While Peter Pan stood in silence to think, Brittany noticed how long it was taking him. ". ""Ahem..are you going to answer? Why are you in the palace?",asked Brittany.

"Well..oh..yes! I was one day flying home to NeverLand, the wind was blowing me too hard this way and that's how I ended me up here.",said Peter Pan.

Brittany raised a eyebrow up

"What's NeverLand?",asked Brittany.

"Oh!?! NeverLand is the most beautiful place to be. There are lost boys, Native Americans ,mermaids and pirates! Watch out for pirates because the pirates in NeverLand always like to cause trouble.",nodded Peter Pan.

Brittany was quiet for a minute. It sounded like NeverLand seemed way more fun than here in the palace.

Brittany had gotten grounded because her parents found the cake that she threw in the garbage. She had lied to her parents about her liking the flavor vanilla. So frustrating to get grounded for lying about liking the flavor of vanilla anyway!

"Peter Pan?",asked Brittany

"Yes Brittany?",asked Peter Pan.

"Can I travel to NeverLand with you?" Asked Brittany

"Uh sure, just one second.",said Peter Pan.

He ran up to the opened window that he came in to whistle to the outside

"Who are you calling?" Asked Brittany

"Wait and see.",said Peter Pan.