honey, i like

to stab

and slash

and grab

and dash.

so don't say

you want me to stay.

. . .

and darling,

i like revenge

and i like hearing promises —

don't you dare renege

but i know you will, so just be honest

. . .

reyna is my name.

call me nothing otherwise.

i don't want to hear of another dame

you should really be more wise.

. . .

and when i'm done

[i mean, when you break it all]

i promise i will have won

[even if the victory is small]

. . .

and i like to take the pieces

pick them up and make

them into a masterpiece

the pieces of the hearts we break

. . .

and shards pierce your skin

ashamedly, i love it.

we knew we wouldn't end as kin

and i don't regret it a bit.

. . .

so go on and look at my art —

my knife piercing your chest

my dagger is made of broken hearts

and you didn't pass my test

. . .

because i bring justice

to the damned

. . .

if you didn't get it this is kind of a dark, lover vigilante reyna...kind of like a black widow sort of thing

this one is a little different from my usual poetry but i hope you like it anyway!

(who am i kidding, no one probably even read this)