[Author's Notes: I wrote a series of stories about Mikuru Asahina's struggles
to adapt to a culture far different from the one in her time plane. I titled the
series, "The Mikuru Chronicles." I'll post a few of them here as I feel inspired.]

The Mikuru Chronicles: A Special Friendship

by Dizog

Chapter One - The White Dress

Haruhi Suzumiya shared her plan with the five members of the SOS Brigade as we sipped warm cups of tea at the cafe. "Search the south side of the city for anomalies," she commanded. We'd split up into two groups to cover more ground. Haruhi's hand hid the lengths of five straws. Mikuru Asahina and I drew the two shortest.

I'd never been on a real-life date with a girl before, so when Haruhi barked, "It's not a date," I was a little disappointed. Still, walking in the park next to this beautiful red-haired girl overjoyed me. The white sundress caressing her shapely form sparkled in the sun. We turned onto the path running parallel to the stream. I slowed my pace to match the sway of her hips.

She looked up at me with a sweet smile. "I'm very glad we both drew the short straws, Kyon."

"I am, too," I said.

"I know we've only been in the club for a couple weeks, but I feel like you're a very close friend."

I nodded my head. "I feel the same way."

"Since we're probably going to get closer to each other as time progresses, there's something I need to tell you. Something very personal."

"What's that?"

She took my hand. "I'm not from these parts."

The sudden display of affection shocked me, but I played it cool. "I knew that. You told me you transferred here from another school district when we first met, remember?"

"Here's the thing." She stopped and looked deep into my eyes. "I'm not just from another school district. I'm from another time plane."

"Another what?"

"I'm from the future."

"Huh? Are you telling me you're some kind of time traveler or something?"

Mikuru nodded. "Yes, that's one way to look at it. I have a device called a TPDD that allows me to control the flow of time in my vicinity."

I laughed out loud. "That's a good one. You really had me going there. I like your sense of humor."

She addressed me coldly. "I'm not kidding." She turned her head away. "And it was my plan to prove it to you today if I got the chance. If that's okay with you, that is."

"Sure," I said, playing along. "I have no problem with that."

"Good." Mikuru stopped at a park bench set on the grass along the side of the path. "Let's sit here and I'll demonstrate." She sat down. I sat next to her. She pulled the strap of her dress forward and let it go. "This is a very special dress."

"Is your dress the thing that lets you travel in time?"

"No, silly. That's my TPDD, which is… well, I keep it somewhere else. The special thing about this dress is… wait, I don't want to get ahead of myself." Mikuru closed her eyes and grunted. "There."

"Where?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Here," she answered with a sweet smile. "I put us in a time loop bubble."

I looked around. Everything looked absolutely normal. Joggers ran by. A couple holding hands strolled along the far side of the path in the opposite direction we'd been going. Birds flew in the distance. A biker whizzed past.

I wanted to continue playing along, but I didn't want to offend her either. She seemed so sincere. "To be honest, Mikuru, everything looks the same way it did thirty seconds ago." I pushed up against an imaginary ceiling. "And I don't feel any sort of bubble."

"Actually we're in a bubble with a radius extending three meters from my TPDD and you shouldn't feel any different. The people outside the bubble are the ones that are experiencing it. They can't see us now."


"When they look at this bench, they're seeing the time loop my TPDD is projecting. It's looping the first two minutes of us sitting here chatting, over and over again."

"Sure, it is." An elderly man and his wife walked by. I bent forward and waved my arms at them. "Hello," I yelled. "How are you doing?" But they walked on as if I didn't exist.

"All they see, hear, and smell are two young people sitting on a bench talking."

"No way," I said. I stood up and followed them. My eyes registered a slight flash when I walked through what I later learned was the TPDD event barrier. When I turned back toward the park bench, I saw Mikuru and me talking. "No way," I said again.

A hand materialized out of thin air, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me toward the park bench. Once again, my eyes registered a slight flash and I could see Mikuru Asahina again, her full body, tugging my wrist. "Please stay in the bubble, Kyon, or people will think that you're twins."

I followed her back to the bench and sat down. "That was amazing. How did you do that?"

"My TPDD creates a temporal inflection point at the place I direct it with the parameters I give it."

"So we can hide out in this bubble forever?"

"No, time is a fickle thing that doesn't like to get messed with. The bubble will collapse of its own accord in about thirty minutes. Miss Suzumiya expects us back in about an hour, so that gives me enough time to…" Mikuru sighed and hugged herself. She looked up at the sunny blue sky. "It really is a beautiful day, today."

"It gives you enough time to… to explain what you're doing in my time plane? Or whatever you call it?"

She tilted her head and smiled. "Yes, it gives me time to do that, too."

"So you've got this TPDD thing."

"Yes, I'll show it to you in a minute."

"And you've got this special dress." I waved my hand over her body. "That allows you to control time?"

"The dress has nothing to do with time travel. It's special for other reasons."

I checked my watch. "Well, my calculations tell me we've got about twenty-five minutes before this time loop bubble collapses, so what's so special about the dress?"

Mikuru stood and turned. "Pull the zipper down and I'll show you."

I stood behind her and pulled the zipper from her shoulder blades down to the small of her back. My mouth dropped open when the parting fabric revealed nothing but smooth pink skin underneath. She wasn't wearing any underclothes!

Mikuru turned around. "You can sit now." She stepped out of her sandals and pushed them under the bench with her toes. "The special thing about this sundress is that it comes off very easily." She slid the dress's straps off of her shoulders and pushed the fabric down over her hips. When the garment crumpled at her feet, she stepped out of it, picked it up, and lay it on the bench folded.

Suddenly, I found myself looking at the most beautiful totally naked girl I'd ever seen in my life. Her large full breasts hung majestically from her glorious frame. Gorgeous proportional hips glowed in the sun. Between her legs was the most perfect shaved vagina I'd ever seen. There wasn't a hair on her body.

"In my time plane," she said, "a girl performs a symbolic ritual when she makes a new special guy friend." Mikuru got on her knees and spread my legs. I looked down in awe as she lowered my zipper. To no one's surprise, my dick shot out like a rocket.

She lovingly stroked it. "I've been waiting to meet this fellow in person for a while," she said.

"Wait a minute. You've seen him before?"

Mikuru giggled. "Sort of. I created a time bubble in the men's locker room and watched you shower last week."

"No way."

"Way. Now stop talking while I perform the ritual. Just sit back and enjoy it. Please. Because I'm going to do my best."

I nodded. Mikuru took my dick into her mouth. For the next ten minutes, she pleasured me in the most incredible way, taking me down to her throat, kissing my shaft, teasing my balls with her tongue, sucking me in. I sensed that the nude beauty kneeling at my feet was having as much fun as I was.

She took me to the precipice a couple times before backing down, then sucking me there all over again. When I approached the cliff a third time, Mikuru took mercy on me. She orally stimulated me so persuasively, I exploded into her mouth. She expertly sucked my semen down as I provided a seemingly endless stream.

Eventually, I collapsed onto the benchback gasping, my arms outstretched to the sides.

Mikuru took my softening penis in both hands and pressed it against her warm cheek. "Thanks for being my special friend, Kyon." She kissed it and snuggled it back into my pants.

"Thank you," I said, running my fingers through her crimson hair. "That was very... unexpected."

Mikuru looked up with a cheery grin. "I know there's some things we do in my time plane that are foreign to your time plane, but some of our customs are so nice I'd never give them up. I guess I'm kind of old-fashioned that way. Actually, that would be new-fashioned in this time plane."

She stood, turned, and bent forward. Her perfect round bottom hovered near my face. I noticed a red led flashing in her anus. "Is that your TPDD," I said, touching it.

"Yes," she said, looking over her shoulder. "They made it into a butt plug so we'll always know we have it with us and we'll never lose it."

"Can I look at it?"

"Sure." Mikuru bent forward till her breasts touched her knees. "Pull it out. Gently. The thing is pretty much unbreakable, but my ass isn't."

The redhead squealed as I slowly pulled out then intruder. The TPDD resembled a shiny black four-inch-long torpedo with a circular fin on the end.

The nude girl sat down beside me. "It's amazing how much technology they shoved into that tiny little gizmo." Her breasts jiggled as she wiggled her hips. "It feels strange not having it inside me. You're welcome to replace it with something else if you'd like." She looked at my zipper. "If you're ready for round two."

I took Mikuru's hand. "Thanks… for showing me the extent of your friendship. But how far are we taking this? I mean, if someone would have told me this morning that a gorgeous naked redhead would be sucking me off in the middle of the park at ten in the morning, I would have smacked them."

"In my time plane, we do friendship differently. We can do it your way or we can do it my way. I prefer doing it my way, but I'm fine with doing it your way if you want. It was important for me to let you know you had the option, that's all. I guess what I'm trying to say is that as my special friend, I'm available for you sexually any time and any way you want me." She kissed me on the cheek.

"Thanks, Mikuru." I turned and cupped her breasts. "That means a lot to me."

I looked around. Here I was, holding a gorgeous nude girl's breasts in my hands, a girl that had just given me the best blowjob of my life — the only blowjob of my life, actually — and people were strolling, jogging, and biking by as if nothing bizarre was happening.

"I'd love to hang out with you like this all day," Mikuru said. She took my hands and moved them from her breasts to her thighs. "But this time loop bubble is going to collapse any minute. I better put on—"

"—your special dress," I said as I lifted the garment resting next to me.

She winked. "I told you it was special. Oh, wait." She turned and bent forward. "Please insert my TPDD before I forget it." She wiggled her bum. "Not that I could ever really forget that thing."

After I eased the torpedo back into her ass, Mikuru stood with arms raised. I reached around, cupped her breasts, and pulled her toward me. She moaned when I kissed her neck. "I think I'm going to enjoy being your special friend," I said.

"Me, too. Now please put my dress back on before we create a scene." I dropped the white garment over her shoulders and zipped her up. Mikuru spread the fabric evenly over her spectacular curves. She sat down and put on her sandals.

Seconds later, a slight flash informed us the time loop bubble had collapsed.

When we stood and faced each other, Mikuru's gaze shifted to my feet. "Look, Kyon. Please don't get too close to me."

My mouth dropped open. "What?"

"I mean, emotionally. It can only lead to trouble."

"Okay. But you'll always be available to me sexually?"

"Any time you want, any place you want, anything you want to do to me." She took my hand. "We're still friends, after all."

"Your time plane is really strange." I squeezed her hand. "But I'm not complaining."

We continued walking along the path. She took my arm. "You put up with my time plane's quirkiness and I'll put up with yours."

I reached down and squeezed her bottom. "Deal."