The pirates were his home, his family. They were the ones who raised him when he was only a little phoenix to the alien he is now. He remembered like it was yesterday, the three captains cradling him in their arms, teaching him and also laughing with him. Now, Glen could only watch as those mighty ships sailed away. Belial was defeated. All thanks to the effort from the people of the second dimension, Planet Annu and also, the pirates themselves. It was sweet victory for them. Finally, free from the dark emperor.

'Go with him, you will become stronger.'

Those words echoed in his head. His eyes trailed away from the small silhouettes of the distancing ships to the Ultra standing beside Mirror Knight. It was the first time he actually got to observe him. He was small, not too small, just a couple of meters shorter than Glen himself. Silver, red and blue stripes wrapped around the toned and slim body and those calloused hands. He had seen how powerful they are. Ultraman Zero, that was his name, a being from another far away galaxy just to help them defeat Kaizer Belial.

Glen had to give himself a little credit on his observation skills. Zero is strong, physically but his social skills, not that much. It was obvious on how one-sided the conversation between him and Mirror Knight. The Knight was the one to do all of the talking while Zero was mere nodding, humming as a reply when directed a question. It seemed awkward. That was when something hit him. Does Zero even have friends?

The only other beings he saw interacting with the giant was Emeralana and the little boy, Nao. He seemed at ease with the both of them. Was it perhaps they travelled together? Faced a lot of hardships together in just a few days? Or was it because they were friendly? It wasn't that the Ultimate Force wasn't friendly but… All of them, mostly, did get off on the wrong foot.

Jean-bot was a grilled chicken when he met Zero.

He himself was rude to him.

Mirror Knight was possessed.

That's probably it then.

Maybe that's why he was mostly quiet, only interacting when necessary. He didn't know how to start a conversation with them. He didn't know what kind of topic to start with. He didn't know what he shouldn't say. He just didn't know. It was like he was afraid to lose his friends, probably his first few friends.

Ha! Zero afraid? Not in 20,000 years, like he always say.

But he wanted to know. He didn't know anything about the Ultra. Only that he is from the Land of Light, Nebula M78 and he was sent here to investigate something. Did he ever have any friends at his home planet?

"Hey Zero." He called out.

Yellow eyes looked at him and it was silent. Mirror Knight had stopped talking while the Jean bot stared at him as well. All was waiting for what he had to say. Was it really weird for him to have a 'civil' conversation? He huffed.

"Do you… have any friends where you come from?"

There it was, direct and blunt. He could see Zero tensed at the question. Was his thoughts right?

"Well…" The Ultra started carefully, "I do have some acquaintances."

"Acquaintances doesn't equal to friends, Zero." Mirror Knight added. If he ever had a mouth, he would be frowning, "Now that Glenfire mention it. Why come here alone?"

"They can only manage to send one of us to cross galaxies. I volunteered." He backed away slowly, "What's with you anyway Glenfire? Suddenly asking a question like that!"

"I was only curious! I mean, now we've become friends and I kinda want to know who your other friends as well!"

"I already answered your question anyway."

"Mirror just pointed out that those do not count as friends."

The grilled chicken finally decided to join the conversation as well, "We won't think lowly about you if you tell us the truth. We just wanted to know something about you, Zero."

Mirror Knight and Glenfire started to round the Ultra, making sure the other wouldn't escape. Jean bot was floating above them if Zero decided to take flight. Glen watched as he looked around for a way to escape before finally, his shoulders sagged, his head hung low.

"I don't have friends… alright?" He mumbled out, his fists clenched tightly, "I was exiled, just like Belial. I was young and immature. I thought power was everything and went after the Plasma Spark. That was why I was sent away for years. Training nonstop, trying to figure out a life lesson. The whole Belial crisis began after many years past of my training. After it was over, I earned myself the title 'Ultraman' but the Land of Light felt foreign to me. I never stick too long. Mostly, I played with a Pigmon I found."

Now, Glen started to wonder if it was the right thing to ask but Zero continued,

"Most of the Ultramen are red or blue, not both. Even if I did stayed, the others would pretty much be wary about me. Dad said that I'm special, that I'm not the only Ultraman that has multi-colours. There's Tiga, Dyna and also Cosmos but they're not from the Land of Light. That's why I volunteered to go."

As soon as Zero stopped speaking, he pulled him into a tight hug.

"We're your friends now though, Zero-chan." He teased and felt a squeezed from the other.

"We'll always be here for you, no matter what happens. We'll be your first friends, whether you like it or not!"

That earned him a small chuckle from the Ultra before he pulled away. Mirror Knight and the Jean bot took turns hugging the Ultra. It was a warm sight. Zero looked at ease with them, relaxing. True, it will be a long way before he would first decide to talk but they will always stick to his side, aiding him. They made sure to give Zero his daily dose of hugs as well, even though it does felt weird but Zero never did complained about it.

Glenfire was the first to introduce Zero with the term, 'Friends'.