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So, this is my first ever Sound of Music fanfiction and I'm VERY nervous about it because I don't feel very confident when it comes to writing Maria and, please be kind! :P

This story is going to be made up of of several one-shots, they're all going to be part of the same story/timeline, but they're not going to be in chronological order. Furthermore, each one contains a one word prompt that I got from a random word generator.

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Maria stood in Georg's darkened study – her eyes straining to read the titles of the hundreds of books that stood impeccably upon the shelves in front of her. She felt herself shiver, but knew that it had no relation to the temperature. No, her shivers were all because of where she was stood, his study, but he wasn't just anybody, he wasn't Captain Von Trapp, nor was he even simply Georg; no, he was now her fiancée. She squeezed her eyes shut for just a moment and willed herself to stop being so stupid, but it was to no avail, she couldn't ward off the unmistakable feeling of anxiety.

She knew exactly why she was feeling it too. Their wedding was only a week away and she felt the spindly fingers of her nerves creep further up her spine – submerging her in the shadows of doubt – her only light was Georg; but he was a light that she was shamefully too afraid to approach. Metaphorically, she was kicking herself and she wished that for once – just once – she could be normal in this field, instead of some fearful ex nun-to-be who could barely think straight. Objectively she knew she was being ridiculous, but it was still so unfathomable to her how he could –

"Maria?" his soft voice questioned from behind her.

She whipped her head around and saw him leaning against the doorframe, the moonlight caressing his frame like a half-finished portrait.

"Oh, Georg…" she breathed as she brought a hand lightly to her breastbone, "…I didn't hear you come in"

"Sorry if I startled you" he said quietly, "…couldn't sleep?" he questioned.

"No, not really…I thought a book might make me feel tired" her tone was unusually reserved and even then Georg could spot it from a mile away.

"Maria, is everything okay?" he began to walk tentatively towards her – showing much more uncertainty than usual.

Maria looked to her feet.

"Of course…why wouldn't it be?" she was asking herself more than him.

"Sweetheart, I know when you're lying –"

"— I'm not lying" she assured – a little too quickly.

"Okay, well I know when there's something bothering you, or when there's something you're not telling me…you can trust me, surely you know that?"

She nodded slowly but didn't say a word.

"Whatever it is, I want to try and help, after all, we'll be married soon and –"

"—that's the problem" she murmured.

"What?" He could feel the air leaving his lungs as he awaited her response.

"I said that's the problem…" she couldn't meet his gaze and he noticed that her fists were clenched by her sides, her breathes ragged and uneven.

"Maria…are you…having second thoughts?" In truth, he was too afraid of the answer.

Her eyes finally darted up to meet his. Her jaw hung open ever so slightly and her cheeks flushed until they were positively crimson.

"Goodness, no!" she almost exclaimed, "Of course not!"

A whoosh of air left him as Georg sighed with deep relief. A smile began to spread across his face.

"Good" he chuckled, "You had me worried for a moment"

"I'm sorry" she replied – almost cracking a smile.

He stepped closer and ran the back of his hand down her cheek and Maria had to fight to keep her eyes from fluttering shut. His touches were so soft…

"I love you, Maria"

Then there was that oh so familiar feeling creeping up her spine again.

"Why?" she suddenly asked…she too, was afraid of the answer.

Georg stopped and pulled his hand away.

"What?" his eyes clouded over with confusion.

"I asked you why"

"As in, why do I love you?"

She nodded slowly.

"Why would you even ask?"

Her gaze fell to the floor again.

"It's nothing…I'm just being silly" she excused.

"Oh, Maria, your feelings could never be silly…now, what's got you upset?"

"Sometimes I…I just don't understand how you could love someone like me…" she breathed, "…I mean, you're a baron, you're an ex naval captain and you're…well, you're you, and what am I, Georg? –" she whimpered, "—just a nobody mountain girlwho couldn't even commit herself to God…I'm a governess, Georg…how can you possibly love someone like me?"

If hearts could break, Georg's would have been little more than dust.

"Oh, Maria" he breathed as he swept her into his arms – holding her as securely as possible.

"I'm sorry…" she murmured, "…sometimes it just creeps up on me"

"Maria, my darling, I love you, you understand? There hasn't been a single moment in which I've cared about your status or what you can be defined as, all I care about is who you are. And you are the woman that brought meaning back into my life, that loves my children like they're her own…you're the woman that brought music back into this house, you're the woman I want to marry and you're the woman that I'm so wholly in love with"

At some point during his speech, she had started crying.

"Shhh, my love" he sooth as he pulled her back so he could look into her eyes – those deep blue pools that he often found himself lost in.

"I'm sorry for acting so silly and doubtful…I think I sometimes have a hard time believing that I got so lucky"

"Sometimes I feel the same way, Maria…we all have our anxieties, but – if you can – I want you to let yours wash away, because I love you for who you are…"

With that, he leant in and brushed his lips lightly against hers – holding her close and savouring the softness of their tender kiss. Then, when they separated, he smiled and added…

"And I'm never going to stop"

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