Hey guys, happy new year and all that jazz, anyway more importantly it's January 22, 2021. If you read my AN's you know what that means...

HAPPY REVERSE BIRTHDAY! Where on MY birthday, I give a gift of a fanfic update to you guys!

Unfortunately, this will be different than all my other updates, since it's less an "actual" update and more the "update on updates" kind of thing.

First off, where have I been?

Well, I'm still in college, my last year (2 semesters)... hopefully. So I'm still extremely busy, but I don't want to stray too far from tradition and let you all think I'm dead.

I also don't really use the regular website anymore, I almost exclusively use my phone, but the app has its own slew of issues.

I'm thinking of rewriting this, I dislike the more recent chapters, but I still like the concept ("What would the world be like had Monaca never fallen to Junko's despair?") and while the start may be a bit clunky, I still love it.

I think one of my favorite Dangan Ronpa fanfics on this website is "You are not alone! You have me!" by Ark19, so I might rewrite this and follow a somewhat similar thought, though identical, of course.

What I mean is, at the start of this story (My story, to clarify), I had a much slower character by character interaction, slowly adding them and that being the start of the story. We got to experience a very personal relationship between Makoto and everybody, and honestly, I think I ruined that when we got to Hope's Peak. Not entirely, I think I did a good job with characters like Sayaka, Chiaki, Fuyuhiko and Peko, and expand interactions with Chihiro. But I think I lost it with the rest of the cast.

What I mean, is when I rewrite this, I think having Makoto meet most of the cast beforehand, is simply better. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to have Makoto meet everybody, that'd ruin the fun, but I think I made it way too overwhelming that we never got the personal interactions everybody got.

My original intention was to ensure every character (At least the primary cast of 77 and 78) be dynamic characters. I wanted everyone to have their own unique interaction with Makoto, and their own interactions with each other apart from Makoto (For example, do you know every detail about ALL your friends' lives? Probably not. Maybe your best friend, or maybe a close group, but probably not every single friend). An example in this story, would be I still retain Peko and Fuyuhiko's relationship, Chihiro and Mondo's, and a bit with Hifumi and Celestia.

But, I think somewhere in the recent chapters, I've been neglecting a lot of what made the story fun to write in the first place: The wackiness of Ryoko's texts for one, and the (Not-so) constant presence of Monaca's influence.

I'm still really busy, so I can't guarantee that I'll be able to write here often (Especially with a senior design project, blegh).

I've been debating on moving to Archive of Our Own (AO3) but I'm not entirely familiar with it (Plus those tags? Holy crap that's overwhelming on its own) and I just don't know if I like the stories I find there. There are some absolutely phenomenal stories there and I do highly recommend giving a cursory search through them, but I just love FFN so much, I've been around since 2012, nearing a decade since making an account. I'd hate to just give this website up.

That's all for me from now, sorry this isn't a real update, but I'm hopefully going to come up with a rewrite (Or a new story, I'm weird and random like that).