Jean bot was a proud robot made by the royal family of the Esmeralda. Created by the toughest metal on the planet and fuelled by the emeralds, highly intelligent being, able to work efficiently without having a pilot. His duty had always been to protect and defend the princess from any harm. Now, he no longer serves them, instead travelled with his friends, defending the galaxy from any remnants of the Belial Empire.

They were an interesting little group. Ultimate Force Zero, founded by Ultraman Zero himself. Jean bot found it quiet amusing on how they were roped by the young Ultra. Being with them, Jean bot had analysed each and every one of their behaviours and unique abilities.

Mirror Knight was calm and collective. When it comes for diplomacy, he was the perfect candidate to do so.

Glenfire was fiery and impatient. He was also one of their powerhouses and the one to gloat the enemy into attacking first, which can be useful to catch them off guard.

And finally, Zero. To him, Zero was complex. He can be impatient, like Glen but he has a kind heart and that kind heart of his, which lead Jean bot to the situation at hand.

All of them had surrounded Zero once more as the Ultra had his back against the rocky wall, his hands hiding something behind his back.

"Will you guys quit it already? I'm not hiding anything!"

"Zero, why are you even hiding your hands?" Mirror Knight pointed out.

The Ultra merely huffed, his bright yellow eyes glaring at them. Zero was stubborn but his friends were equally stubborn as well. Surrounding Zero seemed like a regular occurrence to them. They stood their ground, never moving an inch for a few hours before a distressed signal was calling out to them. Glenfire and Mirror Knight looked conflicted, they wanted to pursue in getting Zero to open up but also torn to help the creatures in danger.

That was when Jean bot made a decision.

"Both of you go. Judging from the signal's magnetic wavelength, the planet wouldn't be far from here. I'll take care of our stubborn leader here."

Zero didn't even make a comment as he hid his hands more. It was concerning really. Did Zero distrust them that much? How long had they been together, a few months now? They wanted to help. They were his friends after all.

The warrior of flame and mirror agreed to the plan after a few minutes of consideration. "I'll be counting on you grilled chicken." Glen grumbled when he clapped his hand onto his metal shoulder before flying off, leaving Jean bot with his leader.

"How long are you going to be stubborn?"

"As long as it takes to make you leave."

So it began. The robot already knew he would win this round. He was a robot and robots don't get tired. Hours passed when Zero showed a slight sign of discomfort. His feet shuffled, trying to prevent them from sleeping but he stood strong, his eyes focused on his friend. The silence between them was tensed.

"We can do this all day Zero." Jean bot pipped when Zero's legs gave in, "Do you not trust us? We want to help you."

"You guys will probably laugh at me…" The Ultra mumbled.

The exhaustion probably got to him. Jean bot doesn't know if that's a good thing.

"Why would we laugh at you?"

"Maybe it's something childish to you!"

"I wouldn't know if I don't see it, Zero."

There, Zero hesitated. His eyes seemed conflicted whether to trust his words or not. So, he gave a little encouragement, his voice reprogrammed to be gentle and at the same time stern.

"You cannot simply judge a book by its covers. We want to understand you better. So we won't do anything you're not comfortable with. For that, Zero, we need you to trust us. True, it is difficult. We are from different galaxies. Our cultures differ but it can still be thread."

That little speech seemed to reach him.

Slowly, he revealed what was in his hands and it was a surprise indeed.

It was a monster, a mini Red King to be exact, curled up on Zero's palm, weakly growling at the robot. A small pained whimper came from the mini monster after that and Zero could only stroke it gently with a finger. He sounded so frustrated, not being able to help.

"I found him when we stopped at that deserted planet… He was crying out and I tried to heal him with my light but it didn't work!"

"Maybe he just needs something else for him to heal. Light is not always the answer."

Slowly, he opened his own palm. Zero seemed to get the idea and gently placed the small Red King onto the robotic hand. Jean bot quickly ran a scan on him. The temperature was slightly higher than usual. Vitals high as well and with small trembles running along the small body, he had concluded it was running a fever.

"It only has a small fever. I've already injected an antidote as well as a vaccine to prevent it from happening again."

"So, it'll get better soon?" He looked hopeful. Ah… how innocent he was despite being feared by many.

"He will. My scanner shows a Red King nest is nearby. It will recover faster if it is with its own species."

It was hard for Zero to part with the mini monster. For a short time, he had gotten attached to it.

"Jean bot?" Zero started as they flew away from the planet.

"Yes?" Simple and short, that was how he always spoke.

"Thank you… and sorry for not telling you sooner."

"It's fine. Next time, trust us. We won't ever make fun of you."

Sooner than he realized, he regretted it when he found himself nursing monsters being brought back by a certain Ultra. Well, at least he was happy as well as talking to them more about himself. It's a win-win situation that he doesn't mind at all.

Jean bot was the one to make Zero 'Trust' them.