In the land of Equestria lived 7 ponies and a dragon.

Twilight Sparkle - The princess of Friendship, the leader of the group, loves to study and be with her friends.

Rainbow Dash - a tomboyish pegasus, loves to fly fast and pull pranks, and loyal to her friends.

Applejack - a honest pony, lives at the farm with her family.

Rarity - a unicorn who loves fashion and owns 3 boutiques, and she's generous.

Pinkie Pie - a hyper party making pony, makes other laugh and funny.

Fluttershy - a shy pegasus, she's very kind and loves any kind of animal.

Starlight Glimmer - the most recent member of the group, used to be a enemy of the mane 6 but not anymore.

Spike - a little dragon, Twilight's apprentice.

Of course the they have face a lot of challenges overs the years since they met. Like making new friends, and facing new enemies. The most recent was the pony of shadows but they managed to save the pony who turned into.

One day Twilight's mentor Princess Celestia has sent a new delivery of books. The gang were putting them on the selves haft an hour later they were almost and as Twilight reached in to grab the last, but as she looked in the last one was very interesting.

Hey guys, look at this. She said calling her friends.

After putting the last of the books up Twilight and the other went to the throne room to get a better look.

The book itself was big with hundreds of pages, It also had a interesting title The Book Of Adventures.

The Book of Adventures? Rainbow Dash said confused.

What's it about? asked Spike.

I don't know, It doesn't have a author's name written in it. Said Twilight.

Opening the book with her magic she looked through the pages and saw some strange chapters, the others went to see themselves. And they saw some mysterious chapter names.

Star Wars, Back to the future, Aladdin? Said Rainbow Dash.

Jurassic Park, Balto, Hercules, and Armageddon? Twilight said.

The Mummy, DINOSAUR, The Emperor's new Groove? Said Spike.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Ice Age, and Treasure Planet? Starlight said.

What is this book? asked Pinkie Pie.

I don't know, but whatever it is It's a very mysterious book. Said Twilight.

20 minutes later the group walked back in the throne room after lunch. But saw something strange, the book of adventures is somehow glowing and playing some kind of music.

What's happening? Spike said nervously.

I'm not sure! Said Twilight a little panicked.

I say one of us goes and look at it. Applejack suggested.

I vote Twilight! Rainbow raising her hoof.

What?! Why me?! She said.

Your the one who brought it out!

Okay, fine!

Twilight slowly walked over the glowing book, she lightly tapped it with her hoof but nothing happen. Then using her magic she slowly lifted the cover to open it, then a force strong force of light opened the book completely catching them by surprised then the light then faded away and they something amazing. they saw different images of different worlds. Then they heard a strange voice.

From the magic within your hearts.

To the adventure beyond the horizon.

There is only 1 Story.

Then they saw different images of creatures, people and different worlds that they could never imagine then the images joined into one to make a castle of some kind. Then a image of some kind of large reptile turned and roared. Then it turned into a small glowing orb and flew around the group then dove into the book leaving the group of 8 amazed, stunned and stocked of what happen.

That... was... AWESOME! Shouted Rainbow.

I've never seen anything like that before in my life. Fluttershy.

That was amazing! Said Twilight. I never seen anything from a book ever before in my life.

Then the book begins to glow again and played a music of some kind. This time Twilight opened to the very 1st chapter of the book. And it said something.

Whoever reads this book will make the biggest adventures that they'll ever take. If you read a story in it, you'll become part of the story yourself. You will help a hero defeat a villain, help him/her reach their main goals. This book will take to places that no one can even think of or even imagine, from the deepest depths of the ocean, to the farthest corners of the galaxy, to even far back in the past. But beware, every now and then you'll be in a story with some of the most powerful and dangerous villains of all time. Some you can't even picture them in your worst nightmares. You will also learn a thing or 2 from the heroes of the stories some may have in common with you. They'll even learn from you as well,you'll even learn that even a dangerous animal can become a great friend and after you read the introduction of each chapter, you'll go inside the story, and good luck.

Whoa join the story ourselves! Said Rainbow Dash.

Sounds kinda like when we were sucked in that comic book I got. Said Spike.

Then Twilight turned a page to the very 1st story, called Fantasia.

Fantasia is magical world of music, and light. So far 2 parts of happen Toccata and Fugue in D minor, and Nutcracker Suite. The next one is called The Sorcerer's Apprentice

A powerful Sorcerer name Yen Sid was doing some powerful magic skills, while his apprentice name Mickey Mouse always dreamed of being a Sorcerer himself. Then Yen went to bed for the night as Mickey saw a chance to use powerful himself as he put his hat on. Red Twilight.

wait, were meeting a mouse? Rarity said confused.

aw, mice are cute. Said Fluttershy.

So, now what? asked Spike.

Now, we wait I think. Twilight answered.

Then the book released a bubble and it surrounded the 8 and with that the book sucked them in.

Darkness fades away as a elderly man in a orchestra appears.

Now we're going to hear a piece of music that tells a very definite story. He said. As a matter of fact, in this case the story came first and the composer wrote the music to go with it. It's a very old story. He continued. One that goes back almost 2,000 years a legend about a Sorcerer who had an apprentice. He was a bright young lad, very anxious to learn the business. As a matter of fact, he was a little too bright, because he started practicing some of the boss's best magic tricks before learning how to control them. One day, for instance, when he'd been told by his master to carry water to fill a cauldron, he had the brilliant idea of bringing a broomstick to life to carry the water for him. Well, this worked very well at first. Unfortunately, however, having forgotten the magic formula that would make the broomstick stop carrying the water, he found he'd started something he couldn't finish.

Long ago lived a elderly sorcerer named Yen Sid is very powerful with magic and he wears a special hat with magic. Meanwhile as he was busy with his magic close by was his apprentice Mickey Mouse carrying two buckets of water. And behind was Twilight and the others who were helping him as well. Mickey set his buckets down to stop for a minute and watch Yen as he created a smoke image of a dragon and then changed to a butterfly.

Mickey and the others filled the cauldron and watched as Yen continued. Then the butterfly disappeared in a skull and a bright flash of light happen, soon after that Yen yawned and took his hat off and the hat itself lightly flashed.

As Yen went up the stairs for the night, Mickey watched till he was gone. When he believes he's gone he looked over to the with a smile, he made a quick glance to sure his master is gone then rushed over to the hat as the Twilight and the others watched. Mickey grabs the hat and puts it on, for Rarity it was a good luck, even for Twilight since the hat had stars and a moon on it. Mickey then looked at a broomstick with a firm look. He then took a step forward and reached out his arms and starting to make the broomstick come to live, the group watches as before long the broomstick flashed and slowly it came to life. Twilight and the others has never seen anything like that. Mickey then made the broomstick grew arms and it pick them up and Mickey made the broomstick follow him with the others behind them. Before long they reached the fountain and Mickey gestured the broom the scoop the water, as it did they went the way they came.

The broomstick poured the water in the cauldron as the girls and Spike watch in amazement. Then began to head back to the fountain as Mickey appears to be getting the hang of this. Mickey then sat down on a chair continued making gestures as the broomstick came down with another bucket filled of water. As Mickey continued he was slowly starting to get tired as same with Twilight and the others, within seconds they fell asleep.

Then Mickey begins to dream of being one of the greatest sorcerers of all time. Making stars move, giant waves and thunder and lightning.

Twilight was having a similar dream like Mickey's of being very powerful with magic.

As they continued sleeping Mickey was still doing gestures in his sleep. Then suddenly they woke up as fell in water, confused of what was going on Mickey saw that the broomstick is pouring water in the cauldron and now it has over filled. Mickey and the others rushed over trying to get it to stop but it still kept going. Mickey tried to slow it down as well as Twilight but both were thrown in the cauldron. The broomstick headed up the stairs. As Mickey and the others came to a stop at entrance, Mickey saw an ax and grabbed it. He then rushed and started chopping the broom in to small pieces, it was over in seconds and Mickey came out. The group of 9 were glad that problem was over.

But behind the door the pieces of the broomstick started to become broomsticks by dozens, each with 2 buckets of water. And they begin walking to the door, meanwhile Mickey, Twilight and the other were beginning to head down to clean up the extra water. When suddenly they heard something from behind them and Mickey rush over and open the door a little to see what was going on. And was in complete horror of what he saw, Twilight saw it too and both quickly closed the door as they others came to help keep it close. Then the door flew open as the line of broomsticks began walking to the cauldron walking over the 9 friends and the broomsticks poured water in the cauldron one by one. The group hurried down and began to try to pour the extra water of a window, but the brooms were moving faster then they were. In no time they were swimming and the army of brooms continue their march as Mickey swam to the magic book hoping to find a spell to undo all of this. As the brooms continue Mickey, Twilight and the others were sucked in a whirlpool.

Then Yen Sid rushed downstairs to see what was going on, he then spread his arms out making the water vanish. Yen then approached Mickey and the others who were glad to be alive, then they saw yen and he was happy for what they did. Mickey took the hat off and gave it to him, Mickey and the others nervously smiled by yen was not buying that. Mickey then grabbed a broomstick and gave it to Yen and took it as Mickey grabbed to buckets, and he slowly walked away along with Twilight and the others. As they walked away Yen some reason had a small smirk on his face, Mickey notice and smiled for second before continued to walk, then yen shoved Mickey with the broom causing him to run out as well as the others.

Then the group of 8 were send high into space and saw the milky way galaxy luckily they were in breathable bubbles they soon approach the sun and other planets and saw the early earth. But earth at this time was a volcanic planet and millions of volcanoes erupted, and there was great oceans of lava. All the lava then flowed down to the early ocean.

Millions of years flash by in seconds then they saw a tiny organism that soon led to the first creatures to appear on earth. Before long the first fish appeared, then one fish has develop 4 fins on the side of it's body and they watched as the fish as it slowly took the first steps out of the sea and on to dry land.

hundreds of millions of years later they saw a huge number of different reptile and the sea like the snakelike mosasaurs, and the long necked pleasiosaurs, even flying reptile called pterosaurs fly over head to catch fish as one was snatch by a mosasaur.

many miles inland Twilight and the others saw a huge number of reptiles, including the greatest group of reptile of all time, the dinosaurs. And they grew to gigantic sizes as they watched a herd of dinosaurs in amazement. Like Apatosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. To even the hadrosaurs or duckbill dinosaurs, then it began to rain and they turn their attention to something, Twilight and the others looked to see what it was and saw something that made look like they seen a ghost. It was one of the biggest predators of all time Tyrannosaurus Rex, and he then charged towards the dinosaurs took off running as well as the mane 7 and Spike. Before long the T rex locked on to his victim has he bites a Stegosaurus by the tail, But the Stegosaurus won't go down without a fight. Twilight and her friends watched the fight from a safe distance as well as the other dinosaurs, Then the T rex bit the herbivore on the neck as he hit the predator with it's 4 spiked tail it manged to get free for a moment but the Tyrannosaurus wasn't going to give up yet. He then clamped his jaws on the neck of the Stegosaurus as he forced the dinosaur off it's feet. Then with a strong clamp of it's jaws the carnivore broke the Stegosaur's neck within seconds he was dead. the giant predator roars out and then begins to eat his meal as the dinosaurs walked away as well as Twilight and the others but fluttershy was the saddest the most.

Months later the climate has changed into some kind of mass extinction, the landscape has turned to desert and the remaining dinosaurs are living on whatever they could find. Eating what's left of trees and drinking any water that's left. Soon the dinosaurs are force to leave and travel to somewhere with food and water.

Twilight and her friends can only watch as they walked and one by one a dinosaur collapses due to hunger and thirst, not far away a few Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus got stuck in thick mud and a Pair of Ceratosaurus circles them.

Time has passed by and the ground has a trail of footprints, and the ground was litter with dinosaur skeletons. Some time later a large earthquake has hit as the ground rips open and raised up, then a colossal megatsunami washes miles inland. The groups were high above and though it's not the ending they thought it would be.

Then a bubble surrounded them and were send back home.

Safely back at home, The Book Of Adventures released them and they fell to the ground.

Whoa, I don't I had an adventure like that for a while! Said Rainbow Dash.

I hope we have another adventure soon! Pinkie said jumping.

You know, I think we'll be meeting new friends now we have this book,



This just the beginning for Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Starlight, and Spike.

This will show them amazing moments they'll never forget.

for the cat charmer: this is my own story and I don't want you to think i'm stealing something from you, because i'm not. the mane 6 goes disney is your story, and the book of adventures is my. and i hope you'll enjoy future chapters. and i hope you will continue with mane 6 goes disney.