A/N: A big thank you to timesup for helping so much with her insightful feedback on this story.

Set just after The Idiot's Lantern for Doctor Who and anytime in the Emma Peel era for the Avengers.

The TARDIS materialized outside a building on Stable Mews in London. Rose poked her head out the door.

"So when are we this time? Looks like we're close to home."

"In distance, maybe, but not in time. Well, we are in the grand scheme of things, but not really for you," the Doctor said, looking out from behind her.

"Come on, let's have it then."

"I'd say it's, oh, about 1967, give or take."

"Guess I'm due for a change of clothes, then. Poodle skirt won't cut it for the sixties!"

She ducked her head back inside and closed the TARDIS door.

A few minutes later, from a window overlooking the street, Emma Peel was surprised to see the blue police box.

"Steed, has there always been a police box on the corner?"

"What police box?" asked Steed.

"The blue one just there," said Mrs. Peel, pointing below.

"That's got to be brand new. But the police don't use those anymore- I can't think of why they would build one now," said Steed. "We'd best keep an eye on it."

Just then, the TARDIS door opened and the Doctor and Rose stepped out.

"I suppose it could be a fun space for two," said Steed, "but they can't have just put it there for that. I'm going to follow them. Stay here and keep an eye on that police box, in case they come back."

The Doctor and Rose walked down the street, hand in hand. She wore a short pink dress with a slightly-flared skirt, while he had opted for his usual brown pinstripes.

"Do I look psychedelic enough for the sixties?" Rose dropped his hand and twirled around, letting her skirt whip around in the breeze.

"Totally groovy," he said with a wink.

The Doctor smiled at Rose's obvious excitement. He knew she didn't stick with him just for the traveling, but he loved showing it all to her. Any man wanted to give his girl the universe- and he could.

"Let's see. 1967- what's good in London 1967?" the Doctor mused. "We could play tourists. I know you're a Londoner through and through, but really, how often are you a tourist in your own hometown?"

"When I'm with you? Any place we go, we're either tourists or runnin' for our lives and trying to save the world. Actually, I think it's a bit of both everywhere. I suppose we didn't do much sightseeing beyond Florizel Street in 1953..."

"And a right good party that was, in the end. We could head for Central London and look for a tourist trap or the end of the world- whichever comes first," said the Doctor, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Oi, you. I've seen the end of the world already, but a tourist trap- now that's somethin' new for the two of us."

"Central London it is, then," said the Doctor, linking his arm with Rose's.

Neither of them noticed a man wearing a bowler following them.

As they strolled along, Rose was thoroughly amused at the sixties fashions all around her, which delighted the Doctor. Glancing around, he tried to find more uniquely sixties things to make Rose laugh. For the third time now, he saw something that didn't particularly mesh with the sixties- a man in a bowler hat. The Doctor tapped Rose gently on the shoulder.

"Don't look now, but we've either picked up an adoring fan, or someone's gotten mighty curious about us. Let's find out how curious they are."

The Doctor pulled Rose into a tourist shop, and they pretended to be interested in postcards for a few minutes. When they stepped out, the Doctor glanced around. "I don't see anyone, but let's give it a block or so."

"I feel like we're playing spies or something," said Rose.

"Well, we could play it to the hilt, all cloak and dagger, but that might net us even more attention- remember the Cold War's still on here."

As they turned a corner, the Doctor caught a glimpse or a bowler in the corner of his eye. "I guess we'll have to be more spy-like than that," the Doctor said.

"If we're going to be spies, shouldn't we have codenames or something?" asked Rose.

"I find 'The Doctor' is usually sufficiently enigmatic. What do you think?"

Rose just smiled. "That's you, my enigmatic Doctor."

"You're my partner in crime, then. Take a look around at the scenery, and make note of that chap wearing a bowler. You see him? The one carrying the brolly."

"Found 'im."

"Fantastic. Now we're going to give him the slip," said the Doctor, smiling widely.

"You've just been dying to say that, haven't you?"

"You have got to appreciate the little things, like old clich├ęs. They make conversation so much more entertaining. 'We're not in Kansas anymore' is one I find particularly apt to my lifestyle. Then there's, 'We'll always have Paris.' We should try going there sometime so we can say that. 'We'll always have the TARDIS' has got a nice ring to it too, though. Anyway, we're going to walk another three blocks. You remember where we parked the TARDIS?"

Rose nodded.

"Then when we get to the third street crossing, after we cross it, you're going to break off from me and head down the road. Make as curvy a route as you like and head back to the TARDIS. I'm going to lead this fine chap on a bit of a chase."

"What if he decides to follow me, Doctor?"

"I'll keep an eye out to make sure he's following me, and I'll catch up if he chooses you. Now let's go be spies," he said, with a reckless grin.

They walked a few more blocks, followed by the man, and stopped to wait for the light at a street crossing.

"This is it," the Doctor whispered. "Once we cross here, you break off from me and go down that street. I'll meet you at the TARDIS; I won't be too long."

"Got it."