Rating: NC - 17

Pairing G/S. Category: Drama, Angst Summary: An awful car accident traps two souls and breaths life into a new friendship. Disclaimer: If only, I don't own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Chapter 1

It was 3 in the morning, and the sky was pitch black. The tall dark trees swayed in the heavy wind making a high whistling sound in the air. The Tahoe rounded on a country bend; on one side they were overlooking a valley and on the other were high red cliff walls. It all happened so fast.

The tight corner couldn't squeeze two mini's side by side rather than what actually met them instead. A huge refrigerator truck turned the corner sharply, obviously having trouble with its steering wheel. The Tahoe tried to swerve out of the way, but had no where to go. It was off the cliff or the cliff itself.

When everything went quiet and blacker than black, he opened his eyes. Strange colours whirled in front of his eyes making him nauseous and dizzy. His eyes closed them briefly before he tried again, this time the sickness was gone. He tried to move his hands to his head, but had no strength. He turned his head to the right and gasped at the sight of blood covering the passenger and front window. Glass was everywhere and her forehead was bleeding. He tried to move again and managed to raise his right hand, he carefully grasped her hand and squeezed it, she was still warm to the touch and he could feel her pulse beating slowly under his grip. He couldn't move his legs; they were trapped beneath the steering wheel column from where the cliff had pushed it forward from the impact. He remembered the truck and looked around him, as he moved his head he felt blood dripping down his cheek to his neck. He ignored it and looked out his window, nothing. He turned to look out the other window and saw the truck pressed up against the Tahoe. They were sandwiched between the cliff wall and the large heavy truck. No one seemed to be moving in the truck and so he assumed they might be dead or unconscious.

He turned his attention back to the brunette next to him. Her head still bleeding and he could see her right side trapped against the truck trailer and the passenger door. It had crushed together forcing her body against the dashboard and door. They both had there seatbelts on and at the moment they seemed to be the only things keeping them in their seats apart from the metal pressing into their fragile human bodies.

He must have past out or something because when he opened his eyes he could see his watch change from 4.34am to 4.35am. He could remember the time when the truck hit them and could just about figure out how long they had been there, but it didn't matter what the time was. They were heading back from a crime scene and took the back road to get back to the city; it was quicker than using the highway. Well it was supposed to be.

She woke with a stinging pain in her side and throbbing ache in her head. She tried to move, but couldn't. He eyes hurt to open and kept them closed. Her voice was raspy and painfully as she tried to speak. "Grissom."

He turned his head to her and reached for her hand. "I'm right here Sara."

"What happened?"

"A truck hit us."

She felt his hand, but only just, her whole body was numb. "Griss I can't feel my legs."

He was dreading those words, from himself and her. He closed his eyes and squeezed her hand. "I know, I can't feel mine either."

She tried to open her eyes again, but failed. Her face felt cool with the breeze that still blew. She shivered and yelped with pain as she moved instinctively from the biting cold.

"Sara stay still. You may have internal bleeding."

Silence encased the Tahoe for a long time. The wind howled and beat against the side of the truck and cliff. Small rocks and dust fell from the heavens and hit the crushed bonnet of the Tahoe making them both jump. They realised that it was going to be a long time before anyone was going to find them and it scared them that it might be too late when they did get to them.



"Can you get your phone?" He looked down at his jacket and released her hand to reach into his pocket. He struggled against the fabric and winced in pain from his back as he angled his hand. He grabbed the plastic and opened it.

"Let's hope it's working." He said pushing speed dial. Several slow beeps came down the line and then a steady ringing. He breathed deeply and instantly regretted it. "It's ringing." He told her softly trying not to get either of their hopes up.

"Willows." He tried to speak, but needed to cough. He carefully cleared his throat and winced in pain again. "Hello?"

"Cath." His voice sounded crackly and painful.

"Grissom, Where are you? We've been looking for you everywhere. God tell us next time before you disappear to a case would ya?"

His voice felt strangled as he spoke to her. "Cath, we had a crash."

"Oh God are you alright? Where are you?"

"Felo Rock back road, we're trapped." His voice was becoming weaker. "Sara." He handed the phone to her slowly and didn't let go until he was sure she held it firmly. "You got it?"

"Yeah. You ok?"

He shook his head. "Chest hurts." He went quiet.

Sara lifted the phone to her ear as much as she could. "Cath?"

"Sara, what happened, where's Gil?"

"He passed out, He's hurt bad."

"Ok, I've got the rescue team on there way now. Can you keep talking to me?"

"I'll try."

"Where are you hurt?"

She took another short breath and rested her head against the dashboard. "Lets say I have a good view of the engine and a lot of blood, mostly my own. I hurt everywhere."

"Just stay with me."

"Sorry Cath I'm tired."

"I know, but try and keep talking to me."

"I can't." She lowered her hand to the dash beside her head and drifted into unconsciousness.

"Sara? Sara?" Her voice faded away with the silence that filled the Tahoe. It seemed an eternity of pain and restless dreams. Dreams that haunted them both as they both drifted into deep unconsciousness. The wind and cold was not felt, the sounds and small rocks that fell to the Tahoe and truck vanished until there was nothing left.

Sara was never much of a sleeper, an insomniac in her own words, so when she didn't wake up their hopes fell. Worse thing was that neither did he.