Quidditch Quirk Times
Issue #171002-02

The "Quidditch Quirk Times" is a special edition newsletter created by the Daily Prophet to feature a series of reports on the upcoming 428th Quidditch World Cup that will be held in 2018 in the Taklamakan Desert, China.

...And a horrible marketing strategy to make you pay double to get just two papers, actually.

By the Daily Prophet's intern journalist, Betty Spotters

Today is the day that marks a new chapter in the history of Quidditch, the day the most popular wizarding sport in the world will receive what the muggles have called 'simultaneous broadcasting'. No more overcrowding of the competition site, no more headaches over dreadful crowd controls and travel regulations—these are only the few examples from the host country's to-do list each time the Cup is held on their very soil.

Putting aside the horrifying aftermath when China has won the rights to host the Cup in 2018, this upcoming event is the first step to embrace advancement in our magical ways to keep up with the evolving muggle world of the 21st century. Latest recording and filming equipment will be employed—with proper, controlled magical enhancements—to broadcast the Quidditch World Cup live from the Taklamakan Desert to all wizarding communities across the globe via televisions. Live commentaries will also be available through radios, with the Wizarding Wireless Network endorsed as the official radio station for the game. Talks are underway to explore the possibilities of using other media outlets such as what the muggles call the 'Internet', but progress has been slow on the required work to be done to prevent unsuspecting muggles accidentally tapping into the wizarding line. (Mrs. Ginny Potter, our lovely Quidditch correspondent, has kindly told me that in the muggle world, the term is known as 'hacking'.)

While the younger generations welcome this news, those from the older era rebuff the idea. "This is blasphemy!" said a woman who wished to be identified only as Mrs. McLaggen. "Are they trying to mugglefy us?"

The term 'mugglefication' was first coined by an American wizard student named Jackson Drake, who originally came up with it as a pun joke that quickly became a trending word in the US magical institution, the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, before it spread to the rest of America, and later to the wizarding communities around the world.

Inside sources from the International Quidditch Association (IQA) have expressed concern at how prejudice against muggles have not improved much over the years:

"Well, there are slight improvements in Britain and some parts of Europe after the Second Wizarding War, with Mrs. Hermione Weasley rising in power as the new Head for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement pushing for equal rights to protect muggle-borns. However, nothing has changed in the other wizarding communities. Some have even escalated to extreme division between pure-bloods from the 'tainted, worthless' ones as seen in the Middle East and countries such as India.

"On one hand, witches and wizards born after the 20th century are more open and receptive to use magic alongside latest muggle technologies; on the other hand, their parents and even grandparents are still deeply stuck in their old, traditional ways, too stubborn to accept change and move on with the new era."

Although the Chinese magical ministry is vying to handle the technological procedures of this groundbreaking attempt on their own, the IQA is enlisting assistance from the Japanese magical ministry instead, for Japan is the earliest country to have employed the use of muggle artifacts and technology into the magical lifestyle of the Japanese wizarding families.

Forum: The Houses Competition
Year/Round: Year 1, Round 7
House: Gryffindor
Category: Short Story
Prompt: Quidditch (sport/game)
Rating: T for a bit of violence and language