Angel Corrupted

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"These 'shadow games' the mortals play are getting out of control," one of the angels in the council spoke. "If we do not intervene they could become a threat even to us!"

            A different angel scoffed. "A threat? How could anything mortals wield be a threat to us? We are above their chaotic world!"

            "Have you not been watching?" the first council member snapped, "The humans are calling upon powers far beyond their own. Strange, dark powers that they have not the skill to control. If these powers grow out of control, they will be able to harm us. They must be stopped."

            Many of the other angels in the council nodded their agreement, and all heads turned to the Lead Councilor. Said angel leaned forward and spread his grand wings. "I agree that the shadow games and the powers that come with them must be dealt with… sealed away even."

            "But how sir?"

            The Lead Councilor smirked. "I know just the right ritual for the job."

            A young angel sat on the ground, playing with a sphere of light. The brilliance of the sphere was far outdone by the brightness of the boy's pure white wings and his sparkling violet eyes. Wild black haired fanned out in all directions, rimmed with red, and golden bangs framed a cherubic face.

            "Hikari," a soft voice spoke, and the boy glanced upwards at the sound of his name. A beautiful woman smiled down at him, her own golden hair cascading around her face. His mother.

            "Yes mummy?" the angelic child questioned.

            "Your father and I have a surprise for you," the boy's mother answered, "It is your eleventh birthday after all."

            A dazzling smile split Hikari's face, also putting the light-sphere to shame. "What is it mummy?"

            The older angel chuckled. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, so you'll just have to come with me and see for yourself."

            As Hikari stood, a knock sounded from the door, and the boy pouted as his mother was distracted into answering it. He wanted to see his surprise…

            "Can I help you?" the woman asked the two men who were standing outside her doorway. By the looks of them they were warriors, but what would warriors want with her or her family?

            "We're here for your son," one of the warriors stated. "We are to bring him to the council."

            "My son?" Hikari's mother replied, stunned. "Why does the council wish to see my son?"

            "That isn't our business," the second warrior said. "We just follow orders, and our orders are to bring your son to the council."

            Frowning slightly, the female angel turned to her son. "Hikari, your surprise will have to wait, right now we have to go with these men."

            "But I don't want to go, mummy." The boy whined. "I want my surprise."

            "You will get it later. Right now we are going to see the council." The woman took her son's hand and led him towards the warriors.

            "I'm sorry ma'am, but we can't allow you to come with us," the first warrior spoke again.

            Her eyes narrowed. "And why not? I refuse to let my son go to the council by himself. He is not leaving this house without me!"

            The first warrior shook his head. "I'm sorry ma'am. Just following orders." And with that his partner brought the hilt of his sword down upon the woman's head, and she crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

            Hikari's eyes widened and he shrieked. "Mummy!"

            A gloved hand clasped over his mouth, and the small boy was dragged away by the warriors.

            The Lead Councilor looked up from the book he was studying as two warriors barged into the circular council chamber. Clutched in the arms of the taller angel was a young boy, struggling wildly.

            The councilman walked up to the wriggling child and studied him thoughtfully. He had never seen wings so pure, and such eyes… the boy was utterly clean of all darkness. "He will do perfectly."

            Turning sharply, the Lead angel pointed to a smooth black stone that jutted from the floor in the middle of the room. White metal coils dangled from the slab of rock. "Chain him to the pedestal."

            A council member walked up to him. "You are certain this will work, sir?"

            "Of course it will work!" the Lead Councilor snapped. "You would question your leader?"

            "No, sir." The angel said, bowing his head. "But I have qualms against sacrificing such innocence, if the ritual may not even work."

            "Have no fears, my friend. The ritual will work," the leader comforted. "It is quite simple really. We use the pureness of the boy to attract the shadow powers, then through him we bind them to an object."

            "A puzzle," the council member stated.

            "Yes, so when the ritual is completed the puzzle can be disassembled and the pieces spread to all corners of the mortal realm."

            "Sealing the shadow powers and the monsters it brings away forever…" slight awe filled the voice of the angel. "I am sorry for doubting you, my leader."

            "You are forgiven. But now is time for the ritual." As the other councilors went about lighting candles and incense, the Lead angel walked to his table and plucked from it what appeared to be an upside-down pyramid. The golden puzzle was decorated with hieroglyphics and hung from a silver chain, the eye of Horus present on one side.

            The councilors formed a circle around the pedestal to which Hikari was chained, and began chanting in strange language, long dead. The young angel whimpered around a gag that had been placed in his mouth, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

            Taking slow steps, the Lead Councilor glided up to the boy and carefully placed the puzzle around the child's neck. As the chanting grew steadily louder, Hikari began to struggle once again, but his movements had little effect against the metal coiled around his wrists and ankles.

            The Lead angel reached within his robes and retrieved a dagger barely larger than his hand. The hilt was made of black metal with a band of silver around the middle and the back edge of the tip was barbed. Hikari struggled harder.

            As the chanting reached its peak, the head councilor sank the dagger into the boy's chest and a muffled scream erupted from behind the gag. A source-less wind whipped through the room knocking over chairs and councilors. Suddenly, a pillar of darkness plunged out of thin air and into the wound on Hikari's torso.

            Clothes exploded away from the child's body, and divested of a gag his screams echoed across the chamber. The councilors watched, stunned as dark energy crackled around the puzzle and purest black bled across the boy's white wings.

            The wind slowly settled down, Hikari's shrieks dieing out and the shadow energy fading away. Once brilliant wings drooped, now stained black. Where once was a wound, only a thin scar graced the young angel's chest.

            Shaking slightly, the Lead Councilor stood. "Well…there now. The ritual is completed, and the shadow powers bound to the puzzle. As soon as it is disposed of, we can rest easy."

            As he reached for the puzzle, the boy's eyes shot open. The Lead angel stepped back with a shriek. Eyes that had once sparkled violet were now a glowing crimson, and glimmered with malice and darkness.

            "H-how can you be alive?" the old angel stuttered. "The ritual said the sacrifice would die!"

            "Oh, but I am dead." A cruel voice emanated from the child's lips. "Hikari is gone."

            "But you are Hikari!"

            The transformed boy tut-tutted, "No, Hikari is very much dead. You may call me…Yami."

            With a single jerk of his limbs, the dark angel shattered his bonds. And then all hell broke loose in heaven.