From Sword to Kitchen
By: Aria

Chapter 1 : Prolouge – Reincarnation

Warning : Unbeta-ed. Not a serious fanfic a.k.a. doesn't stick with fate lore. English is not my first language, so pardon me with the grammar.

Disclaimer : Both of Shokugeki no Soma and Fate/Series aren't, and won't be mine.

When Shirou laid on his death bed surrounded by his lovely wife, Tohsaka-Emiya Rin, and their child, Ritsuka, he only thought about how lucky he was. He smiled softly as he grasped his wife's hand tenderly. He was really glad to meet her, to stay beside him even though he was a 'foolish idealist man'. He always, and will, cherished every moment with his family–even if in the end he ended with the same fate as his alternate future self.

He'd already planned to refuse becoming a counter guardian when he met Alaya. If things went bad, well, at least he's prepared mentally.

I have no regret, this is my only path.

"Sleep, Shirou," Rin whispered lovingly, kissing his head temple. Beside her Ritsuka smiled as bright as the sun, yet he could see their eyes watered. Shirou was so touched seeing his children's determination to stay strong.

"You've done enough for me. Don't do anything stupid like making a deal with Alaya, okay?" Shirou laughed, inviting a small smile on her face.

"I know," he said. "Ritsuka, protect your mother for me, will you?"

"Of course, father," Ritsuka replied as they grasped his other hand. "I will protect mother, no matter what."

Ah, they are truly my child. Shirou thought ruefully. I am so glad.

"Thank you," he whispered, weakly. "Thank you."

Goodbye, Rin. Ritsuka. Sakura. Fuji-nee. Rider.

...Wait for me, Saber, Illya.

And thus, Emiya Shirou, closed his eyes for the last time, ready to greet the will of Humanity.





If that's really happened.

In all honesty, he didn't expect this.

He expected to meet a light spiral, asking him to be a hero for the humanity or something similar. Not a face of tired woman who held his tiny body–wait, what the f–and lovingly whispered,

"Welcome to the world, my son."


It's Zelretch's fault. I'm sure it is.

Somehow, Shirou didn't know why, he was reincarnated as the first born of the Yukihira household, Yukihira Souma. He didn't even have a time to say hello and flipped off Alaya like he'd planned–it was happened so sudden without any warning.

Naturally, he blamed Zelretch.

Oh–and maybe the Blue too as now he was in child body. He admitted, there were few 'accident' involved him and the famous Fifth Magic user in... compromising position. But he didn't think Aozaki was a revenge type.

...or was she?

The prankster aside, Shirou was started to learn how to live in his new home. Luckily he was born in the same era with his past life, so it wasn't hard to blend. But now he was faced with problems that never in his dream he'd face it. Even his experiences fighting Servant and Dead Apostles couldn't help him.

And that was,

–being a baby.

It's very boring and hard to act as a normal baby when you're a grown up adult inside. He could not do anything except sleeping, staring at the ceiling, eating, and nature calls. Nature calls truly the most embarrassing moment for him, and he vowed when he was strong enough to crawl, he'd use the toilet.

No more diapers.

And–oh god, he was sure the breastfeed moment would terrorize him down to his death.

He had gotten nightmare from it numerous time.

Alongside his struggle as a baby, he learned some things about his new life. One, he had no magic circuit–maybe, he only assumed–, mean he was born as a normal civilian or there was no magecraft in this world. Two, his new parents are a talented cooks–his mother, Yukihira Hanaki, was a third-rate chef from a small diner yet her determination never ceased to amaze people while his father, Yukihira Joichirou, was a first-rate chef who sometimes traveled around the world to cook. His talent was not a pushover, but he had a quirky hobby to cook the most terrible food he could think of.

He's relieved his new parents were not as helpless as Kiritsugu when it came to cooking. Of course, no matter what, Kiritsugu would be always his dad figure, but he won't mind to have Joichirou as his second dad. In other hand, to have a new mother figure like Hanaki still a new experience for him. Well, not that he didn't want to.

Like now.

His mother cooed at him as Joichirou frantically rummaged the cupboard.

"Aww, look Joichirou! So-chan is sitting by himself! Quick, the camera!"

"Wait, where it is–oh, I found it!"

"Honey, quick! So-chan is smiling!"

"Aww, he is so cute! My angel!"

He laughed happily, bringing more cooing and snapping sound. Shirou felt so nostalgic seeing both of his parents fussed over him, reminded him about how his past self had recorded every moment of his newborn child with Rin.

Ah, good times.

"Dam-I mean, dang! The memory is almost full. Honey, have another roll?"

"Wait–I'll search it–"


All in all, Shirou was looking foward for his new life.




Until Hanaki dead when he was four years old.

The door creaked open as Shirou entered the dining room slowly. There was Joichirou clad in black attire, just came back from the funeral ceremony, stared at his mother's photograph longingly. He stared at his father's slumped figure, feeling his sadness. Even though he was not the most sensitive person, he knew how did it feel to lose precious someone.

It didn't help that he'd seen Hanaki as a mother figure.

"Dad?" he called softly, didn't want to startle him. He knew very well how fragile his dad in this state. "...Is that mom's photo?"

"...Yes, Souma," he answered, his stare never leaving Hanaki's face. "Isn't she a beauty?"

"Uhm-mm!" Shirou nodded, slipped into his childish facade. "Mom is so beautiful. And kind. And nice. A–and–and–" His voice wavered. Tears started forming in his eyes, but he kept his head high.

As a magus and adult man, usually he would keep his emotion in check no matter what. Yet, now he wasn't Emiya Shirou, the Second Magus Killer. He wasn't the survivor of Holy Grail War. He wasn't a war veteran.

Now, he simply was Yukihira Souma, a little brat who lost his mother.

His first mother figure.

"–and I love her..."

He cried.

"Souma, ssh," Joichirou pulled him into a tight hug. "I know. I love her too." His shoulder shook, as he silently cried on his son's shoulder.

They hugged and weeped until Joichirou realized his son was sleeping on his hold, clearly emotionally tired. He sighed, carried Shirou's sleeping figure to his bed.

It was unfortunate, but if his son tried to be strong, so be it.

"Dad! Daaaad!"

"What is it, son? Hey –that's dangerous! Put that knife down!"

"Daaaad, teach me how to cook like you!"

Jouchirou blinked, dumbfounded. He sighed as he put his knife down and crouched down, meeting his son's eyes. "You really want to, Souma? You may have another cut in your head, y'know." He eyed the new scar on Souma's left eyebrow, a remnant from the past lesson. He really thought he was already given up, but it seemed it's only fired him up.

"Yeah!" He nodded repeatedly, showing his eagerness. His big yellow sapphire doe eyes twinkled with determination. "I want to make other people's smile like what you do with your food!"

Joichirou resisted his will to hug his son to death. He knew his son was only five years old, but it's truly a crime to be this cute.

"Please, Dad?"

Oh God not the puppy eyes.

"Okay, okay, I will teach you," he smiled matching with Souma's big smile. "But you know I will go into a long trip, right? Hmmm, maybe Chiyo-obasan will–"

"No!" Souma pouted cutely. "I want to go with you!"

Joichirou raised his eyebrow. "Then what about your education? You still have to go to elementary school, y'know."

Souma puffed out, smirking not unlike him. "I am smart! I will manage it!" he said pridefully.

"Hmmm, if you can prove it, I'll consider it."

Souma showed the result of his elementary-level exams to him. All perfect.

He sighed.

Really, son? Well then, I will play in your games.

"Pack your clothes, son. We will go into a world-trip."

A/N: Hello, I am Aria!

I am sorry if it's too short. This is my first English fanfic and English is not my first language, so please pardon me for all of the grammar.

This fanfic basically Shirou is reincarnated as Souma. It's not entirely serious fic, so if there is something wrong with the timeline or about how Fate/Series works, don't bother.

And yes, Ritsuka from FGO cameo! I make them as nonbinary because, well, it's up for you to decide whether they are female or male. To be honest I imagine him as male though as I play FGO as a male.

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