The grill is heating up. The fridge is loaded with burgers, hot dogs, sausage patties and veggie kebabs. He laid in a supply of ginger ale, diet soda and beer. He just hopes someone brings cake.

O'Neill stretches his legs out, pulls his baseball cap over his eyes, and basks in the sun. He enjoys the quiet before the team gets here.

A knock at the door snaps him out of his nap. "O'Neill!" Teal'c's call rumbles through the house.

"Out here!" He waves to Teal'c and Jonas. They come out on the deck. "Where's Carter?"

"Major Carter is putting away the cake and her pasta salad." Teal'c informs him.

"Sweet." He grins. He should have known Carter would remember cake. And she made her awesome pasta salad. She comes out on the deck with a soda in her hand.

"Hello, sir." She smiles at him.

"Thanks for the cake, Major."

Recognizing the hint, she grins. "Yes, it's vanilla with chocolate frosting."

He nods. Not that he doubted her. "Janet said she and Cassie would bring something as well."

Jack's eyes brighten. He can always hope for pie as well as cake.

Jonas is exploring the backyard and taking photos. "Hey!" he shouts. The team turns to their friend.

O'Neill smiles when he sees what has gotten Jonas' attention. The next door neighbor's dog has trotted over and is sniffing Jonas's shoes and legs. Jonas is frozen in place staring down at the dog.

"He's fine, Jonas." Jack calls out. "Belongs to my neighbor." The curly haired black mutt leaves off Jonas and bounds up to O'Neill. "Hey, big guy." Jack strokes the dog setting him into a frenzy of wagging.

Jonas approaches carefully.

"Make a fist and hold it out," O'Neill tells him. "His name's Rex."

Jonas follows orders and the dog approaches carefully. He sniffs the hand. Satisfied the dog plops down in front of Jonas. The Kelownan looks up baffled.

"Pet him, Jonas." Carter advises. She holds out a fist and the dog sniffs it. Sam rubs the dog's ears and the dog wags his tail.

"OH." Jonas does the same. "Wow, his fur is so soft."

Jack's curious. "Don't you have dogs?" Granted his experience on Kelowna is limited, but most places they went had animals.

Jonas shrugs. "Not really. We have some Earth animals. But others are native to our planet." He continues to pet the dog. Rex has sidled closer. "The theory is that when the Go'auld kidnapped my ancestors they brought food and farm animals. We've never found archeological evidence beyond the Go'auld times for things like cows, goats, and pigs."

"No dogs, huh." Jack sounds sad. He flips the steaks.

Jonas continues. "Some people domesticated the native species. Mostly for food and pest control." He shrugs.

Jack pokes at the meat on the grill, "Explains some things," he mutters. Teal'c allows himself a small smile. He's the only one close enough to hear the mutter.

Rex has moved his head to get the best scratches. He slowly moves forward until Jonas is petting the dog's back hip. Rex leans in on him as he finds the best spot. His tail thumps and he pants happily.

"Wisdom comes in many forms," Teal'c observes.

"Huh?" Jack turns the kebabs and flips the burgers.

"Rex has been teaching Jonas Quinn how to make friends with a dog." Teal'c gestures to the two on the lawn.

Jack snickers. "Well, always go to the experts." He turns serious. "But I forgot how restricted life is for you guys on base. I'm sorry, Teal'c."

The Jaffa stares at him. "There is nothing to apologize for, O'Neill. The Tauri saved my life, granted me more freedom than I ever dreamed, and have taught me how to be a better leader for my people. Jonas Quinn has learned that as well."

Jack clears his throat. "Yeah, but you guys can get out more. I'll make sure of that." He promises. Teal'c inclines his head.

Carter comes up with a plate. "Burger ready, sir?" She has pasta salad and a decorated burger roll all ready. Jack pokes at his burgers. "Yeah, sure Carter. Try this one." He flips a patty on her plate.

"Trying isn't really reassuring in this context, sir." She teases him. She cuts off an edge of the meat. It's done. She grins at him and takes a bite of the burger.

"No respect around here," Jack mutters good naturedly.

"On the contrary, it is that we have eaten your cooking before, O'Neill." Teal'c deadpans.

Sam giggles around her first bite of sandwich. O'Neill shoots her a glare. She swallows and smiles at him. "It's good, sir."

Jonas bounds up to the deck with Rex following him. He piles his plate with everything. Jack is mollified. "Someone appreciates my cooking." He points to Jonas with his spatula. The dog sits at the foot of the steps tail wagging hopefully.

Sam and Teal'c exchange a glance and turn back to their plates. Jonas is well known for exploring Earth food. Everything from the spiciest curries to classic diner fare. He's developed a fondness for tea, toast, and fruit, but he prefers the savory side to the sweet. Today's lunch should be enough to satisfy him.