CH.10: Coming out stronger

Camp Purity had been destroyed…not much of it was left standing after the fight that partook between her and Tara. Suffice to say though there were questions into Julian's tactics, his way of running things that led to this incident. Till things were solved the camp was closed until further notice and much as Trini tried she couldn't get to Tara. She did manage to exchange phone numbers with Bryan and hoped that he would keep her updated on his plans in terms of schooling.

The drive home with her family was not exactly the most pleasing. Her parents kept discussing alternative methods to improving her outlook on…well…who she decided to be with. Trini though would not have it…and as they parked at a gas station she stormed off. Her family was unsure what to do but eventually followed her. Trini stood there with her back to them standing up on a high rock, her hair swept about her as wind stirred it up.

"Trini get down from there this instant!" Her father calls out to her. However she knew her father would not climb up to stop her.

"Trini, please, listen to your father. This behavior of yours is simply unacceptable. Acting out because of what your father and I were discussing-."

"You two…do not get to decide who I can and cannot love. I live under your roof…yes, but, shouldn't I choose what my heart tells me? I do not like boys…I do not wish to be forced to like boys. Boys turn to men…so even when I am a woman I do not feel that my mind will change. I went to the camp…but…it just wasn't for me, I tried it, I did things your way…but now…I want to do it my way."

"That is not your call to make. And…we weren't trying to force you, were we?" Her father wavered and she finally turned around.

"You did not give me any choice…any choice was left out of the equation. I was to do as you said, go to this camp…come back a different daughter. Well even if I am grounded for the rest of my life…I will not change who I want to be with. To deny that part of me for even a second is like denying everything about me I like…and I refuse to do that. I am and forever will be…a lesbian."

Trini could see the reactions hitting her family and she was not sure how it would play out. Standing here confessing to her family some of what she had already said before…but…this time on a grander scale and not holding back. Camp may have been a bad thing…but…it also was a good thing as it brought her out of the closet and for the first time really connecting with another girl. The walk back to the gas station would be awkward…and…no doubt there would be blaming going on among her parents as to who was to be at fault for this, her brothers no doubt curious as to what was going on…but in the end this was her call…and she'd not be going back to the way she was before.

Tara had strayed away after many of the parents had shown up. She stood there then staring out at the lake after she was sure she was away from everyone. Trini would be looking for her but after what happened, well, she could not face her. Much of the devastation of the camp was partly, no, it was all on her but given there was no evidence of her transforming into the Purple Ranger and as authorities swept the scene no one talked of it, lest it was the people who worked at the camp which thankfully their story fell flat…she was in the clear. Now as she stood here she took a careful breath and removed the coin from her pocket.

"I am disappointed in you Tara. You had the chance to kill her, to kill the Yellow Ranger…yet you didn't. What was going through that mind of yours child?" Rita was out there in the lake…but Tara did not even bat an eye at her appearance.

"Mother…I have learned something about myself. I am free to choose who I want to be, and, to be honest I choose me being happy or being some pawn, some shadow of yours to control as you please. Right now…I prefer our relationship the way it is…though tomorrow I am hoping to never see you again."

Tara saw her mother's features tense but she holds out a hand silencing her. Her purple hair swept about her shoulders as she pushed out her hip in defiance. Rita loses any confidence to speak out and Tara continues.

"The family you put me with…I will be leaving them and seeking a new one. I don't care if I get shipped about the foster system…so long as I can start out new. Also…I plan on living my life free of being this…Purple Ranger; it has only reminded me that happiness does not come in a costume. Trini…well that is her choice but I'd rather keep her secret as just a normal teenage girl over being in a costume and knowing someday you will only use me to manipulate Trini or take control of me."

"Tara…be reasonable…think of all the good you can do!" Rita implores to her but Tara closes her eyes and lets out a held breath.

"Good, right, you and I both have differing views on what is good and what is not. It will take you a long…long time to be at the strength you were, so, maybe it is better if there is one less Ranger around…period." Tara summoned what strength she had…what strength would be permitted for such a deed and as her mother races at her she breaks the coin.

It shatters in her hand creating a purple pulsing light that throws her back and somehow also manages to catch her mother in the back wash or backlash of it.

"No…you can't…you miserable little…I should have never…" Her thrashing did her little good and as she cast a glare at her she could only smile. "Mother won't be able to help you now…poor pathetic child…when next we meet you will be the first on my list…"

"I can't wait…" Tara of course had wound up hitting a tree so as her Ranger strength and durability was leaving her she coughed a bit. She could taste her blood in her mouth and maybe a few cracked ribs. Still…right now the amount of Rangers seemed to work…maybe someday they'd be ready for another member, but, she knew it would not be her. Suddenly she cringes and feels like the air has escaped her…and all is black.

Trini had missed out on some school but when she got back she felt refreshed somehow. The first person to of course greet her was Zack. He was excited to see her as he threw his arms around her and spun her a bit.

"Ok, you can put me down now…I miss my feet." Trini smiles as he does so and she felt so glad to see him, so so glad. Zack was a good friend of hers and honestly if it weren't for him she may never have found the courage to talk to her parents.

"So…how did it go?" He walked alongside her as they were on the way to meet up with the others at school.

"Oh, well, turns out the camp was quite controlling and I wound up meeting this really cool girl, but things were complicated and turns out she was the daughter of Rita, I know, anyway she was sort of this puppet for Rita to use, her own daughter…and she was the Purple Ranger." Trini pauses to catch her breath and to let Zack catch up.

"So…Rita somehow managed to find time to have a daughter, who knew? I mean seriously, cause we knew her for such a short amount of time. Continue."

"Not much really to add after that, ooh, I met this cool guy, named Bryan…he was gay, but I am lesbian so we are going to be besties…if we ever get in touch. So I never told you her name…it is Tara, and we kissed…it was so hot…but nothing over the top. Sadly we fought…we shed some tears but after that much of the camp was destroyed and hard to say if my parents are still paying for my full time there or not."

"Hey guys!" Zack calls out to the others and Trini hadn't realized how far they had walked while she told her story.

"Trini you are back!" Kimberly hurries over to her and she hugs her tight. Trini embraces her as well and enjoys how the two had become close.

"Yep, and, hopefully it stays that way." Trini wanted to hear everything but she knew there would be time for that later. "Jason, Billy, glad to see some things never change."

"Hey I object to that…but…if it is any consideration I am a work in progress. Jason, well, he still has some issues to work out but he is a mold waiting for the right sculptor."

Jason looked offended but he laughed it off. It felt great to be back with everyone. This…she never wanted this to change or go away. She may have left…but…in the end Angel Grove was end game for her. They would talk for a bit longer but eventually the school bell rings signaling a 'to be continued' for their line of conversation and questions regarding her time at the camp.

Honestly she was glad for the bell as it would mean diving back into the school. News though of her adventure at Camp Purity was making rounds and people were looking at her differently, how, well for starter they were actually looking at her. Normally they just avoided her as she wasn't much to look at. Kimberly was kind of the hot one, still, yeah this was new.

"Don't pay them any mind…be proud of who you are own it." Zack nudged her and she appreciated his support. He had started off as the guy who wanted to be with her, to flirt with her…now he was someone she could depend on to have her back. He maybe straight, but, he was one of the good guys.

"Let them think what they want…you have nothing to be ashamed of." Kimberly smiles at her and slips her hand in hers. "Let people think what they want of this too…I am not about to leave my friend out in the open. This school needs to catch up with the times."

Trini manages to keep it together as they make their way to class. After that the day goes rather slowly. Trini had a load of assignments but it would give her time to catch up at home…given she was grounded after her stunt on that rock. Still…her parents were starting to process her words, if not accept, but that would come with time.

Trini sat in the quad with her feet on a bench as she looks at her phone. News had it that with the camp shut down a lot of those who had gone there were free to go back home. Chances are though there'd be some other camp that would await some of them, if not all. If a parent was committed to seeing their child turned straight…nothing would stop them. As such she had heard nothing from Bryan.

She was hoping that he would maybe get a chance to be free. Shutting her phone she knew that this nightmare was still going to go on…and…only when the world truly accepted them would such camps be torn down completely. Tara may have acted out and done some bad things, but, she was opening people's eyes to just what this sort of camp did to those who were taken there.

"You seem down…is everything alright?" Trini didn't lift her head as she studied her phone a bit longer.

"Why does the world have to be so…closed? It would be so much simpler if people were open to change, open to…love. People seem so set on one thing…I'm sorry, I know you probably were looking for a simple answer…truth is…no, I am not alright. The one girl I thought I had a chance with…she is gone; a friend may very well be gone as well. I have friends but even that isn't enough to bury these feelings I have-."

"Why does the girl have to be gone? Why does the guy have to be gone? Why can't things be simpler than that?" Trini scoffs a bit at that…but…as she goes to finally look up her breath is taken from her.

"You…and you…no way!" Trini sets up as she embraces the two figures standing before her. It can't be, but, it is .

"Alright girl, keep hugging us like this and we'll lose our breath. Look, I know you are hurting, but time will eventually wear the impression that we aren't the bad guys. Till then…just hold your head high amidst everything and sing a song from the heart." Bryan smiles as he eases back from her wearing those skinny legged jeans and a colorful jacket over a turtleneck.

"You always do know the right thing to say Bryan. So, you two going here now?" She tried to compose herself tucking her hair behind her ear.

"Yes, which reminds me I need to check in at the main office. I look forward to meeting these friends of yours Trini. Keep smiling and I can't wait to also see this drama department." He composes himself walking off with purpose.

This just left her with Tara and the two seemed awkward around each other. Trini studied her, finding her just as she remembered her. Tara had decided to wear purple colors except for her pants. Her jacket was open to reveal a sick sort of blouse she knew she couldn't pull off.

"I talked with Bryan's parents. Turns out they were open to discussion and after a bit Bryan was free to attend here, and…it may have helped that Bryan's parents were looking to work here. Now…as for my parents…I have left them, but, in that time have found parents who can accept me for who I am. And I can start school here…though…summer school might be on my radar if I am to make up credits."

Trini moves her hands about…not sure what to do with them. "And…what about us?" Trini was glad and all for Tara, but, she also felt there were some unresolved things hanging in the air between the two.

"You and I? Oh, that, yeah…about that…" Tara pulls her to her and she feels her cheeks flush. However she has to say she is feeling a rush.

"Tara…everyone is watching…" Trini does not fight her but she also squirms a bit. Their chests press together and their eyes seem to meet.

"Let them stare. I'm about to kiss my girl. That is how the story usually ends right?" Trini was not about to argue with her there. The two of them kiss then. There is mixed reaction of course but soon there is clapping. Trini doesn't turn to see who is clapping as she snakes her hands through Tara's jacket and holds her closer to her. If this whole experience has taught her anything it was…be true to yourself, and, never let go of dreams of love and acceptance, because, sometimes it was standing right there or…had purple hair.


Authors note: I hope you all enjoyed this work through the time it took me to write it. If they are making a sequel to the film I hope that Trini does actually get a girlfriend or they follow through with her sexuality. There are so few lesbian hero type characters in the film industry and for it also to be portrayed in a good and positive light. Anyway with those closing remarks thus ends our journey and thank all who have stuck with me through this. Who knows what femslash or yuri awaits on the other side, I will see what my time is like but for now…keep well everyone.