"I should go." Rogue said.

"No. Can you stay? Please. I need someone right now." The two wolves walked back into her room. She felt comfortable with Rogue around. "He'll get over it. You're welcome to stay here. We have a den on the island, but until he settles down, you might want to stay here."

"Thank you." Rogue said, looking around. "Cozy." She smiled before laying down on the bed of blankets.

Rogue padded over to Dawn and laid down behind her. He curled his tail around her's and laid his head next to her's. "Has he even asked you yet?" Dawn shook her head.

"Not yet." She replied.

"I suppose he's just getting closer to you before he asks." Rogue said.

"You think he knows?" She asked, pondering. "You think he even cares?" She looked back at Rogue. His soft gaze met her's.

"If he cares, he'll ask sooner or later. Maybe sooner than he planned since I showed up." He replied calmly.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" She asked, keeping her voice low.

"He's territorial. If he wants you to be his mate, he'll ask soon." Rogue kept his voice low and calm. "How do you think he'll react when he finds out that I'm your mate?" He said in a soft, low voice as he ran his tail along Dawn's back and watched as she shivered under his light touch. Dawn placed her paw on Rogue's.

"Not tonight. I'm really exhausted. Maybe another time when we're ready." She said slowly.

"I know we're ready. I know you're ready. We both are. As long as we're together, we can raise a family." Rogue assured her.

"Rogue, I love you, but I can't start a family, not now. Not while I still have one paw in this life." She said before yawning. She laid her head on her paws and let herself slip out of consciousness.

When she woke, Rogue was gone. Dawn immediately stood up and sniffed around. She caught his scent and followed it outside. She followed it to the forest. He must've gone hunting. She thought to herself. Might as well help. She sniffed around and found the scent of a rabbit.

She dropped down into a crouched and carefully crept towards it. She pounced and killed it with the snap of it's neck. She continued to the den, the rabbit in her jaws. When she came to the entrance, she scented Fang and Rogue's fresh markings. She padded through the tunnel and found Rogue eating a squirrel near the middle of the room while Fang was close by eating a cardinal.

She sat down closer to Rogue and started eating into the rabbit. When they finished, they buried the bones and set aside the feathers from the cardinal and tail fluff from the rabbit.

"I'm going out to replace the bedding, I'll be back in a bit." She nuzzled Rogue before padding into the resting den and coming out a couple moments later with a ball of moss scattered with feathers and fluff in her jaws. She did the same in the medicine den and padded through the tunnel that led to the den entrance into the forest.

She padded through the forest, prey scuffling under the undergrowth. When she reached the stream, she tossed in the moss ball and padded back into the forest to an area where spanish moss was common on the oak trees.

Dawn leaped onto a low hanging branch and started to scrape the moss off of the branch. She continued to scrape of the moss on several branches until she had enough for four nests.

She dragged the moss back to the den. When she entered the tunnel, Rogue and Rang's scent reached her nose. She entered the main den and found no one there. She continued to the resting den and set up the nests. She collected the fluff and feathers and stuffed them into the four nests.

When she was done setting up the nests, she padded out into the forest and towards her human house. She padded alone the sidewalk to the back of the empty neighborhood. As she passed by houses, she scent a distinct fear scent. When she looked towards a house, the curtains immediately closed.

When she walked up to her house, she saw Akita laying in the yard, with two neighboring dogs, one was a female australian shepherd with a green left eye and a right blue eye, and a male german shepherd. As she padded up, Akita jumped up and met Dawn with nuzzles and licks, her tail wagging wildly.

In contrast, the two neighboring dogs were crouching low to the ground, their tails tucked under their tails. But, as they saw Akita's friendliness towards this wild wolf, they became more curious than scared. Akita guided Dawn back towards her two friends.

"Guys, this is Dawn. Dawn this is Dakota," she flicked her tail towards the female australian shepherd. "And Ace." she then flicked her tail towards the male german shepherd. She sniffed the air and knew that neither of them were fixed, despite their size. "I told you guys I knew a wolf." Akita boasted.

"Wow. So you really live in the woods and hunt live animals?" Dakota asked curiously.

"Oh come on, you can't really believe this?" Ace retorted. "There's no way you can be able to live out there. There's nowhere to hide let alone make a den."

"We dug a series of tunnels, one has a den for healing herbs, one has a den for sleeping with beds made of spanish moss, feathers from the birds we catch, and fluff from any rabbits or bunnies we catch. And there are two tunnels, one that leds under the road into the neighborhood and opens up on the slope next to the lake, and the other goes under the main road and opens up on the other side of the ditch just behind the tree line." Dawn calmly explained. "We take turns hunting and always bring enough back." Ace sat back down next to the now excited Dakota. Another thing that Dawn noticed was that none of them were wearing collars. "Do you share owners?" Dawn asked.

"No," Dakota said with a hint of sadness. "But we do live right next to each other."

"I live next to Akita," Dakota flicked her tail towards the house next to Dawn and Akita's. "And Ace lives with his housefolk next to me." She then flicked her tail towards the house right next door to Dakota's, her's being between Akita's and Ace's.

"Are you happy with your housefolk?" Dawn's question hung in the air like a balloon ready to pop.

"I live happily with a married couple and their sweet young girl." Dakota said after a couple minutes.

"And I am happy living with my married couple and two young boys." Ace said defensively.

Dawn had a thoughtful look on her face.

"What is it, Dawn?" Akita asked her, knowing that Dawn was obviously deep in thought.

"I have to tell dad." she said after a minute of thought.

Akita stared at her in disbelief. "What? Are you sure you want to tell him?"

Dawn didn't answer. "Do you know of any other dogs in the neighborhood?" She asked Dakota and Ace.

"Yeah, there's a female border collie, Bailey, who lives next to me, a male bernese mountain dog, Loki, and Bear, a male labrador retriever who lives across the street from Dakota." Ace explained.

Dawn nodded. "Please, take care of Akita for me, she's going to need friends like you." She said before bounding towards the door to her room and slipping under, leaving the three confused dogs in her yard.