(Kagome stands next to and looks at the Sacred tree and a vison of Inuyasha bound to it) (Kagome, Lincoln Loud and Sarah Whitney go through a portal like the Bone Eater's Well as an image Sacred Jewel appeared)

Mamorubeki mono nante

Nayamu mademonaku hitotsu shikanakatta

(Under a clear sky at a meadow near Horseland, Inuyasha, Sarah Whitney, the Loud Sisters, Team Horseland, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara are seen happy seeing Kagome, Lincoln, Sabrina and Juniper Lee running towards them with Ray-Ray Lee, Monroe and Laila)

Sakebi koe no kodama

(Shippo lands in front of Lola, Lana and Kirara happily)

Munashiku hibiita fukai mori no oku ni [1]

(The Brotherhood of Tofu, The B.F.F.L. and their Ancients, The Rainbooms, Lolirock, the Lords of Nature, DC Super Hero Girls, Clyde McBride, Kohaku, Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago, Koga and Sesshomaru appear in different places and images one by one) (Inuyasha moves with his demon vortex wielding Dragon Scaled Tessaiga)

(Two of each of the Demon Sorcerers and their Demon Relics' images appeared then Drago appeared) (Then Kagome faces the right wondering)

Namida o koraerareta riyuu wa

(Inuyasha, Lincoln, Juniper, Iris and Yugo with Will Vandom and Sunset Shimmer are all standing on a rocky cliff with an image of Inu no Taisho's grave in the sky)

Kasaneta yubi no nukumori no sei

(Inuyasha is in a cave alone holding a sphere soul with Kikyo's image behind him) (Demons and monsters pop up everywhere in the shadows)

Kimi ga inai mirai

(Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Lincoln (using his Dom Magic while sending out his Pokémon), the Loud Sisters jumped into battle with each of their respective weapons and Talismans)

Imi nado nai mirai

(Then Kagome and Sarah both shot a Sacred Arrow) (Then Byakuya makes a quick facial appearance)

Nido to hanashitari wa shinai kara

(Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin, while the Brotherhood of Tofu and Sari Sumdak and her Autobot friends, The Rainbooms, Juniper Lee & Team Te Xuan Ze, W.I.T.C.H., the Lords of Nature, DC Superhero Girls and Lolirock each walk forward in different images) (Then Sesshomaru jumps and uses Bakusaiga) (Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Lincoln, Sarah and Shippo appeared in a slide image)

Kimi to nozomu sekai

(A shadow of Drago's large form is seen facing Inuyasha holding Tessaiga, along with Lincoln and Yugo)

Mita koto nai sekai

(Tessaiga's blade turns black and then Inuyasha uses the Meido Zangetsuha)

Jikuu o koete haruka tabisuru bokura

(Inuyasha hand move forward as Kagome hand grabbed it, while Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's hand and Yugo and Amalia's hand did the same) (Then the Loud House, the Sacred Tree and Inu no Taisho's grave appeared)

(Jaken, Blunk, Az the Tofu Bird, Monroe, Napoleon the cat and Spike the dog try to sneak up on Shippo as they play "Red light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3")

It was a beautiful day at the Eat Diner Coffee Shop, where Sango was just relaxing. "Refill hon?" The waitress asked about to give Sango more coffee. "Thank you. Gotta be nice relaxing in the morning before going to my going to my class." Sango accepted. "So, what do you do?" The waitress asked. "Just some martial arts class. Besides, my cat's got an easy job at home. She deals with pest control." Sango answered. "Got a few in this place. I can tell you that." The waitress chuckled when a loud motor was heard belonging to a big truck which drove into the shop. "Ah!" Sango screamed in pain being zapped and abudcted. "What? No tip?" The waitress asked when a few moments later, the same truck does the same thing to Todd's New/Used Cars while Miroku's car shopping. "Hey! They said you break it, you buy it!" Miroku spoke when he saw the shadow of DJ Fist. "Yet, I doubt they would do any service to you!" Miroku said about to fight when DJ Fist zapped him with the same device. "Well, that didn't go as planned." Miroku responded in pain when DJ Fist put him in the truck and took off, then it was off to Shippo at the Royal Woods Mall's Boutique. "Hmm. Maybe after I'm done, I could go to Leni's job at the Reininger's and see if she knows what outfit is perfect for Inuyasha and Kagome's wedding anniversary." Shippo said when he got a call from Kagome. "Hi Kagome." Shippo greeted on the phone. "Shippo, something has happened to Miroku! One of Todd's New/Used Cars' employees said he was taking in a strange vehicle!" Kagome alerted when the same motor is heard. "Sorry Kagome! I can't hear you! There's a very loud truck outside the mall!" Shippo yelled when the same truck came right into the Boutique and stopped in front of Shippo. "Um, if you're looking for delivery, they usually do it in the back." Shippo said when StrikeMaster Ice came out. "Not a delivery, yo. It's a pickup and you're the merchandise!" He planned about to zap Shippo when the same device fizzled out. "That's alright. We'll just kick it old school!" StrikeMaster Ice said. "Hey! Don't try kicking it, or punching it or especially burning it! Can we please discuss it outside? These are a lot of merchandise in this Boutique I could buy for my friends' wedding anniversary." Shippo begged. "For reals? Now see, even this ice outta spray for new wall to wall shed." StrikeMaster Ice said breathing fire which Shippo dodged while some of heat touch the metal racket he jumped on. "Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot!" Shippo yelped. "Aw. You just need to put a little ice on that. StrikeMaster Ice!" StrikeMaster Ice added kicking Shippo and then abducted him too.

Meanwhile at the Royal Woods Arena, Lincoln and Pikachu along with his group of friends were checking out the inside. "Man. Can you believe it?" Zach asked. "Yeah. I can't the arena's gonna host its first ever Pokémon Tournament." Clyde nodded seeing the stadium under construction. "Well, the according to the guide books, the tournament's rounds will be single battle in Round 1, Three-on-Three in Round 2, Round 3 is the Semi-Finals for Full Battles & Round 4 is the same thing for the final Round." Stella read. "Wow, Lincoln. You must have got this in the bag." Rusty boosted. "Hoowee. I bet you'll win this here competition with flying colors." Liam agreed. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, guys. I still have to practice and help my Pokémon get ready. There might be some tough opponents and it's gonna be held next month, so I'm gonna have to register first." Lincoln mentioned. "Pikachu!" Pikachu squeked when the Rainbooms came in. "Hey Lincoln. Sorry to bother you but it's an emergency." Rainbow Dash spoke.

Moments later, Lincoln and the Rainbooms rushed Inuyasha and Kagome's house. "Sango, Miroku and Shippo?" Lincoln asked. "Yes. Kagome and Inuyasha called and told us that they phoned Horseland and Section 13. Your cousin and Captain Black are missing too." Sunset Shimmer mentioned. "But the most important thing is that Inuyasha and Kagome told us to keep you can your Pokémon safe while their gone for the day." Applejack said. "Safe nothing. I have my Dom magic and my Pokémon while you have your Equestrian magic. Besides, I think I might know how this happened. Time to get down to business." Lincoln said as they went inside.

A moment later, Lincoln and the Rainbooms were trying to find out what happened. "Okay. Pikachu found Kilala still in the house and Inuyasha and Kagome are safe. So, let's call them and my sisters just in case." Lincoln said when his phone starting ringing. "That's Sarah calling you, Lincoln. I hope she, Miroku, Sango and Shippo are okay." Fluttershy hoped when Lincoln answered it. "Hello? Sarah?" Lincoln asked. "EEEEE! Guess again! But your cousin is a guest of mine, along with the monk, the demon slayer, the little fox demon and Captain "Wack"." Drago corrected over the phone. "Drago! I knew it was you! You touch one hair on their heads, we and Inuyasha will make you sorry!" Lincoln threatened. "Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed in anger. "Even you are in no position to make threats, junior. Inuyasha may be the one who would fight to rescue them. But their safe return is up to you." Drago planned. "So, instead of getting Inuyasha and Kagome's attention because of how powerful they are, you chose me and make it a randsom. Fine. I'm listening." Lincoln said. "Here's the deal. You can have all five of them back when I get the contaiment unit. You know, the one with all the Demon Chi." Drago started. "Yeah, well I already know that's what you're after. Guess, you're afraid Kagome will purify you or me, my Pokémon, Inuyasha and our friends would blow you to oblivion." Lincoln mocked. "Don't play dumb! Deliver the chi or else!" Drago threatened. "Alright. But it will take some time." Lincoln accepted surprising the Rainbooms. "Time is something you don't have! Be there or…" Drago threatened. "Be square." Lincoln guessed. "No! Be there or you'll be spending the rest of your magic training stuff by those rainbow color Equentrian magic loving teenage girls!" Drago finished as he hung up. "What a big meanie!" Pinkie Pie responded. "Ugh! I agree! That brute is evil and a jerk!" Rarity agreed appalled. "We only been hugging our Equestrian magic, right?" Fluttershy asked. "Rainbooms, I have an idea. And how it goes afterwards will goes in different ways and is between us, Inuyasha, Kagome, our allies and Totosai. Not to my sisters or anyone else. At least not yet until after 3:00 AM. When we get Miroku, Sango, Shipp, Sarah & Captain Black back, we'll fill them in." Lincoln told as he got the Rainbooms and his Pokémon into a huddle.

An hour later at the Loud House, Lincoln and the Rainbooms had the Loud sisters come into Lori and Leni's room for an emergency sibling meeting right before they told the Loud sisters what happened and why. "Look, guys, we're gonna have to go with Drago's plan and give him what he wants." Lincoln decided to his sisters' dismay. "Excuse me? You know the dire consiquences for absorbing at least one Demon Chi due to our 4th and 5th youngest siblings' along with at least Applejack's, your group of friends and then your experience elder male sibling!" Lisa opposed. "I know but for me and Inuyasha the rest of our group along with our cousin and Captain Black's lives are at stake." Lincoln said. "She's right, Lincoln. Besides allowing Drago to take possesion of the demon chi will put the entire planet at risk, even my Bobby Boo Boo Bear." Lori pointed out. "I know that. That's why we're gonna be putting a fast one. We and Inuyasha and Kagome be delivering the containment unit, but not before Lucy and Lisa help the Rainbooms come up with a spell." Lincoln mentioned. "A spell?" Lucy and Lisa asked. "Yep. You two and Rainbooms will make a spell to put the kabosh on Drago. To suck up all the demon powers when Drago absorbs them." Lincoln explained. "That is a wonderful idea, but we're not as experienced as Miroku." Fluttershy noticed. "Even with our magic, a spell that powerful is beyond our abilities." Twilight Sparkle added. "I'm already aware of that. That's why I'll ask Totosai to help. Besides, Great-Grandfather Toga said the Magic of Friendship will triumph even the most powerful spells." Lincoln said. "He really said that?" Leni asked. "Well, I'm not sure if those were his exact words. But the point is Rainbooms, he had your geodes get bestode to you since your time at Camp Everfree because he totally believes in you and so do I." Lincoln answered as the Rainbooms agreed. "Huh, alright. All in favour of helping the Rainbooms with this spell, say "Aye"." Lori said. "Aye!" The rest of the Loud sisters repeated in unison. "Alright. Now we have a spell to make." Sunset Shimmer said when Lincoln made a Dom blade and opened a fold. "Where are you going, bro?" Luna asked. "Getting Totosai help and then some other things. Just help the Rainbooms until I send Totosai here." Lincoln told as he went through the fold as it closed, even though he and the Rainbooms however secretly know this is only this plan is only the 1st step.

Meanwhile at the Royal Woods junkyard, most of Inuyasha's group along with Sarah and Captain Black. "Everyone comfy? No? Good." Drago spoke. "Whatever it is you want Drago, you're not getting it." Captain Black said. "Oh, but I am. In 8 Chi-licious flavors." Drago doubted. "My guess is he's talking about the containment unit." Shippo guessed. "But why do this instead of fighting Inuyasha and Kagome for it?" Sango asked. "I first considered an assault on Inuyasha and then Secion 13. But then remembering how strong Inuyasha is along with his swords techniques, whether or not with Kagome or Sesshomaru as backup, I realized "why battle for it when the containment unit can be handed in a nice tidy bow"." Drago started. "All that time here in the junyard make you speak rubbish." Sango mocked. "Guess again, Ms. Demon Slayer. You know the old saying: A Dog Demon's son or it's chosen ones are only as strong as their weakest link. Hope for the Louds or the Rainbooms it's not a school night." Drago said. "Leave Lincoln out of this, Drago! I'm warning you!" Sarah warned. "Too late. He's the main attraction and show time's 3 AM. But wait there's more! Once the Demon Chi is mine, the real fun begins!" Drago said. "A trip to Dairyland or the Aloha Beach or even a Pokémon journey is fun. Whatever you have in mind is not fun! It sounds like conquest and Imperialism, in your father, aunts & uncles perspective!" Miroku opposed. "Oh don't be such a party pooper, monk. See, this world of yours is a real yawn. And you know why? No demons. They're stuck down underground while you humans run around like you own the place. Is that fair? No! Well, guess what. Planet's about to come under new management! And my first order of business will be to turn this world inside out!" Drago planned while in his eyes was demons all over the world with humans suffering under his rule. "Just imagine, a population of demons running amok! With me, Drago pulling the strings! Yep. It's gonna be goodbye humanity, hello demonville. Daddy would be so proud." He added seeing the rest of Inuyasha's group, Sarah and Captain Black disagreeing. "Come on, gang! Give me some props!" Drago said. "You will not succeed, Drago!" Sango opposed. "Oh? And why is that, ma'am?" Drago asked. "Because we are going to stop you!" Miroku answered making his, Sango and Shippo's chains break of the truck and get tied together. "This is not what I had in mind." Shippo said when Miroku and Sango took turns kicking Drago. "Catch!" Drago shouted throwing an engine at them. "Miroku, Sango, Shippo!" Sarah cried out. "Miroku, I think these chains need a loof job!" Captain Black said spilling a drum oil container which caused the oil to free Miroku, Sango and Shippo. "The oilly bird always catches the worm!" Sango said. "Yeah? Well, today's oilly bird special is some free body work!" Drago said as tried to attacked them but failed thanks to Sango while Miroku freed Sarah and Captain Black. "Finally. I don't want any chain marks on my wrists." Sarah said when the Ice Crew came. "Going somewhere?" StrikeMaster Ice asked breathing fire. "Sarah, get Shippo out of here!" Miroku ordered as Sarah quickly escaped with Shippo unnoticed while Miroku, Sango and Captain Black dodged but fell to the ground. "They gone safely." Miroku said when DJ Fist threw a truck basket to cage them. "Haha. Hope you like your new digs." StrikeMaster Ice said when the Ice Crew heard Drago's growl. "I told you to stay nearby! Two of them already escaped!" Drago growled. "We noticed. To much for ya, huh?" StrikeMaster Ice asked when Drago put a hand on his shoulder. "I wouldn't take that tone with me if I were you." Drago threatened when StrikeMaster Ice blasting him back with Pyrokinesis. "You ain't the big cheese no more, D. Me and my pose and even Inuyasha, his lady and Little Loud and his Pokémon pose all got mad powers! You got zip." StrikeMaster Ice reminded. "Yes, well, for you, that's about to change. And when it does, I won't forget our little chat." Drago warned.

(Bryan Adams: It Ain't Over Yet! Plays in the background)

A few moments later, Lincoln went to Totosai's hut and had him agree to his plan and the spell. Then this leads to a montage of Lincoln and his Pokémon training back in Royals Woods' near the Rest Area, along with Inuyasha and Kagome arriving back to their house while preparing their weapons when Shippo and Sarah arrived safely, the Rainbooms' helping the Loud sisters with the spell, Sunset Shimmer and Lincoln calling their allies who are now preparing also from their secret plan and then Drago waiting patiently while Miroku, Sango and Captain Black do the same. By the time it was 8 PM, Lincoln and his Pokémon finished their training and folded back to Inuyasha and Kagome's house to rest while his timer was set to 1:59 AM.

(Background song ends)

Later at the time passes to midnight and then 1 A.M., Lucy, Lisa & the Rainbooms were still preparing the spell. By the time they almost completed it, it was 2:00. "Is it ready now?" Lana asked. "Yes! And no." Twilight Sparkle answered. "Translation?" Rainbow Dash asked. "I think the spell could work but we need a key ingredient." Applejack said. "Name it dudes. We'll make a quick run to the store." Luna said. "It requires an essence of Drago. Something physical. Such as a piece of hair or a finger nail." Lucy explained. "Oh dear. I don't think Drago would let that happen even if we do ask him nicely for it." Fluttershy doubted. "I must agree. Drago is a brute who is not a fan of good chi magic or spells." Rarity agreed. "It's actually meant like a DNA sample from Drago which could be impossible to get." Twilight Sparkle translated. "And since Drago is evil and there's no chance of getting help from him or obtain his DNA without getting burned, the spell still remains incomplete, making this chances plan of Lincoln very slim." Lisa added. "Sigh. So, in short, I've failed." Lucy sighed. "Oh well, guess is sounds like Drago's the only meanie demon when it comes to the demon chi." Pinkie Pie said. "But he's not." Sunset Shimmer spoke. "Come again?" Applejack asked in confusion. "First, Lincoln just woke up a few minutes ago and texted me that Shippo and Sarah escaped safely. Second, don't forget that DNA is shared by relatives. So, Lincoln told me something from a member of Drago's family would work just as well." Sunset Shimmer reminded. "Guess so. But what go would…?" Twilight Sparkle asked when everybody's (except Sunset Shimmer) eyes widen. "Dudes, he's not think about who I think he's thinking about, right?" Luna asked in shock. "Okay. Lincoln's new idea has to be literally one of his most craziest ideas ever!" Lori said. "Yes. Drago's dear old dad in Section 13 next door to the containment unit." Sunset Shimmer nodded. "Hold it, sugarcube! Lincoln told us that dragon-faced scoundral's put up in stone for a reason!" Applejack reminded. "I know Applejack. But we might not have a choice. Besides, I guess Lincoln, Inuyasha and I have to take a chip of the old block." Sunset Shimmer said when a fold opened behind her. "And there's my ride there. I'll be back. Take Lucy and Lisa to Inuyasha and Kagome's house with the spell by the time we get back." Sunset Shimmer told when she went through as the fold closed.

Moments later at Section 13, Lincoln, Inuyasha, Sunset Shimmer & Will all entered the vault where they approach closely to Shendu in his statue form. "Can't blame everyone else for thinking this is a bad idea, Lincoln." Sunset Shimmer said. "We have no choice. Besides the 7 other Demon Sorcerers, this is the only one still here on Earth to whose DNA matches Drago's." Inuyasha spoke. "Drago's father: Shendu, the Fire Demon Sorcerer and keeper of the Twelve Talismans." Will identified when Lincoln and Sunset Shimmer got closer when Shendu's eyes suddenly glow and he his, which caused them both to move back a little bit. "I'm not scared of you. You're stuck in a statue form and you can't do a thing." Lincoln said. "Pikachu!" Pikachu growled when electricity came up behind them. "Why so nervous? As you say, I am powerless in my current form. Yet, see how every element in your Earthly realm shudder in my presence." Shendu spoke. "Alright, you had us itimidated. But we know we can stand up to you." Sunset Shimmer said. "I know why you are here." Shendu said. "And what would that be?" Will asked. "My ungrateful traitor of a son, Drago. He is close to gaining the possecion of the demon powers." Shendu sensed. "Well, it's not gonna happen! Not on our watch! Inuyasha and the rest of us are strong when he does!" Will opposed when Shendu made electricity shoot up behind them again. "Foolish child! There is but one power on Earth that can defeat Drago! And it is I, his father!" Shendu hissed. "Heh. Just like my old man when it comes to you back in the day. Well, you should now we're on the same page." Inuyasha huffed as he drew Tessaiga. "What do you think you're…?!" Shendu asked when Inuyasha used Tessaiga to pick off a piece of him. "Just a trim. And you'll never miss it." Lincoln said with the piece in his hand. "Don't bother getting up if you could. We can get ourselves out." Will said opening a fold which she and Lincoln went through. "But let's be clear. Lincoln told me that we won't be done with you in case this fails." Sunset Shimmer notified as she went through the fold also which closed. "ARRGHH!" Shendu roared with electricity shooting up everywhere while Inuyasha returned with the containment unit. "It's nearly 3 in the morning. Did they fold with the piece?" Inuyasha asked. "Yes. Let's go. We got a date with a demon to stop." Sunset Shimmer answered. "Right." Inuyasha nodded as they also went the containment unit through the fold which closed.

Back in the Royal Woods Junkyard, Miroku, Sango & Captain Black where still trapped. "It's almost three. Please hurry Miroku." Sango begged. "Wish I could. But I tried and nothing work. Besides, Sarah and Shippo got away safe." Miroku said. "I'm sure Lincoln wouldn't be so foolish to actaully deliver the containment unit to Drago." Captain Black said. "To protect us, Lincoln, Inuyasha, Kagome & Shippo would do anything." Sango reminded. "There may be one oppurtunity to stop Drago if he absorbs all demon powers. Sango, since I taught you, you must get the Chi-O-Matic and makes some adjustments." Miroku said when the Ice Crew came. "Sango, what if Miroku and Ihuddle ourselves for the line and make you an end run?" Captain Black asked. "Uh…" Sango stammered. "Not a Football fan. Got it." Captain Black quickly responded. "He means you should create a diversion." Miroku translated. "I bet you can do more than that." Sango agreed when DJ Fist forced open the cage which caused Miroku and Captain Black to distract the Ice Crew. "Yo, these fools be getting all silly." StrikeMaster Ice commented giving Sango the chance to escape unnoticed when Drago arrived in the truck. "Dudes tried to bust a move. As if." StrikeMaster Ice explained. "Where's the demon slayer?!" Drago asked when the Ice Crew realized Sango was gone. "Oh. Ain't nothing. Gotta be around here somewhere." StrikeMaster Ice said. "Idiot! Just wrap them up and get them in the truck!" Drago ordered handing StrikeMaster Ice a roll of tape. "What's the magic word, dog?" StrikeMaster Ice asked with fire in his palm.

Moments later at the bridge, it was 3:00 AM, and Lincoln along with Inuyasha's group (minus Miroku & Sango), Sunset Shimmer & Will were already there with the containment unit. "Alright, Sarah is at the house safely with Kilala and we're good. Okay, Inuyasha, you and Kagome hide in the shadows. As soon as Drago shows up, we'll distract him long enough for Sunset Shimmer and Will blast with the voodoo." Lincoln instructed. "Right. I just hope we're ready." Kagome hoped holding her bow and arrows. "Will and I must time it percisely. The spell might only activate when Drago begins to absorb the chi." Sunset Shimmer notified when they saw the truck. "The demon has landed." Will said when she & Sunset Shimmer hide while Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo & Pikachu prepare themselves while Lincoln does the same. "Show me the Chi!" Drago demanded. "First, show us Miroku & Captain Black!" Lincoln demanded back when they saw Miroku and Captain Black tied up and uncioncious. "Miroku. Captain Black." Kagome gasped. "But I don't see Sango in there." Shippo noticed. "Heh. Bastard. If something happens to them, you'll regret it!" Inuyasha growled as he and Kagome pull out their weapons when the Ice Crew got out of the truck. "I told you slackers to stay in the truck!" Drago pointed. "Yeah, well us slackers kinda changed our minds about how things are gonna go down." StrikeMaster Ice refused. "Oh?!" Drago asked with the Ice Crew surrounding him. "We figured "Why let you get all the powers?"" Mc Cobra asked. "You want some of the them?" Drago asked when StrikeMaster Ice blow a fire ball into his hand. "Naw dog. We want all of 'em." StrikeMaster Ice corrected attacking Drago when he dodged and grabbed a handle lite on fire. "I may not have fire but you're still toast!" Drago said standing his ground fighting back. "This was not part of the plan, right?" Will asked. "Actually it is." Lincoln answered. "What are you talking about?" Kagome asked. "Since Drago doesn't have his Fire Demon Chi, I figured the Ice Crew would betray him at some point. Plus, my plan if far from finished." Lincoln explained with Drago fighting the Ice Crew while a main cable fell in the process. "Look out!" Inuyasha alerted when he, Sunset Shimmer & Will got Lincoln, Kagome, Shippo & Pikachu along with the containment unit out of the way. "I know what you're up to, Lincoln. But the spell…" Will started. "I know. It'll only work if Drago grabs the chi. Pikachu, I never thought I'd say this but we gotta help him." Lincoln said while sending Kai out of his Pokéball. "Pika!" Pikachu agreed. "Bui! Bui!" Kai nodded while their about to help Drago. "The keys. They're still in the ignition." Miroku noticed when Drago came out of the smoke. "Be careful. Something's not right." Kagome warned when Drago fell in the defeat and DJ Fist threw him into the river. "Too bad. Dude hates the water." StrikeMaster Ice said when the Ice Crew approached the containment unit. "Hey! No Miroku & Captain Black, no containment unit! We had a deal!" Will reminded. "Yeah, well my man, DJ Fist got the deal breaker!" MC Cobra denied when DJ Fist threw a large piece of the road at them. "Stand back!" Inuyasha alerted cutting the piece in half while the others moved out of the way. "Eight powers, three of us. Let's see, we gotta divide that by 8, uh, 3, carry the… naw, see we…" StrikeMaster Ice said in trying to divide. "Two of us gets three, one of us gets two." MC Cobra answered. "Okay, here's the dealeo. DJ, you get Earth & Moon." StrikeMaster Ice decided leaving DJ Fist confused. "See, 'cause those two are the best powers, yo. I'm doing you a solid here." StrikeMaster Ice explained to DJ Fist agreement. "Guys, we got a problem." Will noticed as she, Sunset Shimmer & Inuyasha's group saw the Ice Crew absorb the Demon Chi evenly while it blinding Miroku & Captain Black who tried to drive the truck forward. "I can't see!" Miroku responded making the truck stop. "Woohoo! Yeah, feel the burn!" MC Cobra said. "Look out Royal Woods, 'cause we're gonna turn this sucker out, yo!" StrikeMaster Ice planned. "No, you will not!" Miroku opposed as he kicked the truck door and jumped out. "Miroku, even with Inuyasha, you can't take them on! No arms, no legs!" Captain Black reminded. "No problem. It's a simple matter of balance." Miroku said when Inuyasha, Lincoln, Pikachu & Kai charge towards the Ice Crew. "Oooh! Here comes the cavalry! Let me water their horses!" MC Cobra decided unleashing the power of the Water Demon Chi. "Move!" Inuyasha yelled grabbing Lincoln, Pikachu & Kai out of the way. "You guys okay?" Inuyasha asked. "Yeah." Lincoln nodded when the Ice Crew saw Miroku. "What are you gonna do? Bite us?"StrikeMaster Ice asked. "Let's school the fool! Check it out, yo! Thunder and Lightning!" MC Cobra volunteered unleashing the Thunder Demon Chi which Miroku dodged with Inuyasha's help. "Is that the best you can do?!" Miroku asked. "Naw! We just getting started, yo. Power of the wind, yo!" StrikeMaster Ice shouted using the Wind Demon Chi to blow Inuyasha and Miroku away. "Oh no you don't! WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha shouted using the Wind Scar to block the attack. "We are still standing!" Inuyasha said. "Yo, let's finish this! We gotta a whole world out there to cruise and bruise!" StrikeMaster Ice told.

"Yo, somebody call a cab?" MC Cobra asked seeing a Taxi which stopped for Sango and Kilala while they hold a blowfish & the Chi-O-Matic. "Sango!" Miroku greeted. "Did you guys miss me? Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao!" Sango chanted along with Miroku. "The pretty demon slaying lady's got that chi sucking gizmo!" StrikeMaster Ice noticed in fear. "Sango! She's okay!" Kagome responded in relief. "Never thought I'd see her using a removal spell." Shippo said. "Sango must have added adjustments to the Chi-O-Matic, allowing her and Miroku to absorb all the Demon Chi at once!" Sunset Shimmer observed when Miroku & Sango successfully removed the Demon Chi from the Ice Crew, which ironically went the opposite direction. "Wait! Something's rotten in demark! There going in the wrong direction!" Will noticed when it turns out to be Drago rising out of the river while chanting an unknown spell. "Drago's absorbing all the Demon Chi to himself!" Kagome gasped in fear. "How can do it like that, Miroku?" Sango asked with her and Kilala out of the Taxi cab. "I don't know. I haven't heard of that spell before!" Miroku answered as the Taxi cab drove away. "Yes, run! Keep the change!" Sango responded. "I knew he'd do that too, you guys! So, let's prepare ourselves and stop him!" Lincoln whispered to Pikachu, Kai, Sunset Shimmer & Will. "Right. First we gotta see if our spells will still work. Now!" Will said while Drago continued chanting. "Mi Tana Chi! Chi Mi Tana Chi!" Sunset Shimmer & Will chanted about to counter with their spell when they were interupted by the power of Drago and the Demon Chi which knocked them, the rest of Inuyasha's group, Captain Black & the Ice Crew off their feet. "Drago, you bastard!" Inuyasha growled. "Finally! All the demon powers, mine!" Drago smiled evilly while the Ice Crew noticed also. "Uh, yo, we helped, D. Don't forget that." StrikeMaster Ice chuckled nervously. "Take a last look at this world of yours, Inuyasha, guardians, Rainbooms, Pokémon & humans, because I'm about to turn it topsy turvy! And all kinds of curvy! But first things first." Drago planned as he chanted again while the power begins to demolish the bridge. "You may think you're about to Drago, but soon we'll stop you! I'm not stopping here! None of us are!" Lincoln opposed in whisper. "Pika!/Bui!" Pikachu & Kai agreeding in anger.

"And just when the group came back together in the nick of time, Drago surprisingly absorbs all the Demon Chi and begins to unleash their combined power within his posseccion! Will our heroes and their allies stop Drago? Or will he succeed in having the Human race, Nature & the Earth under his feet? And what exactly is Lincoln Loud planning?! Stay tune to find out the outcome!" The narrator (from Pokémon) narrated as Drago now has all 8 Demon Chi.

Tooi michi no saki de anata
no koto wo zutto omou
Kinou no youni kanjiru
deai wasure wa shinai

Tooi michi no saki ni
anata ga ireba mitsumeaeru
Kawara-nu ai mamo-ru sou
eien ni wasure wa

Oh sabishisa de toki
ga naga-rena-kunat-temo
Oh dono michi mo anata
he to tsuzuiteru kara

Kanashimi wa sugu ni
suteru no koko ni wa
Namidairo no kimi utsuranai kedo

Ima wo ikiru watashi no
sugata dake todoite hoshii

Furikaereba kitto
futari no hohaba
toonoku kara
Musubiatta unmei yo
ima wa toki wa shinai

Tooi michi no saki de anata
no koto wo zutto omou
Anata to futari uso no
nai sekai kizukeru kitto