Twilight and her friends were at the train station, and Twilight was excited.

"I honestly can't believe Shining Armor is coming today!" Twilight said.

"Easy, Twilight you'll have a few days to be with him." Rainbow said.

"I know, but it's just been a while since we spend some time together."

"Relax, the train will arrive." Said Trixie who has joined them

Then the train finally arrives, and came to a stop. And soon Shining Armor appeared.

"Hey, Twily!" Shining Armor calling by her sister's nickname.

"Hey, B.B.B.F.F!" Twilight hugged him.

"So, ready for a few days with me?"

"You bet!"

They soon arrived at the castle, and then the Book of Adventures is calling them.

"Uh, what's that?" Shining questioned.

"The Book of Adventures is calling us again." Said Applejack.

They soon headed to the throne room.

Once they entered inside, Shining Armor was looking at the Book of Adventures.

"Huh? Cadance actually told me about this." Said Shining said. "Are you for real that it pulls you in the stories of this?"

"Yeah, it's something to get use to." Said Rainbow.

Twilight soon opens the Book to the next chapter.

Jurassic Park III

207 miles west of Costa Rica, Isla Sorna now RESTRICTED. But that didn't stop some people on a boat, 2 crew members and a 12 year old name Eric Kirby and his friend Ben Hildebrand from parasailing to see the island's dinosaurs. They were soon brought into the air, and as they try to spot some. The boats enters a cloud of fog, with Ben and Eric they felt a strong jerk with their line. And when the boat exits the fog, there was no sign of the 2 members and the boat looked like it was attack by some kind of creature. Then they were in danger as the boat was heading towards a jag of rocks. But Ben has manage to get the line off just in time as the boat hits the rocks. With no other choice, they glided to the nearest source of land.

Isla Sorna.

Meanwhile, halfway around the world. Alan Grant was with Ellie Sattler who was now married to Mark and has 2 children. One of them is name Charlie, and Alan even tried to give him a lesson when he was playing with some a Brachiosaurus and Triceratops toy. And Charlie actually calls Alan "The Dinosaur Man". Later that evening, Alan told Ellie that he was working on mostly raptors. And of course Ellie remembers the events of Jurassic Park, and Alan said that they found what looked like a resonating chamber in a fossil skull. Meaning they had the ability to vocalize, and they were smart. Smarter than Dolphins or Whales, they were smarter than even Primates.

Sometime later, Alan did a presentation on the studies of raptor vocalization. And soon questions were asked, and the ones were refused on Jurassic park and the incident in San Diego. And a young woman said that he wouldn't want to get onto Isla Sorna to study them. But Alan said "No force on Earth or Heaven could get me on that island."

As soon as Twilight finished reading, she along with the others and Shining Armor were pulled into the Book of Adventures.

And arrive at a dig site in Fort Peck Lake, Montana.

"Uh, what just happen?" Shining Armor confused of what happen.

"Don't worry, you'll get use to it." Twilight assured.

"Twilight?" Said a familiar voice.

They turned and saw their old friend Alan Grant.

"My God, it's real great to see you ladies again." Alan said.

"You too, Alan." Rainbow said.

Then Alan noticed Shining Armor. "Uh, I don't... I don't remember seeing you. Who are you."

"Oh, this is my older brother, Shining Armor." Twilight introduced him. "Shining Armor, this Alan Grant."

"Nice meeting you." Said Shining Armor.

"You too." Said Alan.

A few minutes later, they joined Alan in a tent with a young Paleontologist name Billy Brennan.

Right now, he was going over something with a raptor.

"Meet the future of Paleontology." Said Billy. "It's a rapid prototyper. I enter in the scan data from the raptor's skull. The computer breaks it down into thousands of slices. Then this thing sculpts it, one layer at a time."

Then a beep was heard.

"It's done." Said Billy.

Then he brought a model of chamber of some kind.

"I give you the resonating chamber of a Velociraptor." Billy said.

"Whoa." Spike amazed.

"Listen to this." Billy said.

Billy blows through the chamber, and it almost sounded like a Velociraptor vocalizing.

"Wow." Alan looking at it. "This is brilliant, Billy. Really, it is."

"Yeah, it almost sounded real." Said Starlight.

"Sad to say, it's just a little nit late." Alan said sadly.

Then footsteps were heard. "Dr. Grant?"

They turned and saw a mid-aged man.

"Paul Kirby." He introduced himself. "Kirby Enterprises." He then showed his card. "Uh, my card. How you doing, Billy?"

Alan then stepped outside the tent. "What can I do for you, Mr. Kirby?"

"Well, um, first thing, I'm a great admirer of yours, and I have a proposition I'd like to discuss with you." Paul explained. "Would you have dinner with my wife and me this evening? It'll be our treat."

"Well, that'd be great, but I'm tired." Alan said. "I've been traveling. Maybe some other time."

"Believe me, this will be worth your while."

"We'd love to." Said Billy.

"Oh, terrific." Paul said. "That's the spirit. Good. This evening then."

That evening, they met with Paul and his wife Amanda.

"Amanda and I just love the outdoors." Paul said. "Heck, we've been on just about every adventure tour they can come up with. The Nile, Galapagos, K2."

"We even have two seats reserved on the first commercial flight to the moon." Said Amanda.

"Wow, that's something." Said Trixie.

"And for your wedding anniversary this year we wanted to do something really special." Paul explained.

"Once in a lifetime." Amanda said.

"So... I've charted an airplane to fly us over Isla Sorna... And we'd like you to be our guide."

"Uh, Sorna?" Spike questioned.

"That's a very kind offer, Mr. Kirby, but I'm a very, very busy man." Alan said. "I can recommend a couple of guys who are really highly qualified that-"

"No, no, no. You're the best." Paul said. "You've seen these animals in the flesh. There's no one that even comes close to you."

"Uh, me and my friends and experience with them." Twilight said.

"And by experience, you mean almost getting eaten!" Trixie muttered in a low voice.

"You wouldn't be able to fly low enough to see anything of any real interest." Said Alan.

"Well, see? That's the interesting part... Because we have permission to fly low." Amanda said.

"How low?" Billy asked.

"I'm no aviation expert, but a heck of lot lower than anybody else, I can tell you." Paul said.

"From what I understand, it's pretty much- It's whatever we want." Amanda said.

"That's hard to believe." Alan said.

"You see, through my business dealings- Import, export, emerging markets- I've made a lot of friends in high places." Paul said. "In this case, the Costa Rican Government."

"Dr. Grant, you have no idea how important it it to us that you come along." Amanda said. "It would make all the difference."

"Mrs. Kirby, I-I-"

"And, of course, we'd love to make a contribution to your research here." Paul said. "So..." He brought a check. "I could write all kinds of numbers on this check, Dr. Grant." He then brought out a pen. "Tell me... What's it gonna take?"

Sometime later, they were now all in a plane flying over the Pacific.

And towards Isla Sorna.

"Even with what I pay you, couldn't you afford a better bag?" Alan asked Billy.

"No way." Billy said. "This's one's lucky."

"How so?" Rainbow asked.

"A couple years ago, some buddies and I went hang gliding off these cliffs in New Zealand... And this big updraft came and swept me right against the side, WHAM!"

"Wow, that does sound lucky." Alan said.

"What happen?" Twilight asked.

"This strap alone saved my life." Billy held a strap up. "Got hooked on a rock as I was falling."

"Reverse Darwinism: Survival of the most Idiotic." Alan joked.

"Alan, I want to thank you for bringing me along."

"Yeah, well, the bones will still be there when we get back. That's the great thing about bones: they never run away. The truth is, you got me into this, and I have no intention of being on my own with these people."


Alan woke up with gasp as if he was dreaming.

"Wake up. We're almost there." Said Billy.

Finally, the plane has arrive to the waters of Isla Sorna.

And soon, the plane was flying over the island. Everyone soon started looking around as the plane descended lower.

And as the plane begins to fly over a large area field. Alan, Billy, Twilight and Shining Armor notice something on the left side of the plane.

On the field was a Triceratops and 2 Corythosaurus.

"My God, I'd forgotten." Alan said amazed by them.

"Never gets old." Said Twilight.

Soon the plane was flying over a field with dozens of dinosaurs. From Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Corythosaurus, Parasaurolophus to the largest, Brachiosaurus.

"We did it, honey." Paul holding his wife's arm. "We're here."

"Cooper, if you see anything, yell up." Udesky called from the pilot seat.

"No, I thought I'd keep it to myself." Said Cooper.

"I'm sorry. Everyone, if you look out the left of the plane, you can see a whole herd of Brachiosaurs." Alan called as a herd of Brachiosaurus were seen over a dozen of them. "In fact, you can see in the front of the group, the alpha male grazing there."

"Udesky, Nash, how'd bout up front" Paul asked. "You guys see anything?"

"Nothing yet, Mr. Kirby." Udesky said.

"Mrs. Kirby, look." Alan called. "Out here you'll see a group of Triceratops."

"Mr. Kirby, we have a landing strip up ahead." Nash called. "You want me to put her down?"

"No, no. I told you, I want to circle first, see the whole island." Paul said.

"I thought they'd said this place is off limits." Shining said confused.

"It is." Said Twilight.

"What do you mean set it down?" Alan confused. "You can't land here."

"Hold on. Hold On. I can explain." Paul trying to be reasonable.

"You cannot land on this island."

Amanda and Paul tried to explain, but then Alan got trying to get to the pilot row, but then he was hit in the head.

Minutes later, Alan finally woke up and sat up as Billy and Twilight waited for him.

"Billy, tell me we didn't land." Alan begged.

"Well..." Twilight said uneasy.


Outside, they heard Amanda calling through a microphone.

"I think they're looking for someone." Said Billy.

Soon they step outside.

"Oh, Dr. Grant, are you all right?" Paul asked. "I'm sorry we had to be so-"

"Who hit me? Alan asked. "Who hit me?"

"That would be Cooper." Paul pointed to Cooper who was heading into the treeline.

"What are they doing?" Twilight asked.

"They're setting up a perimeter to make the place safe." Paul answered. "These guys are good."

"Trust me on this island, there is no such thing as safe." Said Alan. "We have to get back on that plane."

Amanda continues to call through the microphone, and right now is a bad time to get careless.

"Will you tell your wife to stop making that noise?" Alan asked. "That is a very, very bad idea."

"And please hurry!" Trixie begged. "She probably got the attention of every dinosaur within a half mile!"

"Amanda!" Paul called.

"BEN!" Amanda continued calling through the microphone.

"Amanda? Honey? Dr. Grant said that's a bad idea."


"He says it's a bad idea!"


Rainbow growls impatiently. "I can't take it anymore!" She then rushed over to Amanda. "Give me that!" Rainbow took the microphone and threw it away. "Are you trying to get us eaten?!"

Then a loud roar was heard nearby.

"What was that?" Paul questioned.

"That's a Tyrannosaurus." Billy said.

"I don't think so." Said Alan since he knows what a T. Rex roar sounds like.

"No, I know what a T. Rex sounds like." Twilight said as gunshots were heard.

"It sounds bigger."

"Uh, what's bigger than a T. Rex?" Spike nervously step back.

Then Udesky and Nash came running out of the trees.

"We have to leave!" Udesky called. "We have to leave now!"

Soon Amanda and Rainbow ran towards the plane.

"What's going on?" Paul asked.

"Get in the plane!" Nash called.

Everyone begins to climb in the plane.

"What about the other guy?" Billy asked.

"We can't just leave him!" Applejack said.

"Cooper's a professional." Udesky assured. "He can handle himself."

They soon got in the plane, and soon the plane's engines started. And begins to move across the runway.

Then up ahead on the runway, Cooper came out of the trees and was bleeding.

"HEY!" He shouted. "STOP!"

Everyone soon saw him in the middle of the track.

"What are you doing?" Paul asked.

"That's Cooper." Alan called.

"Please stop." Cooper begged as he cried.

"Come on Coop, get out of the way." Nash said. "You know I can't stop this plane."

The plane was going too fast to make an immediate stop.

Then Cooper glanced to his left, and saw a large gray colored predatory dinosaur charging at him. And then it caught him in it's jaws as he made a run for it.

"Oh my God!" Nash pulling the plane up.

The plane begins to take off, and then it grazes on the dinosaur's back as blood was on the windshield. And the plane took some damaged.

"FUEL CUT OFF!" Udesky shouted.

"WE'RE GOING DOWN!" Nash shouted.

The next second, the plane was now flying through the tree canopy. And parts of the plane are being stripped off from the branches, from landing gear, wings, tail. Till finally the plane came to a stop on a large branch of a tree. And all that's left was the the plane's barrel body.

Inside, everyone was shaken but grateful to be still alive.

"That... was scary." Trixie said.

"You're telling me!" Spike clinging to her as well as Pinkie and Fluttershy.

"You okay?" Shining Armor asked his sister.

"Yeah." She answered.

"San Juan approach, Mayday! Mayday!" Udesky called on his radio.

"Who has the satellite phone?" Nash asked.

"I do." Paul said. "I got it right here."

As Paul handed the phone, Alan opens a side door caught on a branch. And found they are still 20 feet in the air still.

"Well?" Rainbow asked.

"We haven't landed yet." Alan said.

"Guess we're stuck up there for a while." Starlight said. "Till the branch gives, or something."

"Let's hope that won't happen." Rarity said.

Then the plane jolted.

"What was that?" Paul questioned.

At the front of the plane, a head of a creature of some kind looks through the cracked windshield. Amanda and Trixie noticed that and screamed.

The head moves down as Nash and Udesky looked and saw nothing.

"What? What is it? What?" Paul asked.

"What's gotten in to you, Trixie?" Starlight trying to pull a clinging Trixie off her.

"D-D-D-D-D-D-Dinosaur!" Trixie panicked.

Then suddenly, the plane shook as if it was in an earthquake.

"What is it?" Udesky said.

"Hold it!" Nash said. "Hang on, everyone!"

Then the 2 were screaming, and then the entire nose of the plane was ripped off like nothing from a creature. Udesky and Nash begin to climb inside as a head of a dinosaur shaped like a crocodile's appeared.

Only Udesky made it in time, and the dinosaur clamps it's jaws on Nash's leg. And then starts to pull him out.

"NO! NO! HELP ME!" Nash begged as he was being pulled out.

Then Nash was completely out, and the dinosaur starts shaking his head side to side. And then drops him, Nash begins to try and crawl to safety. But the dinosaur then plants his massive left foot on him. And then eats him whole.

Everyone saw that, and then the predatory dinosaur lifts his head revealing himself.


The biggest land predator of all time.

Then the Spinosaurus lets out a thunderous roar almost rivaling the T. Rex's.

"Sweet Celestia!" Spike hurried to the back of the back.

Soon everyone climbed to the back of the plane as the Spinosaurus continues to roar.

Everyone got to the back end of the plane, and their weight cause to the plane to tilt. And soon fell out of the tree. Once on the ground, the plane's body slams on the ground.

Outside, they saw the Spinosaurus foot stomps on the ground as he approaches. Then the plane felt as if it was hit by a freight train, and the planes body starting rolling a distance. It didn't stop till it hits the base of a tree.

Spike got dizzy from the rolling, and tries to stand up straight. And then Amanda saw the Spinosaurus approaching and she tried to run away as Spike was now outside.

Alan soon brought back inside, and Twilight quickly grab Spike by his tail and pulled him in.

Then the Spinosaurus reaches out with his arms, and pulls the plane's body to a suitable position.

And then, he places his enormous right foot on it. And the plane's body gets crushed and the windows breaks from 11 tons of dinosaur mass.

And then the Spinosaurus jabs his crocodile-like snout through the metal. And trying to snatch someone, but they quickly avoided the jaws each time he lifts up and pass through the gap.

"Follow me! This way!" Alan yelled.

They quickly got up, and started running.

"Move! Move!" Twilight shouted.

Soon the Spinosaurus turns and went after them.

They soon went into a field, as the branches were heard breaking as the Spinosaur crashed through the canopy.

"In here!" Alan yelled.

They started running into a denser part of the forest as the Spinosaurus burst out from the trees. They made it through just as the Spinosaurus got caught between 2 large trees as his size stops him from squeezing in.

And he lets out a roar in frustration.

Everyone continues to run till they think their far enough from him. And everyone was catching their breath.

"I think we lost him." Alan said.

"Come on." Twilight said.

They begin to head out, and as Alan push aside some plants. There was a dinosaur carcass in front of them.

"It's okay, it's dead." Alan reassured.

Then suddenly, a head of a Tyrannosaurus which was feeding on the carcass raised his head up in surprise.

"Rex!" Spike froze in panic.

"Nobody move a muscle." Alan said keeping still.

"It won't see us unless we move." Twilight keeping still.

But the T. Rex was not too happy of being disturb from his meal, and roars.

It was enough for the others to run.

"Raaaaats!" Twilight cursed as she and Alan started running.

Soon the T. Rex started chasing them, preferring fresh meat.

As they ran through a forest, and into a large space clearing. They stumble upon the Spinosaurus who has manage to find a large entrance for him to get in.

Everyone stops as the T. Rex appears from the bend.

Trapped between the T. Rex and the Spinosaurus, they quickly ran away. But in the process, Alan and Twilight tripped in the gap of 2 large logs.

And soon, the 2 giant predators roared at each other.

Both predators are separated by 30 million years of history. And live on 2 separate continents, and the roars mean they're starting a fight.

The Tyrannosaurus places a foot on the logs where Alan and Twilight trapped as they screamed. But the logs were thick enough to support his weight.

The T. Rex was the first to lunge, as he bites the Spinosaur on the neck forcing him to the ground. But the Spinosaur manages to get a footing as the T. Rex pulls and twirls him around. And the Spinosaur's tail knocks over a tree down almost crushing Trixie.

The Spinosaurus finally broke free of the Tyrannosaur's bite. And snapped at him, and both charged as they try to bite each other on the side. The T. Rex steps back and then charges and rams his head against the Spinosaur's leg with the force of a runaway freight train. The Rex got dazed by that, and seeing a window. The Spinosaurus clamps his teeth on the Rex's neck.

Alan and Twilight begin to crawl out of their hiding spot and glance at the battle.

The Tyrannosaurus roars as he tries to break free of the bigger predator's grip. And then, the Spinosaurus bends his neck, and the Rex's neck was twisted 90 degrees, to a breaking point as it snaps.

Alan and Twilight quickly got up and ran. And narrowly avoided getting crushed as the Tyrannosaur's body limps to the ground completely lifeless with a massive thud.

The greatest predator the Earth has ever seen. Killed, by the biggest.

The Spinosaurus got on the body, and watches the group ran away.

And then, he roars in triumph.

Paul was knock back after being punched by Alan.

"No, no, no." Amanda stopping him. "Please, please don't. Stop, p-please."

"It's time you did some explaining, Mr. Kirby." Alan rubbing his fist.

Later, they explain that the whole trip is suppose to get their son Eric.

"We called everyone." Paul explained. "We did everything we could. No one would help us. The Costa Rican Government said this is a no-fly zone. The U.S. Embassy- That's our U.S. Embassy- told us we should accept the inevitable. Can you believe that?"

"You let a 12 year old go parasailing alone?" Billy asked looking at a photo of Eric.


"He wasn't alone." Amanda explained. "He was with a friend of mine."

"Ben Hildebrand." Paul said.

"Paul and I divorced over a year."

"Alright, so why me?" Alan asked.

"He said we needed someone who'd been on the island before." Paul answered.

"Yes, but I did not tell you to kidnap somebody." Said Udesky.

"I have never been on this island." Alan said.

"Sure you have." Said Paul. "You wrote that book."

"That was Isla Nublar." Billy said. "This is Isla Sorna, Site "B"."

"Yeah, 2 different islands." Rainbow added.

"You mean there are 2 islands with dinosaurs on them?" Udesky asked.

"All right you stay out of this!" Paul said.

"All right, so how long have they been missing?" Alan asked.

"8 weeks." Paul turned to Amanda.

"Almost 8 weeks." Said Amanda.

"2 months?" Starlight stunned. "How anyone even last that long here?"

Spike shrugged.

"Billy." Alan said to him. "We go back to the plane and salvage what we can, then we make for the coast."

"Dr. Grant, we're not leaving this island without our son." Said Paul.

"Then you can go and look for him. Or you can stick with us as long as you don't hold us up. Either way... You probably won't get off this island alive."

Soon, Alan, Billy, Twilight and the others begin to make their way back to the plane.

While Udesky, Paul and Amanda stayed behind.

"So... What do we do?" Paul asked.

"We search for your son." Udesky answered and glance at the group leaving. "In the direction that they're going."

"Excellent. Excellent."

Then the 3 ran up to catch up with them.

Later, they were back at the plane remains. And were gathering up what they can.

Soon, Billy, Twilight, Shining, Rainbow were looking at the footprint left from the Spinosaurus.

"How would you classify it, Billy?" Alan approached.

"Well, it's a superpredator." Billy said. "Suchomimus." He made a gesture of the long snout. "Snout."

"No, think bigger."


"Not with that sail." Alan then brought out a tooth. "Spinosaurus Aegypticus."

Billy looks at the tooth. "I don't remember that on InGen's list."

"That's because it wasn't on their list, and that makes me wonder what else they were up to."

"Who knows what other dinosaurs they made and we don't know." Said Twilight.

Then they saw Paul struggling to put on a backpack. And then they slight feeling about something. And approach him.

"So, Mr. Kirby tell me, when you climbed K2, did you base camp at 25 or 30,000 feet?" Asked Billy.

"30,000 feet." Paul answered. "We were pretty close to the top."

"You were about a thousand feet above it, actually."

"No, no, that's a common mistake."

"Mr. Kirby." Alan said. "There's no such thing as Kirby Enterprises, is there?"

"It's Kirby Paint and Title Plus." Paul admitted. "The plus stands for bathroom fixtures. We're in the Westgate Shopping Center, Enid, Oklahoma."

"So I don't suppose that check you wrote us is any good." Billy said.

"Alright, alright. Now listen. I will pay you, no matter what."

"This is good." Alan muttered. "This is good. Here we are in the worst place in the world, and we're not even being paid."

"What else is new." Spike muttered as they begin to walk off.

After hiking for a while, they came across an old parasail.

They soon found Amanda's camera, and replace a battery. And watch a recording, and soon it changes to when they were flying by the island's coast. And soon it stops.

"He's alive." Paul said. "I know he's alive."

Then Alan and Billy turned to the chute.

"Can you fly one of those?" Alan asked.

"Maybe, as long as the sail's not torn." Billy said.

"Okay, let's try to get down." Twilight said.

"Well, let's take it." Said Alan said. "If we spot a plane, it might be a good way to get attention."

They begin to get the chute. Then suddenly there was creak sound, and then a skeleton was swung right next to Amanda. And then she started screaming her head off.

They were soon able get her free, but then she started running away.

"Get her back, Mr. Kirby." Alan said.

"Amanda!" Paul running after her.

They soon got the skeleton, once it was off. They begin to roll up the chute to take with them.

"Dr. Grant!" Paul's voice called. "You should come look at this!"

They headed over to where Paul and Amanda were at.

Once there, it appears they discover a nesting site with a dozen nests each with a clutch of eggs.

Alan soon knew which species it belongs to.

"Raptor!" He said quietly.

"There must be a whole group of them." Twilight at the nests.

Knowing that there was a pack somewhere out hunting. They immediately left the nest site knowing that they won't leave them alone for too long.

"We're gonna find him." Paul assured Amanda. "You listening to me? We're gonna find him. The kid's got resources. Remember what it was like to try to ground him?"

Then Alan stop saw noticed they were short on 1 member. "Where's Billy?"

He then begin to head back, but then found Billy within a second.

"What are you doing?" Alan asked.

"I was photographing the nest." Billy said.

"Don't do that again."

"I'm sorry."

"If we lose you, it's just me and the darn tourists."

Later, they came across an abandon building where they think Eric might be.

As they went in, Spike thought he saw something rush by.

Soon, they entered an old lad where it hatched dinosaur eggs. And there was old egg shells still left in some of them.

"Is this is how you make dinosaurs?" Amanda asked.

"No. This is how you play God." Alan said.

As they looked around, Amanda, Rainbow and Trixie noticed a water container with a raptor head.

"That's an impressive looking one." Said Trixie. "It's actually life like."

"A little... too life like." Rainbow said unsure. "Is it me, or does it seem too real."

Then they thought they saw it's eye slightly move.

"Huh?" Rainbow frowned.

Then suddenly, the raptor head jolted and then was revealed to be a living Velociraptor and it slips it's head through the gap between the containers making them jump.

"RAPTOR!" Rainbow shouted.

Everyone soon turns and saw the Velociraptor and started running. They soon ran into a hall with some cages, and came to a dead end. They quickly made a left turn, but the cage at the end was locked.

"It's locked!" Paul yelled.

They begin to turn back, but as they did. The Velociraptor appeared and came to a halt and saw them. Then they quickly headed inside a open cage, as the raptor charges and and went after the one that Amanda, Billy, Spike and Rainbow were in. They tried to hold the door back, but the raptor overpowers them. And soon backs them up to the other wall.

The others tried to get the raptor's attention away from them. But then the raptor froze, and looks up. They soon look up and saw the gap which seems big enough for him climb through. Then the raptor starts to climb up

"Push!" Amanda yelled.

Then they started pushing the door outside and to the other wall. Trapping the raptor as the locking slide holds the door close. And soon everyone starts running.

Then the Velociraptor started making a panic cawing sound.

Alan and Twilight stops and turns to him.

"My God." Alan knew what he was doing.

The cawing almost sounded like a distress call, as if he was in trouble.

"He's calling for help." Twilight said.

"Come on!" Paul pulling them away.

They quickly made their way outside the building, and made a run for the bushes.

After they were gone, the Velociraptor came out after getting himself free. And then stops and starts making a series of calls out to the rest of the pack. Which were not too far away.

Soon the group enters a large field with a grazing herd of Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus.

"Head to the herd!" Alan yelled.

Seeing the group running, made the Hadrosaurs instinctively know a predator was coming their way. And soon the entire herd starts running as now the group were now trying to avoid getting trampled.

In the process, Billy's bag slips off after tripping. And soon Alan grabs it. And soon, 2 Velociraptors scouting soon ran out of the forest. And Alan saw the forest nearby.

"Head for the trees!" Alan yelled.

They quickly headed into the forest, and then climbed up a tree to escape the raptors.

But Udesky got separated from them, and soon stops after a raptor hissing was heard.

Over with the others, they suddenly heard screaming.

"Udesky." Paul whispered.

A raptor approaches Udesky as he crawled. And then it place it's foot on his back, and then slashes it's big toe claw into his back as he screams in pain.

The others were still hiding in the tree.

"Mr. Kirby?" Called Billy's voice.

"Billy?" Paul called.

"Is Alan with you?"

Meanwhile Alan and Twilight were at a different part of the forest still hiding from the raptors.

Meanwhile in the trees, the group soon found Udesky's body.

"Mr. Udesky?" Amanda called. "Mr. Udesky?"

"He's dead." Billy said.

Then Udesky's right arm moves.

"Oh, my God, no he's not!" Amanda started climbing down.

"No, no, no, Wait!" Billy trying to stop her. "Something's not right."

"We gotta help him." Said Paul.

Then a branch that Amanda grabbed then snaps. And started falling till her legs got caught on a branch and she was hanging upside down. Then 2 Velociraptors arrived, and started jumping at her with snapping jaws trying to reach her. Soon Paul and Billy were able to pull her up, and they all watched as the raptors watch them below.

"They set a trap." Billy said. "They actually set a trap."

"These raptors are really intelligent." Said Fluttershy.

Meanwhile, somewhere else. Alan and Twilight were hiding in the grass watching 2 other Velociraptors.

"What are you saying?" Alan watched. "What are you looking for?"

"Are you looking for something important?" Twilight watched as well.

Back over with the others, the 2 raptors heard another raptor calling to regroup. And headed out, but not before one stayed behind and then bites on Udesky's head and then with a sharp jerk the raptor broke his neck.

Back over with Alan and Twilight, they looked behind a tree. And look out, but nothing was seen.

Then lowered down, and thinking it's safe they climbed out of their hiding spot. But then there was now a Velociraptor roaring at them, and approach them. And then a 2nd raptor appeared, and soon a 3rd. And then a 4th appeared. Alan and Twilight feared this was it.

But then a gas can appeared from nowhere, and smoke starts spewing as the raptors backed up.

And soon the raptors were forced to retreat.

And then, a young boy starts pulling them away.

Soon, they entered inside an abandon water truck.

"Thanks." Alan said. "Thanks a lot, Eric."

Eric turns to them. "You know who I am?"

"Yeah. Your parents are here."

They're looking for you." Said Twilight.

"Together?" Eric said.

"Together." Alan placing his bag down.

"That's not good." Said Eric. "They don't do so well together."

"You'd be surprised what people can do when they have to."

Then Eric realize who Alan was. "You're Alan Grant. What are you doing here?"

"Your parents, uh, invited me along."

"It's a long story." Twilight said.

The next morning, they exited the water truck. To try and find the others.

Later, they were looking down at a river on a cliff-edge.

"Yeah, there's a boat right alongside the bank." Alan looking through binoculars. "Looks in good shape."

"Rescue boat?" Eric asked.

"No, no. Just something left behind. But it floats."

"Just have to find a way down." Twilight said as they headed out.

Later they were hiking, and Eric brought out something.

"Know what this is?" Eric asked.

"That's a Raptor claw." Alan looking at it. "Used to have one. A fossil."

"Mine is new."

"How much of the island did you explore?" Twilight asked.

"I stayed pretty close to the compound." Eric answered. "I figured if anyone came looking for me, that's where they'd start."

"We need to get to the coast." Alan said. "That was the plan."

"Are you sure? Closer you get to the water, the bigger things get."

"Well, if we can find our way down into the canyon, we could follow the river out to the coast. After we find your parents."

"And the others." Twilight added. "Hope their okay."

"Listen." Eric said.

"What?" Alan asked.

"What is it?" Twilight asked.

Then a distant phone ring was heard.

"That's my dad's satellite phone!" Eric recognized it.

He then ran off, as Alan and Twilight ran behind him.

"Wait a minute! How do you know?" Alan asked.

"Kirby Paint and Title plus, in Westgate!" Eric said. "Dad!"

Meanwhile, Billy and the others were making their way to the coast hoping to meet up with Alan and Twilight if their alive still.

Then they stopped as if they heard something.

"Mom! Dad!"

Paul and Amanda recognized that voice.

"Eric!" Paul called.

"Eric!" Amanda called.

Then they started running towards to where the sound is coming from.

They soon ran out of the forest, as Eric, Alan and Twilight came out from the other side.

There might be a fence between them, but that didn't stop them from pulling into a hug.

"I knew it!" Paul happily.

And soon, Twilight hugged her friends and brother.

"Ah, you really had me worried." Shining Armor said.

"I'm fine really." Said Twilight.

"How did you know we here here?" Paul asked.

"The phone." Eric said. "That stupid jingle from the store, I heard it."

"My phone?"

"Yeah, your satellite phone."

"Where is it?" Amanda asked.

"I don't have it." Paul said.

"When did you use it last?"

"Uh, uh, on the plane. I got a call on the plane, and-"

Paul then remembered something.

"What?" Amanda asked. "What!"

"I loaned it to Nash." Paul said.

"Okay, and?" Rainbow said.

"He must've had it when he-"

Then the phone's ring was heard as everyone turned and saw the Spinosaurus at the edge of the forest.

"It's in his stomach, isn't it?" Starlight asked fearfully.

"Uh-huh." Rainbow nodded.

"Run." Alan said.

Then they started running as the Spinosaurus chased them. They were soon able to find a small gap through the wall. And they quickly went through, and the Spinosaurus roars in anger and leaves.

And everyone got back to their moment.

But he wasn't going to give up so easily.

Then the Spinosaurus rams through the wall breaking through.

And everyone quickly ran into the nearby building. And quickly closed the doors and locked them. And the Spinosaurus finally gives up and leaves.

"Alan, you wanna give me the bag back?" Said Billy.

"That's okay, Billy, I got it." Said Alan.

"Please give me the bag."

Then Alan and Twilight turned to him.

"It's not safe."

Knowing something's off, Alan unzips the bag and opens it revealing 2 eggs inside.

"Raptor eggs." Alan gasped. "Did you steal Raptor eggs?"

"Now it all makes sense." Said Twilight.

"I swear if I'd known that you were gonna end up with them-" Billy explained. "I took 'em on an impulse. I thought they'd be worth a fortune, enough to fund the dig site another 10 years. Look, you have to believe me. This was a stupid decision. But I did it with the best intentions."

"With the best intentions." Alan said. "Some of the worst things imaginable are being done with the best intentions. Billy, as far as I'm concerned, you're no better than the people that built this place."

Alan then walks over to a window, but as he holds out the bag attempting to drop it he froze and thought of something. And then puts the bag into his bag.

"What are you doing?" Paul approached. "Those things are after us because of those."

"Those things" know we have the eggs." Said Alan. "I drop them in the river, they'll still be after us."

"What if they catch us with 'em?"

"What if they catch us without 'em?"

"That's the bigger question." Twilight said.

"There's a boat at the bottom, just downriver." Alan called. "We can try and make it to the coast, at least."

They then went a staircase.

Soon the lower level into some kind of build on the side of a cliff. And they went some steps, and then it broke as Alan almost fell and Paul helped him up.

"You okay?" Paul asked.

"Yeah." Alan said.

"Okay, now which way?" Spike asked.

They then went over the walkway close by.

"Let's do this one at a time, shall we?" Alan said.

Alan then went across the bridge.

And he was able to make to the other end soon.

"Okay, come on over!" Alan called. "One at a time!"

Back over, Amanda soon went across.

Back over with Alan, he went to have a look around.

Soon, Amanda made it. "Okay, Eric! Come on, honey."

Soon Eric went across the bridge.

Back over with Alan, he noticed there was something off about this place.

Over with Eric as he slowly went across the bridge. The entire thing suddenly shook.

Back with Alan he then looks up as the fog level lifts a bit, and reveals a cage roof above them.

"Oh, my God." Alan gasped.

"What is it?" Amanda asked.

"It's a birdcage."

"For what?"

Back over with Eric, something started to appeared through the fog. And was revealed to be a Pteranodon.

Eric screamed, and then starts running away. And was soon snatched by the Pterosaur as it starts flying away. And everyone tried to follow it as they ran across the walkways.

Soon, the Pteranodon lowers Eric down and drops him near a nest with babies. He then got up and ran.

Over with Billy, he noticed a end of a walkway and then Alan appeared. And then Billy straps a belt on. And then Billy ran off.

Alan knew what he was up to.

"Billy? Billy? Billy, stop." Alan called. "Billy, stop! Don't Billy!"

Billy then jumps off the rail.

"Billy!" Alan cried.

Then Billy opens chute and glides away.

Alan then ran off and tried to follow Billy.

Back over with Eric, he trips and then the Pteranodon babies started attacking him. And then he saw Billy approaching him.

"JUMP!" He shouted.

Eric quickly rushes over to Billy. And jumps and grabs hold of Billy.

Over with Paul, he came to a section of walkway with a missing gap. And soon everyone else came, and then a Pteranodon appeared.

"Back the other way!" Shining said.

They ran back the other way as the Pteranodon followed them. And then lands over a section in front of them and then fall through the gap. They backed up as the Pterosaur approaches them. Then Alan kicks it in the face and then ran off.

Back over with Billy and Eric they were over some water.

"Let go now!" Billy yelled.

Eric let's go, and falls into the water.

Back with the others, they soon came back to the dead end. and are now cornered by the Pteranodon. But then the section broke loose and then they all fell into the river below, along with the Pteranodon.

And as it tries to fly out, the section of the walkway broke off and fell right on top of it. And the group begins to swim to shore.

Back over with Billy, he was still gliding and then the sail got caught on the ledge. And now he was hanging from the cliff. And Pteranodons started circling him.

Back with the others, they all climbed out of the river. And not far away, Eric climbs out and saw Billy.

"Eric!" Amanda ran over to him.

"There he is!" Eric pointed to Billy. "He's across the river!"

"Get him outta here!" Paul said as he, Alan, Twilight and Starlight ran to get Billy.

Soon Billy was able to un-clip himself from the chute and fell into the river. And soon Alan's group found Billy as he ran and then a Pteranodon snatched him and fell into the water.

"Hang on, Billy!" Alan ran to him.

"Get away!" Billy yelled.

Then 2 Pteranodons started attacking him as he was carried away by the river. And then a Pteranodon turns to them. And they ran, and Eric and the others soon got outside the cage. And Alan's group jump into the river and swam out the cage.

And they all made it onto a boat, and started flowing downriver.

Sometime later, they were still flowing down the river.

And as Eric and Alan were talking, Eric then noticed something as they pass the trees.

"Dr. Grant." Said Eric.

They soon looked, and there on the river bank was a herd of dinosaurs. With Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and even Brachiosaurus as one turns to them. And everyone watched the spectacle.

"Know something, Dr. Grant?" Eric said. "Billy was right."

And then 4 Brachiosaurus approach them as one lowered his head and bellows.

Hours pass, at was now night.

And then, a familiar sound was heard.

"That sounds like..." Spike said.

Soon they found the source where the phone's ring was coming from. But it was a disturbing spot, there were a few piles of dinosaur waste. Alan, Amanda and Paul went to find it. And was soon uncovered.

But then Eric saw something. "Look out!"

Then a Ceratosaurus appeared from the trees, and approaches them. He then lowers his head down and sniffs them, and then pulls back from the strong scent of the waste. And then he begins to leaves.

Later, it stared raining and they were still flowing down the river.

"Turn up the power." Paul said. "You've got juice for maybe one call. Whatever you do, don't call the U.S. Embassy. They won't do a single thing."

"Hey, guys! Come here!" Eric called from the front of the boat. "Look at this!"

"What is it?" Twilight called.

They looked, and through the water was a shoal of fish.

"Bonitos." Alan said.

"Something must have spooked them." Said Eric.

"Get the engine going, Mr. Kirby."

Paul begins to start the engine, as Alan tries to call someone.

Then suddenly the boat jolted back as something hit it. And then the Spinosaurus emerges from the water.

"YOU AGAIN!" Rainbow yelled.

Everyone went and inside the cage as the Spinosaurus bangs his head the cabin. And soon the Spinosaurus found them in the cage as he moves around it. And then suddenly, the dinosaur grabs the side of the cage and tries to pull the cage back and towards the water. And as they looked through the boxes for a weapon, the phone started ringing.

"Where's the phone?" Alan said.

They were soon able to reach the phone as the Spinosaurus pulled the cage into the water.

"Ellie? Ellie, listen to me." Alan spoke on the phone.

Meanwhile, Ellie was unaware of what's happening.

"Alan, are you on a cell phone?" Ellie asked. "I can't hear you?"

"THE RIVER! SITE "B"! THE RIVER!" Alan yelled through the phone.

And soon the cage sank under.

Soon Ellie's phone was beeping.

"Hello?" She called.

Charlie then starts imitating a dinosaur, and then Ellie rushed away.

Meanwhile, everyone was trying to get out of the cage as the Spinosaurus swung his head around through the water.

And Paul swam out and gasped for air, and saw the Spinosaurus reaching his right arm inside the cage. And then Paul saw a crane nearby, and swims over to it.

And soon he climbed up the arm of the crane. "Hey! Heyyyy!"

That got the Spinosaurus's attention and approaches him. As everyone begins to climb out of the cage.

Paul soon got to the top, and the Spinosaurus looks up at him.

Meanwhile, Alan dives into the water and soon found a flare gun. He soon fires, and the flare bounces of the Spinosaur's skin. And it hits the water causing a huge flame when the boat's fuel spilled into the water.

The Spinosaurus roars in panic, and then slams his body against the crane and Paul fell.

And soon the Spinosaurus flees into the on the opposite bank and disappeared.

When he was gone, everyone feared that Paul was dead.

"DAD!" Eric yelled.

"Paul, you jerk!" Amanda cried. "You can't leave me like this!"

But Paul has survived and climb out of the river. "I'm not going anywhere."

They turned and Amanda and Eric rushed over to him and hugged him.

Early, the next morning they were hiking through the forest.

"Shh. You hear that?" Alan stopped.

There was a distant rumbling sound.

"The ocean!" Eric said.

They begin to run, but as they got to a clearing. A Velociraptor appeared and then a 2nd one, and are joined by the rest of the pack.

"They want the eggs, otherwise we'd be dead already." Alan said.

Soon, the alpha female of the pack appeared.

"Everybody get down. She's challenging us." Alan said.

They got down, and Alan brought out his bag. And soon the alpha approaches them, and glances at Amanda.

"She thinks you stole the eggs." Alan said.

"Get behind me." Paul crawled up.

But the raptor hissed at him telling him to stay put. And then she starts sniffing Amanda.

When done, she made a screech.

"Give me the eggs." Amanda said softly.

Alan soon opens Billy's bag and reveals the 2 eggs. And one raptor starts cawing. Alan slowly brought out the eggs, and then notice the resonating chamber. Twilight noticed that as well. Alan handed Amanda the eggs, and she gently placed them down.

And then Alan blows through the chamber mimicking a raptor sound. The raptors glance each other and were surprise and confused by this.

"No! No, no, no. Call for help." Paul said.

Then Alan made a raptor distress call.

Then one Velociraptor acts up, and then begins to charge. But the alpha stops him.

And then there was a whirring sound, and soon the alpha calls to the other raptors to fall back. And then she lowered her head down, and gently picked up an egg in her mouth. And after looking at them for a moment, she begins to head back to the nesting site, and a male picks up the other egg and leaves.

"That's a helicopter." Paul getting up.

They soon got out of the trees, and saw a man.

"Dr. Grant? Dr. Alan Grant?" He called through a bullhorn.

And then an army appeared.

"Wow. You have to thank her now." Eric said. "She sent the Navy and the Marines!"

"God bless you, Ellie." Alan said.

They were soon brought into a helicopter, and then they discovered that Billy has survived the Pteranodons and is on a stretcher resting.

"Hey, you made it." Billy said weakly.

"Yeah." Said Twilight.

"I rescued your hat." Billy brought his hat.

"Oh, yeah. Well, that's the important thing."

Twilight and her friends were then brought back home safely.

"Wow, that was really crazy." Said Shining Armor.

"Don't worry, you'll get use to it." Twilight said. "This may not be the last adventure you have in that book."

As Alan, Eric, Paul and Amanda were being to a ship. They saw 3 Pteranodons flew by them.

"Where do you think they're going?" Eric asked.

"I don't know. Maybe just looking for new nesting grounds." Said Alan. "It's a whole new world for them."

"I dare 'em to nest in Enid, Oklahoma." Amanda said.

Paul smiled and then turned to her. "Let's go home."

And then Alan placed his hat on.

And the 3 Pteranodons flew high in the sky.