a grin.

"Yes Sir." Was the classes reply.

In short order everyone had assembled at the training ground in question. Izuku bringing up the rear, was fidgeting with the gauntlet of his costume. It resembled his father's in a way, a greyish coloured kevlar body suit being the base, his gauntlet's however were a dark green, the same with his boots. He was wearing amber coloured shoulder pads and the fireball on his belt buckle was red instead of orange. His messy green hair was kept out of his field of view by something resembling a combination of a mask and helmet, green like his gauntlets, the peculiar piece of equipment seemed glued to the back of his neck, pushing up his hair before wrapping around his forehead and eyes. His mouth was covered by a red re-breather. He and Katsuki had spent months pouring over the idea's they had for their suits, with All Might adding a few critiquing comments here and there but leaving it mostly to the two teens. Izuku had somehow managed, despite not meaning to, mimic his father's suit and when he brought his concern to All Might, the Number One Hero just smiled and said that their was enough difference in the design for it to be considered a homage rather then a rip-off, easing his protégé's concerns.

"Huh, came out better then you though it was gonna." Katsuki stood next to him with a raised eyebrow. Her outfit consisted of a fitted black sleeveless V-neck tank top with an orange 'X' with the top half borders the shirt collar. Her costume also had a metallic looking neck brace fashioned and used as a collar with three holes in both sides. The sleeves reached from within her large grenade-like gauntlets to her biceps. Her belt, which also carries grenades, holds up her baggy pants with knee guards. Underneath those guards are black, knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets. Adding to the whole ascetic was a black coloured eye mask that had an orange and black explosive flare at the back.

"Yours came out pretty decently as well," Izuku nodded, checking over her suit, before raising an eyebrow himself. "Isn't that tank-top a little tight?"

If it were anyone else Izuku may have been a little embarrassed to ask that question if he asked it at all but generally speaking he and Katsuki never held anything back from one another.

The blonde looked down her front, her breasts pushing the black fabric and the orange 'X' out enough that a her chest was a little more 'defined'.

"Not like you can fucking see anything," the caustic blonde answered with an uncaring shrug. "Besides, I've got a sports bra on underneath. So it's not like I'm strutting around like Midnight."

'True,' Izuku though idly, thinking on the rather tight outfit of the 'R18+' Heroine's. Of course the male part of his brain had to superimpose Katsuki in said garments to which he shook his head to free himself of said image.

"Such an interesting design," a voice cut in as what seemed to be a robot knight walked over to the two. "I feel as though you suit is familiar Midoriya."

Recognising the voice as Iida, Izuku was impressed by the stoic boys suit.

"It was inspired by my father's suit," Izuku answered the armoured teen. "Your suit seems pretty familiar as well."

"Ahh, I got the inspiration from my brother's Hero suit," Iida answered.

Before anything else could be said, All Might called the class to attention

"I have to admit that even I am impressed." All Might nodded to the class in approval. "They say that clothes make the Pro's and you are all no exception." The class was awed at receiving such approval from the worlds Number 1. "I feel I can say this without reservation, you are all now Hero's in Training."

"I feel like I shoulda been a little more exact with what I wanted." At the other end of the group, Shoko rose an eyebrow, turning her attention to the speaker, it was the bubbly brunette, she seemed to have a space like themed suit consisting of a black full-body suit with a pale pink design down the middle of her torso. Two black circles on her chest and a black rectangle below her waist that ran between her legs, two more pink patches over her shoulders, both cut off by darker pink armbands with a matching the thick choker around her neck. There were circular wrist guards, a dark pink handle on the back of each one on each gauntlet, wide knee-high boots and a belt around her waist a circle embedded into the centre where the two pieces join up. Clutched under her arm was a helmet with a tinted visor. Her gauntlets, boots, belt and helmet were all the same pale pink colour.

"It doesn't look too bad," Momo commented from next to Shoko, her suit was a red leotard-with silver linings and edges with matching red boots. She had a gold utility belt wrapped around her waist that matched a band going across the top of her chest.

"I don't know, I think it's a little too puffy and curvy, it's kinda embarrassing," the girl intoned sheepishly. "Oh, I'm Ochako Uraraka by the way."

"Momo Yaoyarozu, and this is Shoko Todoroki," Momo introduced herself and Shoko.

Shoko nodded to the upbeat girl, her eyes trailing to brunettes figure before facing forward again. In all honesty she thought there wasn't anything wrong with the girls suit design. She assumed the reason for the 'puffy' design was to add padding that would serve as shock absorbent armour and she knew the girl's Quirk was something along the lines of gravity manipulation so it could also be for protection against dropping should she use said Quirk on herself. Momo's suit on the other hand had the heterochromia girl curious, it was very limited and left a lot of skin uncovered, her arms were totally uncovered and most of her legs were as well, and the fact that her stomach and the middle of her chest were on almost full display would have gave a normal person the assumption that her suit was designed to take advantage of her... mature feminine features, for the first time ever Shoko was slightly envious at another girl for the size of certain... assets. However she knew better and had surmised that in a manner similar to Midnight, Momo's suit had something to do with the mechanisations of her Quirk.

"I have to say though, aren't you cold?" Uraraka asked tilting her he cutely to the side while regarding Shoko.

Dressed all in white with some gold trim, she had encased her left side in Ice, tantamount to her decision of not using Endeavours fire. Looking down her her left hand she clenched it.

"Yes," she spoke up, before training her duel coloured eyes on Uraraka. "But it's something I have to do, to make my own path."

While the meaning of such a reason flew right over the bubbly brunettes head, she couldn't help but gain sparkles in her eyes.

"You're so cool," she spoke out in admiration, causing Shoko to look at the girl strangely.

"Cool?" She wasn't used to being viewed at in such a way.

Momo, who was watching the interplay smiled at this, realising that Shoko, despite her stoic demeanour could be thrown off by genuine interest or admiration people had in her. She was about to comment as much but All Might called their attention back to him.

"Now that your ready it's time for combat training," All Might called out.

"Sir?" The one who spoke was Iida, and armoured arm in the air as All Might nodded for him to continue. "This is the fake city from our entrance exam is it not? Does that mean we'll be conducting urban battles again?"

"A fair question, but not exactly, I'm going to move you two steps ahead, most of the Villain fights you see on the news take place outside. However, statistically speaking, run ins with the most dastardly of the evildoers takes place indoors." The Number One Hero was glad that a good portion of the class nodded their head, understanding this "When you think about it, back room deals, home invasions, secret underground lairs, truly intelligent criminals stay hidden in the shadows. That, is their bread and butter."

Of course, strictly speaking, one can't actually rationalise a Villain's thought process. All Might himself had fought truly smart criminals out in the opened where you would think they were too intelligent to fight. By the same token some of the more simple minded Villains he fought were actually in well concealed area's, totally refuting the standard profiling done on Villainous minds. Explaining that however was left to their later training. After all one can't expect first years to delve into the minds of criminals.

After letting the class absorb what he said he spoke up again.

"For this training exercise you'll be split into teams of good guys and bad guys and fight in two on two indoor battles." He was already expecting a question from that.

"Isn't this a little advance?" It was Tsuyu who spoke.

"This training is what you get on the battlefield, but remember you can't just punch a robot this time, your dealing with actual people now," All Might declared. "As such be vigilant on how much force you use to deal with your foe."

"Sir, will you be the one deciding who wins?" Momo asked, raising her hand.

"Hey All Might, how wild can we get?" Katsuki asked, her eyes lighting up and glinting dangerously.

"Do we need to worry about the losers getting expelled like yesterday?" Uraraka asked is a worried tone.

"Will you be splitting us up by chance or comparative skill?" Iida questioned.

"Iz my cape tres chic?" The blonde with the stomach laser, one Yuga Aoyama asked a question which almost made All Mights brain stall.

"Geez kids, one at a time, my Quirk isn't super hearing you know." All Might pulled out a bunch of notes.

'A... cheat sheet?' Izuku shook his head at his mentor while Katsuki slapped a hand over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing out loud.

"Listen up, this is gonna be the set up for the situation. The Villains have hidden a nuclear missile somewhere in their hideout, the Heroes must try to foil their plans. Now, in order to do that the Heroes can either capture the Villains, or secure the weapon. Likewise the bad guys succeed if they protect their payload or detain the Heroes."

"Huh? Sounds like a classic action movie set up." In the back of his mind, Izuku was remembering an old arcade game he and Katsuki used to play a lot.

"Hero City V huh? I can get behind that." Katsuki let loose a rather bloodthirsty grin.

"Remember, the time's limited to ten minutes and we'll choose teams by drawing lots." Here, All Might produced a yellow box.

"Isn't there a better way?" Iida's question was answered by Izuku.

"Iida, think about it like this. Pro's often have to team up with Heroes from other agencies on the spot, I think that this might be why All Might set the team placements up like this." Of course he didn't mention that Toshinori had on more then one occasion join him and Katsuki playing Hero City V, where most of this set up seemed to be from (the drawing lots in place of the games randomiser mechanic.)

"Ahh I see, life is a random series of events and this exercise is to show us that, excuse my rudeness." Iida formally bowed to All Might in apology.

"Heh, no sweat, now let's draw," All Might chuckled, moving forward with the exercise.


Apparently, the drawing was done in two phases, the first box, coloured blue, had twenty sheets of paper inside it with the letter's A through J twice, every student would team up with the other student with the same letter.

Shoko stared at her letter, 'G', absent-mindedly, waiting for another student to draw the same letter.

"What letter did you get Shoko?" Uraraka asked, completely forgoing using her last name, not that she minded.

"...G" Shoko quietly replied, showing her paper.

"Aww, I got B, guess we aren't on the same team," Uraraka pouted a little, confusing the duel toned girl.

"Guess that means we're partners then," came a blunt voice from behind the two.

The speaker in question was Tsuyu. She was wearing a bright green turtle-neck bodysuit, a tan-coloured glove over each hand with a large buckle on each wrist-guard. Two matching belts, the first above her breasts, a strap looping around each shoulder, and the second one around her waist both having green dots embedded into them. Two black lines ran all the way down her suit, each framed with yellow, and she had tight black boots with markings in the shape of a "V" going up her thighs and ending in green webbed flippers resembling frogs' toes on her feet. She had a headband over her dark sea-green hair, its colour matching the tan of her gloves, and goggles with dark green-tinted lenses attached on either side. She was holding her own piece of paper with a 'B' on it.

"Awesome," Uraraka smiled widely. "My names Ochako Uraraka."

"Tsuyu Asui, but please call me Tsu," the frog like girl requested.

"Then feel free to call me Ochako," Ochako grinned.

Tsuyu faced Shoko, who had been silent, and tilted her head her head as if waiting.

"Shoko Todoroki... Shoko's fine," Shoko muttered, feeling a little out of sorts under the new girls scrutiny.

"Pleased to meet you Shoko," Tsuyu nodded in response.

"Shoko, what letter did you end up getting?" Momo had managed to get her own piece of paper and rejoined the group, hastily greeting and introducing herself to Tsuyu who again asked to be called 'Tsu.'

Shoko showed her paper to the blackette who let loose a brilliant smile.

"I got G as well, I look forward to working with you." Momo was happy to be in the same group as her friend.

"...Yeah." For some reason, Shoko found herself somewhat glad that Momo was her partner.

"Tch, C" Katsuki muttered at her piece of paper as Izuku came back with his. "What did you get?"

"I got F, you?" Izuku questioned.

"Fucking C, not sure if I'm glad to be against you or not," Katsuki growled out loud enough for people to hear.

"You got C, that means we're partners," A voice cut in, causing both teens to turn.

The speaker happened to be Kirishima. He was wearing two gear-shaped shoulder pads that were both dark red in colour, a jagged sash joining the one in his left to the right side of his belt, which had a red "R" set into its centre. He also had on a pair of baggy black pants and half cape with a ripped hem, with black boots covering his feet and multiple thick rings going around his calves. His chest was bare, and he wore a wired guard around his face, going from just above his hairline to below his jaw. An extra piece going over the bridge of his nose, and some spiked pieces around his mouth which resemble small fangs. He was grinning, showing his shark-like sharp teeth and holding up his piece of paper with a 'C' on it.

Katsuki rose an eyebrow at the boy before scoffing.

"Guess I coulda' done worse," she griped. "What's you name extra?"

"Hey, a little harsh there?" The boy questioned, still grinning. "Anyway, it's Eijiro Kirishima."

"Just tellin' it like it is Weird Hair," Katsuki shrugged.

"But I just told you my name," Kirishima grumbled.

"Don't worry about it, she's like this with everyone." Stepping in, Izuku offered a hand, ignoring his best friend's withering glare. "I'm Izuku Midoriya."

"Eijiro Kirishima," Kirishima's shark grin was back as he shook hands with Izuku. "So what's your letter bro?"

"It's F, I'm gonna go check around and see if someone's drawn it already," Izuku spoke, looking to the group of students, seemed only five were left to choose.

"If you are looking for the other student who has the paper with the letter F on it, then that would be me, meaning that you and I are to be partners for this exercise," a soft, inflection-less voice spoke, startling Izuku.

Turning around, he was met with a girl with short, chin length pale grey hair. It was parted to the right and hung down over the right side of her face. She was wearing a white, knee-length kimono with a furred collar. Three dark straps around her waist with knee-high socks and a black mask that covered her face from the bridge of her nose down. She was holding her elbows out from her body, her hands limply handing downwards, almost ghost-like.

"O...oh, didn't see you there," Izuku felt a little embarrassed that the girl had managed, without meaning to, sneak up on him. "I'm Izuku Midoriya."

The girl was silent for a few moments, before tilting her head a little to the side.

"My name is Reiko Yanagi, I sit behind you in class, seat 19. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Izuku Midoriya," the ghost girl replied in a drawn out, still emotionless voice.

"...The fuck is with that way of talking?" Katsuki asked, not being able to understand how someone talked like that.

"Filter Katsuki," Izuku chided jokingly. "Anyway, call me Izuku, hope we do well in the test."

The girl regarded her partner for a minute, before nodding slightly.

"Very well Izuku, I too hope that we will achieve some form of victory in today's lessons. I also hope that I manage to keep up with one of the three students who got in on recommendation." Izuku was surprised she knew that considering it wasn't actively broadcast. "...Oh, and you may also call me Reiko, in fact I would prefer you do, especially after allowing me to refer to you by your first name."

"Thanks Reiko," Izuku grinned at the weird, but oddly interesting girl.

"Geez, not that I'm calling her out on it, but she seems pretty long winded, huh?" Kirishima spoke up to Katsuki.

"Ya think?" Katsuki growled with a roll of her eyes, before noticing that the last person got their paper. "Looks like the next thing is starting."

"All right, now onto the next phase." All Might pulled out another box, this one red. "Similar to the last phase, this phase is also randomly drawn, I shall pull out two letters, the first will be the Hero Team, who's duty will be to locate the bomb and touch it to secure victory, failing that they may also apprehend the Villains with the supplied capture tape."

"Mr All Might, can we use our Quirks to capture our opponents?" The question was asked by and black haired boy with plain features. He was wearing a black, skin-tight body suit with a turtle neck, which was plain apart from a white design on his mid-torso area, and two yellow trimmings around each of his elbow-length sleeves. He also had ona pair of white boots, lined with yellow, and had white short bands around his waist and the sides of his thighs, a larger one across his chest to connect his yellow tape dispenser shaped shoulder pads. Under his arm he had a yellow helmet, shaped similarly to his shoulder pads, with a large black visor. His most stand out feature was that he had cylindrical tape dispenser shaped elbows.

"Of course you can young Sero, should you have a capture based Quirk," All Might grinned. "Now then the second letter I draw will be the Villains, their job will be to guard their payload, prevent the Heroes from touching the bomb for ten minutes or incapacitating the Hero's. Now let us not waste any time, the first Hero Team will be..." All Might rifled through the box before drawing a piece of paper. "Team E."

"All right, we're up first Sato." The exuberant voice belonged to a girl with pink skin, she was wearing a plain white mask over her gold and black eyes, and a purple and turquoise skin-tight bodysuit with a camouflage pattern, ending just above her breasts. Over that, she wore a cropped, sleeveless tan-coloured waistcoat with white fur along its collar, which was left unbuttoned. On her feet was a pair of brown boots that had tan-coloured cuffs, caps and soles.

"Wasn't expecting to go first," her partner spoke. He was a tall, muscular boy wearing a simplistic yellow bodysuit with a connected mask. His boots, gloves and belt were white.

"And our first Villain Team is... Team C," All might announced.

"Hell yeah, we're up first." Katsuki's hands sparked with anticipation.

"You don't care that were playing Villains?" Kirishima questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"It's for the purpose of the exercise Weird Hair and besides, isn't it a Villains job to fuck shit up? Now let's go," Katsuki growled walking toward the building that All Might directed them to.

"As for the rest of you, we will be observing from the building over there."All Might led the other sixteen students into another building.

Once in side Kaminari let out a low whistle.

"Man, that's a lot of camera's," he spoke out loud, he was wearing a plain white shirt, with an open black jacket that had a white lightning pattern across it's back, and matching pants with two lines running down his legs. He had a single, square-shaped earphone over his right ear that had a radio-like antenna sticking out of the top.

"Indeed, we shall observe the fights from here," All Might exclaimed. "After all, we learn just as much from watching other's as we do from trying ourselves."

"Wonder who's gonna win?" Sero questioned.

"Don't know 'bout you, but a wanna see Bakugo and Ashido throw down," Kaminari grinned.

"Because you're a pervert?" The question came from the girl standing next to Kaminari. She was wearing a black leather jacket with a long salmon-coloured shirt that had several rips at the collar and hem, black pants, and black boots. There were also two small, triangular red paint marks just below her eyes. She had a plain black choker over her neck, and white fingerless gloves.

"I prefer to think I just appreciate the female form," Kaminari defended himself.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night Sparky," the girl, Kyoka Jiro shrugged.

"All right, Villain's you have ten minutes to place the bomb anywhere you like in the building, after that the Hero's will enter the building, good luck to both Teams," All Might announced.

At that everyone focused on the screens, excited to see just how their first Hero Lesson will play out.


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