"Where the hell am I?" Oliver asked as he opened his eyes to find himself in a place he didn't recognize.

"A safe place." a strange voice said and Oliver turned to see a strange robed figure standing behind him.

"Who the hell are you?" Oliver asked.

"What is the last thing you remember Mr. Queen?" the figure said, dodging Oliver's question.

"The last thing I remember, I was on a mission with my team when suddenly, Rene, he turned on me and shot me in the throat. He killed me. So is this heaven or hell?" Oliver asked.

"No, you are in a void between realms. How much do you know of magic and the multiverse?" the figure said.

"Not much. Magic is a complete mystery to me and all I know about the multiverse is that there are 53 earths in it." Oliver said.

"53 known earths. There are an infinite number of earths." the figure said.

"Okay, will you please just tell me who you are and what the hell is going on?" Oliver asked.

"I am the Beyonder and you Mr. Queen, have a very rare opportunity." Beyonder said.

"What?" Oliver asked.

"All your years of dealing with the mystical movements of your earth and your few trips in the multiverse, you have enough residual mystical and multidimensional energy on you that you can be reborn in the body of any of your doppelgangers from other earths, whether they died due to outside influences or you took your own life." Beyonder said.

"Wait, so, like resurrection?" Oliver asked.

"Exactly, complete with both your current memories and the memories of the you from another Earth." Beyonder said.

"So, wait, I could see my parents again. Tommy, Laurel?" Oliver asked, his thoughts immediately going to his lost love, since he knew now and he honestly thought he'd always known, that he'd only settled for Felicity. His true love was and always has been Laurel and when he lost her, he felt like his only chance at happiness would've been with Felicity, since he'd never truly been worthy of Laurel.

"Yes." Beyonder said.

"Are there any earths where I still went through all I went through, but my father is still alive?" Oliver asked and Beyonder's eyes glowed for a second before nodding.

"Yes, Earth 66. Both you and your father were on the Gambit when it went down, but you did not end up in the same life raft as him and he was found by a rescue helicopter a few days after. He thought you were dead. Also, he and your mother are now unwilling members of Tempest, since after what happened, they both became too scared of Merlyn's retaliation to try to stop him again." Beyonder said and Oliver nodded.

"Is there anything else I should know?" Oliver asked.

"Yes, your son William does not exist on this earth, as you never had an affair with Samantha Clayton. Instead, Laurel was pregnant when you left on the Gambit and gave birth to a girl, Jasmine. And before you ask, no, the you of Earth 66 did not know that Laurel was pregnant, and you never returned to Star City your third year away, which is why you did not know." Beyonder said and Oliver nodded, taking that in.

"Okay then, at least this time I can be a bit more involved in my kid's life." Oliver said and Beyonder chuckled as something appeared his hands.

"What's that?" Oliver asked.

"Something you'll need once you get there." Beyonder said as suddenly, the item disappeared and Oliver looked down and saw he was now wearing his Green Arrow garb.

"Once you arrive, you will be wearing this above the clothes you were wearing when you died. Take it off and replace the suit Talia al Ghul gave you." Beyonder said.

"Okay, so where exactly am I going to be waking up?" Oliver asked.

"Lian Yu, right before Kovar captures you and injects you with the red death, since on this earth, he didn't use tranq, he used a lethal poison to take you out." Beyonder said and Oliver nodded.

"So, how does this work?" Oliver asked.

"Like this." Beyonder said as he punched Oliver with way more strength than he thought possible and he felt himself being torn apart as he flew back through some kind of vortex and the world went black.

When he woke up, Oliver found himself back on Lian Yu.

"How could you be alive?" he heard Kovar ask.

"You really thought you could get rid of me that easily?" Oliver asked as he leaped up and before Kovar could react, Oliver reached into his wrist gauntlet and tossed a flechette, which hit Kovar in his chest, killing him instantly.

"Not this time you son of a bitch." Oliver said as he quickly ran back to his crate so he could get ready to go home and also making plans as to how he could bring the team back together, or at least, a modified version of it comprised of people he knew he could trust and also wondering when exactly he should start trying to run for mayor, or if he should start out with Verdant and work from there.