(Kagome stands next to and looks at the Sacred tree and a vison of Inuyasha bound to it) (Kagome, Lincoln Loud and Sarah Whitney go through a portal like the Bone Eater's Well as an image Sacred Jewel appeared)

Mamorubeki mono nante

Nayamu mademonaku hitotsu shikanakatta

(Under a clear sky at a meadow near Horseland, Inuyasha, Sarah Whitney, the Loud Sisters, Team Horseland, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara are seen happy seeing Kagome, Lincoln, Sabrina and Juniper Lee running towards them with Ray-Ray Lee, Monroe and Laila)

Sakebi koe no kodama

(Shippo lands in front of Lola, Lana and Kirara happily)

Munashiku hibiita fukai mori no oku ni [1]

(The Brotherhood of Tofu, The B.F.F.L. and their Ancients, The Rainbooms, Lolirock, the Lords of Nature, DC Super Hero Girls, Clyde McBride, Kohaku, Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago, Koga and Sesshomaru appear in different places and images one by one) (Inuyasha moves with his demon vortex wielding Dragon Scaled Tessaiga)

(Two of each of the Demon Sorcerers and their Demon Relics' images appeared then Drago appeared) (Then Kagome faces the right wondering)

Namida o koraerareta riyuu wa

(Inuyasha, Lincoln, Juniper, Iris and Yugo with Will Vandom and Sunset Shimmer are all standing on a rocky cliff with an image of Inu no Taisho's grave in the sky)

Kasaneta yubi no nukumori no sei

(Inuyasha is in a cave alone holding a sphere soul with Kikyo's image behind him) (Demons and monsters pop up everywhere in the shadows)

Kimi ga inai mirai

(Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Lincoln (using his Dom Magic to turn into different Pokémon), the Loud Sisters jumped into battle with each of their respective weapons and Talismans)

Imi nado nai mirai

(Then Kagome and Sarah both shot a Sacred Arrow) (Then Byakuya makes a quick facial appearance)

Nido to hanashitari wa shinai kara

(Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin, while the Brotherhood of Tofu and Sari Sumdak and her Autobot friends, The Rainbooms, Juniper Lee & Team Te Xuan Ze, W.I.T.C.H., the Lords of Nature, DC Superhero Girls and Lolirock each walk forward in different images) (Then Sesshomaru jumps and uses Bakusaiga) (Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Lincoln, Sarah and Shippo appeared in a slide image)

Kimi to nozomu sekai

(A shadow of Drago's large form is seen facing Inuyasha holding Tessaiga, along with Lincoln and Yugo)

Mita koto nai sekai

(Tessaiga's blade turns black and then Inuyasha uses the Meido Zangetsuha)

Jikuu o koete haruka tabisuru bokura

(Inuyasha hand move forward as Kagome hand grabbed it, while Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's hand and Yugo and Amalia's hand did the same) (Then the Loud House, the Sacred Tree and Inu no Taisho's grave appeared)

(Jaken, Blunk, Az the Tofu Bird, Monroe, Napoleon the cat and Spike the dog try to sneak up on Shippo as they play "Red light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3")

(A/N: This chapter is kinda reminds of a movie franchise that has become 65 million years in the making)

It was night time at Super Hero High School during curfew and everyone was sleeping and things were peaceful. Also, there was a room full of fossils, both animal and Pokémon fossils while there was the shadow of a special Pokémon that looks like a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. It first stretched its body with a yawn and went back to sleeping peacefully through the night.

The next day, Lincoln, Inuyasha, Miroku & Shippo arrived at Super Hero High School, so some of Super Hero Girls could help train Lincoln and his Pokémon, while they're in the gymnasium with Lincoln going with Kai and Dart against Katana's Bisharp and Leavanny. "Dart, use Leaf Blade! And Kai, use Sonic Boom!" Lincoln ordered as Dart charges at Bisharp with Leaf Blade while Kai shoots a Sonic Boom towards Leavanny. "Leavanny, use Bug Buzz! And Bisharp, Metal Sound!" Katana ordered when her Bisharp and Leavanny unleashed a Metal Sound with a Bug Buzz, forcing Kai and Dart to stop and cover their ears. "Now, Bisharp, use Metal Claw! Leavanny, use Energy Ball!" Katana continued as Bisharp ran towards Dart with Metal Claw while Leavanny shoots an Energy Ball at Kai. "Oh no, you don't! Dart, counter it with Leaf Blade! Kai, use Water Pulse!" Lincoln opposed with Dart clashing Bisharp's Metal Claw with Leaf Blade while Kai threw a Water Pulse that exploded with the Energy Ball. "Now Kai, use Ice Punch!" Lincoln commanded with Buizel punching Leavanny with an Ice Punch while Dart pushed back Bisharp. "Yeah baby!" Harley Quinn responded in excitement. "Okay. I think that's enough. Great job you too." Katana called off while her got back up. "Nice teamwork guys. Thanks for the battle, Katana." Lincoln thanked. "No problem. You did great yourself." Katana complimented. "I gotta admit, the kid's doing pretty well since we last saw him." Big Barda spoke from the bleachers. "Well, Lincoln has been doing a great job raising his Pokémon. Though, Kai's Ice Punch could use some more work." Miroku noticed. "Some of his other Pokémon could do the same with their attacks but he's doing it pretty good." Shippo added. "Yeah. But Drago is still on the loose. Even now that we have all 8 Demon Chi powers, there's no doubt he'll find a way to get them into his grasp. So, we gotta have Lincoln and his Pokémon party prepared at least a little bit." Inuyasha reminded when Batgirl came in. "In the meantime, I think you should try not to worry too much." Batgirl spoke. "Hey Batgirl. Is the surprise ready yet?" Shippo asked. "Almost. Principle Waller told us to make sure Lincoln gets a chance to see it too." Batgirl told. "Oh yeah. It's gonna blow the puddin's socks off when he sees it." Harley Quinn added. "Come on, Lincoln. We don't wanna miss the surprise." Shippo called out excitedly. "We're coming. Let's go." Lincoln said calling back Kai and Dart. "Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed as they left the gymnasium.

A few moments later, Batgirl, along with Frost, Bumblebee & Poison Ivy guide Inuyasha's group down the hallway to a room door. "So, what's behind that door?" Lincoln asked. "It's a surprise. Something we thought you guys might like." Batgirl spoke. "It kinda started during our Paleontolgy project, our school found some fossils and then some experts came and help us incubate them." Frost explained. "Fossils. You mean like ancient or prehistoric animals or plants?" Shippo asked. "I wish, but close. We'll just show you. Get ready to be amazed." Poison Ivy said when the door opened when they went in. "So, what's the surprise about?" Inuyasha asked. "And where is it exactly?" Miroku added. "Check it out." Bumblebee pointed when Inuyasha's group noticed something making a noise. "I-Is this possible?" Miroku asked. "Yep. See for yourself." Frost answered when they saw Pokémon that have been fossils: Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, Lileep, Cradily, Anorith, Amaldo, etc. "Wow. Are these Pokémon…?" Lincoln asked. "Prehistoric? Yes. Very much like the fossilized animals we know no a day? Definetly." Bumblebee answered when they saw an Amaura come into Frost's arms. "You did it. You and even those fossil experts in those Pokémon Regions. You really did it. You reviving even a sauropod." Miroku responded speechless. "We even revived this Amaura and I was the one whose been caring for it. Isn't that right, little cutey?" Frost cooed with the Amaura agreeing with her. "Oh man. Even my sister, Lisa couldn't pull this off like you guys could." Lincoln said amazed. "Wait until you see the one who reminds us of a T-Rex. He's strong, fast and very friendly." Bumblebee mentioned. "Really? You have a Pokémon that looks like an actually T-Rex?" Shippo asked. "Yep. He should be awake by now." Bumblebee nodded guiding Lincoln and Shippo. "Another mystery in Earth's history has another chapter in the prehistoric categories." Miroku said. "So, have you been reviving these?" Inuyasha asked. "Yeah. We're just watching over them at least until research labs from the Pokémon regions found the place for them to live in peace or at least give at least one to someone who will care responsibly, like Frost." Batgirl answered. "Come on. We'll show you more." Poison Ivy said as they followed Lincoln, Shippo and Bumblebee.

A moment later, Lincoln and Shippo followed Bumblebee to see the same T-Rex-like Pokémon from last night. "Wow. What kind of Pokémon is that?" Shippo asked. "That's a Tyrunt. He's a cool sight, don't you think?" Bumblebee asked when Lincoln took out his Pokédex. "Tyrunt, the Royal Heir Pokémon. Its immense jaws have enough destructive force that it can chew up an automobile. It live 100 million years ago." Lincoln's Pokédex informed when everyone else caught up. "What is that?" Inuyasha asked. "It's a Tyrunt. I never thought I'd see a live one up close." Miroku said. "He does look like a living T-Rex." Shippo noticed. "Hi, Tyrunt. My name is Lincoln Loud and this is Pikachu." Lincoln introduced. "Pikachu." Pikachu squeaked in 'hello' when Tyrunt suddenly began chomping on Lincoln's head. "Ow! Ow! Hey!" Lincoln groaned in pain. "Hey! What did we tell you about biting?" Poison Ivy asked making Tyrunt stop. "Sorry. Tyrunt sometimes shows affection by biting whoever he likes." Batgirl explained. "It's cool. I felt worse. Guess you really like me. Huh?" Lincoln asked being licked by Tyrunt. "I guess Lincoln already approves." Frost when they heard an alarm. "What's going on?" Shippo asked. "The "Save the Day" alarm!" Bumblebee alerted when went out the room. "Something must be happening outside!" Batgirl figured when they went outside.

A moment when Inuyasha's group and the girls got outside the school building, they noticed a famliar Meowth shaped balloon. "What do you think you're doing?" Inuyasha asked when they saw the Team Rocket Trio who prepare for their (usual) motto.

"Prepare for trouble, Our middle name,

And make it double, It's a high stakes game.

To protect the world from devastation,

To unite all people within our nation.

To announce the evils of truth & love,

To extent our reach to the stars above.


And James!

Team Rocket, blasting off with the speed of light.

Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight & fight.

Meowth, that's right!"


"Team Rocket?!" Lincoln asked in disbelief. "Aw. Not you guys again!" Shippo said. "Wait. We've heard about Team Rocket. When it comes to important objects or Pokémon, these three are as bad as the Dark Hand Enforcers and the Ice Crew." Batgirl mentioned. "What do you guys morons want now?" Inuyasha asked. "Isn't it obvious? They are fossil Pokémon in this school ripe for the picking." Jessie answered. "And we'll be enriched once they're delivered to the boss." James added. "So, step aside and hand them over! Starting with that Tyrunt there." Meowth demanded pointing to Tyrunt. "Look. We've dealt with you guys single-handedly before, so if you want Tyrunt, you'll have to get through me!" Lincoln dared. "Along with us!" Frost joined in. "Have it your way!" Jessie said when the balloon's mechanical arm comes down from it. "Not so fast. Inuyasha!" Miroku started when Inuyasha already drew Tessaiga. "Already on it. They battled only Lincoln before, but not with me! WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha shouted when the Wind Scar along with Bumblebee's stingers and Lincoln's Energy Dom easily destroyed the mechanical arm. "Meowth! Please tell me you had anything that can stop that!" Jessie told in anger. "Ours or headquarters' equipment wasn't meant to stop the half-demon twerp or his sword's power! Or anything from a super hero from Super Hero High!" Meowth excused when they noticed Lincoln already send out Dart and Gojira. "Alright guys, let's teach them a lesson! Hey Tyrunt, you wanna give use a hand?" Lincoln asked. "Tyrunt! Tyrunt!" Tyrunt roared launching an Ancient Power along with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Dart's Bullet Seed and Gojira's Dark Pulse which caught the balloon in an explosion and send the Team Rocket Trio flying. "I can't believe it! We didn't even get one prehistoric Pokémon yet!" Jessie complained. "Guess this is no surprise that they beat us so easily." James noticed. "I can tell that this is also no surprise." Meowth added. "We're blasting off again! Wobbuffet!" The Team Rocket Trio and Wobbuffet all screamed as they disappeared into the sky. "Well, that was easy. At least unlike last time." Shippo responded. "Was it really necessary for them to do that?" Poison Ivy asked. "Yes. But don't worry, they'll be fine. Usually they in who knows where they'll land as always. We've seen it at least twice or three times." Miroku answered. "Nice job guys. You too Tyrunt." Lincoln complimented.

(John Williams: Jurassic Park Main Theme (second half) plays in the background)

Later on, Inuyasha's group was about to leave Super Hero High School. "Thanks again for stopping Team Rocket, guys. Even when it only took a few seconds." Batgirl thanked. "You're very welcome." Miroku accepted when Tyrunt rubbed against Lincoln. "Hey Lincoln, I think Tyrunt wants you to be its trainer." Poison Ivy guessed. "Is that okay with you guys?" Shippo asked. "Yep. I bet he'll love it. And I bet he'll love Lincoln even more." Frost approaved. "You really wanna go with me, Tyrunt?" Lincoln asked. "Tyrunt!" Tyrunt nodded. "Okay. Let's go Pokéball!" Lincoln shouted throwing a Pokéball at Tyrunt and in a few seconds, caught it perfectly. "Yeah. I caught a Tyrunt!" Lincoln declared. "Pikachu!" Pikachu cheered. "Awesome!" Frost responded. "Amazing!" Poison Ivy added. "Pow! You caught on!" Batgirl complimented in her catchphrase. "Yeah honey!" Bumblebee agreed. "You know Inuyasha. This and our friendships have help this day showed some examples that Super Hero High is following." Miroku said. "And what's that?" Inuyasha asked. "A very important message. Life will find a way." Miroku quoted. "Yeah. I guess you're right." Inuyasha agreed with Lincoln now having a new Pokémon (which also happens after Lincoln does the Pokémon PC swap for his Pokémon party) from the origins of the prehistoric world with who is like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and life found a way for their new partnership and Tyrunt's new teammates within Lincoln and his Pokémon team.

(Background music ends)

Later that night, Inuyasha's (Lincoln's new Tyrunt included) group along with the Loud and McBride families watch the Rainbooms perform "Walk The Dinosaur" by Queen Latifah.

Tooi michi no saki de anata
no koto wo zutto omou
Kinou no youni kanjiru
deai wasure wa shinai

Tooi michi no saki ni
anata ga ireba mitsumeaeru
Kawara-nu ai mamo-ru sou
eien ni wasure wa

Oh sabishisa de toki
ga naga-rena-kunat-temo
Oh dono michi mo anata
he to tsuzuiteru kara

Kanashimi wa sugu ni
suteru no koko ni wa
Namidairo no kimi utsuranai kedo

Ima wo ikiru watashi no
sugata dake todoite hoshii

Furikaereba kitto
futari no hohaba
toonoku kara
Musubiatta unmei yo
ima wa toki wa shinai

Tooi michi no saki de anata
no koto wo zutto omou
Anata to futari uso no
nai sekai kizukeru kitto