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Kotomine Kirei x Kagome Alter


Dark violet eyes immediately snapped open at the sound of the deep voice and her body was instantly ready for action of any sort should he give her any orders.

"Yes, Master?" She asked, standing up from the spot she had been sitting for a good part of the day whilst ignoring the two pairs of red eyes that followed her every move, "How may I be of service to you today?"

Kotomine smirked, immensely enjoying the sight of the corrupted Archer Servant as she knelt down on one knee before him, 'Although the Fourth Holy Grail was ultimately a failure,' He mused for a bit, staring down at the kneeling girl, 'I still did receive, at least, one spoil of the war.'

She had been stubborn, but not even the Shikon Miko could hold onto her purity against the infinite amount of curses that the Holy Grail possessed.

And as such, her soul had turned completely black.

Yet, he did not expect for her to devote herself to him so completely, especially since they had clashed like oil and water back when Kagome's spirit was as pure as freshly fallen snow.

Of course he also knew it was not her choice to do so, but that of the darkness of her now corrupted soul.

"It would seem that Lancer here has not done his job properly," Kotomine mocked, quickly earning a dark glare from the blue-haired Servant as he tightened his grip around his spear, "The witness of the battle between Lancer and Archer still lives."

Kagome opened her eyes and glanced upwards with orbs that were the same colour of the tainted Shikon no Tama, "Master, are you sending me out?" She tilted her head, "Do you wish me to kill this witness?"

Kotomine gestured for her to rise, which she did so promptly, having to pull back her head as their significant height difference became obvious, "Yes, I am," His smirk only grew darker, "Do you have objections, Kagome?"

"Never," Kagome answered with a cold voice, swiftly materializing her Taijiya uniform padded with blue armour, "Is there a particular way in which I should I kill this witness?"

"Cannot even decide that for your own, Priestess?" An amused snicker sounded behind her, though she did not even bother to look, "Bathe in their blood, girl. Such a sight would be stunning, would it not be, Kirei?"

Kotomine glanced at Gilgamesh, who seemed to be taking in the situation with a sadistic delight, "Perhaps you should, Kagome," He finally said after a moment, disregarding Lancer's noise of disbelief in the background, "When was the last I sent you out on such a task?"

"If that is what Master wishes," Kagome bowed deeply, materializing her Azusa Bow, which had blackened from its normal red colour from her corruption, "I will not fail you." And with that, she was gone.

"You are one fucking sick man," Lancer finally growled, "Forcing a Priestess of all beings to do your shitty dirty work. What the hell did you do to the girl to get her to that state?!"

"And such a beautiful state, is it not?" Gilgamesh snickered before overlooking Lancer to stare at Kotomine, "You best watch yourself, Kirei. It won't be long now before I steal your beloved Priestess from your hold for my own treasury." He could only chuckle darkly as the Priest simply uttered the response he expected to hear.

"Then come."