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The results were out. Classes were assigned. U.A.'s first semester was starting today, much to the 220 first-years' enthusiasm.

A certain green-haired boy approached a door tentatively, and opened it slightly. Peering inside, he visibly flinched at the cacophony inside the classroom.

"U-umm… Excuse me, i-is this Class 1-B?"

A blond boy walked in front of him, running his hands through his hair as he sneered, "Yes, this is Class B. What, are you from Class A, here to mock us? Well, we- gack!"

He slumped forwards, mid-sentence, as a girl popped up behind him. "Sorry 'bout that! Neito's a bit… You know."

"R-right…" Somehow, the boy seemed to be shrinking into himself even further, despite his short stature. "So… I take it that this is Class 1-B?"

Nodding, the orange-haired girl shot a glance back into the classroom, before looking back at him. "Umm… Why are you here? All twenty of us are already here, so…"

This confused the boy greatly. "Wh-what? But they said…"

Suddenly, a large figure appeared behind him, and a booming laugh made him jump. "Young boy, go into the classroom and I'll explain everything, got it?"

Nodding rapidly, the timid boy hurried into the class without looking back, which revealed a large, gray-haired man in a red-and-black costume.

The man promptly walked in boisterously, and silenced the class.

"Welcome to U.A., young heroes! I am Blood Hero Vlad King, your homeroom teacher!"

Neito and the girl from before sat themselves in front and to the left of the green-haired kid, respectively. Said person was near the window, at the back of the room, sitting up straight and giving the teacher his undivided attention.

"As some of you may have noticed, there are 21 students in this class, instead of the usual 20!"

Seeing nods and confused glances, he grinned. "Izuku Midoriya! Can you come up here?"

"M-me?" the green-haired boy squeaked, shrinking into his seat.

Seeing a nod off confirmation, he took a deep breath, and walked to the front of the class with a shaky smile.

"Midoriya here got 7th on the practical, and 4th on the written exam, which normally would have landed him in Class A!" the teacher said, speaking unnecessarily loudly as Izuku blushed red. "However, the staff deducted points from him, due to his injury. That is why he is now in Class B, so treat him well!"

Frankly, most of the class were amazed Midoriya's head hadn't exploded yet, given the shade of red he was inventing with his face.

Shakily, he returned back to his seat, and promptly shrank into the chair as the girl besides him clapped him on the back.


Bakugou Katsuki was not a happy camper. Or a happy student, for that matter.

Currently, their lazy-ass teacher brought them outside to throw some shitty balls, and he was to go first, as an example.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shade of green that made him red with fury.

How had the Quirkless idiot gotten in?

Changing the trajectory of the ball at the last minute, he hurled the ball at the person inside the building in a mixture of rage, instinct, and habit.

As he did,he yelled one thing:



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