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~ Somewhere In the Forest ~
Ash had beaten The Advance League now finally a pokemon Master, and is on his way home with May and Brock. But Someone has been on his been on Ash's mind lately...Misty. Yep his friend he hadn't seen or heard of the past year, over the months he really started to think about her a lot lately. He doesn't know why, but sooner or later he'll find out...

"Hey Ash, We are almost there at Cerulean City maybe we can go visit misty and *drool* Maybe her lovely sisters came back!!" Brock Lovingly said about Mistys 3 sisters

Ash got excited, "Yea!! I can't wait to see her!! Lets go!!" Ash yelled even more excited as he already is then ran so fast May and Brock lost sight of Ash.

Brock and May Sweatdrop.." Eh heh.. I guess he's excited about seeing Misty.."

" Yea, but one question who is Misty? " May asks very concerned for some reason..

" She used to travel with me and Ash a while back...she had to stay at her gym because her sisters needed her to watch the gym, we hadn't seen her over a year and well.. Ash and Misty are very close, and hopefully they'll even be more closer.." Brock answered as they started to follow Ash

May didn't look happy.. Then again she asks "Ummm What do you means even more closer?"

Brock Grins, then answers " What else? Boy friend and Girl friend "

May stops dead in her tracts, off in space now. Brock looks back concerned

" Uh, May? What's wrong? "

May came back to earth and Blushes " Oh.. yes, yes Im fine maybe it's just the heh "

Brock didn't look convinced " Well, whatever you say, if you aren't feeling okay just tell me. "

" Oh, sure, sure..." May said

" Well I think Ash is there by now... So lets go "

" Oh yea, sorry, but you go ahead I want to find a curtain pokemon right now.."

" Oh really? like what? "

" Ummmm a..-uhh.. a Beedrapie? " Darn! May thought! Already been a year and I still cant get the pokemon names right!

Brock fell anime style and sweatdropped " Uhh May, Its a Beedril and Caterpie.."

May Sweatdropped also " Oh! Yea a Beedril! That's it! So you go on I'll catch up okay? "

" Well okay, you be careful "

May was getting annoyed " Okay, okay heh you go now cya later you don't want Mistys sisters waiting! "

Brock Idmeditly remembered and ran so fast you lost him after a second.

Finially! May thought, Now I can think... Now Misty... Does she like Ash? Well Brock said they are close.. She better not... Cause Ash is Mine! Well... Not yet but sooner or later he will!! Misty... You got some competition in your hands if you do like Ash...

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