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We see Ash and Brock in Cerulean City's pokemon Center just taking a quick break and waiting for May to come back..

"Hmm, May is taking a little long catching that Beedril I mean, there are tons of em out here they are easy to catch." Brock Finished sounding worried

"Hmm Yea.. Well we should get May first then go see Misty, I think May And Misty will be good friends, they do have a lot in common." Ash answered heading out the door with Brock

"Heh, Yea, I noticed they did, Who knows maybe they'll become best friends!" Brock said

-In The Forest-
They went Back to The Forest to look for May. Then a few minutes later they found May sitting on a log and she looked like she was in deep thought..

"Hey May!" Ash yelled running up to her and tapped on her shoulder

"Ahhh!!" May yelled and got out her mallet then KOed Ash...ouch...

"OMG I SO SORRY ASH YOU SCARED ME!! SORRY!!!" May Yelled at Ash Dropping to her knees next to Ash trying to help Ash up

Ash Just Smiled "Heh, Don't worry May, Misty used to do that all the time! So I'm used to it"

May quickly got jealous Again and dropped Ash to the ground and walked away out of the forest while mumbling a few words

Ash was clueless "What? Was it something I said?"

Brock also was clueless about May's reaction after what Ash said, about Misty? Brock thought Could she..? Nah!

"Well I think it was something you said, maybe you should ask before we visit Mi-"

Brock Was interrupted by Ash.

"OMG! I totally forgot! Let's go to the Gym now! I'll ask may later!" Ash yelled while he was running out of the forest

Brock Sighs, 'Kids..' he said to himself then ran after him.
Ash Caught up with May then said to her

"Follow me, we are going to Misty's now and I know you'll like her, she's a really great person and I think you too will be great friends!"

May got madder, she was trying to hide her crimson cheeks from Ash and tried to clam down just a little to answer him. She Faked a Smile at him then answered "Oh, Sure Ash! Can't wait to meet her!" not.. May thought

Ash Looked at her there seemed to be something wrong with her, but he said to himself that he will ask later. 'Now On to Misty's Ash thought very excited again.


"Well, Here we are, Cerulean City Gym!" Ash said happily and comming up to the door.

Ash Took a deep Breath then went inside the Gym followed by May And Brock.

They looked around the gym and therewas a lot more improvment in the gym last time they saw it.

" Wow Misty Must have been really taking care of this gym, it looks brained new!" Brock said

"Yea She did a great job taking care of the place, but were's Misty?"

Like On Que, they heard foot steps coming on their dicrection and then they saw a figure in the shadows, the figure came closer and it showed.....

" Misty? " Ash and Brock said at the same time
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